(Find out)

God in the valley has been restless since earlier.

Upon returning to the village in the middle of the night, Kai, who went up to the third floor of the castle with his lord, was urged to join the people of the Lordship while there was a fireplace where they would privately relax, and the ladies and some of their sons who were there earlier were driven away instead.

Those were, of course, orders of the Lord, and not a single complaint came out of the family, but the comfort of that room, warmed enough, was probably a shame to lose on a cold winter night. It is Kai who has been grudgingly impressed by your children, who have not been spared much.

Don't overkill me.

Kill him, usually. Even though he's loud enough to kill him, he feels a lot nicer tonight.

It's always hard to tell what the God of the Valley feels and what to do with it. Only Kai, who is deeply connected as a possession (more so), understands too much how strong the Valley God's thoughts are (...).

I sensed that God in the valley was worried about something. I sat in a chair so soft that my body seemed to sink as my lord told me, with the back of my chest left deliberately. When the lord slaps his hand, warm white water is carried without waiting.

I don't know what happened, but for some reason, I only found out that I was treated like a customer.

"... I'm making the night meal count now. It's a reward for doing a pretty good job. Stay with my meal."

That was an unimaginable and broken treatment for the villagers. The little lady who brought the white water was so close to being stunned by the amazing rug.

While Kai, who was barely here anymore, was groaning, a well-salted wheat porridge was carried, and the lord carried it into his mouth with guts. "Eat," he urged, and Kai also finally mouthed the wheat porridge placed in front of him.

It wasn't just wheat porridge. It was simmered in milk, not water, and it tasted terribly delicious because of the richness and mackerel that I had never eaten before. My stomach was only so empty that I would quickly scratch in and eat it.

You had cheese in there, too, and then I twisted my neck about what "chizu" was.

"... sounds like a good fit for your mouth. If you can live up to my expectations, I'll feed you again then."

The story lasted for about a half hour when the lord laughed at her throat and after a light meal she really didn't even take it away. Skinny when he asked me when I became aware of that power, how many 'divine stones' I ate, what it was like then, root digging leaves digging, and when I was asked with a straight face how much I could lift if I squeezed my strength, I just returned a hugely discounted humble answer. I only found out that he was apparently quite expected.

That made my eyes black and white when they asked me if there was a woman in the village that I liked. When I answered "I am" thinking about Elsa, I was frowned upon just a little bit more difficult, and she said, "Really?"

It was a strange night. Nor did the night raids of the suburbs, who were surrounding the village because of the uproar of the Kays, eventually occur, and when I returned to my squad companions, who were freed and where I was supposed to be, I was just about to go into a break, wrapped in a coat beside the incendiary fire with them and sleep.

Are you all tired, and the conversation starts to interrupt quickly and you start to hear your sleep.

Kai also hung out and closed his eyes.

I also thought about the valley, but the sneaking drowsiness sinks Kai's consciousness.

(Find out)

God in the valley said.

What do you want me to identify?

Without knowing its sincerity, I seriously considered it with a half-dreaming feeling from the rule of thumb where great things happen when the god of the valley makes a scene.

The reason on the part of the people was somehow meant to be understood by the Lord. Then I guess the next thing you have to think about is the other enemy, the Grey Monkeys' reason.

Is there some kind of "circumstance" that I wouldn't imagine?

(Don't overkill (...))

Ugh, and the unnecessary drowsiness fell out of Kai. 'Covered' doesn't necessarily require much sleep.

Somehow I looked up at the castle hall and something pulled me in from one of those windows, taking Kai's gaze. It was the eyes of a woman who had been somewhere, not the lord.

Being perceived as being watched completely awakens consciousness. Leaving the scene to make sure you don't wake up your people while making sure you don't have that gaze anymore.

(That's just... the woman who picked me up)

But she's a small-time woman by the name of Aqui or something.

Though I have a sense of attracting the gaze of the opposite sex lately, I thought it was not that oriented gaze.

