"... Lord"

Porek, bowing his head respectfully, spoke largely.

"... I went to the Grey Monkey (Makak) tribe, as the Lord said. I would like to begin by reporting that I have received a worthy welcome in the name of the Lord. There is no one to insult the dwarf (Colol) tribe, and we disclose everything without hiding a terrible desolation disaster, and the Great Leader himself begs for a visit from the Lord."


"It seems to be true, without a doubt, that there have been those who have impersonated the cemetery and have been transformed into 'evil gods'. 'Evil God' tries to dye the area around with its filth, like ink dropped in the water. If we don't wipe it out soon, the Great Forest may have an irrevocable and terrible 'ground rot' spread."

Kai, who could not take much of the physical movement, sent Polek as a nominee to the main Yi (Heju) that the Grey Monkey tribe had been vandalized, and made him listen. After thorough understanding and consideration of the results, it was intended to determine the power to the Grey Monkey Nation.

Of course, Kai himself knew too much about things. There was also a desire to understand the factual relationship accurately through the eyes of an elderly man named Polek.

The Grey Monkeys gave up their fight against the village of Rag and retreated, of course, because Kai offered it as the minimum condition for giving it power. It's just that Kai's people were never made enough to keep attacking the village and saving the 'enemy'. If the attacks were to continue, it would naturally be virtually impossible for Kai, who is expected to leave the village, so if they were to persevere in the taking of the Erg God, the Edda God, Kai would have abandoned the plight of the Grey Monkeys without any hesitation whatsoever.

Of course, their readiness to challenge people during such a tough season was quite strong, albeit predictable. Kai also understood the strategic point that "it is only in winter that we will have time to prepare for the great army of later peoples".

They therefore wanted to take the defensive robust village of Rag in an intact form as quickly as possible in a winter unfit for this march.

And it seems one of the aims was to take away the massive reserves that people would have made on that vast farmland. I also heard allegations that the food shortage has grown considerably this year throughout the constantly contending Grey Monkey tribe with others in unseen places. I don't think you're kidding, but creatures are things that end up hungry. It was also not difficult for those living in poor soil to understand that it could be a reason for decency.

What kind of sari do you think, says Polek?

It all depends on the Lord's decision, but if you are intelligent enough to listen and normally just feel a sense of crisis… if you can imagine the possibility of adverse effects spinning around and reaching into an important valley, you didn't want to realize that in the end the decision to "do" is all there anymore.

The main Yi of the Grey Monkey Nation is said to be about two days each way on Polek's feet. To the east of the Great Forest, by a lake filled with abundant spring water, the ash monkeys dug countless caves into the rocky mountains and connected them, they said, shaping a huge settlement around a huge nest called the "Great Bullion Nests (Dehousi)", combined with nests on trees that also gather around it.

It seems that the view of the main Yi seen by the guided Polek was quite terrible. A pale report continues that he escaped to the lake and drowned, leaving many remains uncollected, that the water was rotten, the trees withered away, and that the smell of turkey rot was as bad as it was likely to bend his nose. Was there also a fire in the "Grand Hive (Dehousi)", and the black smoke continues to rise from several holes. A divinely transformed pillar of disastrous god in it… The Grey Monkeys speculate that 'evil god (Diabo)' is lurking and that he may have lived in the royal castle compartment where the Great Leader lives, devouring food for the precious overwinter that was stored there.

By the way, the king that binds all the Grey Monkey tribes, the 'Great Leader', was a survivor and apparently was evacuating to a nearby village.

"... can't you win with something like that 'Great Leader'"

Having spoken frankly to Kai, Porek prefaced "The Evil God (Diabo)" with this eye, and then spoke of the view that was in me.

Ugh, if there were enough prospects of winning, I can guess that the "Great Leader" should have responded well by mobilizing the rest of the clan, and that the fact that it hasn't been done means that it "can't win".

