Kill him.

The god of the valley is noisy.

What are you so frustrated about?

Kill him.

It really seems this god likes to kill someone. No, I think it's quick as a means, or what?

The person whose intent is to kill is not the frog bastard Kai wants to kill right now. It's that boy.

I can only guess why you want to kill so much, because God doesn't give me any reason why.

(The fact that it is a "sheltered person" was disproved...)

One thing, I can share my thoughts with the Valley God about that.

It was oblivious. He said he was a rotten arrow tip trying to maintain his life in the village without being known to be a 'sheltered person', but he wanted to shout out what was wrong with him.

Kai is now running towards the valley. Why, the aim was to gather there something to disguise as subhuman. To be even more precise, I was going to consult the old Polek of the dwarf (Colol) tribe. That old man lived a lot longer, and he seemed to know things, so he also had the expectation that he would get a lot of advice.

Diseases the earth on the marginal soil almost like wind. Around now, after the hour of evening, it is followed by the darkness of the night. There are so many clouds and I don't see many stars today. The slightest starry sky gleaming between the clouds is a valuable source of light that helps' hold shelter 'excellent vision. The faster the star that often brightens phosphorescence, the faster it travels. The closer it is to the mainstream of the Great Spirit River (Ispi Rio), the faster it flows and shines strongly.

That boy wondered how he knew the battle between Kai and the armored warrior. No, it was more like a word I was watching with that eye than I knew.

"Hundred Eyes"...... is that the secret technique the boy was talking about when he was dealing with Master Orha, peeking from afar?

That's how he got there, and Kai realized the danger that he was still getting a peek at my trends from somewhere in that Hundred Eyes.

Kill him.

God's willingness to kill in the valley has finally come down to near understanding.

I see, as it is, the location of the valley is scattered by the boy.

Kai imagines. If "Hundred Eyes" means "Hundred Eyes" as it stands, it should be moving with Kai now. Everyone knows that a people with good eyes knows, but no one with good eyes can see from within a few yurds. Because the farther away things become, the smaller they become, and there are many shields in the earth that hide things, and there are relentless ups and downs.

In this world, there is no concept of 'the earth is round'. The mundane 'Earth' video that came to my mind slips up Kai's brain marrow and disappears. The logic that the earth would be completely invisible at a certain distance because it was round was not well understood.

While running, Kai looked around to see if there were any 'signs' of it. If it looks like Old Polek used to say... If "Hundred Eyes" is created with the same "magic" logic as Kai's, it's using spiritual power, and I wondered if your boy's would see it as a light.

This was also the case when armored martial artists, but the inner God may make changes to the protections he gives if the host so desires. That kind of reasoning also happened to Kai, and there was a dramatic change in his vision.

Polek, the world of spiritual light, as the old man called it, was spreading as if it were a real image.

Using this power, I can see as a real feeling that magical unintended strikes are difficult. Maybe the armored warrior saw Kai's "Hidden moves" and couldn't help but laugh spirally.

"Magic" is neither invincible nor omnipotent.

"... there was"

Kai found it.

Over Kai's right hand is a ball of light to follow.

I had no idea how I was knitting that 'magic'. Kai's "magic" was only at a stage that mimicked the "phenomenon" that still existed naturally, but its "hundred eyes" were not that simple.

"... eyeballs"

The ability to see the distant things crushed was that of flying the 'eyeballs' themselves to their place.

The act of seeing, is saying burning the form of light on the spot into the retina, and if you want to see the distant as if on the spot, the surgeon has no choice but to take the eyeballs there. Because people only have eyeballs in their imaging organs.

However, this eyeball is magically knitted.

Perhaps the statue you're looking at is also the same 'world of spiritual light' that Kai is looking at right now.

And if you look closely, the light as thin as yarn was stretching out to the rear. Look at that. The word 'optic nerve' blurs my head. They say it's a nervous tissue that connects the eyeballs to the cerebromedulla.

Kai turned his foot toward the village of Bagna toward the nearby woods.

As I thus tried, I deliberately split into the density of the trees and moved to the left without meaning to observe the movement of the 'eyeballs'.

As you can imagine, the thread connected to the rear got tangled up. The yarn can't seem to pass through the trees. Spiritual light could not be transmitted, ignoring their existence, because I could see them dwelling in the forest trees, albeit faintly.

and 'eyeballs' suddenly ascended to the sky. I get to the height of the bird's eye and then start following this one. Is this how they looked at me from above when I was a search party?


Kai rushed out into the woods with all his might.

The forest calculates that the trees are spreading branches, so it will be difficult to spot them from above. If it was night, if we found a particularly dark place in the darkness and penetrated it, it must have probably been a shadowed 'invisible from above' place.

The unique messy breakthrough row of the sturdy 'protective hold' of the body skin played a part. Leaving the wandering 'eyeballs' behind, Kai ran further and further through the woods, finally redirecting to his destination, the 'Valley', after a quarter of a minute's detachment.

Kill him.

That kid, he was really frigid.

And when he had reached the valley, Kai confirmed the calamity of Aruet's breath, and turned to the dwarf (Korol) tribe settlement he had made on the edge of the valley. Alue, who stroked his head, snapped, "I smell meth," so I peeled it off and threw it away. He's a pain in the ass.

Apparently he felt Kai's arrival. Old Polek came out of the house soon, so I only told him about the business quickly.

I want a disguise tool that looks like another race. When I told her the request, Old Polek didn't even listen to the details, and she pulled into the back. And what I brought up was dwarf (colol) clothing.

"... the clothes worn by the greatest warriors in the clan. It belongs to someone who was incredibly large as a dwarf tribe, so I thought it would fit the height of the Valley god."

"... isn't this important to you?"

"... no, it's something that was dead without anyone wearing it, so don't worry."


Convinced, Kai made Old Polek wear the clothes.

The dwarf (Colol) clothes are very similar to those of the human race, which feels like tightening them with a bandage in front of the body, but they are more elaborate than those of the human race and are dyed with traditional geometric textures.

And the clothes must be of considerable value even for the dwarf (Colol) tribe, which used a lot of fur. There's plenty of fur on the collar and neck, too, and it looks very warm.

"The dwarf (Colol) are not so different from the human race except for their height. And then if you put it on this mask, whoever sees it will only look like a dwarf."

Looking around at the clothes he wore, Kai nodded contentedly. I've never actually worn such fine clothes before.

"What are we going to do now?

"I'm going to kill 'Protected'"

"… how can I help you"

"I don't want it"

"... Really? I'm sorry to hear there was room for you."

No hesitation, Kai's taste.

I remembered, so Kai told Deer Man (Ouzel) that he would come later to do it for his convenience. Old Polek was surprised a little, and then responded, "Yes, I did." The quick exchange also felt good.

Then the tribes that were gathering sent out Kai, who ran out again, waving at the same time. Kai laughed just a little at the warmth he had created in his heart.

(... when you're done, follow Elsa to the valley as well)

I'm sure she'll be happy, Kai thought.