Kill him!

God's voice sounded clearly on his head, as the wavelength suddenly fitted.

The heat clearly returns to my body, which was feeling like I was halfway out. The serious pain that should have been of the imminent death of a massive sweep through the flesh of his chest has poked up his brain there.


Ouch, ouch, ouch!

If it was now a place where lives were not in danger, it would have fallen seven times without patience.


Kai holds his breath to overcome the great wave of pain without turning a blind eye from Nada.

And just a few moments later, my heart bounced. A moment later, blood erupted from the wound and stopped, hurrying to hold it by hand.



Hit the 'healing magic' with a vague image in the presence of the dramatically restored spiritual power of the supply. I wasn't loose or anything at all thinking about the details. A magical force that spreads like ripples across the affected area returns a sudden physical repair phenomenon with a itchy (itchy) sensation. The path of blood that had been lost tells me in a physical sense how the muscle fibers that had been cut a thousand times, the meridians of the nerves (about), want to heal (...).

Complemented by a detailed image, Kai combines sooner than later streamlined 'healing magic' to send it back into the affected area.

A truth investigator shouted, taking the form of being shown the unusual rate of repair of that wound.


Well, that would have been an impossible speed.

The resilience of that armored warrior was also out of digits, but it was nevertheless slow to heal to the extent that it could be applied to the wound it gave once, and there was nothing other than cuts and fractures, such as if a single arm were lost, which would have caused its complete repair.

Kai's chest wound had also lost a lot of meat. It was circled out with that unusually shaped 'protective hold' kill.

Nada, whose meat void was shown blocked while she saw, was, sigh, popping out with the strong exhalation characteristic of the martial artist. Not towards Kai. Turn outside the valley.

By the martial arts of the monastic club he wore, Nada showed strength enough to beat the Orha of the Three Years of Divine Print (Tress), despite being a "Two Years of Divine Print (Doi)".

struck an escape without hesitation against Kai, who is on the verge of demonstrating his original strength. He found that irrationality, which could not be overridden by some martial arts practice, would destroy him.

It is said that it is difficult to capture a 'sheltered person' who has seriously hit the run, even if it is the same 'sheltered person'. It is tea rice (Sahan), such as discussing the 'holding of protection' of enemies leaving the battlefield.

Kill him!

The god of the valley is sudden.

While Kai also rests on repairing her chest wound, her eyes continue to follow Nada's back as she tries to run away.

What a man I thought was not lost in judgment. Is the speed of running through that earth a gift of training as a training monk, not drilling holes in the ground (...) accelerating more and more with strange legs. Is there also a secret of monastic martial arts in walking methods?

The holes in my chest were blocked and my heart beat calmed down.

Kai looked at Nada's back with his eyes on the world of spiritual light, not to miss the example 'eyeballs'. "Eyeballs" were left near the head, not to miss Kai's trend even while he was backwards.

Once he ran out of disregard for that 'eyeball' at a height that was unlikely to be within reach, at that moment when he entered the blind spot of the 'eyeball', Kai danced through the universe with a fearful bouncing force.


With that in mind, Kai creates a magical clump at the tip of his finger.

If you know the logic of nature, you can produce an 'example sword' that can cut anything whether it's wood or iron. Then what was the reason for destroying the invisible product of magic?

You cannot cut something that is not a substance. Hence I think cutting it with that 'sword' would make it bare. Kai knew there was something like this' eyeball 'that didn't have a shape in reality but had a solid function and benefited the user.


Creatures (applications) built exclusively with concepts (programs) in the brains of machines.

When Kai eagled "eyeballs" with his spiritual hands, he let the high-pressure spiritual power burst into its midst with the image of a lightning strike.

"... Grr!

Nada, who was now about to mount on a cliff in the valley, found herself in agony. I guess that 'eyeball' was connected to his naked eye in some way.

Kai took a step as he stared at the figure. With the determination not to let him escape, he runs out to disobey the fool who invaded the valley.

Knowing Kai's proximity, Nada climbed out of the cliff desperately while holding her eyes. It was Nada who seemed to make the escape quite quickly... but it was old Polek, already armed, who suddenly appeared all the way up there.

"I heard the Lord."

Pay one skinny sword and stick it to Nada's nose tip, which was about to go out into the valley.

