Though winter has arrived, there is not so much snow yet in the woods where the branches of the trees form umbrellas. The guide Polek shows the way of the sub-races that are being hidden in the snow, followed by Kai and ten dwarf soldiers.

It is not something that the people could know, but the Great Forest had paths formed in the coming and going of the subpeople, and they were roughly named as they were in the kingdom of the people. Kai et al. are now walking on a road called 'The Dragon's Spine', which is apparently quite famous for stretching east-west to convey rocky and hilly ridges through the middle of the Great Forest.

It's a troublesome snow of heavy ups and downs. That path, which never hits the streets, is often utilized mainly in the winter, he said. Conversely, there are less undulating gnegne paths along the river called "Sleeping Beds of the Creepy Wah" and down the valley bottom on the roads commonly used in warmer periods, as well as other special hidden paths through a number of wind holes called "Passages of the Wind Sperm".

As I've felt before when I went to the depths of the forest, the thinner the shadows of its inhabitants, the more misty the forest is, regardless of the seasonal weather. Polec, it seems that land where the grace of the Land God is thin is often covered in mist.

Naturally, "The Dragon's Spine" can also pass through the fog of sight, and when asked how they are choosing their way, there seems to be an old red cloth cut tied on the pointed tree, marking it. The red landmark continues over the head, which is worn white at intervals of roughly fifty yul.

I wasn't aware of it until they told me, but Kai and the others have already set foot in the realm of the Grey Monkey People (Makaku). The eastern part of the Great Forest is roughly the dominant area of the Grey Monkey tribe, and suddenly the overhead landmark is probably the result of their conservation efforts.

Its colony also included the realm of small and medium-sized nations in moderate subordination, and whenever it entered a place like its' autonomy ', it was invariably asked to provide a meagre amount of food by whom (what). It is like the familiarity of a winter plagued by food shortages, with a sense of' passage tax '.

There are, of course, dwarves and poorly reconciled species, and when they got stuck on the road to go in the realm of the 'Hole Bear (Woon) tribe,' the dwarves suddenly became more excited, baffling Kai. The Polek and other Hachal clans, who had previously fled after being chased by the Pigs, were attacked by the Hole Bears here where their weaknesses were, apparently, with lingering resentment.

At this time, Kai went in between even as he slumped, and when he beat up the great tree of Valen Cedar to make it plentiful, he was easily allowed to pass. It seems that it is a feature of the Hole Bears clan that makes them thoroughly submissive to the strong. The Doya faces of the Polecs also sighed Kai.

Roughly a hundred yurds on the entire itinerary, matched the foot of the soldiers accompanying him, so it took a whole two days in time.

Kai and the others were looking at the lake from the top of the last hill.

Lake Soma, the capital of the Grey Monkeys, supported the life of the main Yi (Heju), spread slightly blunt (yabi) coloured waters beyond the veil of glittering snow.

I didn't see the township of the main Yi (Heju), which I thought would be a large settlement at all. Because the Lord Yi (Heju) was covered in white and dark mist. As a land where the grace of the Land God faded, I could immediately understand that it was sinking.

"... The Royal Castle of the Grey Monkeys, 'The Great Nest' will be around that. Do you see the black smoke that keeps rising?"

"... you mean that's still 'burning'"

"They say the inside keeps twitching and burning. I can't tell them, but it's a good 'landmark' in a way."

"... don't smell like it"

"A lot of things are burning and the water in the lake is rotten."

I know there are things about wind direction, but I can imagine that if it were to already smell from a few yurds away, there would be a considerable stench in the scene.

"The Dragon's Spine" is connected to the main Yi (Heju) as it is, but Polek went from there to the branch road. In the settlement that lies ahead, the Great Leader, the king of the Grey Monkeys (Makak), says he has a formation.

Even though the Grey Monkey (Makak) clan pulled in the hand of the Rag Village offensive, it was likely to snort that they tried to invite Kai.

I felt like I could hear some kind of howling in Kai's ear when he turned his back on the main Yi (Heju).

Kai, who had never seen the settlements of the Grey Monkeys up close, was greatly inspired by the different 'villages' that appeared in front of him and remained for a moment.

The nest of the Grey Monkey Man is usually built on a barren cedar tree. Its giant tree is the giant nest, with only one entry and exit hole in a hemispherical structure with planks on the branches and branches and long leafy young trees that become common on the dome. The cedar trunk had been ascended and descended many times and the bark was about to peel off, a less gentle way of life for the tree itself.

It was Kai, who had his eyes shining wondering how many people lived in one nest, but he soon arrived in front of the largest old tree in the settlement, where he was greeted by a male who said he was the head of the Nenem clan...

