The first thing that popped into Kai's ear was the cry, "The horse was stolen".

If a very valuable horse had been stolen in the soil, it would not have been known what blame it was on those who had taken care of it, so the parties and their surroundings were the first to wreak havoc and the surroundings moved in unison to try to help them do something about it, so instantly they fell into an uncollected situation.

"... Stolen horses? Who, how"

"I see you don't see the semals on our show. I thought the guys from the squad went looking for you alone."

"I don't know, why did the village gate open?"

"... I don't know, dude"

Anyway, the story that spread to people's mouths lacked reliability, and there was a lot of content that made them twist their necks.

That's how a castle lady jumped in to the noisy soldiers and conveyed the Lord's orders, finally figuring out the full story, including the ill-conceived ones.

The princess of the Lordship, Lady Rana, bent her navel to the Lord's decision and flew out of the village. And the bouncing princess sobbed at a young man who was secretly in his hand and turned him away from the village with him, stealing him all the way to the horse at the guide of a man, thinking of the long way to the state capital, far to walk. That's what happened, apparently.

Because the young man, Semal, was a livestock caregiver and a truly beginner to women, many people knew that he had long been used as an experimental bench to test my colorful incense by La Na. They must have cried and dropped the corn.

As a result, Kai Squad, the youngest leader, was brilliantly drawn to the "hit" by deciding who would do it in the example of the "stick tag". Outside the village there was so much snow that my shoes sank.

Faceko, who left the village together, is not much different from that when he went for the depths of the example forest. Or everyone was angry that the one up there was skipping too much because he was older.

"... just catch him and go back to the village. That's good."

At Kai's behest, three squadrons begin to follow in the footsteps of the annoying selfish princess clearly left on the snowfield. The tracking itself had no element to get lost in.

It was just a hassle that the princess, who would be leggy enough, was gaining distance at that speed because she was traveling on a horse. The promising soil plains can be seen far away, so when we started looking for them, we thought we'd all find them soon.

I didn't know that would be such a development.

"Hey, you okay!

The first thing I discovered was the appearance of Semal, who was fluttering through the snowfields.

Semal, who apparently got kicked in the back leg of a horse, was holding his stomach and enduring the pain.

"... I tried to stop you. I thought if I kept going, I'd let you die... so"

No matter how much the scorching princess asks, it is crazy to jump out of the village with momentum unprepared for food and cold... Semal, who regained his calm, said that Lady Larna was waving the reins as she continued to persuade the village to turn back and resist it so hard.

And the horse rumbled. The horses themselves must have been quite frustrated by the fact that they had originally been run through unfamiliar snow. All of a sudden he kicked Semal in the direction of the day after tomorrow.

If you look at it, the horse's running trail continues in the snowfield.

Until this point, he said he was headed to the true west where the state capital was located, but after a detachment from Semal, he continued to the woods to the north.

"Hey, aren't the woods around here?"

"A little further west would be the village of Bagna."

"... you mean there might be pig bastards lurking around there"

"Oh no, we can't do this alone."

Of course not, these woods only have lizards (laggarts) sleeping in the wetlands this season, and there is no sign of even pigs (orgs). The world of pigs (orgs) lies on the plains all the way north of the woods.

While listening to conversations from fellow Americans who did not know the subhuman world in the woods, Kai was thinking of something completely different in his head, without even giving me any yawns, such as that I was well-informed.

"I'll go first."

Crushed, Kai walked out.

It is a lot more accustomed to the company of the squad, but recently Kai came to the board as a leader who could suddenly instruct people. Other squad members have been obeyed at some point by the momentum of Kai, who gives instructions.

"Nails have fast legs. Your squad will return to the village and pull help."

"... ok"

"Chito will follow me with our squad. Don't go into the woods. Wait for me to come back. I'll call you if I have to."


"... Kai, I think the lizards are quiet in the winter, but don't be alarmed. If you're eaten, we can't go in there."

"... I know. Manso wants a squad without me."

That's how Kai ran out at once.

The run was like an arrow released from a squeezed bow. He quickly leaves his people on the spot, scattering the accumulated surface layer of snow.

