When furious, the attack of the Grey Monkey People (Makaku) began.

For them who are the inhabitants of the Great Forest, even though they are high and robust, if they are about the walls of the village of Rag, there is no such thing as overcoming them, as long as they are attached.

The Grey Monkey soldier, who jerked off without as much damage as three simultaneous shots of the great bow, flocked to the frightening momentum on the walls of the village, roughly piled with stones as the big water flooded out of the river during the rainy season, crawling up the vertical wall without bitterness.

There will be no more big bows when you are approached. The archer switches his weapon to a spear and pokes in his breath to poke the grey monkey soldier down. Even if the big bow is useless, the big shield clerk has more and more flying debris (crushed), so he can't even pull in and continue his struggle.

The debris thrown is aimed at ethnic soldiers on the fence, but if it falls off, it naturally flies inside the wall. Girls and children run around screaming at me for an extremely dangerous stone that jumps on hard ground and rolls. I'm sorry if I hit you, so the women are running around desperate for an 'attack' on an enemy that we can also use as a safety zone the shadow protected by the fence.

"Look! Beat it!"

"You guys take it over there!

From a pot boiled in several parts of the village, a woman who drew hot air rising liquid and exposed herself to the 'front line' on the wall runs under the rubble that flies at the liver thickness of a soldier's face loss. The soldiers accidentally gave themselves up to the stench of the bent nose that was left after its passage.

"It's my favorite smell, sniff it!

It was also active in the in-depth investigation of the forest, the grass of the avoidance of the beast… then the 'smelly juice' of the boiled properties. Hit it one after the other on the nose tip of the grey monkey soldier trying to crawl up the fence. The more nosy the race, this worked.

If you put it directly in your nose, you'll be stuck with a desperate irritating odor all day and night. No matter how stubborn the subrace is, it seems that those attacks were not the only ones that had resistance or anything, screaming and peeling off nicely enough to feel good.

Still, the speed at which the grey monkey soldiers invade the barrier is unusual. By the way, some attacks on the walls begin early, and the thin hand soldier with just enough force to arm himself with them nearby is likely to be kicked at once.

It was Kai and the other executives who were waiting everywhere to plunge into the steeple, which could be a breakdown in their defense. When given leather armor, a precious asset that does not have many in the village, and the executives, who clearly look different from the rest of the soldiers, show up, somehow the situation is reversed as interesting again. Many of the grey monkeys immediately smashed their hips (...) and even some of them threw out their weapons and fled outside the fence themselves.

Because...... Kai and the other cadres of the guerrillas all had 'neighborhood pickups' on their faces. Of course it wasn't real, it was black paint and makeup red with coal trimmed in oil, painted with a divine crest.

This was a hand that was sometimes used when defending strongholds in the soil. It's a backwards harassment where the enemy rarely has an accurate idea of the number of 'Protectors' to give to the faction.

On the walls of the village of Rag, there will be more than ten convenient "guardians" overflowing.

This is true of the human race, but the usual people do not want to argue directly with the 'protectors'. Instincts shun exposure to irrational violence.

But, well, such effects are only temporary until they are identical. If he finds out that a "Protective Hand" has appeared on the defensive side, he will naturally push the "Protective Hand" and others who also oppose the attacking side. If the real thing leaped out, it was usually only a matter of time before the skin peeled off.

but only this time there was luck on the part of the people (...).

It was about inside the north that the first 'protective hold' of the Grey Monkey Man jumped on the wall. The Ash Monkey Warrior roared that he would not tolerate that deception, being clever, against the (...) 'sheltered' (...) of the spare, frightened people backed by the certainty that he was the superior and only too small to my chest right now in front of him.

"... hi, don't pull!

"Push it in from both sides!

With the help of his surroundings, Shield Holder simultaneously pushes the enemy's "Covered Holder" with a large shield. If you could breathe with the fake 'protective hold' dressed as an executive soldier, it wouldn't have been impossible if it had been on a wall with bad scaffolding or to chase it down.

And there, the apparently never-earned ethnic warrior who had often participated in the battle as a "fake protector," was Kai, the "about to become" who has shown remarkable headlines in recent times.

His crowd's deviant powers were surprisingly heterogeneous among the 'fake' ones. He said it was just a "neighborhood takeover" painted with paint, but as if it were a real "protective hold," its power was fully wielded, and several Grey Monkey soldiers, better than their physique, had been beaten more and more by the stone clash of spears, slamming down on it as if it were a pattern.

Because of that so much power, Kai had already broken many spears he had so far, but he didn't seem to care at all about being unarmed or "protective" than "protective," and from about halfway through, he attacked his enemies, even if he was bare, fine, and really started beating them like just fights with a fist he held.

Neither did the enemy's "protective hand" think that the opponent was a powerful "protective hand" who broke through the corner of the pig's (org) six-headed general (Ligdalos). I was more frozen than necessary because I considered him to be the target of the two-year-old Divine Print (Doi) at best, painted on his face.

He breaks through the big shield pushing in from both sides, twisting open with his shoulders, swinging that stone axe down.

"Be careful!" I heard someone scream.

As Kai dropped off the distorted blade tip of that impending stone axe, he threw it with a huge mess because of the disconnect on it, slamming his stiffened fist straight into his opponent's lower belly.

The torso of the Grey Monkey Warrior, with his lord's it and an overwhelming sense of mass of little colour, took Kai's fist directly from the front. It was then that huge chunks of meat, which were cut off as Kai's fists folded into the inside, were bounced into the rear air, the opposite of his will, at the next moment.

