A lot of eyes follow Kai.

The dwarf (Korol) clothes Kai wears are nicely stained with pedigree heritage and sawdust prints, along with the laborious embroidery applied by the way, and look so tailored.

Among the ordinary Ash Monkeys (macaques), who simply hung their furs and cloth cuts from their shoulders, they have clearly emerged. There was not much need for clothing for the Grey Monkeys because of their excellent body hair to keep them from escaping body temperature… a cultural custom that builds up according to their racial characteristics is something that I find strange when I feel the difference clearly in this way. And he who finds it interesting is most often the bearer of more than a certain intelligence that overlooks the likeness of the world from height.

It would be that a few people saw Kai's eyes in the back of the mask. They all looked surprised at the light that their eyes were observing us in an interesting way.

Of course, it wasn't immediately passed under the chief.

At the rapidly constructed defensive fence surrounding the main formation, the "guardians" stopped him, and there was a scene where the guide Mohican rubbed one. When it was told that the masked dwarf that had been brought in was a powerful 'sheltered', some of them apparently tried to kill themselves and cram over to Kai.

Mohican tried to stop it, but at that time he couldn't get his hands off it because of other "protective" responses. It was a completely unfortunate accident.

We know that Kai is a 'sheltered', so the 'sheltered' ones of the stuffed ash monkeys have also already revealed 'neighborhood pickups'. Kai, who is much more accustomed to the price of his divine imprint, decides at first glance.

(… are they both two years old)

I have yet to see a person named "One Age" with protection.

Not to Kai's knowledge, of course, but in Theological Theory, which is compiled by scholars in the center of the kingdom, he advocates extrapolating the divine character by the total number of longitudinal muscles of the divine crest that appear in the interfrown portion. And since the early divine marks first appear circular around both eyes, there are at least two interfrown partial passage marks... Therefore, it is concluded in the undergraduate theory that the age number determination also begins with "two years".

A mark that even the fading white princess of that grace, the Two-Year-Old Divine Print (Doi), was a divine print often indicated by the God of a lean land, at best to feed dozens of inhabitants on the marginal soil. Of course, we can't just measure strength with such an age number decision, so Kai is not alarmed at all.

The two that came close to intimidating, frustration was nothing like what they were showing to get stuck right away, wandering around Kai to boast about the physique difference between dwarves and grey monkeys, and even this dropped his gaze from above.

Did you take the thinness of Kai's reaction as a sign of fright, as you proudly won, one inexorably comes close to his face and makes his nose sung, the other poking small at Kai with a stone axe tip.

"Strong Yi dwarf, Nye"

"Chief Ima, I'm in a bad mood. Go home!"

Well, given the differences in the physical performance of the Lords, I can't help being insulted.

Mohican is also frightened by dwarf opponents and smashed from several, turning his face bright red.

Until then, it was a quiet Kai, but there is also the bondage that we must return to the village by dawn. I walked out on my own, thinking I couldn't get along.

That's how he urged "Lian Reteke" toward the Mohican in the back.

Then one of them, who was closing his face, stood up to mock him, and said, "dwarf, weak y," etc., that he seemed weak to snap. I guess he was totally stupid, he kept his face close again and exhaled his stinky breath, so I wouldn't mind letting him head poke at the tip of his nose. The mask is exposed around the forehead, so there was no obstacle to head poking.

The blow caused him to fall more and more, and the other, who had grabbed him after only a few of them, hung his foot payment lavishly and deliberately stepped over where he had fallen on his back. It was a total treatment of children such as "having protection" in "Age 2".

Though the "protectors" were appalled by the sight, the next moment they tried to come this way with a total lead. Call that "to be teh!" There was the one who drank it and stopped.

"Sono dwarf no warrior, strong y"

Another one appeared from behind them.

I didn't know right away, but I remembered slightly. I saw how the revealed 'neighborhood take' was, and I knew that was the commander who had led about a hundred herds as that patrol envoy had been killed.

Then when I switched to the hard to hear grey monkey humanities and the words continued to make me speak a little, the color of excitement gradually disappeared from the faces of the "two ages".