Of course still, if you look from Kai, you weren't even half as powerful as you were when you headed to the valley. Kai has had quite a bit of experience with the way he shows his power when it comes to holding protection or not.

While my people are out there, they start to follow me a little late. At the end of the day, Kai concentrated on going ahead.

(... In the winter, the subhuman barely moves either. The old man should be fine)

I jumped into the woods.

And before long, I discovered a horse. The woods are neither open nor comfortable enough for them to run around freely.

Looking around that horse, I could find a much less clumsy 'ass'. I guess the horse shook me down and stuck me straight out of my head in the snow bubble. White legs were popping out of the clothes, but Kai's mind still hasn't noticed so much color.

Instead, I'm just a little angry with that nasty 'ass', about as much as I stuck that 'ass' around with my toe on half of the survival confirmation.

Confirming that he had not heard back, he held his legs by his sides and pulled them out of the snow without me. My clothes and hair were already messed up, and as a woman, a lot of important things had been ruined.

Still breathing, making sure his life didn't have anything else, Kai fixed his clothes from some blame and even paid for the snow on his hair to do it. Lady Larna does not wake up at all.

(This could be the one called 'Chansu')

Kai had the slightest idea of being awesome. And the conditions for realizing the plot were oddly aligned in front of me.

Kai lifted Lady Larna to her shoulders like luggage, then approached the horse who was about to grab the bark of the tree, forcing her nose to pull and reorient with that suspicious force.

"You go home now."

The horse showed resistance to the overly abusive treatment, but as Kai caught a close eye, he was painfully stimulated by his survival instincts, and the horse suddenly quieted down and walked out on his crappy feet with his ass slapped.

The horse will be protected by nature and his companions, as he is returning the way he originally came. Kai also knew that he didn't know the exact price but was a terribly expensive creature.

(Well, let's do it before this woman wakes up)

Kai rushed further into the woods with Lady Larna in his arms.

There was no shadow of them in the low wetlands of the Lizard (Lagart) tribe, making sure they were nestled in a hole warehouse on the shore, and then rushed through the middle of the frozen waters of the wetlands with a word of no.

And I go deeper and deeper with what I'm used to. It was, of course, his beloved valley and our imprint of the area.

One hand gently strangled Master Rana, who was about to wake up along the way, and Kai rolled in is Hachal village, a dwarf village on the edge of the valley. The village, which was hit by the strange warmth of the valley and did not have much snow, had many figures of villagers working outside. They saw Kai and threw out the work and came together.


"Unusual! While it's still bright."

"If you're free, please come to my house"

"No, no, then come to us"

"Hey, somebody, get the chief!

It is always the night when it is decided to come to the valley. About when Kai hung on the first death, such as visiting this place from the bright side.

To Polek, who had been called by the villagers, Kai lowered his shoulder 'luggage' to show him what the errand was about. Seeing a tribal girl lying at Kai's feet, Polek said something wrong: "Is it the new Lady of the Lord?"

"... keep this child for a while"

"… and my name is"

"She's the daughter of the lord of the village where I am. I don't know why, but I ran away from home a while ago and I'm a woman destined to be caught (...) by a dwarf from now on"

"Because the Lord has been grabbed?

"... you decide to do that and keep me locked up over there for a while"

Kai seemed to have somehow perceived the situation, and I bragged to Polek that I could conspire.

"Because she is the daughter of your master, people will always be sent out to search for her if she goes missing. If I raise my hand to the searcher, I can go to the example" Diabo "in the next few days."

"… then let us keep it between us"

"Pretty much like a horse, so if you don't listen, you can hit him for a little while."

"... that's just about it. Lord."

"I didn't mean to leave much trace, but I might be able to find it. Everybody just turn it off."

"... when will you leave for the main Yi (Heju) of the Grey Monkey People (Makaku)?

"As soon as forgiveness comes out, I'll go. I have another appointment after that."

"Then I'll rush the schedule."

"I asked for it."

Thus, Kai returned to the spot where he discovered the horse, looking only at the valley and shaking off the untrained.