How unshakeable.

Kai stares at the master's back moving in the shade of the night. Beyond that, the village of Erg, which is exposed to graves, communicates its location clearly and without hesitation, like a small island floating in the world darkness. The master rushes at a fearful speed to blow out the cold air. Kai, who follows it, is also almost at his full strength.

It should not be known that Kai has the protection of the God of the Valley. Though, the Lord almost never turns a blind eye to such a trivial matter, he frees up the power of every superior flesh.

Some calmness slowly delayed Kai. Computation worked that we should not follow flat. That's how your lord left word referring to the bright and shining village of Erg that we were going first.

What a strength.

Perhaps this is the first time that understanding of the existential strength of being "protective" has reached its height.

Kai shook his shoulders at the laughter that naturally crept up as he followed his lord's back far away. The spirit that had been drawn to defend the narrow place called Rag Village was completely liberated.

Even in the graveyard of the old village of Erg, which then jumped in, there were still grey monkeys (macaques) carving the curse. I can see your lord laughing as he kicks them off. Late and Kai went in and snorted at the elimination of the malevolent. If you show any ability as a "protective person," if you are a small number of sub-people with good physical abilities, you will not be a number of things.

Kai thought as he felt the Grey Monkeys' snort scream on his skin, not his ears.

(Maybe defending the village was a simple story...)

If you and your lord continue to assault their headquarters, which is getting thin by splitting soldiers into the siege, can you surprisingly defeat it lightly? If even the Admiral, who leads the enemy, strikes down, he will only be able to flee back to the woods with his tail behind him and other miscellaneous soldiers.

After not leaving one of the ash monkeys in the village of Erg, and spitting out all his previous depression, the lord looked back at Kai and said, "Do you want to go home?" wondering if he was ready to breathe during the bundle. What a light one.

Kai blinked slightly like he had eaten a shoulder watermark, half expecting him to go on an even bigger rampage like this.

You perceived Kai's heart, and the master put his sword back into the sheath of his waist with a face that even a toddler who did not know how to add or subtract power, eagled Kai's head with his rugged hands.

Are you going to be stroking, or are you going to be lightly folding again?

Kai, whose head was shaken so violently that his neck bone was about to break, stepped on without a lousy resistance.

"... invisible 'sheltered' around will die soon"


"... you too, Ky?

When I say yes, I dress like I declared myself stupid. So I pushed silence.

The Lord looked up at the starry sky slightly as he conceived, and then slowly began to teach him how to live as a "sheltered person" to bite and include. You must have noticed that Kai, who is' on the verge ', lacks any knowledge he should have as a' protective person '.

"... no matter how strong I am, it's like putting money on a hauling gift pounding into enemies without any math.... you will all be, but 'protective' is strong. As long as you stay calm, you'll realize you've been given a 'choice' at any cost."


"If we choose the means and build up a rationale that we can certainly win, we can often find a way to open up to difficult questions because of its incomparable power. … the means to grasp the fruit of victory is hardly determined as one. I'm only a fool who doesn't have exactly the medicine to put it on, such as going into a battle for a cargo gift in a situation where there might be a lot of power in the enemy."

Due to its rare supernatural power, "Protected" always has more options than ordinary humans in situations. Perhaps it is the most foolish thing a 'protective person' should do, such as carelessly throwing away more of its' possibilities'.

Convince and accept.

And at the same time, I noticed.

(... If you don't even focus on the village, the Lord himself can handle it)

Like the dwarf (Korol) tribes in the village of Hachal who moved to the valley, any recurrence can be fulfilled without even sticking to the land foundation called the village.

If, like this one, we could overcome even the fear of turning over to the enemy the graveyard of God, the land of the heart of shelter, it would have been possible to start over from scratch elsewhere.

I already know why I have to be afraid of that 'dawn the graveyard to the enemy'. The Grey Monkeys dug back into the cemetery and wore stone axes some of the unintelligible letters that existed in certain places. If that string is some sort of information body that defines the existence of a land god, then I guess you can drive that work crazy by cutting the letters off.

The Grey Monkeys, after rendering the cemetery dysfunctional in that way, had painted stones with dull black blood that did not even know what they had collected from it. For a land god who chooses creatures for possession, blood may mean something cursed.

