As a matter of course, Kai asked for an explanation. Even if it was suddenly taken away and made into a stream that would take us to the settlement of the Grey Monkeys without my knowledge, there is something convenient about Kai, and there was a fundamental decision about whether or not to go along with the action in the first place.

Of course I'm not willing to ask, such as wishes based on reasons I don't seem to understand. If it is inherently a problem within your own family, I wonder if it would be muscle to do something about it with self-help efforts. They fully envision Kai as one of the dwarves, and if so, it's not strange to take this as an external rescue request from the Grey Monkeys to the dwarves.

Besides, the dwarves... the Hachal clan, which Kai can see as belonging to, are the vagabonds who were uprooted, and the Great Grey Monkey Clan of the East Forest sought power, which is impossible. First, the Hachal clan had to be deprived of the help of their neighbors' fellow tribes and deprived of their villages and precious graveyards. I would have sidelined the tragedy. It is not very unlikely that the 'clans' would include the Grey Monkey Clan, etc.

Abandoning the other families' crisis and only helping them, it is quite possible that it is such a self-righteous structure.

So before I was explained, I also got confirmation about the relationship between the Grey Monkey Nation and the village of Hachal, and where we stand with each other.

So the chief spoke of a relationship that was not particularly bad, but within Kai's expectations… The Grey Monkeys naturally had a relationship with the dwarves of the village of Hachal, who produce handicrafts, and also understood that they had been deprived of their grounds by the Pig (Org) tribe. Now I step in a little and ask him, he even did a few solid acts of looting. There seemed to be no doubt that both tribes had such a power relationship that they could arrogantly say to the weak, who could not resist taking it, 'It is the price to miss it'.

You're no different than the pigs.

While I was frightened, I didn't throw out an argument about it because, of course, God in the Valley wanted me to 'identify'. I guess I perceived the danger that the 'thin love' for the dwarves of the village of Hachal, which my own people have done in the past, might return to us now exactly, the Grey Monkeys clearly put their anxiety on their faces, and when the sheikh began to gesture reasonably calmly, they began to show the same sleaze to imitate everyone who was present, and I was quite annoyed by this. I don't know if it's racially dull or if the skin on the surface is just thick again. I was also surprised that two female-like men lined up beside the chief started hairing from the side, but the one behind him reached out to mess with Kai's head hair and was knifed off with a hand knife in Kai's reflex behavior that detected the signs.

"" Groundrot (Chigusa) le "Ga Qi Cotta"

He began to talk about the crisis that was occurring within his clan, as if he were still convinced that Kai's full cooperation would be said.

East of the Great Forest, dominated by the Grey Monkeys, the land rotted and the trees began to dry up in a short period of time, he said. And it was at the edge of the chaos of the tribes living further north and north of the Great Forest, and the disturbance finally reached their domain of domination, the chief said, looking to Kai.

Of course Kai, who is listening, is in an admirable mayhem. Suddenly they talk about such a magnificent scale, but they don't have enough preliminary knowledge to keep up with understanding. God's composure in the valley, who is alone in throwing out his host, had barely kept Kai still.

Kai listened patiently, and the reasoning of the Ash Monkeys, who managed to sort it out in his brain, was like this on purpose.

(... the unknown plains where all the pigs lived across the forest, there are still some subracial areas in the 'North Limit', where they are being invaded by external enemies, and the massive amount of land being taken away by God destabilized the area and finally began to have its impact on the Great Forest,)

It is Kai who is still often difficult to understand about the 'specifications' of this world, rooted in the Land God. It is understandable that the land of other races God was taken away again and there were great fluctuations in the map of forces... but how does that manifest itself as a negative effect on the land of the Grey Monkeys, which is not directly related. I really don't understand the logic around it.

The chief keeps talking to Kai as if he understands them and deserves them.

Kai was attached to that long and wide tongue simply because the situation in the subhuman world was known and he was able to pick up some knowledge that would lead to the secrets of the Land God.

