"... smoke up again"

"... you must be cooking it because it's so cold."

"... what the hell, even before this fucking busy winter"

A conversation is exchanged between the soldiers who walk in line, whispering.

One of my buddies anxiously looked at the forest far east, pointing to a few muscles of smoke that were creeping up there.

The Ash Monkey (Makaku) people who use stone axes also use fire and cook simmers. Their burning fields in the woods are brought as knowledge by soldiers who have been in the depths. Rumors are also spreading that they simmer and eat meat of those they salt with potatoes.

The fact that smoke is rising in the woods is proof that there are those who use fire there, and when it came to those who might use fire here, it would have been either people from the village of Rag or grey monkeys living in the back of the woods.

Six months before that smoke began to appear well, the villagers stopped going into the woods near it. The Lord, therefore, who is causing that smoke, was unlikely to be anything but the Grey Monkeys.

"... that smoke... it's a lot closer to the edge of the woods."

"... the monkey bastard"

Someone threw up hatefully.

The village was under imminent need to stockpile large quantities of firewood to cross the winter. I wish I had gone to the woods close to the village all year round and got them from there, but this year I had left it to myself to think.

Afraid of raids by the Grey Monkeys, the villagers had been gathering firewood from around the village a long time away. The work of going out to the woods is usually that of men, so from the time the harvest was over on the farmland, the empty men began to come to the woods as far away as ten yurds, with their bare arms.

Of course, the hand clearance is several times greater.

"There was a boy who came to the village a while ago, and he took me to look into him, and I heard him say to Olha.... that there may be a great invasion of the monkeys soon."

"... you're talking about Tajik. I heard that, too."

"But you saw us in the deep end, the monkeys were massively slaughtered by the army of pig bastards in the back of the woods, kicked around, weren't you? I don't know what that means."

"You come out in front of me like that, even if you don't know. Not long ago, it was a small crowd, but it suddenly hit the village."

"The one when Kai was sitting right in front of you."

"That, too, is after an in-depth investigation. Then maybe it's a different tribe from the one that got kicked in for targeting Rag Village... even Manso thinks so, doesn't he?

"I don't know because the subhuman world seemed so complicated. It wouldn't be strange to have one.... Sounds like it's time to get to the woods and boob your job... Kai"

"Mm-hmm. You guys, work."

Kai's blurry instructions prompt his squad mates to begin preparing for a bitter laugh.

The rest of the squad attaches to the edge of the woods.

"Okay, let's go with that tree today"

"That's a little too thick."

"I'm fat."

In the shallows of the woods, affordable shrubs are easy to collect, but as a 'loot', the women are badly received. On top of the bulky carry-on, there's smoke in your eyes when you light a fire.

"Either you knock down a bigger tree and pull it back to the village, or you bring back a bulky little tree."

"Well, it's convenient to carry."

"... so, Kai"

My thumb pointed to the big axe on my back, which was hard on Manso.

Even a able-bodied manso had to bear a few yurds from the village on his back a big axe...... he was quite familiar with that Kai.

It was a pig's hand axe.

Manso, who had carried it in brackets with strings and with the hands of his companions, lifted it to his shoulders with both hands, again for his hands, to try. A man can lift it somehow. It's a weight substitute. but for constant use on the battlefield as a weapon, it would have been little more than a man below the average of the people.

Manso thrust him into the thinnest Barren Cedar around, numbing his hands and stepping on a slight bump. The axe has stopped in the trunk of the tree, only slightly devoured.

So now it's time, Manso gave the place to the 'lead'.

This is the scene where Kai's power exerts its power. I gripped that axe pattern and pulled it out lightly, Ky. He pulled himself aside to twist his body, knocking an iron blade into a slight cut without any stray.

Only then did Ballen cedar, thick enough to surround the belly of the lord, deflect and sway like a twig. I can see the wooden fiber shredding a thousand times due to that upset. With just a couple of swings, Barren Cedar falls all at once, albeit thin. All of Kai's squad, or the other squad guys who were with him, leaked a moan.

"... then we'll go home first."

As soon as the disturbing branches were dropped and the crew looked to each of them for something affordable, Kai's squad achieved the norm with it. The trunk body at the heart will naturally be in charge of Kai, sprinkling a few ropes on the remaining outing after the branch is dropped, which is given to Kai.

Kai walks out to the village, even though he feels that he is the only one being pushed into a losing role. Most are taken away when they see the great tree, which is likely to be 1 yul thick and 20 yul long, being carried away by Kai's power.

Of course the others took away the many branches left behind after the departure of the Kai Squad. The large Ballen Cedar Branch is thick enough to be a 'battle result'.

