The princess of the Lordship was captured.

The search for the soldiers who came after them was carried on at all costs until the sun went down.

And the multiple suspicious footprints that followed from the discovered location of the horse, which became a valuable clue in the not ridiculous results… just one point led to the conclusion that "Master Rana must have been grabbed by the subpeople".

It has also been reported that Kai, who had preceded him, has returned and that there is already no sign of a princess in the area. After receiving a report from Vasco, who took command after the reinforcement rendezvous, Vezin said he had only a moment of intense anger and punched the wall.

It is common sense of those who live in the soil to see what treatment a woman caught by a sub will receive. And if you keep scratching your unhelpful feet trying to take it back, even a small number of other people's lives will be at risk.

If the counting is a ruler that can be crowded, you will soon have realized that the results are not commensurate with the risks. Only in the winter, which is inherently empty, was it not difficult to manpower the search, but it was never possible for my child to enter into a dangerous forest where the risk of death arose… it was the mountain of Sekiyama that carried out such a halfway treatment to a degree of rest.

Falda and her siblings, the mother of Larna's fruit, cried at the attitude of our Lord, who swallowed up the rough emotions after only a few moments, and Jose, conscious enough to inspire Larna's dissatisfaction, also said that the "protectors" themselves would lead a search party to search the woods.

Even in the dangerous woods, Jose said that if "sheltered" were accompanied, he would be able to get to considerable depth while eliminating the danger, and was scolded by his father when he actually began to develop himself.

"Do you think the fierce subordinates will be afraid of you when you are suspicious?" Plus, what if something happens to my daughter's skin that leaves her a scratch!

The speed of giving up on life may be like the half-heartedness of those who live on the marginal soil. Seeing Jose scolded, his mother Falda also withdrew her inseparable plea and declared herself at ease with the decision of the winning Vegin. Orha cut his holy mark at the end of the fate of his stupid half-sister, and Jose was beaten by the helplessness of my grace.

The regiment of lords, who would otherwise have been gorgeous before the "Feast of the Winter Solstice," became wordless as they were made to bathe in cold water.

The decision that Vezin had thus troubled as a father and showed for my daughter was a short-term, limited search in the Great Forest, selecting those who possessed the appropriate force and were highly capable of survival. In the end, it was a search by "guardian."

Initially it seemed to be a formula to hold Orha in his charge, but Vezin, who changed his mind on the brink, once again set an arrow of white feathers upon one.

Of course, the person was about Kai.

With things going according to the prospects, Kai was inward-nosed to my "wisdom plot".

He returns to the village from the first search, and even as his companions are suspicious, he immediately begins to prepare for his journey. The stretched nose was no longer a momentum that reached heaven, because its preparation had just borne fruit and even Satanic Manso had let go of his "well anticipated" praise.

Most importantly, after being asked a lot about the selection after that, and finding out that there were quite a few partial coincidences, he seemed to have returned to normal driving.

Initially, Vegin was trying to abandon the search itself. The first person to flirt with it was Jose, who insisted on eating it down via the Woman's Union, where I could exercise my influence.

And it seems the truth was that the bowl came around to Kai because what was responsible for the search and the first expected Orha hated the hassle of "you just have to let him do it shelled".

Well, anyway, as planned.

Kai secured a large quantity of food and dried potatoes from Adelia in the pantry, and when he also packed all the tents and more clothing for long-term action in the snow into the borrowed backpack, he stood up lightly carrying it. The backpack is specially made with a backpack (soy sauce) to be used during harvest, etc., so when packed in bread, it swells to the size of a few Kai himself.

"... carry that on your back, in the snow... well, can't you?"

"It's okay, see"

"Oh, hey, don't jump! It's spilling!

"Kai, don't go hanging out."

My squad mates also know the rigor of the task of entering the woods alone and continuing to search for people for days. When I procured the dried potatoes, they joined me and talked to Jia Jie (Adelia). Manso was brushing Kai's knife for me during the night.

And two days after Larna went missing, Kai left the village of Rag. Quite a few people came out to drop me off. Kai walked out of the bland snowfields waving at them, waiting to lose sight of the village, and ran out at once.

It is, of course, the valley over there. What a convenience as Larna's missing land is there as well.

It is close to a miracle to win the freedom to act individually, albeit only a few days from a community called 'Village'. Kai laughed so he could play as he ran through the snow thinking and looked up to see his bounced breath turn into white smoke.

