The boy abandoned this froggy bastard.

I leave it up to Kai to kill me, and so, I keep watching (...) what happens.

Because long distances have been unconstructively drawn, what was once a man by the name of Severo Gandal was sometime without a thousand cuts in the tip of one leg. It seems that the body, which was sturdy when it ran out of protection, is also just meat. The hair has been messed up and no shadows of the aristocracy of his life remain.

Without a hint of emotion, Kai looked down at the man's body and conceived it.

Well, what do we do with this guy? I was going to look for a place to lose my eyes and take out the 'Divine Stone'... but I just ran a little bit. I'm not likely to escape that persistent 'eyeball'.

Kai sees the ash monkeys (macaques) who have fled into the woods as well, pretending to be strong and unaware of it. I didn't even mention it, but there was a commander by my side.

"... that's enough. Thanks."

When Kai said so, not even with the intention of acting together, the commander, who was breathing on his shoulders, looked at Kai's dragged body and asked.

"... the one who stole our protection."

"Did you steal protection?

"We, the villages of the people, took it.... but, God, it stays stolen"

Oh, I think.

From the perspective of the Ash Monkeys (Makak), it is likely that when they took the villages of Elg and Eda, which were Moroccan territories, the land gods there also became those of the Ash Monkeys (Makak), the new rulers. The logic is not wrong. The protection of Master Orha and Princess White is not justified in the original sense.

The Moroccans fled the land gods of the two villages out of the village. Although it is uncertain by what means he carried only the protection, a few years after the loss of the village, he let the two immediate lines inherit that protection.

Your lord told everyone that Master Orha gave it because he grew up worthy of succession, but some things are still visible to Kai, who came to know a lot about the 'specifications' of this world that only the privileged classes know.

(... When 'sheltered' dies, God's Spirit returns to the graveyard. I brought up the land gods in both villages, but they couldn't maintain them in a few years, and I had to prepare a new vessel (...) to keep the spirits involved... I guess that happened to be those two)

Kai, who has been able to carry forward memories of his previous life, has never been able to turn deep thoughts. If Olha is truly a candidate for succession, it should be the protection of the village of Rag, the main village, that should be allowed to succeed him. Because new protections cannot be overridden.

I also find it easier to understand the dissatisfaction with the Master that Orha sometimes shows when it comes to the cause around him.

"... this is different. God of a different land."

Kai says without a scratch and drives away the commander of the Ash Monkey (Makaku) who is about to want something. Because I still doubt him, I have already killed him, and if your God, the Spirit would have returned to the graveyard where it should be.

Because it was reason, the commander let his eyes shine so brightly that he ran his men to both the villages of Erg and Eda.

"Of the dwarf tribe, warrior. You're very strong."

As he left, the commander lifted a large stone axe around his chest and thanked him.

The Ash Monkeys (macaques) have snuck into the villages of the people they are attacking for a short time and caught the "protectors" of the people who were lurking in them. It seemed like they had a lot of respect.

I drop that back off leaving, and Kai moves out, too. He lurked himself in the shade of a large tree of barren cedar and pulled the 'Divine Stone' out of the little man's body. It wasn't as big as the cobbles I gripped, but the feeling I had is tight and heavy. Look at the dark, round bones that shine so brightly in its starlight, and see how your appetite is not stimulated.

My countryman's "Divine Stone" is unwilling to eat.

The fact that the law was alive also meant that Kai would still be a clean 'people'.

Now, what are we gonna do with this guy? View the 'Divine Stone' in your hand.

Less time has passed since I killed this man. Just because some god would have returned to the graveyard where he was supposed to be, he wouldn't be able to deprive him of his protection where he was fed. but I can greatly expect that it will still bring about an exceptional 'level up' as a creature.

Several faces floated in Kai's brain as he pondered to whom to do the favor. Old Polek, Arueh, and other dwarves (Korol)... As there is no such thing as that deer woman, is it well Arueh if I'm going to feed her?

'Level up' and your body will only be stronger for that matter. Sometimes, like that boy, he doesn't have to have protection to make the neighborhood visible. If "Level Up" is a long staircase leading to a slow "Protective Hold," I don't know how special the marrow of a man who was this central aristocrat's "Protective Hold" has. Or even if you don't get the protection of a land god, it might make your body stronger closer to it.

(Try feeding Elsa)

Kai suddenly remembered.

That might heal the deep wounds put all over your body, by the way. I also wonder if the aversion to homogeneous food can be understood if we remain silent.

Kai starts acting again with determination. I'm not going to the valley because 'eyeballs' are what stick to me.

