A row of patrol envoys that have gone unthinkably long… The villagers, freed from the endless invisible tensions that had arisen in the continuation of that entertainment, are throwing themselves into a long sleep.

All but the unlucky late shift would be asleep quietly on the bunk. In the tranquility, Kai, who awoke secretly, sneaked his footsteps into action.

The senses are terribly sharpened. Whatever shadow it was, I could sense it by the way if there were people there. Therefore, Kai easily infiltrated the women's quarters without touching anyone's eyes.

That is how we proceed inside the women's quarters, quieter than we expected, to reach the room with Elsa, the place of destination. Only the hallway had precious lights, and it was dark in the room. There is no nurse on Elsa who seems to be in serious or imminent danger of life.

I can tell by the absence of people, the smell of raw odors that even stuck in the room. I can see that the starchy smell that makes me want to flaunt its face manages to be deceived by the slightly burnt incense tree. Naturally head down on the woman's finesse of misleading the smell.

Elsa also seemed to be lying quietly in bed, but there are signs of having difficulty sleeping or wandering around.

Kai quickly snuck up and put his mouth close to its ear.

"... Elsa"

"... ugh."

You still weren't asleep, Elsa reacted.

That's how I'm going to scream reflexively, with my hands gently blocking my mouth and pushing it away.

"Be quiet. I'll be right out."

"... Kai?

"... sorry. I really wanted to talk to Elsa."


I could see Elsa pulling strength out of her body.

The darkness, not sure if I could even see my fingertips, with no room lights on at all, probably lessened her 'anxiety'. Until just now the strong rejection lurks the shadows and feels a spiritual proximity as if it will cling a little.

Her hand comes up as she touches Kai's body as she explores, and grabs it softly with her own hands. The intertwined fingertips gave me a lot of strength.

"... I don't think I can do it anymore"

"... I'll do something about it"

"... I don't want to die"

"I'll help."

I wanted to scratch her face, but her deep wound included that face, so I manage to restrain myself.

Elsa's faint whimpering and trembling hands.

"... the froggy bastard, I killed him"

"... ugh."

I found Elsa trembling in Kai's confession.

And there was a strong force on the tangled fingers.

"... I guess so,"


"Not really, don't be impotent"

Elsa accepted without any doubt that only one soldier in the village, Kai, had killed the patrol envoy, which was supposedly a high-ranking 'sheltered'.

Was it female-specific blindness, convinced that my chosen man was a 'hit'? Kai let Elsa hold the 'Divine Stone' she had hidden, "You know what this is?" I heard.

"... I don't know."

She laughed just a little strangely and her hands wandered the 'Divine Stone'. There's really nothing that would change from just touching it to just stone.

Kai slowly told Elsa not to be more surprised than she needed to be.

"Eat this and Elsa will probably heal"


"... This is the 'Divine Stone' of the Frog Bastard"

"... ugh."

"Eat this guy's medulla and maybe Elsa will be strong at once (...)"

That's how Kai talks about the practical experience of soldiers eating enemy 'divine stones' growing stronger and stronger on the battlefield. Explain that the profits of eating 'Divine Stone' are under the robustness of the soldier-led Vasco and are a seed of strength enough for the boy to shoulder the blessings of Master Orha, who was there not long ago. They don't think the women in the village know much about the rationale around them.

Elsa was gripping like she couldn't believe the 'Divine Stone' she was given.

"The" protective hand "will heal quickly if it is about Elsa's wound.... Eat that medulla, maybe it'll heal soon"


"Even that one, he's a real human being. It may be disgusting..."

"... eat"

"... ok"

Elsa's decision was quick.

It was more of an atmosphere where I needed to get lost.

When Kai activated the magic sword at his fingertips, he carefully shredded the top to peel off the fruit.

I guess that's how it was for her on the pillow, she snapped a small piece of the medulla with a small wooden spoon. When I carried it to her mouth, after a slight hesitation, she included it in her mouth.

"... uuuu"

but Elsa throws it out right away.

I just spit it out, or it became a calling water and I even threw it up in my stomach. "I don't like it, it's not good" I said painfully over and over again.

The medulla of "Divine Stone" should be basically delicious, but Kai also honestly learns to be in tune with her leaked disapproval. Just think of it as part of that froggy bastard's body, and you usually learn to repel to that amber one that doesn't stop you from appealing.

It was Kai who seemed discouraged that he still couldn't do it, but Elsa's hand grabbed the clothes and pulled.

"... I don't like it, but... eat"

Humans, I can put up with anything if my life is on the line. She was desperate to resist a life where only slow death awaited her if she gave up here.

It's in my mouth, and I feed it down my throat one by one, even though it won't last many times. Elsa seemed to have noticed a dramatic change that was happening to my body when she said she had just eaten a spoonful of it.

Eventually he presses his chest and begins to get bored. Is it your concern not to disturb the sleep of your companions that you are eating up your teeth and cutting down your voice? He bites off his teeth and bites quietly in bed.

Thus, as Kai watched, her upper body, which was holding up, sank suddenly. Seeing it, it was obvious that he was fainting.


She does not respond to Kai's call.

Kai also exhaled in relief, making sure his chest was slowly up and down to his sleep, which restored its wellbeing, and that the attempt was a success.

Kai also recovered dramatically from a dying situation when he received the protection of God in the valley. I think the 'divine stone' of the frog I gave Elsa would not be out of God himself because it's already been days since I took it out. I think it would be a little more quality, to that extent, 'divine stone' than a subracial Heping soldier that is easily available on the battlefield, so I'm treading that I won't heal my whole body like I'm blocked right after eating it.

Probably will still stop bleeding to the extent.

Kai stroked Elsa's hair to keep her from touching the wound and called her name many times.

"Is anybody here?!?

Suddenly there was a voice of people outside the room, and a shadow came in.

I guess in the dormitory where I slept even when I was careful, my voice was still quite loud.

"... what, Elsa's sleeping words?"

The woman who came in put her hand on Elsa's sleeping breath and, making sure she was in deep sleep, sighed loudly, "Whatever if I finally got to sleep," and put back on the sheets that were all she had.

By then, Kai's appearance was about to leave the room in exchange for a woman. The woman is whispering something to sleeping Elsa without realizing at all that there was a suspicious person.

Tomorrow, maybe Elsa is really feeling better. Kai thought she would like to see a nurse surprised by it.

I really want to be here all the time, even until morning. Everyone wants to be standing with me in amazement... so painful.

Kai grabbed the 'Divine Stone' in his hand so that he could feel high.

... and the next morning.

Kai's wishes seemed to have been fulfilled for half of them indeed.

When the neighborhood was brighter, the women's quarters became noisy about it, and the rumors instantly spread all over the village.

A woman who had fallen asleep after being slashed by a patrol envoy took her life.

On the contrary, the cuts that were all over her body were almost blocked already, and the women who noticed it when replacing the bandages were happy to cry that a miracle had taken place.

It was said that a few more days would be needed to recover dramatically from the serious injuries that had occurred overnight. Indeed, it would have been nothing but a miracle.

Kai, who dealt with the rumor in the cafeteria in the morning, giggled in vain that it was on Morse Street... but he doubted my ear when he heard the other half (...) that the rumor was telling him.

"She's healing and she won't wake up."

Elsa did not wake up in the morning when she said she had recovered from all sorts of major injuries.

She was in a coma.