At the end of the day when he managed to wipe out the raid of the Grey Monkey (Makak) tribe, the village was about to celebrate a long night without being able to lift its guard.

The Grey Monkeys are in a creepy tranquility once they have retreated from the army. If anything had changed from before the war, the Grey Monkeys who attacked would not have gathered in one place, but would have set up a formation to surround the surroundings of the village. As a result, the village took the form of a complete siege, but the thickness of the soldiers of the Grey Monkeys, who, although dominant, were only about 1,000 in number, was lost, with thin paper and parcel swelling.

Those and others who had experienced a village-based battle laughed at the lack of wisdom of the Grey Monkeys and ragged that they could bite through such a siege and other points of concentration. It seems that some of them actually claimed such reckless rebellion against those above them, and Vasco and the others seem to be quite distressed by the response, even as they grate their hearts that the soldiers are ambitious.

(... I mean, you don't want to let the village's 'sheltered' get away with it)

Kai keeps asking herself in the face of the 'intuition' that comes into being in me as she looks at the state of it from above the fence.

Their ultimate purpose was to blur the "protectors" lurking in the village of Rag and ensure that they would take them in as their own land gods, so their incredible actions would not have been easy to understand had they been based on that clear "greed".

If I were them, I think I'd just like to avoid the repeated "Spirit Stealing" takeaways.

Olha and White Princess are the triggers themselves in some ways, but few soldiers have seen them since before and after the daytime raids. From the point of view of the soldiers who were forced into a painful battle, it was no longer out of understanding in itself that they would not put the precious' protective hold 'into the protection of the wall. If Master Orha, second only to your lord, had participated in the battle, there would have been fewer dead people out in the day, and those who openly speak out are beginning to emerge. In fact, the initial defensive battle was such a step, so many criticisms and suspicious eyes are directed to the castle.

"... Kai"

It was about time the sun fell completely and the fire was put in the bonfire. Running to Kai from the dim was a squad mate who was supposed to have been in a break under the fence.

Kai follows that gaze silently. I rush to the atmosphere and wonder if something has happened.

Below the stone staircase descending from the walls stood a woman who worked in a castle hall I had seen somewhere. It seems that the woman was the one who actually came to get Kai, where the guidance was switched and Kai was taken to the castle.

The woman called herself Aqui. Said he was a caretaker for the Lords.

It was the third floor of the castle, the one where its lords made it a place to live, and the first time Kai and I stepped into the private room of our lord. The woman prompted Kai to enter the room, where she met the master, who was helping several women to change.

"Are you here, Kai?"

He has been adored many times in his training, so his face and name are completely remembered.

The lord, weaving his unusual black jacket, looked at Kai and smiled slightly, eagling at the clothes one of the women had and releasing them towards Kai.

I accidentally took it, it was a black jacket very similar to the one your master is now weaving feathers on. I guess you mean put it on, Kai put her sleeve through quickly.

When the Lord looks out, the women leave the room without saying anything. In a room suddenly diminished in people's signs, the lord opened his mouth.

"You have to work for one. Help."

It was an order of the Lord, with no shards, such as the intention to say whether or not.

That's how the master, who walked out with Kai, spoke quickly about the anomalies that were happening inside the castle.

Olha and the White Princess were suddenly defeated.

The two of you, who had not complained of any malaise to the brink, fell one after the other after the other, almost immediately, and are now under the care of a pharmacist's aunt.

Even the two of the three "protectors" who were supposed to be the protectors of the village were suddenly lost. It was only natural that your Lord should have ordered those stoppages immediately so as not to confuse the soldiers who were about to be visited by enemy raids.

It was plainly said then that he had almost given up on the viability of the village, and Kai was troubled to reply. And I was greatly praised for the bravery of the soldiers who were able to repel the first great wave without the power of "having protection", and I also heard in the report that Kai's combat work played a significant role, as if the child regretted it. On the other hand, he praised me...

"… so what should I do"

When Kai asks, who just sticks with the stupidity yet,

"Correct the cause of the illness."

That said, the lord stripped his teeth and laughed small.

The two men, who covered themselves with black jackets, were able to leave the village without being blamed by anyone because they went over the fence from the less popular herbal gardens as Kai always did.

