It was a response from neighboring villages who kept waiting as they were nervous about the trends of the grey monkeys (macaques) gathered in the woods… Even though it was certain that some of them had been delivered to your lord within a few days, no announcement was made about it in the end.

We all guessed that it wasn't as if we were going to announce it, and in fact we were right. The request for reinforcements to neighbouring villages ended in the tragic consequence that the whole thing would be rejected.

This is something we can't do anymore. It's just that there wasn't a weather lord who could offer his people enough to fight the battle that he knew he was going to lose, the current situation in which people were continually decreasing from the limbo. Every village is always outnumbered by the number of children born.

Instead, he told the caretaker directly that he had offered to accept the villagers as a place of refuge, but it was vivid that he would bring two bags of wheat or grain for one person, and no one would talk about the story anymore.

Well, it just has to be.

The request for reinforcements was refused, but the people of the village of Rag did not complain about the neighbouring village. The harsh living conditions of the marginal soil demand of people an independent way of life independent of others. And the view of life of the people of this world, who are embracing rebirth as a part of their lives, lightened people's lives.

If not, all the villagers can return to the circle, even if they really think so.

"... it will take at least a month for Uncle Hokuto to come with his troops."

"When we fought in the west, we ran in just a few days."

"My Innkeeper Six said it was because they were too different. I don't know how much I'll collect, but by then, all of us might have been summoned to the Great Spirit River (Ispi Rio)."

"... must be."

The conversations the women don't even want to have come to their ears.

They say they're all in such a hurry to get ready for how much, that a woman blooms into conversation with even a few stories as long as she has some free time.

They're not skipping either, so nobody says anything about it anyway. Rather, I am just impressed that the toughness underlying the spirit is still won by women.

Kai stops behind the passing women, looking at the visible girl holding the cage. Likewise, the other guy looked at me and turned to me openly.

Even the younger children are all workers in this steep field. Kai is engaged in the task of filling the main entrance of the village with dirt and sand from the inside with his companions. This is how all the most vulnerable entrance and exit entanglements are to be landfilled to prevent breakthroughs.

"Oh, my God, you were beautiful too"


When the fellow beside him stopped, Lilitha and the others were gone.

In the words of "beauty," around multiple people stopped their hands, I wanted them to guess if it was like a woman sunshine. Even when the end of life is imminent, the unfortunate men who cannot come close enough to sweep and throw it away.

That was how the report was brought to the silence of the task ordered.

"They... they're fucked!

When the soldiers of the reward ran in, everyone who was already working there was running over the fence. Nobody says anything. I just ran in a big hurry to get to a promising place.

And on the walls that crawled up, what Kai and his men saw… was a grey wave that began to invade the thin, snow-covered soil of the peripheral earth without sound.

In front of a large army that looked like a wave of dark mud in its farsightedness, the eyes of the soldiers of his companions shook clearly and anxiously.

While the waves are far away, they come without sound.

And as we approached, it sounded like rocking the bottom of my belly.

"... I wonder if he's dead"

"... but I guess I'm gonna die"

Mindful of the tremor at hand, it causes the big shield for defensive warfare that my people had ready on the fence. This is to protect your allies from attacks by Grey Monkey (Macak) Stone Rubble. One supports the big shield, and several people prepare a big bow that has been taken out of the castle as an attacker.

Usually rarely used, the fifty large bows that were dusty in the warehouse...... it's a pretty powerful one for the vs. subraces, plugging the underside of the bow into the stone stack gap and fixing it for use. Because the strings are stiff even though they are large, it is at least two things to handle.

If you don't have a strong bow like that, it's of little use to your subracial counterparts. It's a pretty effective weapon if you hit it, but the accuracy of the hit is reasonably speculative.

"... why are they all in this village"

"... Damn, there's more in the village than that."

"Shut up there," cautions Kai, who looks great overseeing as a squad leader, to the half-beso stingy evil of his fellow men.

Calmly until Kai's strange, they grin slightly and bitterly. "You should do the bow, right?" There was also a frank opinion that soldiers at the top who can be expected to have personal combat skills are expected as a force to push back against enemies who will follow them on the wall, so the role is not to be taken up so that they are tied in one place.

Kai wanted to make it clear to his friends that he kept bumping into them.

There's a good reason for them to come here, even though they say it's all this village.

It is not surprising why everyone does not realize such an easy thing, Kai. Rather, I suspect vegetatively that you are pretending not to notice.

'Cause you looted and stole the god of land.

When both villages of Elg, Eda, once ruled by the Moroccans, were lost, the land God of the land, which should have been theirs, was taken away by the fleeing tribe.

That is why, as the original owners, they have come to reclaim the God of the land.

If we follow that principle, measures and so forth that we think we can avoid this desperate battle will also naturally emerge...

Give them two lands, and they'll be back.

If the Moroccans can no longer show the strength to defend themselves, then all they have to do is give them a two-pillar god of land that they are quietly and unjustly depriving.

If only we had achieved our purpose, we wouldn't want to stay until we put our countrymen in danger by destroying their homes and killing them in such a cold and helpless winter. In fact, those two lands above are under their influence, and it was natural for the Land God to be in their hands. If you could worship me properly, you would be happier as a god.

Of course, I can't tell you that, even if my mouth is torn in this village. The Poleks and the dwarves (Korols) and the Nirns and the deer (Ouzels) fleeing into the valley do the same. Because the deep-rooted obsession with the inherited Land God is something that exists in every race.

Besides, if we execute that method, there will surely be only two dead from the village.

"... Goddamn it... if you can afford it."

"... there was a signal. Pull the string."

"Turn it up a little bit"

A battle betraying the survival of the village is about to begin.

Kan, and their rubble hit someone's big shield. Apparently, the Grey Monkey Man's fearful strong shoulders are no less than the range of the Great Bow. One after the other, the debris began to fly in.

"... not yet"

I'm sorry if I hit you. Whenever the rubble passes near your body, the fright of the handshake passes to your bow and shakes. A shieldman stretches his back to protect the archers.

The Ash Monkeys (Makaku) are sure to proceed without rushing, checking for unclear scaffolding with thin snow accumulation.

I see some of them looking for changes in the terrain near the village, and I'm pinned that yeah, they're looking for the swings in the arable land that served as their shield last time and the ups and downs in the waterways.

Unfortunately, that night raid has become a battle drill, and the land near the village, such as water, has been filled with villagers. Therefore, the enemy no longer had a place to hide himself near the village.

"Get started!

There was a voice from Vasco.

Fifty bows, which were so narrowed, were released simultaneously. Arrows made until the diversion of firewood over the winter in the village were originally few in number because the iron clay was precious. But the arrows released from the big bow were quite large and could be pierced even by a hit, even on the sturdy body skin of the Grey Monkeys.

The shedding of several enemies. And that death ignited the struggling hearts of the Grey Monkeys. The gray giants raised their ambitions in their mouths.

Neither did the people lose, and they raised their minds.

The killing began.