I thought I had passed out because I suddenly took in a powerful 'Divine Stone'. That's what Kai thought because I have a hands-on experience.

And as a result, Elsa didn't wake up.

"... Elsa was to be transferred to the 'monastery'"

When I was summoned by Adelia, an executive of the Women's Guild, and told that briefly, I didn't immediately understand what they were saying.

To Kai, who remained decent, Adelia scolded him, "Look at me properly" and repeatedly said that the village had made the decision to abandon one girl named Elsa.

Those who are no longer able to move because of injury or illness, or who are unable to contribute to the village because of their work, are discarded when it is determined that their recovery is not expected. There is no fine dust in the poor villages to feed the wasted rice forever.

An unaccompanied soldier or the like, who suffered major injuries due to wastage and eventually could no longer be expected to return without satisfactory healing, is often transferred to an uninhabited monastery in the village and forced to die because he is "extinct" at the end of the "Disconnected" row.

It would also have been an indication of the sloppiness of a wise creature to take the form of finishing raw by means of a heavenly arrangement called 'hunger', not in the hands of man.

The rationale also applied to Elsa, who remained in a coma. That's just what happened.

Of course, Kai categorically disagreed with the conclusion, but then he told me whether you would feed Elsa the rest of your life as soon as you slept, and what would you do if that child's mouth remained closed could not even swallow wheat porridge, which also severely pointed to the difficulty of actually extending his life?

It is a world without shadows or shapes, such as infusions. The fact that you only breathe unconsciously is almost as desperate as being dead anymore.

Even if one thinks of a medical device as a picture that allows the direct administration of nutrients, Kai cannot guess what it is. Then Kai continued to escort Elsa, the sleeper who had been transferred to the monastery without ever leaving because there was no one to stop him.

Kai kept waiting in anticipation of Elsa waking up from her fainting for 'leveling up'.

The time passed ruthlessly after that, and Elsa became thinner and thinner while in a coma.

After three days, the villagers, who had already accepted Elsa's death, had stopped taking to the monastery. Kai didn't eat either, but his progress was insignificant because of the shelter or because he was fasting.

On the night of the third day after Elsa was transferred to the monastery, Elsa and Kai disappeared from the village. Several witnessed the boy leaving the village with her shoulders on his shoulders, but no one actively tried to stop it. I thought Elsa, who was in charge, was no longer alive and that Kai had gone to bury the remains somewhere.

You must have felt pity, the guard at the gate said, "Don't die on you," and Kai said, "I'll come just a little bit".

Of course, it is dangerous on a limbo night. It was only the darkness of the stars that the subraces with better eyes than the people allowed them to benefit in width. but the villagers who knew like his grief did not stop.

That's how the boy who lost his lover disappeared in the darkness of the night.

Kai ran.

I felt like the pluck of the girl in my arms would still be lost, and I ran with all my might anyway.

The full force of "Hold Protection" is horrible, and Kai jumps back so that the scenery jumps faster on his feet. Every time I kicked the ground, I had a hole in it. The speed that breaks through that wind stretches the distance of a step by an endless distance. Almost flying already.

I'll take you to the valley.

Kai told Elsa that he would not wake up again and again.

I also wanted to show my lover that beautiful valley. I thought if the juice squeezed the sweet, fruity mountain apples, even Elsa would get into her throat while she was asleep.

I'm gonna wake you up.

And if you're saying that I did this by feeding the Patrol Angel's 'Divine Stone'... if you don't already know it, because you didn't have enough knowledge to cover it, just ask the one who seems to know it. I thought so, too.

Old Polek, the head of the dwarf (Colol) clan who has lived for hundreds of years.

Maybe you'll get wisdom.

From the village of Bagna, which is bound to pass nearby on the way to the valley, he said, "I'm out again!" "The monster!" And so on came the shout, but now there was no looseness in the mind that was at stake. Go barely to the side of the village and divide it into the woods, and do not hesitate to cross the territory of the Lizard (Lagart) tribe, aiming for the valley in the shortest possible time.

And in Kai's eyes, the valley appeared for the first time in a long time.

