Boiled smoke from the Ash Monkey (Makaku) tribe that began to rise in the woods… it gradually increased in number after day.

In the beginning, hiccups, as the number grew, it began to manifest itself openly, and at last the number rose white at noon and evening, enough for the people of the village of Rag to snort.

The harsh side soil winter, which becomes difficult to move outdoors, also made the activities of the suburbs low due to its harshness, usually just covered in white snow, a season in which people can live in peace with their hearts and minds only over what is around them.

I would not dare to imitate the battle in such a harsh winter that it would freeze to the core of my body, usually when the subhuman would be round with a twist... many of the villagers thought so, and so much so that the lord Vezin himself had said of the floating villagers.

But the mysterious smoke that spreads to cover the edge of the forest remained so undiminished after that, after a short patrol, the limestone soil received its first snow build-up. White snow covered the world, and the collection of firewood in the village was also handled.

While there are those who shake off their anxiety that if the snow keeps going deeper, they will also give up and scatter, bloody clues started claiming to kick them out of here and get rid of them before the full winter.

It was Orha, the son of a lord, who became the flag of that main warrior.

Empirically, the army of the Grey Monkey (Makak) tribe is expected to be about two or three hundred in many cases. If you attack by surprise, you won't find a winning chance even with the power of Rag Village alone, and if you fail to raid, you will be able to screw up that will and push them into retreat, Orha went straight to Vezin, his father.

The village then entered the wartime system by Vezin's decision, which admitted reason to Orha's idea.

Much of the wood collected for firewood was turned to stockpiles of arrows. It was unfortunate that the harvest of food crops had been completed, but the loss of the firewood we had been counting on made it a prescribed route to a cold winter that would also be difficult to keep warm.

"... that the scouts have been hit?

"I hear one of them got his head smashed with rubble... more than that, they're building a fort in the woods"

"" "Fort?!

My buddies raised their mindless voice to the rumours that Manso brought.

Master Orha, under his command, a squad dared to scout forcibly, and while taking out the victims, I checked on the smoky woods... so they immediately lay low on the information they found out was classified. Although rumors soon broke out because of the mixing of the light-mouthed ones, it was serious information that could only lay down a warrant.

The Grey Monkeys say they make a fairly large fort by turning sturdy wooden fences across the woods into walls and digging deep open moats on its exterior. At its center, a few barren cedars flock, and a twirl in the marutai over those trees seems to give them a glimpse.

If you climb the Ballen Cedar, which is used for both purposes, you can easily reach heights such as the state of the village of Rag. They must be constantly monitoring this trend, for example.

"Well, that's the number of them in question."

Even if I discounted the point that I was forced to see and hear while being chased by stone rubble, its revealed number deserved a great deal of fear.

"They said there were 1,000 of them..."

"... ugh."


Manso's words were followed by the surprise voices of his companions.

I know exactly why your lord let the truth of the matter lie down immediately.

The population of the village of Rag is, by and large, about a thousand people, even if it all adds up. It's not the number of men, it's the number of women, children, even old people, that's all.

An equal number of ash monkeys gather in the woods to attack the village. It's also obvious that in anticipation of a long battle, the status quo is going as far as preparing the fort… Kai leaves his body at the signs of death as it did when confronted the enemy on the battlefield.

As much as Manso knows to hear it, that information would already be spread to the majority of soldiers.

The blurring of the other rooms that are stuck inside the barracks suddenly sounds different from the usual.

"I have to ask other villages for help..."

"They've already got a couple of people running."

"... to Uncle Nemitsu"

"... the bird in the message has already been released"



Needless to say, everyone has an imagination in their brain after the village was lost.

Even if the villagers tried to prevent war by putting out all the young and old, the image would not come up that they could protect the village.

Whether protected by robust stone walls, there was a limit to what was.

The physical abilities of the human race and the Grey Monkey people themselves are clear on the merits and disadvantages in the first place. Although the Grey Monkey Man is only a little retarded, he greatly outranks the human race in strength.

Number of violence on top of that individual difference.

The neighboring villages have shown the utmost friendship, and the number of soldiers they send in is known. Uncle Bedouchi spoke to me, and it's finally "700" in that West Battle.

