(Find out)

What the hell does God in the valley see?

Kai was ready for a disturbance as soon as his enemies discovered me. I was prepared in my heart that something unexpected might happen now and start a mayhem involving the village, and I was in a state of collision while I kept diving and running.

The position of siege of the Grey Monkeys is built at a distance of about 300 yuls unreachable bows and arrows from the village. When I approached them, they were just lined up with their unique wooden shields that peeled and pasted the bark together.

On the other side of it a grey hairball nods to withstand the cold. They say that number is smaller than I expected, and the sentry barely stands. The only vibrancy you can see is around the fire that seems to be setting fire to the only one in the formation, and you can't see anything disturbing going on anywhere.

I don't seem to be motivated by anything... but I still suspect Kai is suspicious. It was just severe tiredness that seemed to the grey backs of the Grey Monkeys when they played the killing each other earlier yesterday and said that there was still an attack waiting today that would probably cut off the lives of the tribe as they would repeat themselves if the sun rose.

(They're attacking you with dislike)

It is easy to detect that the fatigue of their feelings and the freezing of their damned bodies, which would be eroding in reality, as they nod there without moving, is causing them to lose their morale as an army, precisely because they share the stained cold of the night.

When Rug Village and winter arrived, there was a part of me that was relieved that a safe season had arrived where I could simply nest with the accumulation I had made. If we were stripped from our settlements and forced to kill each other at a time of only such increased severity, there could be no dissatisfaction. Besides, trips to land outside just squander more food than is necessary. It is also easy to imagine that all that accumulation has been taken from the settlements, and their primitive farming culture, which is a forest dweller...... it is not very likely that there will be room to cover the cost of such quantities for the natural collection of the slightest fruit in the woods and the modest harvests such as potatoes and beans brought from outdated baking fields. In the first place, morale could not have been high in itself.

Smoke that was going up in the woods before how much it started... Given that only a few minutes of food would be lost, I thought maybe the Grey Monkeys were left to say that they would die if they didn't take it from the superiors because it was for the calculation of stealing the Rag Village's accumulation as food over winter from the beginning...

Kai glimpsed their lineage, which was situated on the west side, and found out there were about a hundred of them there on account.

(Is there only 100 on one side, as there are 1,000 on the whole?)

The defense was surprisingly thin as to whether they were gathering troops in the main unit in the north.

In this case, there was no other love, such as breaking the siege... In fact, the forceful breakthrough of the siege by the previous lord and Kai himself confused the grey monkeys who believed in the number of advantages, and the sheikhs who received the "night raid" excessively scratched their soldiers into the main force may be the cause of their thinness. Of course I don't know that. The person broke through that crude siege without being bound.

When it was thus dispersed in the dark night of the loose 'outside' of the surveillance eyes, it quickly headed straight north where the main formation was.

(Find out)

I can't calm down because of God in the valley.

Kai, who had come so far thinking about the big mess of how to figure out what to do and how to look at the 'main formation' without even knowing what to do... had normally hesitated to approach more than that by looking at the hundreds of units of ash monkeys gathered full of destinations and confirming some of them were 'sheltered'.

What am I supposed to do, God?

Exactly outnumbered.

If the "protectors" of the people showed up like fools over there, I can undoubtedly imagine the number of violence that I wanted to stop by, the future of being slaughtered.

Find out, though the valley god says don't kill too much, it was the village's ethnic side that was overwhelmingly disadvantaged at the moment, and Kai, who couldn't even be seen from above enough to show such 'warmth'.

It was Kai who conceived it for a little while, but there is no way that a insignificant name comes to mind, and somehow I come up with a disguise that I don't have to be a 'people'.

Kai remembered the 'disguise set' he had previously hidden in the woods and ran to the woods. Thus, about four and a half minutes later, outside the main formation of the Grey Monkeys, a masked dwarf (Korol) tribe appeared.

One of the grey ape men's 'sheltered' roared up to intimidate that dwarf, quietly approaching from the darkness.

I don't understand the words of the Grey Monkeys.

So Kai can't stop either.

The frustrated Ash Monkey Man's "Protected" has followed his subordinate-like soldiers and rushed to Kai. As such, it was a lightly surrounded Kai, but after seeing its "protective holding", which revealed "neighborhood taking", I was only able to lightly raise my thoughts about the "two-year-old divine print (doi)". Kai was only thinking about getting away as soon as it got worse, but if a third party had seen him on the spot, he would have only seemed insensitive to an iron fire to life and death wanting to die (...).

