Temporarily desperate, Elsa's extension of life in addiction to 'Divine Stone'.

Kai sought a solution to the poisoning that had been passed down to the dwarf (Colol) tribe, where he was to meet the existence of medical technology established as a way of providing allowances.

At the time of "retirement" of "sheltered" even the people made attendance of other "sheltered" and others a prerequisite. It is the same for dwarves, who, in order to deliver the drug solution firmly to the stomach, boil and disinfect the hollow thorium of Lacan before inserting it to the stomach.

The boiling was originally also to soften the stiff wax, but because of this it required the divine force of "sheltering" to pass through the narrow esophagus.

This technique is broadly based on the "healing magic" that Kai specializes in, but the "guardian" puts his hand on the patient's neck and remembers it.

(... accept)

With that in mind, let spiritual power pass through the patient's body. It was such a magical act. That makes the patient nearly painless, and the muscle tension releases and accepts the tube, Polek said.

In reality, even Kai could reproduce it.

Thereafter, along with a small amount of poisoning on a regular basis, she continues to give her sweet little soup melted with dwarf secret honey to her just as she slept. He said that putting too much in would also be poisonous, so once a day, Nilun was supposed to take care of Kai in his absence.

Though I've lost a lot of weight, I don't see much bitterness in Elsa's sleeping face about whether the poison is coming out. Kai prayed as he stroked his cheek to get better quickly.

Kai doesn't realize that the two 'women' staring aside at the state of it have an indestructible and uncut look. In this world where polygamy is normal, and for the two of whom it is meant to be, Kai's entire journey must have been teething.

"... please continue to take care of me"

If Kai commands you to do so, there is no denying it.

Nilun is making a rather deliberate shiatsu and showing it, but her efforts, which have not fallen within Kai's taste in the first place, are lightly flushed. If he was right about being a beautiful girl in the Deer tribe, it would have been a rather depressing situation.

"Mostly, we need 'frying pills' too."

What type of "medicine" Nilun refers to, Aroue seems to be pinning more, and he makes a face that makes sense.

"I can't be sick... I don't need drugs"

"It's sweet ~ it's medicine. If you don't drink it, the Nirns won't be saved."

"... I don't know what that means"

"That medicine will be provided by Aruet. Because I'll put plenty of honey in it to make sure it doesn't bitter!

"… it's okay, I drink"


Kai tilting her neck wondering what she's really saying.

However, Kai declared that he would not take any medication clearly because he noticed 'bad skill' that did not make them feel too malicious.

When it comes to 'medicine' in the village of Rag, it's the medicine's aunt's fried medicine, but it wasn't bitter. Kai doesn't listen to shit like 'medicine is sweet'.

In the valley comes and goes such as dwarves (colors) and deer (woosels), and naturally interactions with other species that support their lives behind them are also being brought in.

The elaborate finishes created from dwarf hands are always in demand, and merchants gather from the people in search of them. Of course, speaking of merchants was not of the people, but of the subraces who came and went between subraces.

It was also like a certain merchant who was deeply associated with the family led by Old Polek, and so was a bearded man named Flu of the Cat (Myao) tribe.

When attacked by an armored mouse (Gripto), it is dragged round by a strange creature that protects itself, and a merchant traveling around the peripheral forest, bringing other species of produce, minerals, etc. to the dwarf, and instead bringing out the specialty crafts.

Although the flue is a little meaty, its invisibility is agile, and he boasts a stunt that quickly disappears into the shadows of the woods with some black fur. Amateurs needed to be careful, as it was also bright in the counting and tame enough to shrink the distance.

As he entered and left the valley, Polek had woken up this cat tribe man in the middle of the night and had Kai greet him as well. At that time, Kai hides his face in the mask of examples based on lessons learned by then, and is thought to be the survivor of an 'old people' who also looks like a human race in Flu.

Polek gave permission for this man's entry and exit by assuming full responsibility. Once this man had done something untouchable, he made it clear that all the blame was borne by Polek, and when he showed it with increased intimidation, Flu immediately circled his tail and vowed to defer to the God of the Valley. However, since I am not a "protective taker," it is up to the chief to decide whether or not to give in, and Kai blinked under his mask when he said that he wanted respite because he would take it home one day.

Apparently he was taken as pressing to give in to the Cat Clan.

That's how we welcomed Polek's mansion in its front yard because of its narrow size, and at that time we were able to purchase knowledge about a lot of subracial worlds.

The most powerful around this valley is still the pig tribe, where a powerful six-headed general (Ligdalus) stands around the king, with 108 pillars of God gathered beneath him. Because of this, the land is also stable through extraction in the sub-racial world, and agricultural production seems to flourish more than in the ethnic world.

There are several metallic deposits, starting with a wealth of iron, and around its' King's Capital 'there is a huge array of bamboo (fudge) and constant fire furnaces, which are constantly spitting out smoke… The view, told from the mouth of the flue, shook Kai's heart, who does not know the world.

They are amazingly prolific, and they say that it is therefore greedily seeking land on all sides and constantly fighting bloody battles with others.