The chief, who manifested his divine imprint as a 'protectorate', said in one word, "Great Leader, wait," and walked ahead when he paid tribute to Kai and Polek, who also showed that he was a qualified guest by revealing his divine imprint.

The old tree was very large. In conjunction with its thick, thick branches, the nest on the tree is also a big one. In the woods behind those ancient trees, they must have fled from the main Yi (Heju), where the nests of soldiers and tribes were built so fast that there was no foot stomping ground. I guess the mud on the ground would take away my temperature, where the incineration was raising smoke.

If he relied on one to summon him, he was Kai, dissatisfied with whether he would not welcome him, but when he imitated the director of the guide and went up the trunk of an ancient tree, he entered his eyes and changed his expression of the Great Leader-like sick man who could lay himself in the nest.

"... Guardian, welcome. Excuse me, sorry."

The chief bowed his head first, and those who were with the sick fell flat in succession.

I guess it's the family or the neighborhood. I still felt signs of 'shelter holding' from some of them.

I would have felt the ceiling low in this big nest if I stood up...... it was a giant male with such a physique lying on the floor. Uplifted by the nurse, the Great Leader lifted only his upper body, gasping for his breath at Kai watching over him, and apologizing with a powerless voice: "This body is about, forgive me".

This "king", whose land has been defiled and which is the necessity of a large clan called the Grey Monkey Man (Makak), may have been gathered with the filth of the territory as a curse. And it seemed that the suffering of Orha and Jose overlapped there, when the curse was struck into him.

Only a few are given back by other land gods, but the power gushes. Since Kai is also experiencing it, I could somehow imagine the situation of the increased number of land gods to whom it belongs.

Many lands A 'king', which is given back by God, will suck up and bind together some of its power, to have a power that has gone out of its way even in God. Of course, not only is it a blessing in the good sense that we can be strong, but we also naturally have to assume the curse if we find ourselves in a situation that would destroy these lands.

"... this is what happens, I've never experienced it before"

Sleeping beds supporting the Great Leader's dreaded weight are squeaking and screaming. The blanket that was hung is turned over, and I can see the brightly raised belly hair with black and white stripes hanging from my left straw on my abdomen and removing it unbroken. My skin tone was also purple and I felt like it had even drifted slightly rotten odor.

"Attitude, I intend to prepare and challenge, was.... but I was a fool without wisdom. Time, the more I set aside, the more sick and powerless I was."

Immediately if he was to do it, the Great Leader shook a gripping cobweb as a mess that he should have dared while I could still wield a decent power. The more evil gods (Diavo) accumulated their power, the more I lost my vested power. Without realizing it, they were stealing food from each other in the same pot. Only for the Great Leader's retreat did The Evil God (Diabo) increase his power to take the grace of the land.

And the evil god continues to devour the power of the land. The Grey Monkey People (Makaku) have lost power enough to give time, and any of them will fall into irrevocable situations.

Some of the Grey Monkey (Makak) tribes were attacked by the village of Rag because they ran wild to protect their species from imminent fear of annihilation. They thought, if the powerful gods could devour into the land of the people who gather them, that the 'evil gods (Diavo)' would also stay away from them for fear of the God of the people.

Well, there are lots of little lords on the soil, and the mighty god of the Buddha's protection binds them together. Had it not been enough in the limbo, a great army might have come from the centre to ask the Heritage as well.

Haven't they thought about it until they would try to destroy the invading Grey Monkeys, too, with the 'Evil Gods (Diavo)'? He was a race not sure if he was smart or not.

Anyway, what I know now is that when I give time, 'Evil God (Diabo)' becomes even more powerful. Therefore, we had to destroy it quickly.

"Dear Guardian, I give you my wish."

As he descended from his bunk shaking off the deterrence of the nurses, the Great Leader rubbed his forehead and prayed to Kai. As the one who protects and guides the race, I guess he thought it wouldn't matter whether he was ashamed of himself or the outside world.

I guess it was brilliant hairy. When they lost their body hair ugly and saw our 'kings' prostrating themselves to others in front of the crowd, the Grey Monkeys leaked a roar from between their eaten teeth as if their hearts had been shaken violently. Some set foot to tread on group thickness.

There's no way they say 'guardian' and you don't feel uncomfortable.

Even Kai doesn't know why they call him that, and it was totally unacceptable that this prostration was meant for him.

Kill him!

The god of the valley is just insane because of his profound hatred of the 'evil god (Diabo)', and he is waiting for the battle to begin.

Perhaps the earlier generations of the 'old people' also had a little imagination worked that the 'evil god (Diabo)' had perished because of it. The sight of the predecessors, whose species perished and only one survived, who continued to be lonely in the valley for many years, came to the back of their brains as if they were all about me.

"I'll kill the evil god."

Kai responded so quietly.