The spiritual power that remained in the body was most of it exhausted with the treatment of itself and Aruet. If I try to use it any more, I'll lose my mind. Naturally, I can't use it anymore.

The weapon is only the knife for the cutting that I was carrying.

I've lost a lot of blood and I don't have half the weakness, but the will is properly conveyed to all my limbs to see if the 'sheltered' people Kai has eaten so far have been fed and managed to move.

How can you manage to walk without fluttering... how can you kill him in this state?

Kai deposits his trembling body on the wall of the cabin and focuses his thoughts on keeping him out of sight.

(... kill it)

interrupted, but still the voice of God that conveys,

I know, God.

I seem to be able to move somehow, but still I can't get confused because something feels different than usual. Is it because we are losing 'Divine Stone'?

There is growing anxiety that maybe I am making a big mistake right now. Perhaps it's a bad idea to be absolutely at ease with 'Divine Stone' as not an essential organ for sustaining life.

Even if a person suddenly loses his or her liver or soot, for example, there will be a time lag by the time he or she begins to interfere with life activities. Sometimes it is an important organ that is not immediately fatal to lose.

I can't turn my head well. I can't do anything to look at many things at the top as if it had taken Kasumi. The somatosensory memory of how we were dealing with 'magic' also seems to gradually obscure.

(... kill him quickly)

Don't rush, God.

I hold it properly, but I attach an empty hand to your anxiety that seems to remove the knife. Such a fool to have to hold such a light weapon with both hands.

I can't use magic, of course, because my spiritual powers are dying out. The magic that is Kai's back hand is sealed, and that alone is already decreasing the odds to hopelessness.

Even then, when I first tried "magic," my body had built-in "divine stones" of low quality as a flat soldier, although I was not yet "sheltered". Even if I wait like this, I feel little recovery of spiritual power. I guess there is still no mistake in recognizing that spiritual power is what is supplied by 'Divine Stone'.

I closed my eyes for a while and kept thinking.

How can we win?

What does it take now to inflict a fatal wound on that boy who is prolonged in martial arts, who has also won over Master Orha? How inconsistent is the idea, simplifying the problem more and more. Drastic rational thoughts that are not like him in nature throw the extra thoughts away like cutting off tree branches.

Ultimately, then, if Kai is capable of surpassing that boy with violence, we come to the conclusion that there is only one way to go. So what does it take to hand in a slight possibility of victory, like that spider's yarn?

An unusually advanced intellectual work that cannot otherwise be prepared for a peripheral-born, reluctant boy is stacked in its brain marrow. Something that had interfered more strongly with the crisis of the survival of the absolute death was about to intensely degenerate the boy.

So something caught on in my head.

I couldn't afford to be lost.

When Kai took one big breath, he began to act to fulfill his purpose.

Kai sneaks out of the cabin in time.

Stepping on the grass on the ground causes slight footsteps and the movement stiffens only for a moment.

but it moves out again.

(Was he there?)

You don't notice Kai's proximity, Truth Agent Nada is immersed in chanting the Holy Word as she cuts her mark with her fingers while sitting down.

If the grace of God in the valley had still remained, he might have seen a flaming spirit light rise from the way he offered that prayer. Kai had lost his eyes to see those wonders.

Nada seemed immersed in offering prayers to God's graveyard in the valley, but he still seemed to notice Kai approaching without making any noise, and when he approached a certain point, the prayer abruptly stopped.

A monk shaped with his headscarf down looks at Kai. When you cut the mark with your chest so that you apologize to God that your service will be interrupted, you unseat your seat and rise. Although I can't see it hidden in my headscarf, I can already see that my eyes capture Kai straight.

"Why are you alive?"

Kai doesn't give back the question he can throw.

Kai only stares back at Nada.

It was like a woman unfamiliar with a weapon, dressed with a knife with both hands protruding forward, just slowly packing up the intermission.

Nada looked at the vivid meat hole that remained on Kai's chest, trying to solve every thrown question herself, and finally raised her headscarf and showed her face before, as if it wasn't fatal.

It was somehow. Nada's obvious bluff went crazy, and I laughed.

Nada's eyebrows jumped frighteningly.

"... the wound is a fatal wound... I can't think of a 'protective hold' equal to a loose shell that has been removed from the sacred stone and lost its protection, but heals that wound, etc."