That's how the Lord kicked the siege of the Grey Monkeys, which is a 'living wall' on the outside, so that this one cleared up his previous depression.

Although their chiefs may have ordered them not to want to let 'shelter' escape from the village of Rag, it was not normal for 'shelter' to stop on such a thin wall of meat.

The Lord is shaking off the blood of the Grey Monkey soldier, crushing with a dripping grin. Of course, it became clear that someone had broken through the siege out of the village of Rag, and immediately the pursuit was ordered so that an army on all sides would be drawn.

I don't think it's easy for a normal Ash Monkey to follow a "protected person" who really runs, even though he has excellent physical abilities. In fact, the two of them have lightly shaken off their tracks.

That's how the two of them turned to each other, a place that Kai also recognized.

By the time we get there, the starry sky is already spreading out into the surrounding soil sky. Beyond the dark earth there was one brightly lit place.

(... Eda Village)

It was the birthplace of the lost Kai, the White Princess...... the site of God's village dedicated to Jose was there.

The cemetery near its center was clearly open.

"... snuggled and struck a curse on the god of the land"

The master's twinkle becomes a large quantity of white smoke and spits out.

The faint smell of sweat made Kai feel the Lord's mind shift.

A curse on the land god?

While I wondered what it was about, I also had the feeling that I had intuitively fallen to my heart.

No, if the unusual power of "sheltered" is to manifest itself as the grace of the Land God, then there is no doubt that what is at the root of that power is still the sleeping graveyard of the Land God... what is wrong with the fact that the "spiritual thief" who renounces possession of that graveyard keeps stealing power without any constraints, etc.?

"Kai, forget everything you see now."


"... good"

"... ok"

Reason is simple.

For example, if you do not allow the grace of a stolen land God to be unjustly occupied, it was surprisingly easy to destroy the other person.

(If there is no untrained God of the land, destroy the graveyard)

Kai doesn't know exactly what a graveyard is. This is only a hypothetical story, but if the actual body of what is called a 'land god' is in that stone, wouldn't the land god die if he killed it?

I can imagine that if you kill the land god, you will also erase the power of the 'sheltered', which is manifested as its grace.

The very idea of destroying in the first place the 'element', which is rooted in the backbone of this way of the world called 'God of the Land', is a self-contradiction that strangles itself if seen from an organism that is getting a place to live there...... it is like suicide.

Kill the 'Land God' and the land will forever be a barren place unrelated to abundance.

I wouldn't do it if I were normal. There's no point in doing it.

My lord only thinks of Kai as an uneducated child who grew up in the village.

Therefore, after giving the order lightly, it is left alone.

But the actual Kai, who has grown terribly by receiving the intelligence of someone in his previous life, probably has enough thoughts to slightly deviate from his imagination.

(… well, if it can be added or subtracted, is it "yes" as a means?)

If you can arbitrarily inflict enough harm on the graveyard of the Land God to cause a sense of crisis on the Land God, can you also afflict only the 'Spirit Thief' and render him incapable of action?

Seems like there's really a lot I need to know as a 'protective person'. I don't know that. I want to sigh too much.

Your lord pierced the cemetery of Eda village in the shade of the night.

And Kai also leaps into the midst of the ash monkeys that flock there. The first thing to do was to kick down all the bonfires and create an overwhelming advantage on the 'shelter-held' side at night.

The village of Eda sank into darkness.

Whenever the Lord's sword runs horizontally and vertically, the blood of sacrifice is sacrificed to the cemetery of the village of Eda. Kai kills the one who tries to escape from one end and goes around. In the meantime the grey ape man, who understood the identity of the raider, cried out in the words of the people. Looks like the smart one was mixed up.

"Kono Land God is a Warellano thing!

"Kill Snonala, kill Sebai!

"Mori no Min, Nakuomaetachi Bitter Shimmel between Echima!

My lord snapped one neck after the other.

Those ash monkeys, who were closest to the graveyard dug back unbroken, were the last.

Kai's eyes are drawn very strongly to the graveyard tragedy.

"Don't look."

Kai turned a blind eye to the Lord's strong voice.

And they ran out to God, the one land.