"" The North Limit "Nodi Niha, our no-fly Bidi, Ikutskaatta. Sole, together ni drink mi in mareta. Sokokara Curse, Hiro Gatta"

I guess I was doing the same to my other subracial counterparts in The Northern Limit, as I am still trying to take away the land god of the people here. The land God, who took it with greed, has been badly destroyed in line with its invasion of the 'outer enemy'. Because of this, a serious adverse effect (Bad Status) appeared on their other lands connected in some way.

What came to Kai's mind at that time was a 'curse' ritual directed at Orha and others, which was being carried out secretly in the villages of Erg and Eda. If the cemetery is defiled, the superior god who will be its closest parent will also have God's bitter chirping… Is it just the logic that when the curse occurs, things become contagious?

Anyway, it seems "ground rot" is what gets so serious that the land is cursed that it begins to wither away to the trees and crops.

And the foreign enemy that is breaking into its' northern limit 'is a monster that continues to threaten the subraces for a long time, called' What crawls from the snowfields (...) '.

It was such an unfamiliar story that it was Kai who was spitting on his brow and listening, but there he remembered that some of the recent information on the subracial neighborhood, told by a Cat man who was visiting the valley, had something to do with it.

(... Speaking of which, the main battlefield the pigs are now focusing on was just an external enemy from the north)

The conformance of the information from the two directions, which had not even been anticipated, aroused Kai's interest. The pigs, who boast considerable power in the subhuman world, buy supplies knowing that they can be blown by merchants in and out of the country, and yet a powerful enemy is attacking them from the north.

I didn't know if that 'outer enemy' was the same thing, but Kai intuitively felt that it would make the roots alike.

And the words of the chief that followed prompted Kai to make a decision.

"... Divine, it happened. The Lord Yi (Heju) was robbed of the evil god."

At that moment, the valley god screamed out like crazy.

It was a scream that cursed like a broken bell.

(Bad God (Diabo)!)

Was that also a profoundly causal word for the God of the Valley?

(Bad God (Diabo)!)

(Bad God (Diabo)!)

I knew clearly that it was not a matter of urgency.

Leaving the headquarters of the Grey Monkey tribe, Kai, once disguised in the woods, looked up at the thin-purple dyed sky in the morning burn and turned back to the village, thinking only for a moment, after being lost in going to the valley.

I had a lot to talk to Polek about.

but I also thought it was going to be quite a long time once the conversation started. The consultation was therefore to be held the next night.

I quickly moved through the dim, still uncut, and crossed the wall from the shady herbal garden by poking through the gaps of the soldiers of things. Once he lay down on the fence, wandering through the village, he passed down the great trees of the garden.

Thus Kai tried to return to the village life without any eating face, but his opponent appeared unexpectedly.

"... where have you been?"

By the way, Kai had forgotten to check the back of the tree he had told him to go down.

Speaking of which, it was also from here when I got out of the village. My instincts told me that it had been followed since then.

Elsa's sister, Lilitha, stood there staring at Kai. She was ambushed in this place long after Kai left the village.

To capture a secret scene.

"You've been seeing him, haven't you? Am I right?


"Why are you keeping quiet? Lili found you in a hurry."

"What are you talking about?"

Kai wasn't quite there, and he was exhausted from feeling from working out from yesterday in the first place. I just can't afford to feel like dealing with them, and I turn off my expression and just walk out.

Lilitha hastily caught Kai's clothes and was pulled aside.

"Wait, stop!

"What, what can I do for you"

"... where are you, Ra?!

"... Elsa is dead"

"Because lying like that doesn't work for Lili anymore! Just tell me! Let me see you!


A lot of words came up in Kai.

But without feeling as much as I dare to say, its mouth remains tucked against each other.

Kai was thirsty at this time when he saw and heard a lot of things. He had a grumpy look at the girl who said it was too little to take.

As soon as I looked into his eyes, Lilitha was letting Kai's clothes go.

That's how I spilled twitching tears through my eyes.

Then Lilitha just dropped off Kai, who walked out again.