How many of us have lived in this world, such as those who look to the creation of matter that is invisible to the eyes of men.

"* * * Huh!

The words of the armored warrior returned to the vegetables.

I guess that's all the surprise exploded inside him.

Even though Kai's wavering, untouched attack did not even touch him, he devoured himself deeply.

Kai's "Invisible Sword" had almost nothing to resist. Then he slipped near the armored warrior's wrist on his left arm and cut off his stubborn arm thoroughly… around eating deeply into the flesh of his shoulder, he was spitting out all the force he was possessing.

The invisible sword interferes with intermolecular bonding along the lines of past life memory.

It is easy to unbind molecules that should be terribly strong if the willful power of magic is supposed to be, and gradually consume the spiritual power put in them as a consideration.

Unspecified magic interference with living organisms is still inefficient, which is similar to "healing magic" and root. Kai has no such understanding, he merely pushes with the power he can have.

"The Invisible Sword" disappeared as a result, wasting its accumulation halfway through the application. It was the same as when cutting down the balen cedar.

"* * Huh, * * *!

Kai took a step further with the momentum to the armored warrior, who took half a step back with a stunned face.

Magic is deactivated in the next blow. That fear prompted Kai to rush his next attack. Form the 'Sword' again on your right fingertip as you step in. Anyway, hurry up and give the armored warrior a new wound.

Even spared me time to fine-tune, and I made an appointment to bump into each other. It's like a knife to give back.


The iron breast was broken to the side, and the meat inside blossomed.

It must have been a mostly reflexive counterattack, a safe right fist of an armored martial artist beat Kai to the left of the head. The power takes my head from neck to neck, and my consciousness flies for a moment. While Kai is down, he retreats greatly so that the armored samurai can escape.

Not yet. I won't let you get away with it.

Kai, who stopped and confirmed the position of the 'prey', no longer kicked the ground in the spirit of abandonment. Paranormal battles between 'protected', equal to no distance of about a few steps, etc.

The armored warrior tries to poke Kai, who has approached him to break through a layer of air, with a forward kick, and the sides of his legs are thoroughly slashed away as if peeling.

Because Kai's prepared "sword" was invisible, the armored warrior's leg touched the blade from his own side. Kai once again squeezes his spiritual power to work out his fourth 'sword', even as he bites his teeth that the 'sword' has disappeared.

I have a better sense of wasting my strength than I did when I cut the balen cedar. I couldn't afford spiritual power anymore.

"... Nazechorel!

Armored martial artists barked.

Even when I heard the anger pounding my anger at the irrationality of the world, I had no awareness of the 'anomaly' that was happening to Kai right now.

The protection of the land god who is protecting the armored warrior… If that is to manifest itself as a resistance to magic, it was time for that 'resistance' and the dot to be activated.

But nothing happens.

No, maybe something was going on.

If that was just activated as off-target protection.

If it is the protection of the god of land that is gained by transforming the body tissue of "sheltered", then there was no way to resist the "sword" that severed the bonds between the molecules in the first place.

The armored warrior, who lost a lot of meat on one side of his leg, fell ill trying to step on it. I was losing the muscle I needed to step on it.

Kai no longer thought about anything unnecessary or anything else, but just crashed into the nostalgia of an armored martial artist when he was united with the 'sword'.

The aim is just that 'Divine Stone'. It was a "divine stone" in the chest of one of the steep points of the "sheltered".

The "divine stone" that can be found in the body of a creature is largely hidden around the chest, but not necessarily... I know about the fact that the position exists in bulk to the extent that it has to be searched by hand. Even for Kai it was a bet. Poke your chest, and if you can't finish "Divine Stone," go through the heart right next door.

There was also the possibility that destroying the heart might not result in fatal injury if it was' sheltered ', but then there would be no other choice.

The armored warrior's boneless helmet slipped back and rolled off.

A scratchy red and black pig (org) warrior's face was exposed under the starlight.

"* * * * * ugh"

At that time, the screams of the pig (org) soldiers, like a glitch from the surrounding area, rose.

Perhaps he watched the proud Great Warrior of his family's battle far away, where he could not have lost. Soldiers at the bottom are never close to each other on the battlefield between 'sheltered'. The same is true in the village of Rag, but when you do something that gets in the way of the battle, there's nothing to worry about later.

Kai's hand sinks into the flesh of the armored warrior from the holes in the "sword" 's torn body skin. More and more hands plunge in for the defenseless armored warrior falling toward him.

That's how the invisible sword disappeared, and Kai's hand, which was only bare, touched every chunk. Kai, who was slightly shuddered, was returning to me at that moment, pushing back the body of the armored warrior with his shoulders, while pulling that chunk of eagle out of his body.

