Kai, who threw the patrol envoy's body outward, turned right on the spot without a moment's hesitation, and was rushing out of the guest room. It was too short a time, and no one noticed Kai's presence.

A man dressed as a dwarf (Colol) runs through the long hallway on the second floor of the castle at a fearful speed. By that time the rooms were finally noisier, but the soldiers were slow to start because it was too unexpected an event. It was enough time for Kai to disappear.

Easy enough to do so, Kai made his escape from the building, hurrying to hit the darkness of the night and jump over the fence at the shortest distance to secure his prey.

(... that frog, may be surprisingly weak)

However, it is the "Guardianship Holder" of the Five Years Old Divine Print (Sinquester). Kai was seriously worried that it would not be a big deal to treat him somewhat roughly, but that maybe the ash monkeys (macaques) would take him lightly.

That Ash Monkey (Makaku) commander, as a "sheltered man," didn't seem like much, but the development of being eaten of the frog's "Divine Stone" for extra growth was less desirable.

Outside the village, arrows blur in front of you again and again to see if you were recognized as an enemy. Village soldiers attack Kai as he rushes through a fierce momentum just below the fence. One overhead arrow after another, Kai pays them off with his hands as he pounds his tongue.

Though it should be lost in the dark at night and almost invisible, there is an extremely dangerous presence of Kai, who identifies the arrows lightly… Whether he sees them as another working 'sheltered' aimed at the gap in the village's protection, a cry to draw attention is exchanged among the soldiers. I noticed that there was a voice I was used to hearing in there, and I looked at you and I... I saw that the faces of the Kai Squad were there. My breasts crushed badly that the arrows of my companions were pointed at me.

Kai stuffed his breath and quickened his legs even faster. Fly across the line of grey monkeys (macaques) like they kick and bounce the ground, and confuse me to roll into the darkness behind it. I'm relieved to be able to hide myself from my people.

"* * * * Huh!

The grey monkeys (macaques) are also showing some wolves over Kai's head. pointing to Kai, who is paying dirt on his clothes, why is there a dwarf (colol) tribe, he is shouting like what.

Most ash monkeys (macaques) don't seem to understand very well that this much was started by the imposition (...) of a fake dwarf in front of them.

The commander forcefully pressed in a barking, convulsive voice to disrupt control. Those eyes look more at Kai and convey a rather urgent eagerness to "get me out of this" or something. The Grey Monkey (Makaku) people also think the flag color is quite poor.

All right, let's just get this over with.

Kai stares around and discovers them and starts running again. The thrown prey was apparently still safe.

I could see the little man's head waking up across the ear of the Kibi, who began to drool over the pre-harvest kobe, which seemed to snub in the darkness at night. He suddenly fell from a high-altitude spot where there was no danger to his life to a bloody battlefield. It was the restless head movement that made me quite frightened.

Well, even if it rots, it would be something like "having protection," it didn't look like he was injured at all, except he was supposed to be a terrible person.

Seeing the sight of the night battle in the village of Rag, lit by a barrage of fire on the fence, the little man, frightened by the trends of the Grey Monkeys (Makaku), found Kai in dwarf (Korol) tribe jumping in from the vortex of chaos, slipping through his hips and into.

"Do it, wait!

I'm going to control it by hand, but I don't need a sub to understand what people say.

Kai's heart was overflowing with a deep desire to kill, only to wonder if the frogface of the scorpion, which was repelled by the women of the village of Rag, would have soaked in joy even when she chopped up Elsa.

Stiffening her fist as she jumped in momentum, Kai punched her thoughtfully in the face.

Severo spun one spin from body to body after the feel of the stiff crushing and inrushing. My precious Kibi's ear gets knocked down somewhat with a roll, and Kai tongues over the victim's side of his leg for this time.

Kai calmed down only a little by putting in one shot and slowly walked over to Severo as he prepared his breath. I just felt uncomfortable with that unusual look that was holding my face down and cramping.

(... is this guy really 'protective'?)