I saw a child of a man who had let his eyes slightly overtake mine, as I said they were incredible. And then he throws up a huge blood reflex and falls over his buddies' heads.

Kai looking down at it like that, holding the fist that was sticking out.

Soldiers of the more boiling people.

Kai, who can also afford to beat each other up with 'having protection' if only for his powers, was quickly a decisive force in the north central part of the fence. This place was active enough for him to scatter the rest of the executives to a thin spot.

Even though the northern side of the village, where the Ash Monkeys appeared, was the main battlefield, the central vicinity of the north fence, which was more than 100 yul handed over, had all been considered Kai's holding ground. Basco or Setta, a skilled soldier, would have known how lame that was supposed to be. Yet they even laughed bitterly and threw the stage round Kai.

Kai jumps over people's heads with his bare legs and quickly moves to jump and respond to the northward barrier, which is about to be broken one after the other. Sometimes it was easier to move without interrupting the beating of bare hands on walls that were overcrowded in people.

And as Basco and the others expected, the northward fence, which is indeed exposed to the onslaught, had a better rate of protection to let Kai do what he wanted. Above all, there was another meaning in showing them the octagonal hexagonal activity of the dreaded 'holding false protections'.

"... awesome!

"Over here next! Come on, come on!

"Make way! Kai, fly away!

A fake 'neighborhood take' being imposed by Kai would have been taken as an unmistakable 'truth' in the eyes of the Grey Monkeys. The grey monkey soldiers, who obviously feared Kai, hesitated to go up to the north wall.

As their eyes swimmed through the walls of the village of Rag, and to the point where they found numerous other 'sheltered' and others, it was clear that their will to fight retreated.

There are more 'sheltered' in this village than expected. The disguise of the other executive soldiers also becomes irresistible oppression on the grey monkey soldiers trying to cross the fence. The smallest looking Kai is showing his fearful power in front of him, and it was harder to break with the obviously more difficult "sheltered" people being phony than that.

"Don't die."

"Hang in there, we're almost there!

It was about half an hour after the battle started. The people of Rug Village also felt with their skin that the first wave of attacks was about to usher in the present world.

Eventually, the sound of a woodchuck sounds, and the grey monkey soldiers gradually begin to retreat. A half-monkey soldier, who was just about to leap out with his hand at the wall, leaves a dissatisfied glance and jumps down the wall. As their grey hair retreated from the ground, a number of bodies that were invisible under it began to expose themselves to the appearance.

The army of ash monkeys who attacked the village of Rag is 1,000. Before the war, people who even gave up on the fate of the village and this far no longer hid surprises from those who surprisingly fought well.

Soldiers sitting on the spot watching their enemies retreat. And that half-hearted eye follows. Beyond the retreating gray back, he discovers a tenacious army that looks perfectly intact and neatly lined up.

The grey monkey soldiers who flocked to the village walls in the Lag Village defense battle, its fighting, were in fact only about one-third of the total.

It is a battle against a settlement that is quite large even in the ethnic territory, called the village of Rag. Most of them looked bitter when they perceived that the battle was now being fought to gauge its power.

"Call in the squad."

"Declare you don't see it."

As soon as the battle subsides, there will be a refresher call by the living people on the spot, revealing the damage.

Still, let's just say the Rag Village side fought pretty well. I just found out how many of those people died. Thirty more. Most of them were those who stopped past the wall and were struck by rubble or beaten to death by the ones who came over them. I didn't even let one through the inside of the wall. There were no deaths among the women either.

Of course, there were injured people who doubled that. Speaking of miraculous survivors, the one who was dragged down by the enemy from the top of the fence and then continued to be trampled with other bodies, etc., were also found and safely protected during the 'Divine Stone' recovery operation.

"Kai, you're amazing."

Some slapped him on the shoulder thoughtfully, and Kai stepped on each time.

Several men gave me a straight, admirable look. The men of the limbo are really simple in their roots, and they come with an innocent favor for the strong one. There were many who wanted to touch Kai with a groan as to whether they were responsible for the test or not. Some of them reached for the groin, and the guy was put in charge by Kai eating a strong head punch.

He kept being touched sticky and still Kai read the air and put up with it.

Sometimes the old man who was on the spot asked me to "put up with him".

There were surprisingly few deaths where Kai was. There was damage that could not even be seen elsewhere on the wall. Everyone wanted to get stuck in something, and they wanted to be near their hearts.

A winter breeze with a slight amount of bloodstain snatches away the hair's tenacious forehead and noodle heat with sweat. Kai sneezed small when the line of test bearers was about to break off.

I clapped my hands at the end with the rest of the squad I was waiting for. Apparently, no one in the squad died once.


It's Kai.

Let's go, Kai.

Kai finally laughed as he responded to the call. A small laugh turns into white smoke and scatters in the wind.

Kai looked at the main formation of the Grey Monkeys at the end of his gaze, perhaps the head of the tribe. He looked at the group and imagined a little bit of what the chief was thinking and what he was thinking now.

(... those guys, they look weird after all)

Given the size of the enemy's army this time and the difference in power on the part of the village of Rag, Kai wonders if it would have been hassle free if we had just attacked with all our might and just achieved our purpose.

Kai caught on to the caution of the grey monkeys, who were slightly over the point that they were building fortifications in the woods. And no one, including Manso, noticed Kai's confinement.