Kai was also reflecting that he had done something he was sorry for his sister Lilitha.

Ever since Elsa was in a coma and her body was transferred to a room in the monastery, the visitors to her whom Kai had seen were all his companions in the castle and did not see the flesh parents until the end. As a result, Kai quickly agreed that she was the same celestial solitude as herself.

I didn't know Elsa's "accident" had not been told at the behest of her lord because she had a weak mother who tended to lie on the floor and a pre-adult sister who was burning her care… to such a family.

Unable to do so properly, Kai got out of his bunk in the middle of the night and out of the castle hall as an example.

but his behavior had changed slightly that day and he headed to Elsa's home where he heard from a woman he knew.

Not all the inhabitants of the village of Rag live in the castle hall. Some long house-like boring dwellings are built outside the castle, where married men and women live. Married people such as Vasco and Setta were dressed to come to the castle from here rather than from the barracks, and it was also around this longhouse that there were a large number of young children and others before military service.

Elsa's "home" was also among its longhouse settlements.

It is rare that individuals are awake until nightfall in this luxuriously unacceptable village of lighting and the like, as the night is already completely late.

Walk through that longhouse settlement with a unique smell of life and find a taught home. It was taught that this was the case where fruitless mountain apple trees were planted.

I guess I planted seeds out of the fruit I'd picked from the mountains. It is a common story that fruit does not bear fruit without the knowledge of fruit tree cultivation, the one that "may come to fruition one day" the amateur leaves alone.

Poorly erected longhouses have many gaps, and if you want to peek, you can see as much from the gap in the wood door.

In a dark room, just like the rest of the house, there is a coughing sound.

Is the shadow of a man suffering from a cough that doesn't stop in the back bunk a mother? "Are you okay?" happens the familiar girl's voice. Even though it was late at night, the girl didn't seem to be asleep yet.

"I'm already out of roasting pills. I'm sorry, Mom."

I see Lilitha's back.

My sister and the same hairy girl seemed to bake the care of her mother for what she deserved. I could see that shoulder trembling with a cramped cry.

"... If you had a hey, the castle pharmacist would have given you one. I was fine a while back."

A lean, thin white arm stretched out of her bunk so that she could hold Lilitha's back.

Her mother on the hospital bed held her shoulder, and Lilisa cried unconsciously. To comfort it, the mother's voice continues.

Kai couldn't help but turn a blind eye to that voice crushing that she was really dead. The rest of Elsa's family found out she was still in no position to accept her death at all.

Kai turned his heel back to shake off his thoughts. That's how we fly out of the village and head for the valley.

(... the cough medicine was just the root of that pimple)

I thought I'd take that home and give it to you.

If it's not nutritious enough, I'll take some apples with me.

Kai ran through the field of limbo soil, thinking about a lot of things.

In the valley, a strange buzz was emerging.

Though the valley was considered a forbidden land that would not tread in without Kai's permission, outside its rigging, the edges allowed it to dwell in a subdued species.

More than a hundred dwarf (Colol) tribes who became the first inhabitants paved the way for the first settlement around the eastern side of the valley edge. The village is called in the name of the same village of Hachal that has been abandoned.

And on the south side of the valley edge, new inhabitants were migrating.

It is a settlement of the Deer (Ouzel) tribe that was to be picked up in the investigative line of the Truth Explorer. Nilun, a young but long-lasting girl who inherited shelter, ran around and led the hidden deer men (Ouzels) into this valley.

That number continues to grow because of her ongoing efforts, but it is now a small settlement of about thirty people. The name of the village is Neunaj Village. It seems to mean the new village of Najkaj.

Though their dwellings were a lot like tents at first, as life stabilizes, they are beginning to have more traditional fixed-type dwellings in each.

When the dwarf processed the cut out Barren cedar tree to a reasonable height, it slid its contents clean into a cylindrical body, with a pointed roof overlaid with bark. The same is true of the cleverness of the fingertips, but the small body of the species would have settled the shape of such a house. Some of them are multi-layered, just because Ballen cedar is a big tree. The house where old Polek lived was three floors long.

Of course, careful prior to cutting too much Valen cedar. A proper greeting to the lizards (laggarts) is also done through Kai's mediation.

The deer dwellings then build up the sun-dried bricks in such a way that they can be painted with more mud outside. Very similar to the shape of the cemetery I saw in that burned village. After the mud had dried, the peeled bark, like that used by the dwarves on the roof, was finally affixed to its exterior. It seems to be traditional rain protection.

That's how between those two villages, there was only one way to go, as if to show the interaction between the two. He said that a cooperative relationship was being forged between those who gave in to God in the same valley.

