"... I was anxious to see if it would lead to your divinity... but it seems that the 'clandestine' deposited by the Grand Monk Masayoshi will somehow make sense"

Truth agent Nada shook her breath as convinced that she had grabbed Kai's life in its hands.

And the exhalation turns into a convulsive hissing laugh.

"You'd be surprised how bloody your favorite dwarf (Colol) woman was. Sometimes when emotions are shaken hard, God's protection is diminished. It's a mystery of God's killing passed down to the Laksha congregation."

The blade tip protruding from the chest, although it had a hard glow, was not of common iron or bronze. A milky white cut is stained with Kai's blood, like being grinded from something horny or bone-like.

The blood that began to erupt tells the blade and falls with a chirp.

Is it a weapon of 'shelter-held' killing that is passed down to the monastery?

"Seeing that costume of disguise, the stronghold was treading west with a deal with the dwarf (Colol) tribe...... I was surprised that they were secretly starting to go through with the aliens and even build a country. You can also snort that you didn't ride the invitation to honorable nobility."

The obscure white blade is twisted to spread the wound.

Only scorching fever, which can no longer be perceived as pain, pokes up the brain weather. I found Nada trying to destroy my heart with care.

If you knew the resilience to the anomaly of 'holding protection', that would be a natural course of action.

"… it was right that the high priests of the Monastery gave priority to treatment (...), as they feared"

"... ugh, ah"

"My newcomer's 'protective hold' is hard to resist the curse of the land, but he endured it well and didn't show any gaps. You often hide your uneducated wisdom from the villagers of the countryside. You've been diving into the field to keep you alert and keeping an eye on when you're going to the cemetery, haven't you?... Your lover is dead and you're off."

Something is screwed forcefully from the wound on his spread back. I could tell it was Nada's own hand by the feeling of her fingers in her body. And his hand grabbed something in Kai, and he was pulled out at once.

Humiliation and loss that deprives others of something important to me. Vision doubles so that consciousness is torn apart once in a while, and thins so that immediately after that one peels off. God's voice in the valley rapidly turns away.

Kai's eyes, no longer in focus, look at the white mass in Nada's hand.

"Because this is the quickest way to stop the 'sheltered' breath root"


"This is your Divine Stone (...). It is a precious stone for those who have revealed themselves to the Griffiths, and it is rarely seen."

After trying to show Kai it, Nada turned that crazy light glance towards the void and finally laughed as if to unleash all the depression she'd ever had. It was the exact opposite of what normal intelligent looks like.

"... even if you are raw in a house of origin and encourage drilling with the thought of spitting blood, you cannot inherit the pillars of your family heirloom unless you are chosen to succeed you...... Kai, can you imagine? … the capital is overflowing with sesame seeds even in exchange for my life."

Even with a laugh, his mouth remained delightful, and Nada saw the floating face of Kai's Dead Minister as if he were facing the dead.

"The majority of famous children who were not given 'God' knock on the gates of the monastery by entrusting a glimmer of hope in order to regain the pride of my blood. What happened to me when I had to be picked up by the monks..."

Nada's face, which I was trying to see even with the stones on the side of the road with the arrogance of the winner, moves away slightly.

You must have been convinced that the death was unshakable to the condition of Kai, who was no longer about to lose his mind.

Because of Kai's confinement, there are only three people at the bottom of the valley: Kai and Nada, and the dying Arrue. Now Nada can grace herself as the god of the next generation of valleys just waiting for Kai's death and waiting near the cemetery.

Nada walked over to face the tombstone and began to utter the sacrament. It was the appearance of a faithful high virtue monk who would give in to God.

I'm guessing you're going to wait in your upbringing for Kai to die and for the grace of God in the valley to come upon you.

Kai kept capturing the man trying to take everything from me in his diminishing sight. It's not like I wanted to, and I can't move my neck anymore.

Will that be the Lord of the next generation of valleys...

I guess Kai dies, Aroue dies, and the dwarf (Korol) tribes on the valley edge are killed by this man who doesn't accept subraces. I guess it ends up in the hands of people's rotten boys, not pigs (orgs), after just giving in to a fool who doesn't think enough.

It also reminds me of a deer woman. He's lucky. If we succeed, we will survive escaping the eyes of a rotten boy.

