The village of Rag since the departure of a line of patrol envoys who had lost the Lord was rapidly recovering its routine.

The enormous amount of food spent entertaining just a few guests was recovering and the shortage was being eliminated to an imminent extent thanks to the ensuing tearful moderation and the harvest season of rice and legumes.

The men sweat into seasonal farming tasks such as crop pruning and preparing hay, and the women sperm into important tasks for the winter, such as cleaning up and repairing things around them that were lagging behind, and preparing preserved foods such as dried meat and river fish smoking. Immersion in the work for the harsh winter of the limelight also makes it look like the dark air that was left between the villagers has already been completely paid for.


"It's snowing!

I noticed it was a child or something and pointed to it uncommonly.

Adults stop working hands and look up into the sky exhaling in white.

In the skies of the peripheral soil, white things were dangling.

A harsh winter was a sign that it was almost there.

"... his sister is here again."

"Hey, call him Kai"

Barracks where most of the men who live in the castle live.

At dinner, when the entrance and exit became intense, the girl began to leave.

Kai, coming out of the barracks, sighed small when he saw the girl standing still in front of the entrance.

Lilisa, a twelve-year-old girl one younger than Kai, was Elsa's sister.

As she rushed over to see Kai, she grabbed his clothes and tried to shake them.

"Where are you sleeping?"


"Tell Lili where it is too!

Lilisa kept hitting Kai with the obvious demands as a surviving family that she wanted to pray where her sister's remains really were.

After the annoying guests left the village, several new graves were created in the joint cemetery outside the walls. The central aristocrat who was the main customer... has now entered the register himself... but it belonged to the unlucky women, who were killed by the abuse of their patrol envoy.

One of the graves made then was inscribed with the name 'Elsa'.

"Hey, it's me!

Her grave was indeed built there, but only the remains of a single room were housed. The carcass itself, somewhere else, was buried at will by Kai.

"... I won't tell you"

"So why!

The vicious girl eats down on Kai.

Beat Kai, who could possibly have been his own brother-in-law, pokapoka angrily. I had to confuse that but shut up and Kai accepted because the girl was flooding me with a lot of tears during that time.

Kai said he took his sleeping lover out of the village to show her the beautiful 'scenery' he had promised to show her before he died, and those who headed the Adelia of the Woman's Guild, who had been questioning him, were convinced and speared after hearing the circumstances. It's a very beautiful place, so much so that the women even showed enviable orientation when they were told straight that they buried it there. The village's joint cemetery was really just a place of nothing, where digging back made it easy for the bones of the old man to come out, so being buried in such a special place was something to be quite flattered about.

If so, I want you to at least tell me where it is.

I hope so strongly because I am a close flesh parent left behind, Lilisa.

Kai was just able to take that nasty thought. Kai can't tell you where Elsa is right now, even if her mouth is torn.

Kai's stubborn attitude is also thought to be a manifestation of his desire for exclusivity towards his lost lover. There were a lot of opinions about that, but it seemed to be generally favoured by the women.

Except for the girl in front of you. At the end of the day, Kai could only take the girl in silence and apologize.

As the villagers regained calm over time, the Lords of the village of Rag, the Moroccans, were haunted by the handling of problems that the Lords would never understand.

A senior official from the centre who was visiting the village died.

And his associates rushed up to the king's capital. It was very dangerous for the aristocracy that ran the territory, albeit small, to leave such things alone just looking at them.

When the line departed, our lord Vegin sent out a speedy charity and offered to visit Balter, the allies of the small lords of the soil.

And when the reply came, Vezin and his son-in-law Orha went to Baltavia, and the rooting began to ease the punishment for the Moloch family, which would come from the centre.

Baltar Buddhist understands the stability of the soil that the little lords are bound to and painstakingly preserved. In the light of that "understanding," he asks the Moroccan family to work with the central nobility affiliated with the Hiroshi family to bring it to the attention of the king.

The Moloch family never carried the burden of contributing the harvest or anything like that when the patrol finished unwell, but instead it was necessary to sprinkle the gold and silver of the house, which had accumulated so as to bring fire to the nails. Vezin, the lord, never put it on his face, but Orha, the son, clearly represented frustration, so he hung on his father many times that he should have given it away sparingly from the start.

Naturally for the balter-bearing Tubu, who breaks bones, his money as a nose medicine against his central nobility was also made available in such a terrible way. It was just to ensure that the King's unhappiness did not cause serious malaise on Moloch territory.

Vezin even broke his heart trying not to starve the inhabitants of a village who knew nothing. He even disposed of half of the carriage pulling horses he had brought to Baltavia to cover the missing expenses. It seems to Orha that it could not set him on his stomach, and then even after returning to the territory, he started to compete well with his father.

"With the gold coins I paid, even the finest wheat in the south could be bought all over the back. So did I not say!

"... I should have finished that argument. Who expects something like that? The patrol envoy lost his life in my house."

"Father is too sweet for the inhabitants in the first place. The same goes for that matter, if you want, you could have given it to one or both of us about 'the birth daughter'. It's not worth much to the purity of a dirty country girl..."


Jose stumbled upon the contention of his parents and children. Jose, so much more asked of the village ladies than Carolina, the mother of Orha, the head of the Women's Guild, had clearly changed her complexion to her brother's less remarkable remarks.

Next to the three "sheltered" Moroccans, the lady and the other children are anxiously shouldering each other. The women who take care of them are also hardened by the wall.

"... keep the woman quiet there. This is between me and your father, my successor."

"No, no, I won't shut up. Please withdraw your words immediately, brother!

"If we don't be quieter, we'll have no reason to talk. Such good luck, it's not quite what it is."

"Jose never wanted to be on edge or anything else! I don't know if he's my sixth child."

"... disrespectful, Jose"

"Orha, Jose! Enough, don't!

Vezin drank into the atmosphere where the parent-child fight was likely to replace the sibling fight.

They said pizza, and just as soon as the siblings swallowed the words. But those eyes were still feverish, and soon neither of them was likely to get a spear.

"... Jose, you will soon be taken to the Winter Solstice Feast. Get ready."

"... Father, Jose is"

"If you're going to get your uncle asylum, this is good luck, Jose."


The Moroccan family's protective activities were calling for an unexpected fringe.

When there was a beautiful princess with silver hair in the snow on the side soil, the Moroccan people were to travel to Baltavia to find out for the first time that strange rumors were spreading.

When Jose, one of the Princesses of the Moroccan family, was the identity of the beautiful princess said to be the White Princess, he was turning his attention to the Moroccan family, who had neither socialized nor anticipated the state capital (Baltavia).

Balter Tubu decided to thank his sixth son's opponent, who was looking to get along with him, for the rumored beauty of the princess. And the Moloch family, who were looking for a broken bone from their uncle, couldn't even close the offer.

Seeing his sister chewing her lips and leaning down, Orha distracted her chest as if she had seen it. My protest to my father also includes the irrational treatment of my pretty sister, his face says.

It all came from the clues of the Moloch family, who failed to keep their precious guests safe. Out of sight of the villagers, the Moroccans were also suffering.

"The Winter Solstice feast is half a month away. Good, Jose."

To the village of Rag, winter was approaching.