Everyone told me to stay put.

I didn't know what you were talking about.

Two of my dear companions were killed and even Elsa...... why let go of the killer who made it wild when he said that there was even a girl who was chopped up and sleeping in front of me.

Officials from the capital?

A central nobleman?

That's what I'm talking about. This isn't the capital, and it's a big country (dude) that hasn't even received a breeze like the King's decree. What do you need to do?

"... the land that made the king disappear."

"Cursed, withered and destroyed."

Coming out of the women's mouths was full of worldly myths.

I wonder why your lords are even lower back and encountering thugs instead of getting angry when the village woman was badly eyed.

Kai's head, nearly shaken out by anger, was bathed with cold water of words then.

"Why the King is the 'King'...... because His Majesty himself is the 'Country'. … His Majesty is blessed by the King God, who has laid down the foundations of the kingdom."

I heard a voice.

It was the boy who was putting his face out of the entrance to the room.

"The kingdom of man… it was more than a thousand years ago that it was set in its present form. It was the beginning that the first king Yashadara climbed to the" King God, "and the twelve pillar god generals beneath him were founded (not) as line gods. That is how the myth of nation-building is conveyed. … don't be mistaken, it is this country that does not have the king ruling over the land of the people, but does not exist in the first place if the king is not there (...)"

Kai was brought straight to the boy's room.

And I was preached to abandon my short-circuited anger with this.

At first, I half-hearted whether it was a difficult question for a boy to do well, but I found out that it wasn't, and that it was the transfer of knowledge that "guardians" should have known.

"... Until the first king was founded with the generals of God, the land of the people seemed to be the rough, charming, dominated world of the dreaded evil gods. It's not a gaga, it's a neat discipline… it's a long time ago fact in a written book."


"There is not one person in this world who has actually seen such a world, including me, of course. But I think you've heard about it, too. … the village where the inhabitants are gone is so lonely, and the God of the land is so degraded… The Moloch family, who governs this village of Rag, also has two villages where the inhabitants fled, and the spirits of the traditional land God have become much weaker."

Kai will also know. He tries to raise his understanding from simple facts. Indeed, the land of the village of Eda, where there are no more people. God is dehumanized. This is why Princess White is taking the protection of the cemetery seriously.

I look into Kai's eyes as he gradually opens up, making sure that the boy embarks on himself as well.

"When the Land God loses his power, the Land loses all vitality. Crop growth also gets worse as it rolls down the hill. If you are a 'protective person (...)' then you should always know (...) that there are many examples (...) of the opposite in the world as well. The Lord of the land, Lord Vezin, is keen to train himself, perhaps with the aim of increasing the village's harvest in the first place."

I fall into the illusion that I'm going to be sucked into the eyes that host your boy's strong light.

"The Vezins still try to honor those with a lot of problems (...) because they see His Majesty the King's 'trust' behind them. If the village of Rag is Lord Vezin's land, His Majesty's land is said to be so for all the prints of this united kingdom (...). Therefore, Your Majesty's enlightenment may indeed have a negative impact on the land. That's what the village woman was called a 'curse on the land'."

"... but I'm not going to forgive you"

"... that girl..."

"... I'm not sure.... but it's probably mine."

"... ha, is that what you mean"

He was the boy who showed a slight conceit with a small sigh, but Kai felt it hanging from the play a long time ago. Is this boy on my side? Or is it an enemy?

I wonder about something called a human being who has reached the point of obtaining a 'divine print' without the protection of a land god. I'm going to be fooled by the word 'Divine Print', but that neighborhood doesn't come out because it hosts God, it just means it appears as a manifestation of the supernormal power that the person has.

I wonder how many 'divine stones' you've eaten and had a tough workout. By now, 'sheltered' has a power far removed from ordinary people.

"... If you still want to punish that person, let me suggest one thing"

The boy opened his mouth as he stared at Kai.