Therefore, it is said that they thirsted for a safe winter overpass, a 'new land' where they would eat up the people's territory.

A supplement was immediately added based on the fact that Kai would not understand the difference in his power with the 'evil god (Diabo)'.

"Divine deities, transformed into 'evil gods (Diavo)', begin to take away the grace they were giving to the land in reverse, so it is often the case that divine authority is purely loaded up for that matter and begins to wield terrible power. If further crusaders do not show up and give them time for no reason, they will even begin to take away the power of other lands, and will fatten and fatten the divine prestige indefinitely. It did, but at the end of the day, it improbably increased its power from its original divinity…"

I could see that Polek said something abominable.

After I got lost in the words, which seemed difficult to say,

"... itself (...) wanders around ugly as it wields great calamity, eventually cursing even me to death, allegedly spraying blood out of seven holes. The land cursed by his (or) disastrous god is spoken of as (...) spraying darkness and sinking (...) into darkness after rotting and cracking and crushing, as blood from the bottom of the earth"


Kai did not know and trembled.

As I touched upon every strange abomination I had not known, I let myself be left alone.

Kill him!

Kill the evil god!

God screamed. And I guess God in that valley understands what the urgency means. And I felt because the God of the Valley was called the 'Conciliator God' on the one hand and the 'Guardian' on the other.

My predecessors... I guess the survival of an ancient people so long ago that they couldn't pass on their names kept an eye on a strip of land for as long as its number of lives lasted. Whether coincidental or inevitable, I have even continued to do what I could only do because of the power of God's grace in the given valley. After the ancient people to whom I belong disappeared, they may have just kept doing so to protect their beloved valley.

Kai thinks.

This was given, perhaps, to the possession of God in the valley, a duty.

"... well. Okay."

"... Lord"

"I'll kill you."

"... Yes, sir."

We need to put aside the ash monkey tribe and the human race at this time.

There is no doubt that the crusade of "The Evil God (Diabo)" is probably a challenge that needs to be fulfilled at the top of the list.

Two days each way. Four days round trip.

If you're going to spend a few days fighting locally, you have to make sure you have 10 days. But naturally, if he had disappeared for so many days, he couldn't have been betrayed by his people.

(... need to do something about why)

Contact with the Grey Monkeys is at Polek's disposal. The protector of the mask is thought to be a dwarf (Colol) tribe, so it is not uncomfortable for that clan romantic party to move at Kai's will.

Besides, there are not only dwarves in Kai, but also the hands and feet of the deer (Ouzel) clan of things that are not so numerous yet. When so many problems arise, I feel the strengths of hitting it in a group. I imagine it would be possible if more followers were gathered in the valley, or to create a combative group apart from Kai individuals. In carrying out the responsibilities assumed by the God of the Valley, it may become imperative to have such a separate working combat organization.

Divide with Polek and descend into the valley, indulge in the leisure time spent with Aruet and Nirn, the two girls, and visit Elsa, who still sleeps unconsciously. Lately I haven't been happy in a long time to hear that if I let a little water in my mouth, it started to move my throat.

"Lord, I laughed."

When Nilun laughed softly as he pulled the tube out of Elsa's mouth, Aroue also grinned at his mouth. I stroked my head knowing I was letting you two rub your mind before I knew it. While busy, I leave the care of Elsa to both of you.

"If it's a reward, it's time you put your hands on it."

"Lord, we also have the 'medicine', right?


It was Kai who saw the two of them as priceless in their unexpected accomplishment, but he didn't even move his feelings in particular, so he finished with a word "of which".

Even if the two men, who have failed to pay the reward, fight together to push Kai down into the bed behind them, they are gently pinched up with both hands and thrown away. Both of them laughing happily at being thrown like that were still old enough to remain naive.

(... meet you!)

When I saw Elsa's sleeping face, the sister's face suddenly came to mind.

Will he be happy if he sees his sister safe, too? Will you laugh? I thought I didn't even want to do it.