The Grey Monkeys did a great job.

They specialize in attacks that wield stone axes with powerful force, but it was also troublesome to throw stones from a considerable distance in favor of monkey arms (ehmpi) much longer than their people.

Ash monkeys (macaques) are not stupid either. No matter how hard bristles like every wire I knew would protect me from a raw and half attack, I didn't fight in a way that would make my life crude to the nagging.

If they had, the invasion of the village of Rag would have been close to a siege. Thus, approaching the village at night in darkness and carrying out stone throwing became the first attack to eliminate the soldiers on the fence.

Kai was able to see the attack from behind and learn a lot about the weaknesses of Rag Village.

(... well, will the wheat field's awe remain defensive)

An important field that supports the lives of the villagers is built right in the vicinity of the village.

There is a long rainy season on the peripheral soil, and many deep plots are created at the boundary of the field to improve drainage. The Ash Monkeys (macaques) jump into the village without hesitation, throwing the stones that they carried down.

Kai, who had no intention of letting the villagers die, sees the stone-throwing of the Ash Monkeys (Makaku) fleeing the soldiers on the fence with murderous power, and decides to hurry to action.

Attacks by the Grey Monkeys (Makaku) are concentrated near the main entrance of the village due to Kai's request. Naturally, the battle prevention of the village is becoming the main one, and the soldiers who were protecting their backs are gradually moving towards you. Kai turned to the thin back as he was distracted by the condition.

Of course, Kai had a unique intrusion plan for the villagers.

The back of the village is only a few places where Kai will be the blind spot for the fighters, which he often uses when heading to the valley in the middle of the night. It was a 'shade' made by the herbal trees planted for sampling purposes inside the village. The herbal gardens behind the castle are sparsely populated in the middle of the night, but the shrew trees that have grown up decades near the fence hide their movement across the walls from the fighters.

Kai did not miss an intermittent moment of that vigilance by carefully identifying the movements of the soldiers on the fence. Five yuls tall with a terrible bouncing force crosses a stone wall once in a while. Several soldiers who felt a slight 'wind' looked back, but no more Kai figure then.

The inner part of the village is a place I already know on my own, so I'm immediately starting to travel by communicating invisible shadows. And since there was so much gaze that he approached the castle hall, Kai chose a path that a normal person would not be able to take with his' sheltered 'physical abilities.

(Let's go through the roof)

Kai, who reached the roof of the castle building after only a few clues, sees the shape of that large roof he is unfamiliar with and gives an approximate view of the destination location.

The room with that froggy bastard is on the second floor of the castle hall, roughly three floors apart from the attic, around the viewable front entrance. The roof of the front door is intact as a terrace for guests.

When I came closer and looked down gently, there were many soldiers waiting for me there. Speaking of which, when defending the castle hall, it was replaced by a jaguar.

With a little thought, Kai decided to break in through a slightly remote side window, not the front side where the battle was taking place, all on the third floor, occupied by the Lords. When I saw it, there was a window that was conveniently open.

(... if there are people, hit them and stun them)

Deciding so, Kai grabbed the edge of the roof and broke into the window from foot to foot like a curve. That's how I bumped into the person I feared there.

Trying to hit me reflexively...... I opened my eyes and saw the sighted person staring at me and the movement stopped.

"... who?"

He pressed her shoulders to hold the mouth of the girl who was about to raise her voice and pushed her forcefully into the wall. From the silver hair entangled in his nose at that time, he smelled like an out of place flower.

It was the Princess of the Lordship, the White Princess.

I felt lightly screwed up trying to beat him up. Although perplexing, if I let go of my hand here, I was sure people would be called.

"... ah, you are"

"Shut up."

Push your arms into your arms and block the mouth of the open white princess again.

Kai's mouth was positively dressed to be close to Princess White's ear. I found Princess White's body trembling at Kai's intimidation.

"I don't need you."


"I'm just here to kill him... the frog bastard in this village"

After trembling for a moment, Princess White seemed to have pulled her strength out of her body. Its stopped breathing returned.

It was also due to Kai's application of palms, but the power of her protection allowed her to move within powerful restraints. The white princess, who seemed to have difficulty moving, but clearly saw Kai, caught the mask of the anomaly that she had never seen there and left only a little again.

"Don't make a scene. If you make a scene, I'll kill you."

Kai, who is in a hurry, is losing his mind. I don't even kill him, but he intimidates me so much, and I'm even confused by the White Princess, who shows fright at it.

Easy, easy.

Kai was trying to deal with me when he was about to lose sight of me on the battlefield. Take a deep breath and chant to remember what needs to be done.

What I have to do is kill the frog bastard.

Villagers don't kill.

I won't let you know who you are.

I move so I can't find it, and when I do, I run away.

That's it.

All of a sudden, Princess White found me, but I still haven't figured out who I am. Then we have to shut her up and move on to the next move.

Fortunately, Princess White is also a "sheltered person". Even a little rough, you won't die. Calculating that, it was when Kai tried to move it into action.

"... kill him."

Pompous, Princess White snapped.

He even laughed lightly when he looked at Kai.

"Then I'll help"

That finger, which was grabbing Kai's shoulder flesh to resist, the nail devoured.

If Kai hadn't been 'protective', maybe he would have been pulled off the meat as it was. So much enthusiasm dwelt in Princess White's red ball-like eyes.

"Kill him."

Clearly, she spoke.

They gave me directions.

Kai was able to get to the frog bastard lightly in that way.

You can hear misplaced laughter from inside that room when you say you are in the middle of a battle. I guess he enjoys watching the killings while drinking and only other personnel in the outside world.

The white princess bit her teeth off for a moment too, and once she looked over and nodded and showed them, she knocked on the door of the room.

That's how he was recruited into the room as if it were nothing, and he took a young woman out, slightly attracted to him in her clothes. "That's enough," he snapped, pointing at Kai, who was reflexively hiding himself.

The White Princesses left and Kai then broke into the quiet room.

Something about that froggy bastard... a patrol envoy from the capital was looking out through an open window with a collapsed figure. In that hand, the liquor of valuables was shining in the village.

Severo Gandal.

He is a patrol envoy who worshipped the royal life and a central nobleman with the family name Tuhou.

Its divine character is "The Five Years Old Divine Print (Sinquester)".

It is information about this man that is being passed on as a rumor to the soldiers. For the owner of the Five Years Old Divine Print (Sinquester), his back was too defenseless.

Fuzzy fleshy and sloppy dripping skin far from workouts.

And when Kai, a killer mass, approached him, he didn't realize it at all. Just take it easy, he's laughing fun watching the lower realm kill each other.

(... kill him)

The White Princess asked Kai.

(kill me outside the village (...))

Don't let them think Rag Village killed him in resentment.

Even if pursued from the capital, I can manage to escape bitterness.

Originally, I don't even think about bothering the village.

The large glass door leading to the terrace in front of you is open. Large enough openings for people to get through easily. Outside it is the back of the soldiers with bows, also visible from the roof.

Kai's hand stretched out and eagled the patrol envoy's neck.

Higuru, the patrol envoy was stopped from breathing.

For Kai's fearful powers, the weight of the little man was just not enough to take. With his other hand attached to the patrol envoy's waistband, Kai threw an ugly chunk of meat with all his might.


Leaving a dumb voice behind, after a moment the patrol envoy was thrown out high in the air!