Many soldiers looked up holding their breath and killing them as the night ruthlessly dyed the dawn. Sighs leaking from them tired become faint smoke and wind.

Everyone must have felt that the subordinates had 'tried' one of yesterday's attacks. If the next morning had come, the tragic killing that had increased before would have begun, and each one of us would have been prepared that this time I might have lost my life. Seeing the enemy figure there as it was yesterday, he takes a weapon in his hand and the soldiers are ready for battle.

That was some time after the night dawned.

It happened when the women started distributing white water to wake the soldiers.

From the position of the Grey Monkeys, one approached me thinking it was a slightly different colour 'sheltered'. He quickly paid the arrows released from the village with his hands, and one of them began to speak clearly in human language.

In the first place, many villagers who did not know that the Asians manipulated the language of the people, etc. first looked up to the matter, and then became even more surprised about the content of their mouths.

"I, La Morino Min, keep my word...... Dingno Guardian, Fight, Stop Mello Word Tta!

The ash monkey man's 'protective hold', while clearly expressing dissatisfaction, mouthed and, folding the stone axe pattern in his hand with his terrible arm power, placed it at his feet respectfully.

It was the 'rite of truce', which has been carried out among the subpeoples who pass it on from time immemorial, but there is no one in the people who understands it, and arrows are sporadically shot in.

"Guardian Sama, Kill Suna, Wordta. Patience sul, now dake!

That's how one of them broke the arrow he grabbed in the air with only a grip, slamming it to the ground and then turning back to his formation.

That was how their howling spread out one after the other, as signaled.

"... have you begun to retreat? They did?

Reported Rag village lord, Molok Vezin, I guess he couldn't believe it just when he heard, when he immediately left the castle hall and went up to the northern barrier, he looked at the enemy's main formation, which seemed from there to push the soldiers he was looking at.

Hundreds of people who were wrapping around the village were already assembling in the main formation, and it was clear how the gray hairballs were gathering together to do something flourishing. The task seemed to be the removal of positions, such as a defensive fence, installed briefly, so as to prove that the declaration against the people was true.

Or if that was a deception, it would have easily slipped out of the back the defense of the village of Rag, which is completely alarmed and gathered on the north side. The more elusive the other protections were, the villagers were obsessed with the trends of the Grey Monkeys.

So before the sun plunged into Jomtien, when I saw the troops truly retreating, the villagers' voice of joy finally began.

"... us, you won"

"Yay! They're really coming home!


"We didn't die!

"I'm so grateful!

We clapped each other's hands and hugged each other.

Inside, he even hugged Vezin by mistake and nearly broke his spine with one hand by the strongest 'shelter holder' in the village, who kept making fun of him. Vezin laughed loudly from the bottom of his belly, and the soldiers who were sticking on top of the fence with Vasco and Setta's life on the line threw out their weapons and danced. The joy soon spreads into the village, and the damned cheers of the women follow and spread inside the fence.

A window called the window of the castle hall opens, and the women who were riding themselves out of it also explode with joy and bang the window frame, then rush to the inside, as they panicked. I guess he went to deliver the reward to the Lords.

From there it was no longer like a festival noise.


A woman running in bright red in her face raised her voice to the joy of not being able to reveal even as she was forced to be rude by the woman of her age who was inside.

"The enemy has fled! The village... I'm so grateful!

Jose, who was to wake his upper body on the bed to receive that reward, was not completely demodulated from his illness last night, but raised his blood on that cheek, which was blue and white, and asked back small, "Are you sure?" He grins back at the woman who gives her a good nod and tries to get out of bed straight away.

Jose drifts out of the room to shake it off, although your ladies rush to stop it. So I face my brother Orha, who is still not pale, who is somewhat better than me, and empathize with the lack of luck of siblings and laying on the floor at the same time with bitter eyes.

"... shame on you both"

"... yeah, really"

I guess the height of temper is still the brothers and sisters who divided the blood.

On the back of his brother, who tries to turn to the villagers' comfort with a slightly more unpleasant foothold, his sister also begins to walk with a shoulder lent to a woman accompanying him. My brothers and sisters have been slapped from their childhood into the way they behave as a family of lords who stand above people.

It was a reality that we would have been expected to defend at the heart of the battle as "protectors," and that even desperate residents had been overloaded with extra loads. Needless to say, my brothers and sisters were born in a hurry when I woke up and I was informed of it farther away.