Kai was also doing a listening to that word with the intention of becoming the Grey Monkey Man as much as possible, but apparently he takes up an example of Kai entering the village of Rag in a fight the other day and explains that it's like an ally who's keeping his enemies alike. And then I dragged out the "protective possession" of the people by myself, and in spite of saying that it was a stunning piece of work, the meaning of my eyes looking at this one at once changed.

In that he fought the same enemy against them, something like empathy was born for the Grey Monkeys, it seems that Kai, who beat a brilliant big man to that nasty enemy opponent, was to be glanced at by them. After that, he was allowed to pass, and that commander stood to guide him in the outfit of leading the Mohicans.

The Commander's Divine Print looks about "Three Years Old," which is probably highly sequential to the point of leading a hundred herds.

Inside the main unit, grey hairballs were everywhere. There are layers of large shields of example bark in the defensive fence, and each handler looks like such hairballs because they are round to protect their hands and feet from the cold.

In those strict protections, there is a large tent stretched out like a skin stitched together, apparently around the general of this large force, and perhaps the chief of the clan, there.

Wait a minute, and the commander walked into the tent. And shortly after I thought I heard a leak in the voice of some sort, I was recruited. It seems that Mohican does not enter the tent and was dropped off at the entrance.

Stepping into the tent, the scorching smell of habitual veterinary fat and about the heat of human skin wrapped Kai.

(... you oiled your tanned skin... that looks like a sturdy tent)

The tent was doubly structured and had a surprisingly warm space inside as we dived into the other entrance on the inside. I also have a soft feel on the back of my feet and realize that's the fur rug.

"Dearka for what, dwarf no"

Accidentally, I heard a carefree voice.

A horribly hairy grey monkey man looked at Kai, lowering his back to something like a big cushion with fur on it. You must be quite old, your voice is so small that it seems to creep and disappear.

It was definitely 'sheltered'. Because Kai was described as a powerful warrior of the dwarf, "Neighborhood Takeover" gradually appears in the face of its chief as well.

(More Fine Than Your Lord... "Five Years Old Divine Print (Think Questa)"...)

Kai also revealed his divine crest, understanding naturally that would be courtesy. Seeing the appearance of the hieroglyphs (Griffs), arguably the hallmark of the valley god, on Kai's forehead, not hidden in the mask, the chief of the Grey Monkey man opened his lid, which was thick and downward.

Graphic Marks (Griffs) can only appear in some powerful 'protective possessions'. I guess the ash monkeys also know that, the affront coming from the preconceived notion of letting the dwarves to the brink (...) speak for themselves (...) was instantly fogged.

"Are you the head of this herd?"

While Kai speaks out, he still considers the following words:

Discern, says the valley god. From such a fundamental point of view, Kai has to think about what the "discernment" should be.

But Kai didn't even have to worry, and things rolled out.

When the chief of the Grey Monkey tribe tried to stand up, and thought he was weak or broke into his forehead, he was lying flat rubbing his forehead all over the ground.

He shouted in his native language like he had even lost sight that the other person was a dwarf, and then finally became a dwarf word that Kai could hear as well.

"Ding (Kanae) no Great God (Wolf) yo!

Kai's unknown words popped up again.

Polek called the god of the valley 'the mediating god', and the armored warrior of the pig tribe uttered it 'the god of the valley'. It is probably also a uniquely rooted nomenclature for the Grey Monkey tribe against the possessed generations of its predecessors, who were famous.

The "protectors" of the ash monkeys who were there tried to rush to accompany the chief as he disturbed him, but he is so confused that he was driven away by his hand by himself.

Kai accidentally retreated only slightly as the sheikh leaned over. But only for a lagging minute, the chief also moves on. A little reluctant but patient, I knew I was stuck on my feet.

"Thank you Ancestral Spirit Noo Guided Kini! Ding (Kanae) No Great God (Wolf) My Ga Enclosure Nio Yishen..."

Even if the Chieftain tries to double his weight, Kai, who frees the power of protection, does not shake small. That was not a big deal in itself.

My hair stings and hurts like the wire of the Grey Monkey Man. I could have closed my eyes at this time.

"I, La clan, O, save the monkey guardian Ga, make Wasaleta!

It was most troublesome not knowing what I was talking about.