Somewhere, someone is sobbing.

The sorrowful waves of that sorrow, like the one that pushed him to death, sweep across the less conversational castle to contagion the irresistible depression.

Is it the sons of Sere and Sinead, who were slain, that weep now? I guess consciousness doesn't follow the reality of death given too suddenly.

Am I the same who is about to lack a sense of reality?

(... fuzzy)

Jose sees my little hands.

My skin, which I was born with barely burning in the day, has no blood, and I can feel that I am finally alive after repeatedly gripping and closing my fingers.

(I have little power)

In the village, I am ashamed to be called the White Princess, etc., and while I play "Well Done Princess" to rub my mouth while being flushed by the atmosphere that the "title" allows me, or to convey to my father a request that the villagers have difficulty in saying, the question always remained somewhere in my head whether I had as much power as my surroundings expected me to have.

Really, I've come to understand particularly well lately that she's just a little girl with no power whatsoever.

"... it would be better if the princess took the day off."

"... who was your 'opponent' today"

"... it's Sally. 'That one' complains the least..."

"Tell them to be careful. If you feel your life is in danger, think first and foremost about saving your life, so that you may flee to Adelia or me."

"Yes, I did."

The Woman's Society is so tingly that there is nothing I can do about it right now.

It was a few young women who had just lost their husbands who were opening their bodies for everyone because of the village to unintentional opponents. Their anxiety is naturally on the rise.

Because two of my people, who were in the same predicament some time ago, just took their lives because of the bad luck of being near the commotion.

There is no one else who wants to serve as the opponent of the 'That One' night. Until now, it has been decided by the Women's Guild, and the Ladies of the Moroccan family beg me to say it is for the village, so I was only performing the duty of crying. They all wanted the abortion medication to be excessive and were so obnoxious that they could seed it that they ran out of stocks of medicinal herbs.

It was also a problem that the 'that one' s stay was longer than originally planned. He said that he deliberately whispers in his bedtime story that he is postponing his stay due to harassment because he doesn't like women, even though it is because he is bringing a boy from another investigation.

What a man. I'm getting really confused about the situation right now as to why I have to be such a man over this period.

Jose shook the messenger and his body in an act about half an hour before he was inadvertently vividly remembered. I embraced my body to stop the tremor.

"Don't be a kind son to one or both of the women of the village (...)"

Please don't be any more selfless, I can't accept it very much, such as offering you a new 'raw daughter' as you are demanding... She was the one who stole your opposing father's eyes and reached a direct trial, but the little man who was supposed to have come to this village as a patrol angel said so reluctantly after looking around to lick her body, which is not yet fully ripe.

"Vegin, what do you know about this?"

"... is my existence"

"... then let's just say we didn't hear it here. It's as if my brother asked for the Night Lady shamelessly, and you don't think he's being rude to the king's messenger."

"... so... aren't you demanding it!

On the shape, it is assumed that it was from the village that the woman was offered the initiative. But that kind of thing was a promise to the hospitality of guests, and there's nothing in a poor country like this that could offer anything else in the first place.

There is no doubt that this little man persisted in repeating his "request" and pressed your father to send "a biological daughter named Elsa" to Ga. Although he demanded euphemism in a lot of rhetoric unique to the aristocracy, and may not have actually spoken such words. The compulsion to wear to the shadow was compulsive.

And Elsa at the time, in the shallow wisdom around her that she had to be "the biological daughter," finally, that catastrophe happened.

Even with all that blood, 'that one' began to repeat demands beyond degrees as if he enjoyed harassment even more rather than stopping fishing for women.

Guys are good. You just have to lie that you have no choice because that's what customers do. The woman who had to make that demand wasn't more accumulative.

The Woman's Society is still rough. Young ladies, who are clear that it is targeted who are mainly raising their anger voices, and their wives, including their mother, finally escaped the subcommittee because of that pneumonia.

Jose took the lead in trying to fulfill his responsibilities as a member of the Lordship and finally reached out to direct negotiations with 'the other one'... which turned out to be awesome without even being able to negotiate.

(… If you have to give me the 'raw daughter' and I'm not leaving the village, then at the end of the day, if I give myself this)

There is only one Jose in the room.

Imagine dedicating my precious purity to a different man who doesn't even think of that man, pulling both arms in his arms and putting up with tremors. I also know how Elsa feels painfully. That is not possible at all (...).