From the point of view of the pig kingdom, the prints of the Grey Monkey (Makak) tribe, a forest dweller, have spread in the eastern lands, demonstrating resistance to the expansion of the pig tribe. In the west, a sub called the White Bull (Bragant), who has a nose very similar to the Pork Nation, still builds a country to counter the expansion of the Pork Nation.

And the other weak and small species are mostly left to either great race to perpetuate their lives by sweetening their subordination... the current state of the subhuman world in the North seems to be more or less like that.

You think it's become widely rumored these days that the Deer tribe was unreasonably pursued by the Land of the Dead?

"... I was surprised that the Deer Clan was gathered together under the refuge of the 'mediating god'. … It's convenient for us to get not only dwarf stuff but even deer hair textiles, but rare species produce is also a drag, and sooner or later the existence of this valley will be a great rumor."

"... We and the Deer Nation are not the only ones deprived of land and oppressed. If rumors spread that the Lord had discussed one of the six pillars of the feared pig race (Ligdalos), indeed, those who tried to fulfill their old vows might continue. Because there were a number of weak people who had fought against the Great Clan with the back shield of" God of Mediation. "

"We also hear that the great pillars of its six-headed general have fallen and that the land of the pigs is a lot 'rough'. The pigs are born with a deep desire (well), so one day they will surely wage a revenge battle to regain the power of the Great Warrior they have taken away. Their depth of obsession is unusual. I will not forget the grudges I have received."

"... Lord Fleur, if there's anything like a move in his country about that, I'd like you to tell me..."

"... nothing in my awkward ears so far... I've heard that these days, the pigs have been plagued by alien species that have sprung up from the north and never seen them, and they're gathering troops from all over there. The deer man's hair sold silly from the side that brought it in... oops, my mouth slipped"

A flue that scratches his mustache and narrows his eyes.

He is a man who has difficulty judging whether it is natural or deliberate.

Is it a good interpretation that the pig tribe cannot settle such a non-pressing issue as the god of the valley because of its focus on the battle of the north?

That troublesome grey monkey tribe was kicked in by a army of about 1,000 pigs. Given that they were led by only one six-headed general, I can easily imagine that of the entire race would exceed 10,000.

Coalition of Soil Lords of the Edge, to which Uncle Bitu was involved... Although only in the eastern tip of the Edge, all those Lords' armies were finally joined and it was about 700, and only about 200 troops of pigs fought a bloody fierce battle with it.

Truly, with one hassle, the people would be tormented scatterly, and one of the villages would have done such damage near destruction. I think it would be really quicker to take away from people who disproportionately own vast tracts of land than to contend with each other.

Because there is a wall called the Great Forest, which does not belong to the pigs, and because a powerful species called the Lizards (Lagato) is rooted there... and perhaps because there is a 'valley' there, the pigs are refraining from a massive invasion. Thinking of the life of a side earth people like those living on thin ice, even though they don't know it, Kai thinks of what it means for me to be here as' the manifestation of God in the Valley '.

If there is one element that inhibits the southward advance of the pig race, if it is more polished and stronger, it will only protect the soil from the pig race. Gathering powerful tribes around the valley would also be an effective hand.

It would have been Kai's first moment in consciousness of nation-building around the 'Valley'.

Being associated with this cat merchant was fortunate to get very timely information about the subhuman world as well.

"… and I believe that it is"

"As long as God forgives me, I'll be awkward soon"



"... Lord?

Confused by the story that was going on at some point, Polek, knowing the face of a boy of a tribe who was not even old enough to be under the mask, repeated it from the beginning as if it were nothing.

Apparently, the conversation had moved to business.

Polek and other dwarves, as well as Nilun and other Deer tribes, are supposedly oppressed by others as weak species and are quite rare in the Great Forest. As for the flue, he speaks clearly to Polek and the other dwarves that he wants to monopolize the deal as before. Porek also seems to think that the current situation in the valley, which has not yet been put in place as a force, should not be clarified, and he comes up with a proposal under safety management that those entering and leaving should be limited as much as possible.

After indulging in them, Kai adopted Porek's proposal. Polek selects those who enter and leave the valley country directly (...), and they are allowed to make adjustments with the valley country side regarding their stay and trade in the 'hall' to be made in the village of Hachal.

Once the loads to be traded are collected in the hall, they are handed over to them according to the covenant. It seems that the "Hall" collection warehouse itself will be built away from the valley even in the village of Hachal, where the delivery of the load to the other merchants will only take place.

Ask the Lord what is the unobstructed distance, and I will say appropriately that it is about half a yuld. Fleur told me that he would like to install it on the south side of the valley, and when asked why, he returned the ultimate answer.

"In the north, let the power of God be with us, but it is clear that the pigs will enter and leave the flourishing. No matter how many dwarves try to be more vigilant, if they attack you, they'll scratch everything. … In the south, there must be ethnic vigilance, and there must be no inadvertent movement of the pigs to prevent the Lizards from having seizures."

Anything, merchants, including the Cat tribe, often use paths that dare to blur people's lands because they hate raids in the woods? On the west side of the soil, they also have a few small lords of the people who do business directly with them like that.

I guess that means that dwarf crafts are also brought to the village of Rug by people traveling around.

Or, Kai was surprised by the lack of half of the cat merchant's ability to communicate.