The patrol envoy is not returning.

It was not long after the ash monkeys (macaques) were driven away that the claims of some soldiers who said such things reached the ears of their lords. The stuffed soldiers they were witnessing said that, besides the raid, they suddenly jumped out of the room with an odd noise.

When he searched the castle hall under the command of his lord and found out that its location was not empty, the village made a fuss like flipping a cupboard.

As a result of a search by Truth Agent Nada's "Hundred Eyes" (...), it was confirmed that the body of a patrol envoy who appears to have been taken away by the Ash Monkey (Makak) tribe last night has been abandoned in an unbroken form deep in the forest.

The officers of the patrol made a fierce fuss that it was such an idiotic, impossible thing, but in the end it would be accepted as one premise that could not be shaken by the authoritative words of the monks who would tell them that it was true, on the basis of which truth-seeking work would be piled up.

Several soldiers were witnessing from the guest room where the patrol envoy himself suddenly flew up into the sky (...) on its alternate terrace. It was just a mystery what the patrol envoy himself had the intention of jumping out of a dangerous village that would therefore remain confused in his room clothes, but it was confirmed that there was only a patrol envoy himself dressed as relaxed in the room, since the White Princess had come to pick up the Night Gamma woman shortly before that, and at that time the 'oddity' was supposedly only possible in his own will.

As such, the patrol envoys who underestimated the offensive power of the Ash Monkeys (Makak) were foolishly shrugged to their feet in an attempt to kill the subordinates in consolation, perhaps with drunken momentum.

There were sightings of multiple additions of 'protectors' to the raid, and perhaps unluckily the patrol envoys were taken over either of them, and the Ash Monkeys (Makaku) withdrew because they were satisfied with the 'Great War Outcome'. The presumed muscle writing was such.

"... have you seen a suspicious man in the castle?

Only one unfamiliar testimony was brought from the woman who worked in the castle, but since the clothes she wore did not belong to the Grey Monkey (Makaku) people, but to the dwarf (Korol) tribe, which she saw only in the western part of the soil, it seemed that they were of little importance and were not mentioned in the document.

It was significant that the White Princess herself strongly denied that she was near the hallway at that time "I didn't see anything like that".

As a result, the investigation of the "disappearance of the patrol envoy" took shape and finally began to calm down. Officials came to the late thought that we were all losing the "tiger's coat".

With the patrol ambassador, the head of the line, wielding the king's authority all he wanted, nature and its surroundings became more than usual. Almost all of them behaved like 'Little Patrol Envoys', so they couldn't stand the needle-like gaze directed at them for the first time from the villagers.

The monk's suggestion that we should hurry back to the king's capital was immediately accepted, and the line was to leave the village of Rag early.

Needless to say, there was a full smile on the faces of the villagers who stood at that drop off, which seemed like since when.

"... doesn't it make any difference if they go home?"

"It's a little better if it's not leftover rice soup with diluted leftovers."

A lord who had not recently seen his face because of all the guests' opponents looks like the seat of the lord's family in the dining room. Next to it is the face of Master Orha, and Kai realizes that his daily routine has returned to the village.

The dish at hand is lined with dango cooked and cured with a thin salty soup with strong meat. Perhaps the villagers rapidly pruned the pigeons who fell when they met the frogs. If that's where this dango comes from, the meat pieces of this soup over here... well, let's not think about it too much. I'm sure the meat was rolling some outside the village, like a gift from heaven. Although I don't usually eat them, women who are loud about food don't hesitate to eat them.

"... Kai, this meat is what we got for our lives."

"... oh yeah"

"If you're gonna thank me, I'm gonna have to ask you to throw up later."

"Yeah, right, right, right, right, right."

Fellows line up puberty grievances with Kai, who is taken one dango at a time from both sides of his seat and still says nothing.

"You were sitting back in your boy's room when we were shooting arrows at our enemies' guards on the wall, weren't you? Then I think this Dango should fit in our stomach where he worked."

"... if it was Elsa, take proper responsibility for her."


When the village was raided by the Ash Monkeys (Makak), it was supposed that Kai was temporarily absent because he had been summoned by that boy to preach.

I was told by the boy that my woman was in terrible sight and that it was a treatment to calm down Kai, who had lost her calm, and the women who watched one of the scenes transliterated and recognised it with their faces, which had already been known to the villagers as a definitive fact.

