Though it is good to have been surrendered, of course we cannot take you straight back to the village of Rag.

Deer Man (Ouzel) girl...... Although Nilun has made an early point with what Kai, who is' sheltered ', is naturally the head of the herd, a lord of the people, of course there are no such facts, etc., and Kai is just one of the lower soldiers if he returns to the village. Instead of feeding subracial girls, it would even be difficult to shelter them from the hatred of their peers.

So there was one stuffing with the girl right in front of the place where the expedition would be camping, and she ended up being broken to the point where she was allowed to live in the valley, like the dwarf (Colol) tribes.

Even though I thought I'd take my life to the brink and eat that sheltered 'Divine Stone', I'm surprised as my mood changes suddenly.

Kai's "Divine Stone" had fever again the moment Nilun uttered his vow of return, and after that somehow he fell into a raw, warm sensation that sees her in a distant body. I also understood so much that it was because the god of the valley had accepted the land god of Nilun.

That settlement of Nilun's Born Deer Man (Ouzel) is called the village of Najkaj, and the name of the Land God is "Nazel Kazel".

Kai taught Nilun the position of the valley, and I guess she also received some revelation from her inner God, who immediately nodded as she understood. Nilun has now escaped both the Pork (Aug) and Ash Monkey (Makak) tribes, so he said he would look for the village's survival for a little while and then go to the valley.

I thought what was going on when they hugged me all the time when I broke up and rubbed my head around the chest of my clothes, but they said "I smelled it" in the open. That's how she lost her hometown. She waved without even making her feel sad and disappeared into the woods shining in the morning sun.

After dropping it off, Kai somehow sniffed his nose closer to the clothes on his chest rubbed with his head. I discovered that it was somehow a sweet smell and a massive snag in what seemed to be deer hair whether it was that kind of season, and I paid for it while I was there.


With a minimum of familiarity, Kai walked out toward the camp.

I knew by the smell of coming in the wind that the boy and the remaining soldiers of the village of Rag were still there.

Thanks to Kai's attraction of armored warriors, it appears that the two who fled earlier also returned safely to the camp. Somehow I figured out how to answer when they asked me, and I didn't think I ate an armored martial artist, so I decided to slow down because I ran away in the opposite direction from the two of us and got lost in the road.

Though it is possible that the powerful 'protectors' of the Pork (Aug) tribe could have followed them, I cannot even think about the doubts about the fellows who are waiting for Kai's return on the spot without moving the place.

It was just then that the smell of a boiled morning snack appeared, and Kai even sped up his legs innocently.

It was around that evening that the expedition returned to the village.

Though there were fewer guard soldiers in one squad, the lack of subracial encounters allowed Kai to safely dive through the gates of the village of Rag.

The villagers who welcomed me had obviously noticed a decrease in numbers compared to when they left, but they were hung up by a number of labor voices saying that no one had said anything but "You've returned well".

When I came to the castle, the boy gathered all of the expedition, thanked me for putting my life at risk in the investigation, and recited to each and every one the true words of curse avoidance from the subhuman. That's how the expedition was disbanded on the spot...... The lad who was dropping off everyone scattering to the barracks to rest his tedious body called out, "May I have Kai for a moment," and surprised Kai a little.

The boy raised his head scarf to hide his face with his finger and stared straight at Kai.

"... I need to ask you a few questions. Let's talk in my room."

"... Boy?

"I won't let that take time. I just wanted to make sure."

"Let us present even the sweet sweet treats of the secret," he said, only slightly bitterly laughing at the melancholy appearance on his face.

Since he is a boy from the Great Monastery in the centre of the country, it was possible that he did indeed have well-preserved candy and condensed confectionery. For Kai, who grew up on the edge of the earth, of course, that served as a great fishing bait.

When I stepped into a castle with a guest room, I knew immediately that something was wrong with the people I saw there. Even though Kai and the boy who came back from the expedition are walking side by side, they all look grumpy and immersed in their immediate work without realizing it.

The barracks are filled with men's soldiers, but the castle hall has more women working the other way around. There was a young woman who looked at Kai's face and reacted violently.

"Mr. Kai!

There was a girl who had also forgotten to give such consideration and talked to me when she said it was obvious that Kai was there for something because she was standing with the boy.