Kai's purpose, of course, was to know the circumstances that led to this amount of gray monkeys, not to contend.

Kai nicknamed himself "Mohican" inside the grey monkey man's "guardian" whose hair over his head was upside down. The Mohican is not yet so mature as an individual, and he continues to be unsettled and intimidated. Feels like, "What a dwarf to call you!" Or so they say.

"* * * ugh"

"* * * *, * * heh!

The other soldiers also come up barking of their own free will just because their superiors are strong.

"Don't shut up, Cora," he said. "You're asking me what a mon! Say it!" Or does it feel like you're being squirted?

It seemed like Mohican was finally on track for Kai to say nothing back. His face came so close that his stinking breath was about to blow, he barked loudly.

In the Great Forest, dwarves would have been the closest species to the weakest. I must have had little chance of winning, where I fought with a giant other race with that little body.

But still, in reality, they have survived for a long time. Perhaps even in contention with other races, they have often spared their work as craftsmen producing their superior handicrafts. Even if they were intimidated and deprived of the property on the spot, wouldn't they have taken much of their lives alone? Some rare species, such as the Deer (Ouzel) tribe, where horns and wool textiles are rare, probably escaped being unilaterally killed from such race-specific usefulness.

Kai could even afford to imagine such a thing, relative to the Grey Monkeys directly from the front, because he wasn't actually turned on for serious killing.

Mohican, irritated by Kai for not saying anything, has finally become impatient and is trying to grab Kai's dwarf clothes.

Kai grabbed the hand quickly and took control of the tip.

"... Talk Sihe U"

What finally came out of Kai's mouth was a one-word dwarf language.

Recently, there has been a lot of interaction in the valley, and a lot more Kai vocabulary has been added to the Deer Man (Ouzel) language. Kai gained his comeback from other races, and his readiness to interact with them is inevitable in the future led him to actively teach from Polek and Aruet.

Surprisingly, mastery of other race languages was a lot easier than I had imagined.

The liver was a 'vocal cord simulation'.

"Chieftain Notko, Lian Reteke"

Ultimately, I can't hear the words unless I'm used to hearing them, and it's hard to imitate anything with too different throat shapes.

However, mastery of other races meant that it was the core, the key liver.

The difference in language for each race simply comes from the difference in its throat making, which actually fits into a single linguistic system, including the human race, Polek said. And Kai, who is mastering other languages with that logic, was also ultimately convinced that that would be the 'specification' of this world.

It was this world's unique 'language acquisition' of learning grammar, memorizing words, and passing through such great mastery tasks to imitate the 'ringing' of its species to speak and hear words.

What Kai grabbed was Mohican's wrist.

And after being grabbed, Mohican's arm was no more slight.

"Lian Reteke"

Frozen Mohican's face sees a masked dwarf.

You must have understood that the dwarf in front of you is the same 'sheltered' for the first time since being relative by force. And you must have seen the arms of every man who stopped moving, pushing or pulling, and realized clearly that it was the dwarves in front of him who outweighed the power.

It is because of me that dwarves, smaller than the children of the Grey Monkeys, are clearly showing superior muscle strength. Even the soldiers around them lose momentum in the sudden self-loss revealed by Mohican.

I was just a little frustrated with the ever blurry Mohican and put my strength on the fingers Kai grabbed. Mohican restarts as its nails feed into the meat.

"... wa, minute cutter"

By showing my consent, I let go of my hand.

Mohican had already completely changed his attitude. He turns back quietly on his heel and prompts me with his eyes to follow him. The soldiers around them are confused without knowing why. One of them suddenly grabbed his shoulder, so Kai hit him lightly.

Geez, there's a short scream and a giant soldier rolls over to play the thin, snowy ground. It was so instantaneous that all the grey monkey people I was paying attention to are solidified.

"Early Kulian Reteke"

Kai says to encourage Mohican, who has stopped.

I guess Mohican regretted being involved in the outrageous one. I dropped my shoulder plainly and walked out again. Nor do the soldiers around try to approach dwarves who are no longer good at it.

At the headquarters of the Ash Monkeys looking over the mask, I saw movement.

You must have been watching this disturbance, with several 'sheltered' people gathering, waiting to welcome a sudden visitor. The soldiers handed out around the main unit were divided left and right as if clearing the way.