When I woke up, the woods were wrapped in morning dyed light.

Stretch your body out of the grass and show your face. Make sure you're not surrounded by enemies and relieve yourself of your chest.

(I survived...)

Until just a few minutes ago, it was a quiet morning when the struggle risking life and death felt as if it were a dream event.

(Light body)

My body was light as if I had been reborn. The pain in the back of the chest is already slight. Such excessive vitality overflows from the inside of the body that it is likely to jump as it is with the momentum it has gained.

As such, the five senses of increased sharpness naturally gather the surrounding conditions.

The feeling of grass touching the skin.

Grass, dirt and the smell of morning dew.

And the smell of beast sweat lurking very close...

"... ugh."

When Kai tried to roll and jumped out of the grass, he set himself up to relate to the beast, which I guess lurked close to me.

Those eyes that follow the odor spot a deer man (Ouzel) girl sitting on her knees beside the grass. Without a particular desire to hide, she sleeps well with her head on her raised knee.

The girl woke up during a slight confusion that she either killed before she woke up or cruised. She looked up at Kai standing in front of her and, after only a few rounds of her eyes, corrected her residence as if she had panicked and made a snarling smile at her. Do you want to say "no hostility"?

At times like this, I think women are just a little sloppy. Just being smiled at is going to make me believe that hostility is free of fine dust.

The girl has been talking about something.

However, I don't know Kai such as Deer Man (Ouzel) language, so I continue to make disturbing calculations about how to poke the opponent's steeple efficiently with cold eyes. The girl, who noticed signs of swordswallowing, spoke awkward Mandarin in advance.

The sub-races seem to remember the ethnic language by aligning themselves.

"Enemy, no. Me, my ally."

The girl stood on her knees to Kai, who looked at her with frigidity.

The Deer Man (Ouzel) also walks bipedally without being an example of a subrace. The very similar faces made with the people of the slightly hairy ones are adorable. I look more at Kai with his black-eyed, crushed eyes containing a slight fright.

A twiggy horn stretched from between her thin chestnut hair insists that she is clearly a deer man (woosel).

"How do you know what people say?"

Somehow Kai, anxious that only the people might be idiots who didn't know what other species of words were saying, raised the question and made the Deer Man (Ouzel) girl decent.

"I, the daughter of Yi Chang. I know, of course."

It is fatal that the head of the herd does not make sense of the intercommunal negotiations that sometimes have to be an exchange of life. So it seems that the chief clan can be made to remember other languages harshly.

I see, indeed, the only person who spoke the language of a people was' sheltered 'or its entanglement. Speaking of which, Aruet was also Porek's grandson.

This means that even the people can speak the subracial language of the Moroccan family below the Lord. No, if you can't talk about it, it's probably about people's tickets.


Kai lowered his guard a step, convinced that his opponent was a girl who lacked combat power.

That's how he identified himself as an unlikely threat, which faded his interest all at once. Well, if this is a limited-edition edge, even if Kai is known to be a 'protective person', there will be no small children.

With that in mind, Kai flirts.

I figured I'd have to find and retrieve the missing gear before I left. Poor villages like rugs have a hard time getting all the gear together, to say the least.

The girl felt bewildered for a while by how Kai suddenly lost interest from me and started wandering around the area, but in time it was somewhat puffy and angry, and she said, "Talk, it's not over!" and began to squirm loudly.

"... there was"

Without even paying attention to the girl's anger or anything, Kai kept searching for the lost items, but somehow intuitive things crossed over to see if it was such a day, and he was able to retrieve my gear with little loss.

After losing consciousness, Kai leans closer to the remains of the armored warrior while ignoring the Deer Man (Ouzel) girl and joins hands. It is the opponent who fought a battle for his life. I thought it would be polite to do even one of your prayers before you left.

While praying that his soul would return to the roundabout without straying, he disrespected some seemingly worthwhile things by searching after prayer without hesitation or anything, as was perfectly normal.

I gave up the armor helmet because it was just bulky, but I got the armor and iron braided shoes that tormented me. When I removed my armor, I fitted a number of rings on my fingers, so I recovered all of them too. He was also lowering the sachet on his hips, stuffed with grains of gold earlier in his thumb. Of course you did.

Armored warriors were now half-naked pigs (orgs). Should I also say pity for the loser?

I'll use yours.

Now, do you want to go home to everyone?

As Kai did not give me a glimpse and tried to walk away from the scene, it seemed that the Deer Man (Ouzel) girl finally faced the reality that I would be left behind lightly.

"Wait, it is!

To the Deer Man (Ouzel) girl coming after him in tears, Kai distorted his expression in a heartfelt annoyance and quickened his escape. I just wonder if it will be quite noticeable in the village that even the pig (org) tribe's "sheltered", meets that armored martial artist, has escaped safely.

What happens if I take you there to the survival of the Deer (Ouzel) tribe? In other words, the villagers probably hate the subraces, so they can never take them home without any room for consideration.

I can see it's the survival of that burned-down Deer Man (Ouzel) settlement. But why does that surviving girlfriend come after Kai?

"For you, … return, I will!


"Return, let me!


"Ignore it, don't do it."

The Deer Man (Ouzel) girl's leg strength had slipped away.

Kai quickly chased him up and sidelined him, saying that he couldn't possibly follow him if he was on the run. Ky was just surprised by this.

The girl's supple legs seem to specialize only to gain leg strength, and she follows Kai somewhat as she begins to flee in earnest.

When I turned back the way I came as a search party, it was a journey that took me about a moment because I had my footsteps aligned with the rest of my people, but it was almost like a moment if I were to take it back as a 'sheltered person'.

Kai, who gradually dropped his legs around the low wetlands of the Lizard Man (Lagart) and also erased the facial neighborhood slightly from front so that his companions wouldn't know he was a 'sheltered man', saw a deer man (Ouzel) girl who would follow him the same way, and when he knew that the neighborhood was floating on a side that would be indispensable to his loveliness, he felt ready.

If it's "protective" to each other, it's no longer necessary.

Although the girl panicked slightly at Kai, who attacked her without any hesitation, she kicks the ground with her natural agility to engage in the attack.

"Wait, it is!

It doesn't change that we don't give up on a girl following us where we argued. Then there is no fine dust to discuss.

I was just getting a little hungry, I'll get you that 'Divine Stone'. The girl screamed in a heartfelt disgust as Ky's stomach rattled out swinging her short spear.

"I want to take care of you. … let me,"

"Don't follow me"

"You, Herd, Me, I Want In"


"I, concubine, will Yours, be."


The spear tip caught the girl's throat.

The girl, who realized that she was no longer in possession of her life, stared at Kai with shaky but moist eyes as she shuddered.

If Kai hadn't had any experience on that side, he might not have understood the significance of the offer from the girl. It is an approach from an interracial race that is not exactly the same, even though it is due to its proximity to a person's form. Of course, few children are done from the act.

"... I can't imagine"

Kai returned what he thought frankly.

I haven't heard much about people who surround subraces with such treatment. However, many such relationships may have existed between the sub-races.

"Me, the herd, let me in"

Crying, a grin not too much made by the girl.

The girl regretted Kai's floating and obvious look on her face.