Though I was fixing it, the color of joy was in its eyes, like I could finally put something in my mouth that I had always wanted to say and couldn't help it. I don't know if it's the influence of God in the valley or if the fragments of previous life's experience made me feel that way.

"Kai, I know you're 'sheltered' in some way. You don't have to try to deceive me, because with these eyes... I only saw them with a hundred eye moves."

The kid didn't even move on the killing chi Kai unconsciously let go.

Should this boy also be killed here? No matter how much this boy wore martial arts that he didn't get good at, he stepped on that the protection of God in the valley must be overwhelming.

With Kai's eyes and his slight stiffness, he must have perceived the finesse.

"Don't get too early," the boy said, letting himself go for a little while, and hand-wrestling to say that I had no intention of giving him a hand at all.

"... I'm not going to tell anyone. I have heard that there are a number of abandoned settlements on the peripheral soil in defeat of the subpeoples. I have to say that if you met the abandoned land god in those days and you happen to get shelter, that's what you've done. … you qualified to be a 'lord' in this country."


"If you follow the proper procedures, and wish… you can become a nobleman with the land God has offered you as your territory. And in the united kingdom, the ancient law recognizes the right of nobles with protection to challenge each other for greater heights. It is now repelled and as if forgotten as a barbaric law, but it is still firmly stated in the Kingdom's code. … If you don't care about the 'curse' on the land you territory, challenging yourself is perfectly fine. … and the challenged side, those who are good in divinity will not be allowed to refuse to fight"

Knock me in the knee, and you're still peeking at me like it hurts. Maybe this kid didn't like that selfish all-you-can-do arrogant central nobleman either.

No, are you just pretending to be that?

Calm is spreading in Kai.

The boy seemed to see Kai like that for anger.

"I'll take your place if you leave the process to me. What, it's not a hassle. Because you will blood the oath, and you will just follow the process of raising it from the Great Monastery to the Royal Family. The text of the oath is, of course, with me..."

"I don't."

Kai spoke as he wished.

Instinct made me say so, not reason.

"... don't you want revenge?

"I'm just a villager. I don't know what that means."


Kai has yet to affirm the allegation that I am 'protective'. The boy is just taking the liberty of talking.

"Does Kai not believe my words? Can't you believe I only saw that pig (org) fight a giant warrior to death with this eye?

"I don't know what you're talking about"

"... I see, is that what you mean"

Kai had no idea.

The boy interpreted it on his own though, apparently if he thought Kai was used to the rush without seeing it.

"... you want to decide that there was nothing, that's what you want to do"


"I don't understand why you want to keep your powers hidden, but is there any circumstance? Okay, let's not do this any more.... I hope you don't look me in the eye that's going to kill me right now. Roger that. Let me swear to God that I will not leak out of my mouth about this in the future. It's the secret of just Kai and me (...)"

To Kai's clear intention to kill, the boy immediately recommitted his attitude.

It is common sense that the monk's oath is somewhat reliable. No matter how inconvenient the crossing monks will come if they promise, and the deliveries they swore to hand over will always be in their hands unless the monk himself dies. I hear you are swearing to God a life without lies.

Kill him.

That is clearly what the God of the Valley says.

But a lot of people know that there are two boys and Kai in this room. Kill the boy here and Kai will no longer be able to stay in the village.

We know that one day we'll have to leave, but not now. I couldn't let that terrible state of Elsa go either.

"... if you stay like this, they're going to kill you one day, so let's sell you one favor"

The boy dropped his hips in the chair and exhaled in a small way as he calmed down a little by showing Kai the distinction of not coming upon the dark clouds.

Seriously and jokingly, the boy said.

"... another god, who has no beard in the land, comes to the land of the people and kills the 'protectors' there. It's a common story."

This boy is truly like food.

I found myself being pushed away with gratitude.

"I'm not a person... if you pretend to be a sub, you probably won't have a problem if you don't find out"

Kai immediately initiated action.