"... what"

My relaxed jaw trembled.

The eyes of the little man, who had nothing but contempt for the people of the periphery, are open.

"What's that 'Griffith'?"

Sebello's face is stained with frightening colors again.

My unconsciously backward leg is grassed and I unwittingly buttcake it. You are aware that you have become in a difficult and unfavourable position to move, or you are moving the fallen pig to crawl on all fours and scratch his legs as he rushes to try to get up.

Dirty ass is rounded out.


What, what are you talking about?

Overwhelmingly lacking all knowledge, Kai is fascinated by the word like a wreck suffering from thirst.

Having been taught only a little by the boy and becoming aware of his ignorance, Kai is easily shaken by the elusive urge in the name of curiosity, an instinct that is hard to avoid in intellectual life......

I soon found out that it was probably something about my 'Divine Print'. In the middle of Kai's forehead is the manifestation of God's specificity in the valley, or a part shaped like a man's 'eye'. I've seen it on the lake in the valley, so I was wondering. Kai thought it looked like a Southern monocular (cyclops).

Only for a moment, curiosity prevailed.

To lure knowledge again, words provoke from Kai's mouth.

"Is this' Guru 'scary?"

Kick the little guy's ass desperate to get away and turn this way. And I put my face close to show off my divine mark.

Severo opened his blood-running eyes to no more and saw the divine mark on Kai's forehead up close. Sebello also said that death was so imminent on him again, but he couldn't seem to suppress the curiosity of seeing something scary. Is it the work of a people who excel in wisdom?

"What can you tell by my" Guru "? Say it."

"... Ha. The" Griffith "of the people are on the edge of the soil… they are outside the Wang Capital."

"... you'd be here, wouldn't you?


I'm scared, but I can't take my eyes off Kai's divine imprint.

Only Severo's breath keeps getting shorter and faster.

"Sounds like you're in the center. What do you know when you look at my" Guru "? Say it quickly."

"…" The hieroglyph (Griffs) "can only be seen in particularly powerful pillars. Such as being visible to lowlife neighbors like Kisama..."

"... is it special?

"... right"

"... right"

"... Hello, Kisama (...)"

The whole body of Severo trembles as a mess.

I guess I came up with something, and I start calling out the boy's name like I woke up hiccups, and I try to escape from the spot again. Kai steps on that back and ruthlessly tries to continue his interrogation.

That's when he noticed the signs, and Kai looked up.

With intuition, look at the one in the village of Rag who feels something... on that fence wall, find a man in a black monk who knows himself well mixed up with the soldiers.

I am convinced that its eyes look straight at me, even though it is only a shadow almost as small as a keshi grain. It turns out that even the divine mark that Kai revealed, and the "figurative mark (Griffs)" of God in the valley, was seen by that boy.

Kill him!

God in the valley is screaming.

I'm nagging because I want to kill that boy.

I felt that the reason for the clear intent to kill was now understood by Kai as well.

That boy is dangerous.

Too frigid.

I don't know why you're so interested in Kai, who's just a villager (...).

The boy was just looking straight at Kai.

And even though the great nobleman in the center is about to be killed right now, I won't even show him how to help. A cold sideline to see the nobleman killed.

"Ha, help me!

Kai conceives as he sees Severo's plea at the edge of his eyes.

Sebello is trying to earn distance by twitching and backsliding at Kai, who is skipping consciousness in a completely different direction. If you earn more than a certain distance, you're going to hit a real escape from it. Kai was handless in appearance and would not have seemed to have a powerful attack that would take the life of 'sheltered' with a single blow.

I saw the village of Rag, whose eyes were repelling the Ash Monkeys (Makaku), so I could see that the little man was estimating the village as a safety zone and witnessing the distance.

Kai ruthlessly shatters Severo's expectations as he handles his nerves to the boy. Its eyes remain as distracted as ever as it walks slightly and packs between.

(Did he also see all the things he did with the pig (org) guy?)

If it was even seen, I feel like it's hidden somewhere else. But it is also possible that it has not been seen.

Kai's biggest concern right now was for the boy to see my magic. Magic is significantly disadvantaged simply by being known to be its user. Knowledge of magic. Experience. Even though you seem to be better at two or three over there, I wanted to avoid being informed of your offensive hand tags.

"Wow, do you know what happens if you kill me?"

"... come on"

"If we don't return to the royal palace alive, we will surely be blamed hard on Kisara's village! The Moroccans will bear the blame and die a disgraceful death!


"Sentenced to a surrender sentence where he is pulled through 'Pearl Bone (* Divine Stone)' alive..."

"... Really?"

"... take refuge in the prisoner... what?"

"What do you believe in?"

"... come"

This guy was also lying about my divinity.

That blowing threatening complaint also feels subtle as to whether I need to honestly listen. The patrol envoy, who was in touch with the Five Years Old Divine Print (Sinquester), actually dropped a few.

Then is it possible to say that the 'king', said to be the greatest in the country, has not inherited his power as it is from his predecessor? It is also said that the peripheral soil is threatened by the surrounding subpeoples because in the first place the king's power has fallen and the central army of the people has stopped 'intermittent' the surrounding nations, and in fact, no matter how many crises the peripheral soil has been in the past few years, the central government has not sent out an army.

If I try Kai, I'm not even sure if there's even something 'central' that I've never seen before in my life.

"We never lie..."

"... Enough"

Kai had a knife in his hand for the cut that was hanging on his hips.

Even though the others were disguised, all the tools were still good for what they were used to, so they stayed put.

In an unconstitutional attempt to pierce it, Kai received an unexpected counterattack.

"Torch is good."

From Sebello's palm, offered before Kai, a blurry red flame was created to wrap his sight. I blindfolded my eyes with my arms, almost with conditional reflexes, and blindfolded them.

In the center is a magical user. That's what Princess White said.

It wasn't surprising that a man like Severo, who seemed completely marginal in martial arts training and such, could learn magic in his protective moves. I wasn't expecting Kai to be totally bad.

Sebello had disappeared when the flames that followed for a few breaths left and Kai confirmed that he didn't feel so much heat and that I didn't bear one burn. Was it really a low temperature, just a fake flame or the clothes aren't burning either?

Kill him!

Kai ran.

Sebello's back, which escaped, was quickly found. The mere thought of escaping into the village without shaking my eyes was dressed to scratch the crowd waves of the soldiers of the Grey Monkey Man (Makak) who were just about to enter the retreat.

Kai caught Severo from behind as the Grey Monkeys (Makaku) got in the way and slowed down his legs, tightening his arms around his neck and naturally rolling out the "neck fold" he had been taught as a last resort with a handcuff. Without having to weigh in on me, Sebello's cervical spine, twisted with 'protective holding' arm strength, was lightly folded and crushed.

The life of Sebello Gandal, the patrol envoy who had called himself "The Five Years Old Divine Print (Sinquester)" and had done all he could to tyranny, was crushed in an unexpected way for him.

Had I been relieved with my forged muscles, or maybe I could have resisted Kai's powers a little more. This man was letting his body wander too far.

As such, Kai retreats while dragging Severo's body, distracted by the retreating Ash Monkeys (Makaku).

The death of the patrol envoy had to go from darkness to darkness.