Winter solstice feast.

It is a regular ceremony held in the state capital (Baltavia) in the spirit that Baltar, the largest lord of the soil, gathers his children to ascertain their ties.

Choose a harsh winter and it will be done because only this season, when the edge soil is covered in snow and the incursion of external enemies is interrupted, will free the 'protectors' from their duty to be lords and guardians. In order to enjoy the few opportunities available to vacate the territory, the Horizontal Lords respond comfortably to the invitation of the visiting parent Baltar Horizontal Uncle and lead the Brotherhood Party to the state capital. The name "Feast of the Winter Solstice" also seems to be a naturally occurring fixation from such things.

Of course it is difficult to get around the carriage in the winter because of the considerable depth of snow in some places. Thus, it is common for lords everywhere to accompany only those that can tread through the snow.

If it were a neighborhood, or a robust soldier, it would have been possible to take him. However, in the distant case, the itinerary is no longer viable, so it is often difficult to tread on the soil of the state capital in the harsh winter only to the "sheltered" person or a handful of soldiers who have come to have deviant powers.

The Moloch family was to be joined at the feast by three people as authentic guests. In the three pillars of the Moloch family known as Needlessness, they are Vezin, Orha, and Jose. Jose was the first participant this year.

And it was unusual in the Moloch family, a distance from the state capital, but it was decided that one boy soldier would accompany him as an escort.

"Only your sister is sloppy!

Whether you are a sibling who divided the same blood, having or not shelter greatly changes its treatment.

Only 'sheltered' and very few 'invitees' are allowed to take the stage of socialisation called 'Feast of the Winter Solstice', and no matter how special they are treated in the village, they are not allowed to participate in the ceremony merely because they are the sons of the Lords. On the contrary, it can also be assumed that only "sheltered" should be treated as a nobleman on the marginal soil, and that the upper society considers it. Just because you're related doesn't mean you don't have a face in the social world.

Orha and Jose, the two brothers and sisters are the sons of the First Lady Catalina, and there is no shelter out of the sons of the Second Lady Falda. Against Catalina, whom she married from the Bofoy family, lord of the neighbouring village, Falda, the Second Lady, was a mouth with her hands from the side service, from which she was just a village woman.

Our Lord Vegin publicly declares that he chose to be his heir because he found qualities in both of them, but there were a few who implicitly speculated that the First Lady's blood muscles had been prioritized or that the Bofoy family had turned their hands.

Larna, the eldest daughter of the Second Lady, falls under one of Jose's. Although her mother gave her flax-colored hair was beautiful, her slightly lower nose was marked by a blur, and she was always envious of her sister Jose's stainless white skin.

I also overheard Jose being ordered to accompany me on The Winter Solstice Feast that day, and then I kept saying, "Shit! Continues to call out." Her mother, Falda, had become a quiet one, a woman who continued to rot so as not to cause discord in the home, but such a modest mother's attitude was more irritating to Larna.

The other sisters, who are realizing how Vezin is plummeting more and more in a mood, are leaning down and getting smaller if they can't be pissed off all the way to themselves.


"Mother, shut up! Hey, Father! I want to go too, Larna!

"... Larna, please"

"Only your sister is sloppy! Only your sister is sloppy! Only your sister is sloppy!

Just as Falda, the bluer mother, grabs her arm and tries to take her out of the room, but sees through the kindness of her father, who doesn't raise her hand directly against the woman, so Larna waves off so that her mother's hand can also burst, stepping on the estate like a child.

And Orha, who looked fed up in the bottom of his heart, said, "Then you can take him," so the regiment of lords finally couldn't pack up.

"... it's also troublesome to keep listening to the waste. Why don't you let yourself experience how tough winter 'outside' is"

"... Your brother!

Though Larna, mistaken for a covered one, presents a delightful colour, she soon becomes again grumpy at the terrible things that came out of Orha's mouth.

"... most of all, I don't think someone will be negative because I'm tired, etc. With those two legs, you walk through the snow without anyone's help to Baltavia. It's a long journey of 1,000 yurds from this village to the state capital. With your feet, you'll be able to get to the state capital in a hundred days."

The Winter Solstice Feast is coming up a month later. That calculation is an account that we can't leave in time now, and it seems that Larna, who doesn't like the calculation, soon made fun of us.

In fact, it is a forced snowy march because it is a 'sheltered' problem, and Olha, an experienced man, has traveled that long distance in roughly five days by rushing through 1,000 yurds to the state capital in bright daylight last year. Even Orha, the "protector," was a pretty tough march.