Of course, it was also to spread the relationship between Kai and Elsa, which was a prerequisite, so that from the men the sympathy for the curse and anger of dying was directed from the women an excessive sympathy and somehow a soaring unintelligible preference.

My buddies tease endlessly as I toy with my mouth about the dango I took away. Manso also just looks at it with a slight glimpse.

"... Princess Bai, I'm looking at something."

"Maybe, you want it?

"No way."

Another squad of guys are having a silly conversation at the next table.

Kai, who wants to escape consciousness from the painful conversation he has at hand, somehow looks at the white princess of the leader... so his gaze blinked when he was properly bumped.

(... were you looking at me?)

Princess Bai noticed Kai's gaze, too, and after a bit of panic, she sneered once again as if she had decided to get grumpy.

Being clearly glanced at, Kai moved because, of course, he remembered the sight when he broke into that castle building, and he briefly circuited me to say that he was disguised and even wearing a mask, but he didn't know who he was.

I feel a cold sweat gushing all over my body, and once I put my eyes back on the White Princess, which has strayed away, I'm not looking at this one anymore. He is carrying the dango of the clarity into his mouth.

It was like an instant coincidence, Kai, who wanted to think it was his fault... but hopeful observation on the bad side is something that comes off.

It was when I visited the women's quarters with my stomach full of dissatisfaction with the diminished dinner.

It was a special measure that Kai originally put into this section where a man was banned from entering, and it has ended with a push question at the entrance no matter how much he wishes since then. Kai wants Elsa to eat the frog's 'Divine Stone' he's hiding quickly, but he can't fulfill his morsels because he can't get him inside.

Of course, if I used my powers as a 'shelter holder', or I could never break in at night or take a forceful approach.

"... sorry. Elsa said she didn't want to see you."

My heart is screwed when they say that.

What the women are saying about Elsa's condition is that the wounds are deeper and putrefied than they thought. He also has swollen face and suffers a lot, but Kai refuses to see him like that.

Even though he has gained so much experience as a 'sheltered', Kai is also still only a child to be 13. He was pretty snagged just because he was being rejected for not wanting to see him.

It was Kai who tried to turn back the way he came that day with a quiet face, but I guess it just so happens, he was caught by the White Princess who went through there.

"... hey, do you mind"

I still get stunned just a little.

Getting ready at last, Kai waited to be questioned about the example, but what came out was bitterness like a sister scolding her ill-made brother.

I can't believe you thought you were just a kid, but you even did that already. They told me to put that on how much older they are and how they intend to take responsibility, which is not so easy because they asked for it.

Is that it? And without worrying about Kai, who has her inner neck covered, Princess White asked a lot of people on the woman's side of the dorm, and when she heard what Elsa was saying about refusing to see her, she went into the dorm, "Wait a minute," and after a while urged her to "follow me" inside. He made Elsa accept the visit.

The woman who was just putting herself through is shrugging her shoulders like she can't help it. Princess Bai's caretaker is famous in the village.

Maybe he didn't find out?

Then I wonder why you've been staring at us.

In doing so, I was able to enter the example room, and I saw Elsa with her back facing this way on the bed. "Don't say anything terrible," silent pressure releases from the women present.

"... don't look... please"

A weak Elsa plea.

There aren't many women who can unhinder Princess White's "Introduction". It was the White Princess who kept standing on the arrow on behalf of the women to the young deserted frog bastards, and she was the one who arbitrated them every time something happened. Elsa couldn't refuse what Princess White wanted.

but it doesn't change my heart that I don't want to be seen right now. I could see that bloody back totally rejecting Kai.

The eyes are too disturbed to take any action on Elsa for now. Kai asked me to leave you two alone, but that's just not what they heard. It was because of the fear that Kai would be driven by passion to look forcefully at Elsa's wounds.

(... damn, I might be able to do something about it)

Feeding the frog's 'Divine Stone' or attempting healing magic had the prospect of lightening up some of Elsa's suffering. But the opportunity didn't seem right now.

A white princess watching the two interviews in the corner of the room is asking the woman next door how familiar she is. That's how something depressing floated thickly on that white face, revealing that Elsa's prognosis was not fragrant.

(... Could it be bad)

Indeed, as you can see from a glance, the skin that appears in the bandage gap is earthy. And bleeding that hasn't stopped yet, even though it's been days since the injury.

It was almost fatal to suffer major injuries in such a limbo village without much medical technology.

Kai was shaking herself into anger that just had no place to do without knowing what words to say.

That's how I decided to do it tonight.