Nada, who in an overwhelmingly unfavourable position took the form of looking up at the head of the dwarf (Colol) clan, nevertheless decided it was better than the imminent threat of Kai, and tried to forcefully repel the threat.

but the elders of the dwarf (Colol) tribe, who have lived for more than a hundred years, were the men who had made yet another tough decision as' protectors' to protect the race, and there was no doubt that they should.

Without moving a single eyebrow, he stabbed Nada's finger through the edge of the valley with a sword.

Kick even more Nada, stunned and floating, without a piece of mercy.

And Nada fell again to the bottom of the valley, and when she woke up, there was a royal Kai in front of her.

"… Would you like to proceed now?"

"... oh, no more hassle"

"... Do you need a scalpel?

"... I'll be fine by myself.... more sorry than that. I hurt Aroue badly."

"... did it"

"I hear this guy attacked me when I was away.... I managed to keep my life. This guy's gonna get paid."

"... then I'll leave it to you"

My eyes and eyes met and I caught an old man glimpse of his anger only for a moment at his granddaughter's major injury. I'm really sorry.

Old Polek seems to be playing a proper role as guardian of the valley.

A glance at Nada, who also removed her headscarf and exposed her bald head to no emotion, met in depth and Old Polek pulled into the valley to be invisible.

Now, how do I kill this man?

"... that dwarf tribe seems to be benevolent to you."

Nada has stared straight at Kai, sheltering her stabbed hand.

Though 'protective', its resilience still seems to vary according to its divinity. My left eye is also so congested that it seems to bleed.

"... If you want to kill me, kill me as you please. We no longer beg for our lives because we have taken them."

You don't have to tell me. There's no reason not to.

Just think about what happens if you are resisted with that "protective" kill.

"… by the time I revealed the Second Age Divine Print (Doi) without any protection, I had now stepped over the body of another loser. Now it's my turn to feed the others."


"Kai, I'm so sorry. … If you had been honest with my invitation, this would not have happened…"

He was Kai, who stood up when he saw him take that "protective" kill out of his nostalgia, but Nada put it gently at his feet and showed him that he would not resist.

Paying off the hem of the monk's coat, Nada loosely settles her hips to the ground like a monk when she begins to preach, correct her residence and look at Kai.

"... most of the people of the peripheral earth will not know... but now the kingdom is rocking its stalls greatly. The country itself is so upset that even its prints are about to collapse if we don't replace the weakened line gods right now. The Monks concluded that a new God who appeared on the marginal soil should be brought into the company of the Kingdom as soon as possible. I strongly fear that if we break down the identity sequence within the kingdom and pull it in, the kingdom will no longer hold for long. … the great power of God that dwells in you, in this land, is needed for the peace of millions of people. The south of the country is being attacked by yet another alien people, so disturbed that it can no longer be taken back."

It was in his eyes that he no longer accepted my death.

"... because you refused to invite me, I had no choice but to take protection from you any longer. I knew it was a god to be feared and revered just at a glance. Still, I had to bring the god of this valley back to the center at all costs. … By doing so, I was not concerned about whether I could truly accommodate the God of this valley until earlier, and whether I could truly accommodate the Great God, who even revealed the Signs of the Shapes (Griffs). It was completely foolish to say that prayer didn't mean you could shake off your strays.... If that's how you fail, you try to escape without shame or hearsay... It's a hard fool to say what happens because you let yourself escape. I was scared to death."

As Nada poked her knee on the spot, she was slapped in the neck to offer her neck.

He was like a sinner waiting to be executed, and he said it all the more.

"… please think again. Kai, you are undoubtedly a people and should have been given life as a people of the village of Rag, ruled by the Moroccan family. … please, please, lay low and let us join forces in the kingdom of men"

That risked my life, I guess it was the last negotiation.

Kill him!

God screamed.

I guess there's absolutely no room at all for circumstantial diligence in the valley.

It was Kai who honestly thought that the monk, who identified himself as the last of his life, would throw himself out and beg for the sake of his people for the sake of his country... but at the same time his heart did not move at all to apologize.

"Is that all you have to say?"

Kai's response is not emotional.

I understood repeatedly in one of those frog bastards that the center of the united kingdom that unites people is rotting away.

The ruling hoop was loosened because the royal noblemen in the center forgot to drill with luxury and obscurity. Kai understood that it would mean letting ignorant countrymen carry their labor in, letting them support it with a strong 'pillar' called Him that was newly manifested.

I thought the center of the country was like a rotten shithole.

"I refuse."

Answer me like that without biting.

Kai killed a man who couldn't leave him alive, lying flat.