A nod's eye relaxes tension throughout the body. Maybe that's the case if you think it's a reward for killing your precious woman with your own hands. Elsa dies soon. Do you mind if I die here too? Human life on the limb is too cheap. I can't think of anything specific about happiness, even though I'd be willing to appreciate it a little bit more if something good was going to happen where I kept living.

I remember being terribly hungry because of the loss of blood.

Speaking of which, I've been willing to accompany Elsa and haven't spoken of anything in three days.

(After all, "Rice Balls" die without eating...)

Its black chunks floating in the brain glow with grains exposed to the ends like steamed wheat intact. If it was good food, I wanted Elsa to eat it too.


Someone called his name.

Even though he was so exhausted that he couldn't move one finger, at that time Kai was surrounded by a strange floating sensation that he could easily (...) see the voice better.

By then the world has lost its depression and is covered in the deep darkness of the unforeseeable at the bottom. Beyond that pitch-black darkness, where even my fingers are invisible, a fine voice occurs.

While Kai was searching for her in too much darkness, she was called again.


I am certain why the voice belongs to Elsa.

Hearing that voice keep calling anxiously in the distance, Kai hopes to protect him. As such, my consciousness returned to the reality that I was about to lose the flesh to protect her.

I heard a sobbing voice.

I thought I'd go and do it.

We have to live.

Kai's consciousness miraculously activates.

Lie down and double-check that I am no longer in one movement.

I bind the spiritual power that has almost unconsciously come from all over my body, and pour its makeshift into the 'hole' worn into my body. It was "sheltered" to the nearest point, but the "hole" seemed to be half-blocked with grace residue.

It gathers more spiritual power than I thought when I said I was hanging on death. My "Divine Stone" had already been taken away, but I guess there was quite a bit of cusp left over from bathing in abundant spiritual power until just before as a "sheltered person".

Nada still doesn't know how human beings are called Kai. Kai became dramatically stronger with God's protection of the valley, but his vessel, the flesh, was also much more resilient after that by the massive and high-quality medulla he had spoken of.


The heart that blocked the hole in the steep field restarts its beating.

The heat starts spinning all over your body.

Kai learns one truth as an experience on the ground.

(... "Divine Stone" itself can live without it)

Although that round bone, which is not particularly contributing to life support activities, has resulted in a huge sense of loss (...) that will determine the soul itself, I find that it is not absolutely necessary for the flesh to continue to survive. Someone in Kai claims loudly that it is only a magical organ (fantasy) that conforms to the "specifications" of this world.

"Divine Stone" may be a "mental organ" that has subjected the mind of its owner to flesh. If there is any next time, I will keep my neck shut, even after I take the Divine Stone. Yes, Kai thought.

Nada has completely lost interest in Kai already and is focused on praying to the cemetery. It was as if I was desperately trying to prove to the God of the Valley how confident I am.

Kai woke up in the cabin without making a sound and crawled to the side of Aruet, who was still about to catch his breath. Was it because the perpetrators were together, and Aroue had his chest pounded as well.

Put your hands on that wound and pour in the 'healing magic'. The few remaining spiritual powers were just about depleted, and the heart bugged instably, but somehow succeeded in blocking the open lacerations in Aroue's lungs. Luckily, her heart was intact and she was dying of bleeding from her lungs.

(... healed)

I will squeeze the last of my spiritual powers and push out the blood of the airway that is making it difficult for me to breathe.

Aruet's breathing doesn't return any time soon.

(Wake up)

Kai slapped that cheek with silent scolding.

Aruet moved frighteningly.

That's how that thin chest slowly starts to rise and fall up and down to breathe. Kai stood up slowly after making sure that breathing continued.

The same goes for Aroue, but with less spiritual power he did not want a complete cure, until the 'great hole' in the body skin itself was drilled just to repair the fatal wound to the organ. From the chest to the back, there was a strange feeling of the wind slipping out.

Kai understood that the current situation had not been that long because of the terrible appearance of me standing half-dead. I just had it with unusual stubbornness in my body, and I felt that I would die completely after a while.

If you could even fulfill your purpose, I don't care about later.

Kill that boy.

Kill him!

I thought I heard a god in the valley.