Kai went around to the herbal garden, deluding the soldiers who noticed my approach to "add something for me".

Until nightfall, there will still be about two minutes of respite.

I thought we should not waste precious time until the next dawn, when a great deal might begin.

Kai somehow jumps over the village fence to become a discreet little figure and runs out. As I was really diligent, I laughed as I looked up at the overhead Great Spirit River (Ispi Rio).

Push your back against the shadow of the window frame and hold down your early-running chest.

Though I don't think they've seen it, I can't really get it until I'm sure I'm shook up by that strong powered glance.

Aqui meditates his eyes all the time to calm his mind, which is about to be disturbed by thousands.

That boy named Kai, who had been ordered to do so by his lord and ran outside the village, received an unusual benefit from his lord if he returned at night. I also saw with this eye the hospitality that I received after I kicked your family out. I was surprised that they even behaved like nourishing porridge with precious cheese (Caijo).

The conversation that followed also calmed the women who were listening.


Because it was obvious how he saw it and his intention was to bring Kai into contact with the Lords.

I hardly ever heard of a man being taken in by a lord's house by just a villager.

That was so rare that Aqui could not help but feel the strength of the thoughts in the master.

"... Aqui, Aqui"

"... young lady"

"... sorry, I'm thirsty"

"... Are you thirsty? Then let us bring you some cold water immediately."

"... to someone, you can order them. Aqui... Aqui stay here"

"... well, sweet as a child that way. We'll bring you some water soon."

Aqui leans closer to his young master, who is peeking into his face so that he can be buried in the night clothes hung with many pieces, as he leaves the wall. The pain was a lot easier, and the blood seemed to be returning a lot to that face.

Young master...... Master Orha will keep Aqui most trusted and close to me.

I've been serving as a guardian since I was a young girl, that's all, but I'm told that all the care around me is for Aqui alone.

Such a favor of a beautifully raised youth will follow me to when to make aqui past the right age no longer.

"Aqui, Aqui"

"Well, what is it, really like a child"

"... you alone... I will not die. I swear."

Aqui sighs securely, getting familiar.

If cold water is good, it is still good to draw from the deep well behind it.

It was really sudden that you fell last night. At that time, it moved without itself or the world, but when the principals returned home in the middle of the night, they suddenly regained their physical condition and regained consciousness.

Though the fever had not yet fallen out, the conscious Orha asked firmly what was going on in the village and was greatly regretted knowing that he had lost his mind even more than he had been attacked at the heart. When I heard that the crisis in the first village had somehow been pushed back, that the villagers were intentional in their victory, etc., they just said "well," and hid their faces in their night clothes for a while. I knew immediately that I was embarrassed to find out that the villagers had saved my life because my possession was so expensive that I always tried to treat even what was lacking to take.

Aqui was the only one who knew that Master Orha was hiding such naiveté. That 'special' was also her pride that only Aqui would see such a thing.

Poor Olha.

Master Orha is not yet known.

Big moves that are beginning to happen to the Lords while they are sleeping themselves. That was perhaps a very significant twist of change, which could shake even the seat of the Moroccan succession, which everyone thought had already been ordained.

I still can't let you know.

Until your body is completely demodulated, I want you to rest in peace.

I'll be right back.

When Aqui leaves the room, the other women who had refrained move into the room. but aqui stopped it. When he woke up in the middle of the night, he saw the blur and was stormed, making the room look awful. I am guessing the feelings of my husband, who cares twice as much about the eyes of others. But such an attitude on the part of Orha, who was all alone, seemed to show to the other women the arrogance peculiar to those who monopolize men.

Aqui walks out unknowingly, albeit with pungent glances.

Another lady packed it in front of Jose's private room as well. It would have revealed a lot of tough nights over there, too. I heard the princess scream many times last night.

I can't help wishing for your lord.

Please take care of your child, who divided his own flesh.

With a slight bite on his lips, Aqui even walked down the long hallway of the castle, looking calm and small.