"But he's really not the usual guy."

He was born in the village.

For a limbo man who continues to be in danger of death, 'strength' is the 'good power' that will protect his fellow countrymen and is purely admirable. At the same time, an equal amount of 'jealousy' is something that stirs...... Kai's. That was becoming too far apart to even be the subject of that 'separate frame' treatment anymore.

The villagers felt thin.

Haven't Kai eaten more 'divine stones' on that battlefield than he could have imagined?

It was relatively easy to arrive at such an imagination, even if it was not a "protected man", but a boy who revealed the "Divine Print"... he had only seen in reality a human being who had lost the grace of the land god and revealed the "Second Age Divine Print (Doi)" due to the secret laws of the monastery.

(... he's already halfway into the world over there)

A human being who is not 'sheltered' but is about to reach halfway there...... a boy named Kai was being recognised in the village as such.

"... Aqui"

To change the air in the room, the woman who was opening the window looked back.

The woman, who found out that it was the princess of her master who called her name, hurriedly tried to close the window wondering if the cold air coming in had touched her, stopping her hand with the words "It's not cold."

"... although it seems kind of noisy outside"

"Dear Jose, this is your salary."

"... salary?

As the girl with white skin approached her like snow, the woman called Aqui gave way to the window place, and she fell asleep.

"The White Princess," who looked out the window, is constantly attentive to her surroundings. The woman waited to be more concerned, especially if she knew that the noise outside was not enough for the men to pay.

But with herself riding out the window, the White Princess can't move.

For the first time, Aqui also reluctantly turned a blind eye to the working landscape of the men. I see men there struggling badly with big trees that I don't really think are for firewood. If you use all that firewood, Aqui will likely hold a one-time tour of the entire village for realistic calculations.

"... Master Jose?

"... how did you get that stuff so far?! It must be all the way from the woods, right?!

"... really, big tree"

I think Aqui would be awesome at the way the boy looked right there.

She knew an oligarchy boy who was bewildered by the thriving voices of other men. He was a rapidly growing stock boy, whose only name was supposed to be Kai, who had recently come up well to converse with the women of his age.

His extraordinary powers are no longer known in the village. If there were any strangers, it would be about the people of the Lordship on the third floor of this castle who would not be engaged in the farming work where such powers would be exerted.

Even Princess White didn't seem to know that.

"... that's probably the kid over there... by the name of Kai"

"... Looks like we're collecting firewood early this year"

There was an inadvertently interrupted voice in the conversation between them.

Since it was a familiar voice, Akui was not so surprised that he fixed the appearance again. Before the white princess turned her face, when was she there, her lord Vegin looked out the next window.

"... that kid Kai or something, he's quite a monster."

"Kai, is it"

"I just took it in military service and it's making me look like a kid, but that's good. I was in military service to the west earlier."

It tells me how much you like that boy, Ky, to the look of your lord, who is sounding his throat funny.

Indeed, that coarse force is no longer beyond the bounds of Tamada. I'm looking at the monk who showed the divine crest on his face without the protection he had stayed until the other day, so that boy is thought to be what he is.

"... If you see a little bit now and your sexual roots as a person aren't bad, you might want to take them into the clan. Some of my daughters are just old."

It is an aqui that surprised me just as the master liked it. Few people have ever heard of having a daughter as their son-in-law.

Aqui, who heard of his near-age daughter and saw the white princess, no, no, he shook his head inside. Orha and Jose are the sons of Carolina, who is his rightful wife, but the master also has three other children of the Second Lady, Falda. Seral, Farda's eldest daughter, is fourteen this year, and I assume that you are closer to your age than Jose, who is now a little older.

I'm a princess with all the temperament and I don't listen to very good stories, but if your lord decides, he won't be allowed to refuse to Kai, a resident. If you make Kai a promising stock with a lot of women you're after lately, you'll be unhappy with marrying someone you don't even like, but there are still a number of things you gain so much just for the fact that you give your lord a name. You'll be free from the hard work of your day, and you'll get plenty of meals. Even other women will be able to get it later.

Aqui sighed small, thinking of a few women who were taken away from him and depressed. So are the men, but there is also tough competition among the women.

"... All right, why don't you let that kid go as an escort to The Winter Solstice Feast? Is it quicker to try it?"

"Father... are you taking Kai to the state capital?

The white princess said to her lord.

I can only see behind it from Akui, but somehow I found out that the White Princess seemed happy.

It was a wonderful aqui, but the discomfort quickly falls out of my head after being told something else.

The silver lustrous white hair swayed like the tail of a moody horse and disappeared from Aqui's sight.