In order for Larna to go to The Feast of the Winter Solstice, she actually only has enough hands to get her father or brother to negate her. Even Jose, who is nevertheless "sheltered," was about to be discussed, such as the sharing to bear before this happened, even though it was difficult to rush through on his own feet until the end because it was the first time. There are circumstances in which Uncle Balter herself is inviting her as the 'beautiful princess' of the Moroccan family, and that argument was certainly not to be discussed in the same row again.

But the two princesses, in Larna, did not seem to do so.

If it were to be the same negative, I'd like to go myself...... For Larna, Jose was only one older, only her sister in her subjectivity, so I could only interpret the difference in treatment as a good one.

"... it seems like it would negatively affect you... like an example of a 'shelled tombie'. If you really want to, why don't you cry to him?"

"Stop it, Orha"

Finally, Vezin vomited a voice containing frustration.

"Shelled tombies" are the words of a young man who has gained great power but does not know how to behave, who has just hatched into a tombi chick. Of course, a boy soldier who decided to accompany him to the "Winter Solstice Feast" was about Kai.

And Larna, stared straight at him, jumped out of the room to escape from his father's manners, wondering if he had carefully flooded him with tears. A word of Vezin stopped those who tried to chase their backs.

"Leave him alone for a while. That seems a little too spoiled."

Larna, Farda's first child, accumulates depression in the invisible 'difference in treatment' between the First and Second Ladies. The value of Jose and Rana as nobles of their two sisters will be greatly separated by whether or not they go out to the "Winter Solstice Feast," a precious social place for the beside earth nobility.

Jose, who had remained silent because I had been one of the causes of the noise, looked more at the entrance where his sister had gone out to caress and sighed with a hiss.

For Jose, who has been deprived of the reign of the cemetery and has gone through the experience of being cursed, it is only a matter of exact burdens, such as the half-way escort that is losing this power. She was trembling in fear as she headed to cleanse the tainted graveyard, where she was dug back to the ground section and saw the fruit of being stained bright red with blood on top of the inscription being cut off. Her heart was shaking violently as if it had been swept out by someone else who knew nothing about it.

The number of inhabitants of the village of Rag continues to decrease year after year. It's not very much as it is, but we can't expect it to be what it takes to regain control of the lost village of Eda and ensure the safety of the cemetery.

Even when it comes to going to "Winter Solstice Feast," it's only for half-engagement, and we can only hope that the other guy, Tubor's sixth child, has enough cleverness to protect this abandoned village.

(... if it's something I can give you, I can give it to you right away)

That's how Jose listens to the "Winter Solstice Feast" related family meeting that began as she forgot about Rana who left, while thinking about Kai, the "Shelled Tombi" boy who has decided to head with the state capital.

Vezin has a heartbeat that he will easily tread his winter journey, which spans 1,000 yurds, if any. Did my father, who said that happily, notice that his brother was clogging his voice? It is not hard to imagine that my brother, who was forced to accept the God of a land that has also lost control, is now in the same danger as all of us. Now my brother had asked my father to build a settlement in the old village of Erg when a new spring arrived. He was thrust that he couldn't separate fewer residents, but his feelings were similar to those of Jose.

If I were to build a new village in the old village of Eda, I think I would need enough villagers and a strong companion to protect the village. In the imagination of a strong companion, that boy appeared on the fence, and I didn't know it. Around the cheek, it got hot. If it's a rootless' about to ', it's just as good for a role like that.

(... Your father intends to take that child into the Moloch family. That's not surprisingly likely to happen...)

I already have a lot to go with that boy. Blurry, but surprisingly army, and I know he's a surprisingly caring, gentle man.

Even if that happened, Jose noticed herself not to dislike it.

About half a month later, four people head to the state capital where the "Winter Solstice Feast" takes place. During that journey, I thought Jose might not be a bad long journey in the cold, considering that he might see a lot of aspects of a boy named Kai.

Would the family meeting have lasted about a half an hour since then? Mother Falda ran the sidelines, guided by Larna, who had no sign of coming back at all during that time.

That's how I couldn't find the figure in my room or in the castle, and the women came back in a hurry.

The family was still somewhere pompous and not in crisis.

And slightly one side service rushed into the room.

"... the horse!

I guess I've been running, a woman screamed in her breath.

Seasonal pattern, horses can't even come from around.

"There was one horse missing!

Larna never came back to her room.

On the contrary, he never even returned to the castle that night.

The village made a fuss like flipping a pot.