The night before I left, I realized it was the face I was in the pantry with Elsa. They took my hand and pulled it off, but the other guy just noticed you around there, too, so he hurried off his hand.

"Kai needs to talk to me from now on, is there anything you want?

The boy around you who is listening to me at the end of the day cares for me, but in the first place, a monk was not a good opponent to put aside, as you can see from seeing his lord and that patrol angel treat him with more than a certain amount of respect.

She was a grumpy girl, but she nodded so hard that she could shake off her confusion about whether the "circumstances" that pushed her won, and told Kai what to do.

"That kid... Elsa's in trouble."

Kai's heart trembled.

In the days I left the village absent, something seemed to have happened.

I wanted to go check with Kai immediately, but I can't do that in front of you either. I looked right at you and lowered my gaze.

"... Something is happening."

He agreed that Kai was headed that way, "If that's the case," after he thought a little bit about whether the boy had distracted himself from the ambiance.

"Thank you, son."

"No, you can talk later. … When you need my help, say what. I was also helped by Kai a lot (...)"

When I lowered my head to Boy, the girl also lowered her head to match.

He rushed to Elsa to push her back.

I still hadn't noticed Kai at that time looking like a kid who was dropping off my back all the time.

On the girl's lead, it was more the beds of the women working downstairs in the castle.

The basic man was off-limits, and the quarters were in a section surrounded by a fence on the back of the castle.

Sometimes a girl stood in the guide, and there was no woman to say anything to Kai. On the contrary, as we all knew the circumstances, he even hurried with his mouth shut, "Go and do it quickly," he said.

Kai went into it, even though he was pressured by the atmosphere of a standing woman's quarters with a calf smell, different from the barracks that were the men's nest. Inside the quarters are divided into the rooms of the faces of the "Women's Club", where some private rooms were allowed to live, and several cohabitation rooms where others would sleep in miscellaneous fishes.

It was a room where those in need of medical care were put to sleep because of injuries and illnesses, most of them in the depths of it. People were gathered in the most corner of the room lined with those four or so beds. It was the only bed where people were currently sleeping.

The unpleasant feeling keeps swelling up.

The leading girl explained the situation with a trembling voice whether the hoop had come off because she had finished guiding her to the desired location.

"... we all thought it was going to be okay... I've had you say over and over again that it's not 'my biological daughter'"

Kai was teething and biting into the boiling fierceness of the girl as she blurted and cried out.

On the sleeping floor that was thus reached was a painful figure of Elsa wrapped around her body with a bandage. The girl looking up at the ceiling like her soul fell out. His eyes moved slightly, and he turned to Kai, who approached him.

After only opening wide for a moment, Elsa began to spill tears of puffiness.

After a moment when the colour intensifies, the face is diverted towards the opposite wall.

One of Elsa's compassionate feelings or someone she was seeing spoke slowly of the backdrop of the matter as she looked into Kai's eyes.

Elsa was badly punished for touching the patrol envoy's thoughts.

"The Woman's Society has refused many times through the White Princess. Yet he has never had an ear to listen to, and that can't be true, I was upset the other way around that this eye was supposed to be a pit..."

The frog man seemed badly confident in the appraisal eye for the woman as to whether it was due to shelter. Then he forced Elsa to come to the room and confirmed it with his own hands.

It seems that the anger of the patrol envoy at that time was such a terrible thing as to make your lord lose his blood as well. In anger, he unleashed his protective sword, seldom cutting Elsa, who was shrugging herself into fear, and two women, who were there just moments before your lord entered between, were killed.

Though he left untrained or didn't take it to life for Elsa, who liked it, he said the unfortunate girl was likely to end up in a terrible state of severe pain, perhaps with an obsession with making her scream.

And the patrol envoy, expressing his outrage at the village of Rag, who fooled me, sends his findings to the king's capital without roots or leaves, saying that the Moroccans would be cut off at worst, and that he is now in the midst of the desperate entertainment of the Lords General.

What, that.

The words didn't really come into Kai's head.

Only anger comes out even.

Kai was leaking a squashed squeal of "Frog Bastard" as he looked down at Elsa shivering with his face distracted.