Kill him!

God shouted so abruptly in Kai.

Those things have been going on all these days, and Kai had stopped having ears to hear that God in the Valley had gone crazy for words he didn't even know who he was talking to.

Are you surprised by Kai's intrusion behind your back? The lizards (Lagato) are making one alarming voice after another. While the throat-soaking intimidation sounded louder than expected and she was anxious to do something to offend her, Kai nevertheless hurried ahead without stopping.


Kai tries to shake off the enchantment of the valley and rushes into the settlement of the dwarf (Korol) tribe on the valley edge. Even though it was already a completely dark night, the dwarves (Colol) made one face after another from the tented house at Kai's call.

Old Polek rushes over to Kai, who stands up about in the settlement, looking somewhat hasty.

"What is it," he asks Old Polek, "when Kai lowers Elsa, who was on his shoulder, down to the ground, he also blows up all his forelocks and lines up the symptoms that happened when he fed him the 'Divine Stone' and he lost his mind, then woke up completely.

Kill him!

I got upset with my disturbing voice.

Whether that frustration came to his face, Old Polek began to list the possibilities that might exist without asking for details, expressing his fear on his face.

Ugh, that you may be fainting at the intensity of your body's growth.

Ugh, that my heart may have been broken by eating the 'Divine Stone' that becomes' Poison '.

When Kai asks what poison is, it is possible that the 'divine stone' of a creature whose existence is too heterogeneous may be poisonous, if the owner of that 'divine stone' was originally exposed to some 'poison'.

And finally, Old Polek said.

"… you can think of 'addiction' to homogeneous foods"

Kai's eyes opened as he stared at old Polek, and his eyes filled with tears. Cause was found.

To Kai, who shuddered with a whisper, Old Polek spoke of the treatment of the "intertribal inheritance" passed down to his family, as he perceived something.

"… I don't know if it is in the people, but under some circumstances we may not wait for the return of the Spirit to the cemetery and let the Spirit inherit it by violating the contraindications of fellow food. How to remove poison in that case…"

"How do you do it!

"... feed them, then set aside some time to settle the Spirit, then let them spit out the medulla they fed them. Then fry the poisoned herb..."

"... immediately... make me throw up"

Kai yelled like a beast. The dwarves (Colol) wanted to stop the tragic act of self-harm as they began to scrape the skin off their faces with galloping claws.

Kill him!

The god of the valley raised a misguided cry.

Kai can't hold off the fierceness that has sprung on him, and he's about to get on impulsively with God's misguided camouflage.

I want to tear apart the dwarves (Colol) who show me how to stop me. I know it's crazy but I can't stop thinking about it.

Elsa's figure caught my eye as she was left asleep at her feet. Blood splashed from my fingers on her cheeks, and he finally couldn't stay there.


Old Polek screamed.

Kai was throwing himself straight to the bottom of the valley.

I'm not thinking of anything. I just thought that by going to the dark clouds, to the bottom of the valley, where no one was present, I could smash the boiling thoughts in my heart.

Kai slammed through the forest at the bottom of the valley.

Kill him!

The god of the valley was also mad for some reason. So he went out, as a matter of course, to the area of the cemetery in the heart of the valley, and the "villa of the valley", which I had laid back, entered my eyes.

Kai, who wanted to smash everything down, approached you and threw out Aroue, who would be inside, to smash him to pieces without a trace.

That's how I discover it in the cabin I stepped into.

A bloody dwarf (Colol) girl. I noticed Kai's signs and wandered around, spitting blood out of you, Aroue.

What the fuck.

What happened?

Why is this happening?

My head turned bright white. Kai is bleeding well. Trying to get closer to the girl who sinks all around...

I remember a burning fever around my chest and I stopped breathing.

"... you've finally lifted your guard"

A skinny sword thrusting through my chest.

Kai's neck, which was about to fall, was scratched from behind.

"… we can finally fulfill our purpose"

Truth Inspector.

I came to the limbo to investigate something, and a monk who was supposed to have returned.

Kai stared at the figure and tried to scream.

That's how he just spit out a lot of blood.