Around here at the edge of the soil, the maximum number of people that can be scratched, etc. is only to that extent. Well, that's why they're after the land one after the other from the subraces around them.

Kai thinks about it by herself as she talks about how bad it would be if her buddies were asked hiccups.

You can't even imagine my companions, but it is a heavy thought, not as a single villager, but as the leader of one force with power. Kai was among those here, perhaps most informative about the subhuman world.

In the first place, where did the Grey Monkey tribe now trying to attack the village come from... In that battle we saw deep in the woods, they had been killed scattered, losing defense battles in sheltering deer tribe settlements. I don't know how many of them escaped alive, but they probably did a lot of damage. Honestly, I wonder if I have enough leeway to challenge a new amount.

In the eastern Great Forest, the Grey Monkeys are said to be recognised as' the Great Nation '. If so...... if there are so many tribes to vet the pigs, then there is a tribe that lost that battle that lost the Deer tribe, while there is another tribe that tries to fight for a new land intact, it won't be a strange story.

By analogy on that line, I guess it's the Grey Monkeys who come here from another tribe.

Then the next question to be asked is about the time of winter… why did they choose this time? The cold limestone forest, which presents the polar phase of a tree called 'coniferous tree', is not even a very food-rich forest.

It is very unlikely that they will have luxurious food, etc. that they will only have a farming culture of about the extent of the yakitori. In a winter lacking in food supplies, why did you therefore send troops?

It is also a great deal, like the fate of a tribe, which mobilizes as many as a thousand soldiers. No matter how eager the Moroccans were to get the land god they were plundering and stealing, it was pretty weak for a reason.

(... but still)

It makes no difference what they want is ultimately the three-pillar god of the Moroccan family. The motive can only be found there.

I can only be sure that's right because I know their fierce thirst for obtaining a land god. In other words, I guess it is right to use that motive as the first starting point to build up the rationale for their actions.

but there is still too much information to make a decision.

Even if I could see the solution, I still had too much knowledge of Kai's subhuman world to find that answer.

Aware of it, Kai closes his eyes and takes a little deep breath.

Next time we go to the valley, let someone look into it... so he decided and Kai stopped thinking lightly.

"Let's try not to die"

"Right," Manso said, scratching his head, exhaling the breath the others had been stuffing, to Kai's conclusion, which tied the fellows' controversy.

There is no idea of abandoning the land and fleeing to the villagers who were born and raised in the village and have no choice but to continue living there.

The two former tributaries were abandoned. But if I dump it all the way to the main village, there's no place to live anymore. When the village of Rag is lost, so will all our lives. The squad mates were well prepared because of the thinness of their obsession with life, which seemed to be borderline.

"... more than ever, squad leader."

Still, my colleagues were hopeful that Kai was on the verge of becoming a leader.

My companions fisted together and cut the holy seal of prayer that they could live forever.

"... lying"

Kai, who tried to leave the barracks, stopped at the familiar figure he was ambushing there.

Elsa's sister, Lilitha, had her usual challenging eyes pointed this way.

"... you're alive, aren't you?

"... ugh."

In unexpected words, Kai took a slight breath.

How she captured that slight upset, Lilisa has grabbed Kai's clothes all the time, including a grin that she proudly won over her mouth.

"There was a package at our entrance. Hey, I always had it for you. It was a cure."


"It's the second time! You must be here."

I can't believe it even if I want to... and I turn a hard eye to the tenacious man who insists that he is "dead" who I am unable to believe.

Of course, it was Kai himself who did that 'put souvenir'. I was going to be clumsy, redeemed.

But I'm not sure if that was the right thing to do. I had to say that it was a failure if I had made my sister in distress expect less.

I also set aside a few mountain apple fruits along with the cough medicine frying pills, did my sister eat them properly? I noticed later that the mountain apples were out of season.

The forest at the bottom of the valley doesn't run out of mountain apples this winter. Flowers bloom and it's still even warm. Such a miracle may occur when the power of the Land God is strong.

"... hey, you're alive!?

To the girl's question, Kai cannot return the answer.

I didn't know you were alive, I couldn't teach you yet.