From between my hands holding my face down, blood is pouring out. It was a fistbone of power that could die if it was a regular person, but it was a simple anger-leaving attack to such an extent that it was nothing more than bearable if it was' protected '. Kai waited for the recovery from the shelter to work where he was injured and he would be up soon.

but the little guy just hurts forever and doesn't get up.

Kicking him to roll with his toes with a little frustration exposes Severo's face, which is already bleeding, stopping and eliminating any traces of injury. See? I knew it would heal.

"... stay."

Sebello was pure, frightened by Kai's violence.

Though the blood has stopped, this time another... the face is supposed to be palpable with tears and a flood of nostrils.

"... who are you?"

You're a nobleman of the capital.

Kai said that without sorrow and kicked Sebello's leg, which was being sloppily spread out by throwing out his' son '. It seems that the ugly half-naked appearance of a man who is not wanted by anyone like this is what fuels frustration.

Kai's mouth of human language must have made him think of something. The fear that was in its eyes is instantly repainted with more and more black rage.

"... Gi, Gisa, Momoya Village People"


It's been lightly said, but Kai doesn't move at all. I don't have any itches because the one who's going to die knows.

In its unresponsiveness, Severo even smiled out of place, as he had revealed his sagging, and began to line up his words as if he had even taken them at the neck of a ghost, who had commanded him, that he thought he would not expose them if he dressed as the aliens.

"... I raised my hand to the patrol who worshipped the king's life, and I thought rather.... It's bearable with sesame seeds, but I've tried so much, but... finally, you did it!


"No longer impatient! As soon as you are out of business, play to His Majesty the King..."

"... you still think you can stay safe"

Zhu gave Sebello's face a palpable sigh of heartbreak.

He said he was shaking like a child who had seen haunts until now. Central aristocracy is perhaps all the more believing that an absolute advantage is guaranteed if one is a human opponent.

If this man really has the Five Years Old Divine Print (Sinquester)... if he is giving the grace of a very powerful land god as rumored, well, there are certainly only three pillars under the rug village, including your lord, so there is a place where this man can be sure of his advantage.

And Kai, out of that outfit, is obviously your lord, Molok Vegin. It is historical that he is not that person. Maybe he is half-determining who he is under the disguise of the dwarf (Colol) tribe, as if he were Orha.

If you are three years old and five years old, you cannot lose first. As much as it's not strange to tread that way, there will be only a tremendous disparity in the strength of that grace.

Severo finally wiped his nostrils, which were letting him drip.

"... are you going to fall for the Five Years Old? If you don't already, you can miss it by some things."

I was impressed that the sword they had hidden for protection came out of all its clothes, but well that was all it was.

Sebello finally floated around the neighborhood, staring at Kai's mask, pulling out an over-decorated sketch of gold and silver jewelry and bringing it to life. Kai blinked many times to see even the slightly strange one, still observing as if it were its divine crest.

"... is that the Five Years Old God's Print?"


To Kai's question, Severo responds to nothing.

The divine crest on this little man's face doesn't seem to have that much density no matter how favorably he interprets it. It was obvious to Kai, who had already played several 'sheltered' and killed each other, and had seen several divine prints.

Two years old... No. Maybe three?

"... is that the Five Years Old"

"... Well, yes, I'm afraid... this Severo family tradition of the Five Years Old God Print (Sinquester)..."



With Ky's too much leeway, Sebello's forehead swept up and a ball-like sweat emerged.

And I've been waving my sword around trying to crush Kai's eyes as he's testing my divine imprint. It's a desperate attack of 'having protection', so it's like a child's chamberlain. Still, it would have been a sufficient threat. If the other person was a regular person.

Kai waited sparingly until the blade was close to reaching his eyes, pinching the blade tip gently with the quickness that glanced at Severo... and with only the power of his fingertips, he snatched the sword away lightly.

Thus, he stabbed through the little man who called himself "The Five Years Old Divine Print (Sinquester)" with only his gaze.

"... then let me prove it at best"

That's how Kai also brought up my divine mark again.

Sebello trembled in his anomalous divine imprint.