It was the armored martial artist's "Divine Stone".

I thought they would be surrounded as they were by the pigs (orgs) gathered around them, but the moment it was found that the armored warrior, the soldier's great warrior, had been defeated, they fled and scattered as if they had disturbed the calculations.

I wonder how this armored martial artist boasted of his martial arts within his companions, he didn't come up with the idea of challenging Kai for winning such a presence, etc.

Kai, left alone, finally took a breath of relief after glancing at the armored warrior who had become an unspeakable carcass at his feet and making sure that his breathing was completely stopped.

I managed to protect the valley.

Only the thought was in my chest.

That's how I lift up the 'Divine Stone' of the armored martial artist who was holding it in my hand to quantify a mass of bones shaped like a distorted rock washed in that river.

It's about the size of a kid's head, and I guess that also hit Kai's 'sword' for it. Some of the bones showed signs that the 'sword' had been carved.

There's already a hole in that part, and I can see the medulla. I know it would be more profitable to eat it while the land god lives, so I decide to eat it in a hurry.

Insert both hands into the slices and make them two to break. The juice had spilled out, so I rushed to bring it to my mouth and drank it down. The taste spread all over my mouth as it stained my guts.

If you lose your sense of abundant juice, now start scratching your medulla. It was a terribly edible 'divine stone'. The increased redness around the core is better than the translucent part of the outer amber. Hive, chew. That's how it poured down my throat, and that feeling came.

Help me.

Something is trying to escape from Kai.

Before that feeling disappears, the rest of the medulla is also more and more delivered to the stomach. The land god of the armored warrior, who was thus filtered out of divine power, went away thin as a sumptuous from the midst of Kai.

Once in a while, Kai's 'Kamikashi' begins to develop high fever. The land god in Kai...... the feeling of the presence of the god in the valley being overwritten. Although I don't lose myself because it's the second time, I still feel so weak that I can't stand, it comes with the fever.

Well, the pigs (orgs) are on the run now, and I'm trying to figure out if there's any danger to them.

Somehow he searches for a shadow and falls into the depressed grass like a camp on the first day. Round your back to its roots. I thought it would be better to hide the steeple in case.

The exhaling breath is hot.

Kai let go of consciousness as he was followed by the smell of grass.

The noise interrupted.

When the silence filled the woods, the bugs hissed out, lurking their breath until now. It was a quiet view of the forest at night that I could not imagine had been fought until the end of the day.

A crushed voice dissolves into the forest air.

Stand up slowly, pinch and discard the grass leaves that remained on your head.

Leaning his head to loosen the tightness of his stretched neck, a branch of shrub caught overhead made a retreat and sound. It really gets in the way when the proud horns are like this.

For once, Nilun takes a look at what once was in the village and clenches his fist all the way.

There is no one there anymore. Nilun also understood that they had all been killed.

All the tribes were killed.

The pigs (orgs) killed them all to take away the protection of the gods of the land.

The Niluns and the Deer (Ouzel) sought help from the friendly Grey Monkeys (Makaku) according to the old covenant, and continued their resistance in a madness of death, but they finally lost. Neither did the Grey Monkey (Makak) tribe guess as much as the rumors.

Even though he had given it to his surrender, the 'sheltered' of his near-parent, the Ash Monkey (Makak), was no match for that dreadful pig (Org) armored warrior.

Nilun was brought to life at the expense of everything. The mother, who was the head of the village, threw her own life after pulling the army away from the village so that the pig (Aug) tribe would not take the land god. So he commanded Nilun, his daughter, to lurk in a hidden room in the graveyard. Nilun receives protection and escapes. It was the last 'return of interest' formed by a powerless clan.

To complete 'Return of Interest', Nilun could never be caught.

(Ash monkey people shouldn't rely)

The Ash Monkeys (Makaku) who were supposed to be friends in the covenant fled lightly in fear of the army of the Pork (Org) tribe. Though the armored warriors of the pigs (orgs) are too strong.

Besides, they're greedy.

He told me to bring a hundred deer horns after saving them from the Pigs (Aug). I cut off the horn of a deer soldier (Ouzel) who had died in a skirmish with a pig (Aug) and took it without showing condolences to the dead.

I'm sure my horns will be targeted, too.

(... more than that)

Nilun sees the other, the growing grass.

Think of the little warrior who beat the armored warrior hiding in it.

If you want to give back your interest to the mighty Pig (Aug) tribe, it will be this way to rely.

He is one of a tribe of grave-vandals who used it to escape from the cemetery. Nilun reckoned that he would be leading a sarcastic and strong 'herd'.

From the grass, you can hear your sleep quietly.

After much reflection, she sat quietly on the spot so as not to disturb her sleep.