Anyone can help me.

Somebody do something.

As the first grain drifted down his cheek, one tear after another fell from his eyeballs.

Would I have been crying like that for a while?

During the bundle, the castle felt quiet.

"It's an enemy attack. Ah!

Screaming and the sound of a bell announcing a crisis.

rushing footsteps and twitching as they run through the hallway outside the room.

Jose stood up from his chair to swing and stuck to the window. It was precisely on the walls of the village that the fires of the soldiers spread in rows.

Jose blinks. The superior vision of 'Protected' clearly captures the world outside the walls that sink into the sea of darkness.

What she saw was, in a way, the appearance of a familiar enemy… a night attack by the Grey Monkey (Makak) tribe.

Night raids by the Grey Monkey (Makaku) tribe… it remained near the village of Rag.

Though somewhat large, there are three pillars of the Spirit of the Land God hidden in the village of Rag, so it couldn't have been the first time that they gave up that takeover, etc.

They are targeting the villages with tiger vision and constantly putting up a certain number of soldiers in the nearby woods. That number even tended to increase these days. The great move of the Grey Monkeys (Makak), which Nada, the truth agent, told Orha earlier, was still nothing short of preparing to attack and destroy the village of Rag.

And that night, the forces of the Grey Monkeys (Makak) were over 100 in size.

but it was still not enough to attack down a rug village like a half-fort, surrounded by robust stone walls. The plan of the Grey Monkeys (Makaku) seemed to be to keep waiting in the shadows of the woods until they increased their forces even a few times in size.

Who would have predicted that something unforeseen would happen there, etc.

We need to make it look like a subhuman raid.

Before the harsh condition of not killing a single villager, the dwarf (Korol) people who had hesitated to raid the village approached them, perceiving signs that they were gathering in the woods, and came up with a cruel idea to use them fully.

(With this number of people, the village can bounce back for now. into that gap)

The dwarf (Korol) tribe. The man... Naturally, it was Kai in disguise, but approached him as he lurked in the darkness of the woods behind a bunch of Grey Monkeys (Makak), relentlessly eating his fist bones from behind by a commander who was crumbling like a scalpel on a simple bunk of grass.

That's how I grabbed that guy's root and saw Kai standing, and the bare (?) female screamed and popped out. The commander showed the glitch of resistance, so he kicked his rounded red ass unnecessarily as he pressed his face against the ground forcefully.

The commander was naturally a 'sheltered' warrior, but was brutalized by Kai, who was physically overwhelmingly small, and the resistance was irresistible, raising a creeping scream from his pressed face.

This guy could speak Mandarin, too.

Kai is dating Old Polek and Aruet, and some dwarf (Korol) conversations can be imitated in one word. So at first, we had a little dwarf (colol) conversation, and then suddenly we switched languages to people's.

You know better than the words of the dwarf (Colol) tribe who are powerless and insulted, right? But it feels like.

The commander, who felt his life was in danger, began to speak harsh Mandarin.

All right, and Kai released the commander once.

"* * * ugh"

Knowing that his opponent was a dwarf (Korol) tribe, the commander of the Grey Monkey Man (Makak) suddenly began to squeeze. The neighborhood begins to float on its red face. Is that what it would be to the point of being entrusted with troops on the front line? It was a less dense one in the neighborhood than the commander of a pig (org) who came to the valley.

Kai also revealed his neighborhood by saying hello to each other. The mask for the disguise is of wood carving that covers the bottom from the eyes, and the forehead is completely exposed.

The moment he saw Kai's neighborhood, the commander of the Grey Monkey Man (Makak) must have realized the seclusion of his divinity, showing him how to escape without getting lost.

Of course I won't let you get away with it. He grabbed his arm the moment he tried to show his back and was kicking behind his knees. Immensely disfigured, the commander was to look up at Kai's creepy mask dressed to be forced to sit upright.

"... In that village, there's the one I want to kill. Help."

"... na, nani"

"Just help me."


Attack the village appropriately.

And you can run away after a while. Then I go inside and kill the one I'm after.

Kai's demands were to that extent. I didn't even ask for my life to be thrown away.

"... if you don't help me, I'll chase you around and kill you"

"............ Wakatta"

As a result, the night raids by the Ash Monkeys (Makaku) began abruptly.