Even though it is a spell to suffer the 'spiritual thief', I somehow understand that it is at the same time an act that weakens and degrades the Land God. Unless I can think of so much, I don't think I took the means to wound myself to the beads in my palm with the grey monkeys. The fact that dwarfs and deer (Ouzel) tribes who abandoned villages have not yet been harmed by the evil laws also supports the idea as evidenced in Kai. Even if you take it away, it is the end of the line to weaken the pivotal land God, so it is supposed to be an authentic way of inheriting it… I think it would be right to eat that 'divine stone' after killing the person you took it from directly with its hands, like the pigs who were hunting down the Poleks.

I don't know if the Grey Monkeys went to such an irrevocable last resort against the village of Rag for any reason this time. There have been countless killings from day to day, I wonder how hated they were. Taking into account the hatred of years between such races, it is quite dangerous to dawn the village of Rag against the Grey Monkey Man.

It's dangerous, but still, if it's your theory, I thought you would definitely consider abandoning the village one of your choices.

"... the village sucks, do you throw it away"

For Kai's twinkle, the master made a face.

And I nodded.


"But if we lose the field, they won't eat us all"

"... why don't we take it all back by the next spring"

The Lord tries to give Kai, who turns his head out of nowhere, further wisdom as Xing rode.

"Even if they take Rag Village, they can't keep it. Just as they have the territory of the Great Forest, the soil around here has also been a human territory for hundreds of years, albeit poor."


"Kai, do you know how many more vulnerable people than the rest of us have been able to sustain so much power for whatever reason?"

"... I don't know"

"Hundreds of years after being founded by the mighty patron god of the first king, the people have sent down countless land gods to join their company. The land of many God-supported people became stable and rich.... I picked a lot of wheat. And he ate the porridge, and the people grew. … the people came to the land, counting millions."

As if to represent the united kingdom, the kingdom of the people in his mind, the Lord spread his arms full, and looked into Kai's eyes.

"Let's say a thousand ash monkeys took a man's land.... people will be interested in soldiers trying to take back the precious lands of their paternal ancestral traditions. In spite of this, the people rose up a multitude of armies over ten thousand, and took over all the places.... of course not as many now as they used to be. But more than a thousand will be scratched by Uncle Horizontal. Both Erg and Eda villages were branches opened by Molok, and their rise and fall were only problems in the Molok family. But not the main village of Rag, which is an official seal to which our home was given directly by His Majesty the King. If they take it away, the kingdom must, at times, entertain more soldiers than its enemies, as promised. Kai, why are you prepared to build a fort in the woods, what are you afraid of, why, etc. is more or less like that. In order to swallow the village of Kishatsura Rug and eat the land of the people in earnest, it is precisely the battle after taking the village that is the 'real deal'. Therefore, you are afraid that you will hurt your soldiers in the first battle with the village of Rag. So when you said you were ready to hurt two pillars of God, you ate an unexpected, painful counterattack, which you didn't expect."

Kai had his eyes open.

The sheer number of people and their life is a clear threat to the subpeoples.

Your lord is trying to choose carefully. If you do, you can break through some of the worst enemies and let some of the villagers escape. By believing in its arrogance as a 'protectorate' and the strength of a huge race of people, even the abandonment of villages is woven to try to identify the situation.

Right, can you get it back even if you dump the worst village?

If we had known the ensuing great rebellion on the part of the people, we would certainly have had that choice. The arrogant thought that we should do something about it… At the end of the day, I am proud that I have the power to do something about it… The spirit of 'being protective' is easy to stabilize. Kai was not an example of it again, and his feelings were quenched.

When Kai takes a glimpse of the tragedy at the cemetery in Elg Village and asks him if he should at least clean it up before he returns, the lord laughs small.

"That's a pain in the ass"

I said.

I guess a full procedure is not immediately possible, after Kai forced me to help and bury around the gravestone that was dug back, the lord bit my finger and bled, and drowned on the gravestone.

And one of them was approaching the cemetery and offering prayers for all things.

The Lord God, Lagdara, is the surrendering parent of the Elg God and the Edda God. Maybe that prayer also has some secrets.

That's how they left the cemetery pretty miserable to look at, and they went back to the village.