That's it, Nada opened her eyes like she noticed something.

Kai laughed at the obvious upset he had shown at that time again, strange and irresistible.

Wonders and hand tremors have subsided. I realize it's probably because of my diminished fear of Nada for laughing.

And I ran into it all at once.

I know that if we lose here, this time we can stop breathing completely. It was all I could do from the start.

Perhaps we can play a meeting without protection with the soldier-led Vasco now. I tried to lose protection and found out, but Kai's physical abilities of vegetables... the force the flesh was inherently prepared for seemed to have grown considerably.

It would have stopped and looked like Kai's move for this Truth Explorer, who revealed the "Two-Year-Old Divine Print (Doi)" without "Divine Stone" and showed Master Orha with martial arts. A knife fell on Kai's wrist to take the knife, Kai's only weapon rolled out.

It was calculated from the outset that I exposed my wrist where it seemed easy to hit. One leg of Kai, who swung out while pretending to avoid it, assaults Nada's foot. Nada, who cut it off on the brink, flies gently and flies away, trying to kick Kai's leg out of the air, which was stretching almost like a reflection.

Since exchanges around here are common if you learn martial arts, Kai also weaves from beginning to avoidance, and succeeds in sending a haircut back.

Then move on to the Circle Walking Act. Soil martial arts Zula Liu was the most reliable technique for people in the village of Rag.


Nada calls in her first name.

It scares me to be called by the name of someone I've killed once.

He also runs a knife into the slightest movement of the enemy, concentrating on traction.

"Why is it healing?"

Nada's eyes won't leave Kai's chest wound for a while.

I almost see it as staring.

If it were to be a meeting from the front in this way, Nada, with power equal to 'having protection', would have been able to attack and crush Ping's soldiers and others at once, albeit equal to the head in the village. Nada reserved that decision because she was obviously wary of Kai (...).

Kai couldn't help but laugh out loud, even though he was running out of breath. Coughed up without continuing to breathe.

"… answer"

"... you can see it."

"... there's no way that that major injury can heal in this short time without the grace of a guardian. I must have taken your stone."

"... while I'm doing this, it's healing a little bit."

Try a nasty laugh, as if the wound was still blocking, with the superior healing power of 'having protection'. That's how Kai kicked the gravel on the ground.

Even though it wasn't much of a trick, Nada took the time to reveal more vigilance than necessary. The way he was scared, he seemed to be dealing with him even as if he was a good 'protector'.

"... the wound still seems to heal badly (...), so let's stab him again soon"

The boy also took out of his nostalgia the one that said the example 'clandestine' or something.

It was a white weapon like it was really scraped out of some bone, and when I looked closely, I could see that it wasn't even a blade, and its fillet-like part had a hollow shape like a diagonal cut of a white pipe (...).

Only for the thickness of that pipe, I guess it's a weapon that creeps the meat out. The handles look like they belong to a monastery and are shaped like the ones that slap the prayer house's rice balls.

Kai aimed for the 'tight fixture'. Because the weapon of 'sheltered' killing was an obvious threat. I should have (...) because I almost got killed by it once.

Nada pulled Kai's attack into her nostrils in an exquisite motion, and while Kai's eyes were trapped in the 'tight fixture', her other hand stretched from the blind spot to Kai's chest hole.

Hard, forged Nada's fingertips broke into Kai's body again. When he grabbed 'it' as he pulled through several of the blood vessels that were barely connected to him that way, Kai's knife couldn't capture Nada's left arm with the 'tight' and ended up just cutting off the light-ink bag sleeve.

Nada's hand pulled out of Kai's chest was something that couldn't have been there... the second 'Divine Stone' (...).

"This, is...!

Slightly visible from Kai's chest wound, it must have inspired the intense desire of Truth Inspector Tarnada to not stop.

Indeed, it was undoubtedly a real 'divine stone'.

However, part of the surface was scraped off… it was already used (...) 'Divine Stone'.

While she was being taken lightly, Kai rolled down the ground to jump in, carrying a zero drop from Nada's sleeve bag.

Wherever it was hidden, Kai knew it was the only way to take it.

Kill him!

Oh, I know, God.

Grasp it, and twist it in the holes of my flesh.

The situation has turned.