I went around without meaning, tried jumping from a little help, and really played innocently like a child.

Running by the village of Bagna as well because he didn't have to hide himself, the village soldiers must have seen him, the sightings made a little noise about who had been doing it from afar. The village of Bagna, with extremely few men, now seems to be the work of the women until the imperceptions of the soldiers, with the woman's tall voice, "Stop!" When they yelled, "I even worried that I was sorry but I was really okay.

Kai is traveling with the permission of the Moroccan family today, so he is being held a small crest flag for times like this. As I spread the hand flag dyed with the Moroccan family crest in my left hand, the soldiers from the confirmed village of Bagna waved.

Life on the marginal soil, where the number of people continues to decline, has become lonely year after year. In the village of Bagna, where a man has died obviously because of his particular work, I guess the love affair is considerably recruited. Kai's well-wisely eared, female soldier's "Don't die! I was hearing voices."

So Kai went into the woods, and reached our valley without so much effort.

After speaking to Polek and urging him to prepare, he goes down to the bottom of the valley to visit the cabin.

The valley, which says it's winter already but has no signs of snow at all, is so warm that its breath doesn't turn white. The trees did not shed their leaves, nor did they shine in the blue and in the sun, as if the end of the summer was still there.

Alueh, who knew Kai was going to the land of the Ash Monkeys, had prepared all sorts of food so that one double-eater's husband wouldn't be hungry on the road. Its absurd quantities of dried fruit and potatoes brought out of the shed steamed and trimmed cakes, and fish dried, etc., are packed and put on the original backsack like a parent and child tortoise. "Because the valley is always full of food," responded Khai, impressed by how well you could have made it. Well, I guess you're right.

"Oh man," he grabbed Nilun's face with his hand as he tried to jump from the shadow of the cabin, dropping him off next to Aroue, crying with his true face, "I want more love," he said. Try to darken it, I don't know what you're trying to say.

That's how I saw Elsa sleeping in the cabin, stroking that face over and over when the meat had completely fallen off. Slowly squeezing the mountain apple I could have been along the way and dropping the juice onto its dry lips, I guess unconscious, but my throat moved and told Kai that its awakening was not long away.

When Elsa woke up, I thought I'd build her a new cabin. They're going to be husband and wife, so I figured we'd need a decent house to keep out of sight for a lot of things.

I'm kind of in a sexually pleasant mood, and my laughter spills.

"... will you take your time here today?

When he responded, "No, I'll be right there," he was so depressed and sad.

Nilun also comes to express his dissatisfaction by swelling his cheeks a lot.

"... Aroue, aren't you that attractive"

"The mind is always ready."


Even if it is made for a deer daughter, it is not a Pickle.

Though I couldn't help but scratch my head as Aruet, who was serving me well, still had to scratch his blunt Kai in that direction.

Kai decided to leave the valley before it became a hassle, as Nilun happened to say what 'fried pills' were and Aruet began to snort at it with a sad face.

From behind Kai, who ran out, he said, "We'll discuss it when we get home!" "Lord, good luck!" My voice follows me. Looking back, they were waving.

It seems that the tribes gathered in the light. Nilun also began to immerse himself in the cabins of the valley. At the request of their families, it was sensible to know that they also wanted to have a definite bond with Kai. Although I am happy with my feelings, I was not yet equipped with the measure of accepting heterosexuality broadly to boys who were just entering adolescence.

Going up from the valley and to the dwarf settlement, Polek, already ready, was waiting. About ten tribesmen dressed as soldiers are also waiting. When visiting the land of the Grey Monkeys, they say that they will make a sacrifice so that the gods of the valley will not be belittled.

As if his squire had fallen on one knee to Polek to welcome his master, and when he was laid flat by the rest of his tribes, he shook his head off nay, caught in the illusion that he had become great.

That's how he put on the example 'mask' and changed his clothes to dwarf ones as well. Kai, who falls into a small category among people, really looks like a 'big dwarf warrior' when he dresses up.

"... which way is the main Yi (Heju)"

"His land is from here in the northeastern direction, I was wondering if you could use that tall barren cedar as a guide"

"... let's go then"

"I serve you."

It was the beginning of the 'Evil God (Diabo)' crusade by the Valley God.