Even if we were lucky enough to lay low on the hospital bed at that time, only a fraction of the people, such as the inhabitants, who would absorb such circumstances, and the vast majority know that they will only believe what they listen to as they see it.

The brothers and sisters unconsciously searched the house for the figure of their father to those who survived the life-threatening attack, and realized that we had already missed it by not being able to find that figure.

The brothers and sisters, who had left the castle while obeying their companions, looked for their father, who would be at the center of the noise, as they spoke to the large number of villagers who were entering after a cup of joy. As a member of the Lordship, I think of all the usual people standing next to their fathers.

But slightly he found his father laughing surrounded by soldiers on the fence, and he stepped out there. The two saw one boy soldier approaching him as he was invited by his father to push his back by his companions.

The eyes of the villagers are sent at all costs to their father and his boy soldiers.

And I saw a boy soldier stroked to shake his head around by his father, held up at the next moment, as his siblings did at an early age… lightly shouldered to reveal my son.

"My lord!

"Master Vegin!

His father was hailed and, in the same way, the name of the boy soldier was screamed.



"You are our pride!

With one eye, the boy soldier… I found out that Kai played an important role in the village defense. Jose, who still knew Kai's powerful doubles of "Almost", had some parts to be good at, but he felt that Orha had been robbed by a weed-like child who didn't even know where he was supposed to be.

To his brother, who stopped with his eyes open, Jose said, "Brother" with the intention of gently urging him.

But Olha, who remains standing still even when his sister overtakes him, doesn't move.

That's how Jose saw it. A divine crest floats on the face of Orha, who is standing up eating up his teeth, while his emotions are high.

My brother and sister's eyes met. Noticing the eyes of his concerned sister, he turned his heel back to shake it off, turning his foot toward his father in a different direction, where he approached those who were looking up on the fence here.

Jose saw such a change in Orha's attitude and only sighed small. A prized brother often bent his navel immediately whenever he had something he didn't like from an early age to make his surroundings worry. Usually swinging the adults around was enough to satisfy that self-esteem and the mood healed after a while.

Sometimes his health was still unexpected, and Jose stopped worrying about his brother. I thought it was because she was an adult enough, and now she didn't have the looseness of the other feelings she was putting on.

My brother turned his back on my father and my sister walked over without hesitation.

I managed to climb through the difficult steps of lending my shoulders to your companions, and mixed them with my father's new circle of heroes (Kai). The weakness of the sickness was not such as to impair her natural beauty, and the poor princess could have been part of the glorious single painting of the glorious Lords (Moloch) family.

Kai, who was on Vezin's shoulder when he saw Jose approaching, scratched his head with a tight shyness. Seeing it, Jose must have recalled his previous whereabouts with him, turning a bright grin as flowers blossomed in white fun.

The Moroccans, alone, defeat the Great Attack of the Grey Monkey Nation.

Rumors of the victory of Rag Village spread around the edge of the soil at a hourly rate, thanks to the victory news to the state capital at Whitehead Eagle and the popular spread to neighboring villages.

Touching the newspaper, Baltarabe Tubu, who was struggling with the compilation of his forces, was temporarily furious with the Moroccan family, who had uttered a false statement about what was stupid, but then got the verity of the truth and rounded up the order he was spelling and threw it into the fireplace, he said. So he laughed and praised Moroccan Horse Vegin's martial authority and the struggle of the inhabitants that "Iron Taurus (Tor)" had slaughtered the monkeys with horns.

The "Feast of the Winter Solstice", whispered until the suspension for the time being, was to be opened as usual, and its formal invitation was issued to each Lordship. The letter of celebration of the victory over the village of Rag was delivered with its invitation. It would have been considerably cheaper to gather troops to march on, given later, even accompanied by an inventory of rewards, and the Moroccans were to greatly apply their face as the leading soil marquis in the eastern part of the soil.

The small neighboring lords, who refused to help and watched, also sent a celebratory messenger to the village of Rag to help rebuild the settlement, albeit with little hardware. Such a change in attitude as to return its palms was, of course, the result of the cynical action taken to draw the forces of the village of Rag into its own village, which bounced off the attack of the Grey Monkey tribe 1000, but the Moroccans received all that was sent without saying a word. We didn't hesitate to take everything we could, but it was each other who had cash.

Shortly afterwards, we celebrated the arrival of a full-scale winter around the soil.

Bright white snow covered the earth, just as bloody strife to the brink and so forth did not even exist from the beginning.