Around the middle of it, there is also something like a square, with everyday greetings between the two races and bartering of each other's belongings… a small market (market). Mostly dwarf specialty crafts and deer hair textiles seem to be exchanged.

Both races have succumbed to the God of the valley, so being inhabited near the valley in this way does not create that much repentance. As for Kai, I am going to have both races guarantee the safety of the valley, so I think that I could have a little more.

Just looking at the armored warriors of that dreaded pig (org) tribe doesn't fail to be vigilant against the pig tribes that are proud of their power across the forest. Five great warriors are still alive, so it was only natural to keep the nerves shut.

It is decided that Kai, the Lord of the valley, will visit it at midnight. Though the villages of both races are quiet, those on the night shift usually notice Kai's visit first. The arrival location is also generally fixed, so they can't possibly miss it if they do.

Around which Kai often enters and exits, there are dwarves who are too distracted to pave the stone, and if they have to, they are even erected as gateposts where the lights can also be lit as constant night lights. It is splendidly 'doorway'.

It is also there to meet them who bow deeply, and Kai leaps straight into the valley.

Immediately he did not head to the cabin, but went round the valley woods in colour, and after finding them, he finally came to the waiting cabin in Arrue.

The night shift conveys the codes...... with only a slight whistle sound, Aroue will know the Lord's visit and will always stand outside to welcome him. Even that night, Aruet happily loosened his expression after seeing Kai and bowing deeply.

Kai didn't show up for a while after the codes arrived, so a fire was started in the meantime and a pan was sprayed. Preparing handicrafts at the same time as the Lord's arrival was the decision of Aruet.

"God, are you stopping by tonight?

"... oh, I've been looking for a little something in the woods"

Kai had been pulling out some of the mountain apples he had and the twisted roots of an apple named Lakan, which would be extremely troublesome if only picked.

"Do you fry the roots of Rackhan (...)? I'll do it."

"Mm, please."

"... I have some dedication. Would you like to eat first?

Kai laughs bitterly at the subtle difference in names between people and dwarves.

Since Kai, who is aware that I am unschooled, does not ask for that correction, Arueh usually does things in the midget fashion.

Aruet handily took on the laborious work that Kai had brought in, and at the same time began to entertain him. Except for the fact that I can only see it as a child, I think he's a really well done kid.

From both races, who lived on the valley edge, there are regular devotions to the valley gods. They usually devote their food knowing that Kai, the manifestation of the god (depression), is an eating man.

What Aruet brought that day with his warm tea was a rare cake that shredded the nuts of the forest to make the powder and drained it out of the ash. It was a laborious food to make, and it wasn't something that would normally go into Kai's mouth that was just a villager.

Kai sat down on the stairs into the cabin and said, "Is he there?"

Kai sighed grandly when he saw Aroue throwing a chopped vanilla in the pan making it hard to answer, "In the cabin..." That's how I put what I had in my hand at my feet and scratch the double curtain that was blocking the entrance to the cabin. The thick wool textiles offered by the Deer Clan are treasured because they often prevent the coolness of the outside air.

The inside of the cabin is soaked in the warmth of human skin.

And there was a deer girl who was once lying on the bed that Kai used as my bunk and whose sleeping minister was throwing her hands and feet out of bad sleep. It is Nirn.

"... he has no choice."

Nilun brings the tribes to the valley, and thus they come to stay in the cabin. Initially, it was difficult for Aruet to react violently to rejection, but she told Kai that she was a concubine who had given herself, and that the people must serve the Lord well in order to be accepted here, so she was immediately relieved and treated as a 'colleague'.

but this nirn. I couldn't do any chores.

I was too disturbed to do anything, and within a while, Aroue notified me that I was out of battle. And all the time, she just had to go to bed eating in the shed.

"... get up"

The treatment of Kai is also to be confused. Ruthlessly remove the top hanging and still not wake up and kick Nirn with his toes on his feet to make him dizzy.

That's how I finally woke up. I said to her, "Did you do your job properly?"

Nilun, who jumped up when he saw Kai, looked slightly white-eyed with some awkwardness, and scratched his head badly.

"I'm doing it right."

In a highly untrustworthy way, ahead of Nilun's gaze, another bunk had been made. In that laid straw bed lay Elsa, who was dead (...).

Seeing its faintly raised and lowered chest, Kai loosened his eyes slightly.

"You feed your wife properly."

Kai, who didn't like the word bait, grabbed Nilun's head and turned it around. Whether that voice is reaching Kai, the Lord, even if the girl insists that you be gentler.

Sitting under Elsa's pillow, Kai stroked his face.