Knowing that Kai had turned back to the village, he felt the boy's tongue pounding on the other side of the 'eyeballs'.

The clothes of the dwarf (Korol) tribe in disguise were folded and hidden among the nearby trees, and Kai, returning to his original villager figure, moved to hide himself in the bushes of the field near the village so that he could still not be found immediately.

Coming to the area of the field of Kibi, where the example frog was laid, the villagers had already come out outside the walls, and they could see that they were searching for and retrieving the remains of the Ash Monkey Man (Makaku), who had defeated them without fail. Though they razed the field a lot, if they could recover some 'divine stones', they would feel comfortable with the form.

Kai did not simply get confused by the person's movements. After seeing the Kai squad struggle over the fence, I thought a lot of people would know that the squad leader Kai was' missing '.

Calculating quickly, Kai decided to head somewhere.

I dived in from the back and slipped into one of the rooms upstairs of the castle, that boy's room, without stopping in anyone's eyes. It was from your boy that Kai's whereabouts were interrupted, and I thought it was the least uncomfortable way to show up again from where the thread was cut.

There were no signs of people in the guest room. Well, that kid was out on the fence, too, and I thought that might happen. That was when I wanted to return (...) to my villager-like behavior in the castle hall again.

A boy showed up from the hallway.

"... looks like you've served a brilliant purpose"


I've been following you around with "eyeballs," and Kai's trends should have been well captured. Seeing Kai enter the room, he must have rushed over here.

The lad, who had been asking how this one was doing while paying off her clothes hem, shrugged her shoulder to the feeling of "trouble," admitting that there was a clear hostility on Kai's face.

"... I swear I will never tell anyone about this."


"… if you can, I hope that you will also give the monastery the 'stone' that you now have"

Well, I guess Kai's behavior so far has been flawed. That's all I have left.

But that's not the case for the future either. If I keep being watched like this, I'll rarely be able to go back to the valley. That's all I can't accept.

Because it is equivalent to bending the way I am as a 'protective person'.

"... don't put 'eyeballs' on me"

There is a clear swelling of intent to kill in Kai.

I decide to just repeat what I just did when I had to. I experienced that I could kill 'sheltered' in a way that doesn't bleed (...).

The boy, who seemed to guess Kai's sincerity, eventually sighed and snapped, "Did you see it," without much regret.

"… signs have never been distracted, but I've never seen the 'technique' itself so clearly"

"Look, don't point that move at me again."

"... the goodness of its eyes (...) is still due to the special effects of Kai's 'hieroglyphs (Griffs)'.... Sounds like a really good 'pillar'."


Apparently the boy still knows a lot.

Kai slowly moves to a position where he can capture the boy in the first blow, suppressing his curiosity from nodding. As per the movement, the boy lags behind.

We know that Kai, who beat that apparently good armored warrior, has some kind of hidden ball. I couldn't help but be alert.

"Again, are you not willing to be a nobleman of the united kingdom? That way you can wield the power and use it, or you can live like a lord of this village more than you want."

"... will not"

There are already two subraces in the valley that have given way to the gods of the valley. Even if people tell you to kill those guys instead of mixing them up, Kai won't accept it. I can therefore say that this invitation is no longer out of the question.

Besides, I don't think there's any way that the Valley god could be beneath another god. The divine possession of the valley is high enough to rush through heaven.

"... ok. Tomorrow I will leave."

Hundred-eyed moves are only moves to foresee dozens of yurds at best, plus if I leave this village any longer, I will return to the Grand Monastery in the center, so a wall of a thousand yurds will protect Kai... yes boy said.

Congratulations, and Kai didn't abandon his intent to kill, but the words that went on just screwed up his feelings.

"By tomorrow, the whole village will know about the discharge of the patrol envoy. Remember, Kai, I'm the only one who can defend that you didn't show up in the defense tonight (...)"

Kai bit his teeth.

Indeed, Kai had too clear a motive leading to the crime. That it was shortly after he was informed of the disappearance of the patrol envoy, Kai's mysterious absence and the fact that a girl named Elsa, who was an open ally, had been turned into his patrol envoy.

He was a suspect too easy to understand.

"I will pay for your suspicions. It will be about me who will speak to the people who will accompany me and to the lords of the Moroccan family. It seems good to keep a big 'loan' on Kai here to redeem my life"

Kill him!

God in the valley keeps screaming.

But reality is often not left to me to think a lot.

"Kai and I are going to be dating for a long time"

Kai responded with a tongue-in-cheek to the boy who laughed.