I don't know what 'Diavo' is like.

Kai was also aware that he had undertaken to do so lightly without knowing anything about the other person, and that there was another person who was afraid that he would be okay to fulfill it. They call me "Guardian" and so on, and I am overwhelmed with my stupidity.

But still... it wasn't a small thing that could actually be left out as a problem. I also thought that if someone had to deal with it, even though it was the Lord of the Valley, there was no choice.

And there was also an intellectual desire to make sure with this eye that the bug existed in this world's "specifications": "The Evil God (Diabo)". Of course, although the proselytizing mind was the biggest motive for saving the ash monkeys in distress, it wasn't bad to go through something called 'evil god' while there was no bondage that the choice of retreat could be taken depending on the situation.

Kill him!

And the god of the valley is quite motivated.

Even the strong sense of purpose of having to do so seemed to be being shared with nature by the possessed. It was almost an urge close to instinct.

Guided by the chief of the Nenem family, Kai and his men went through a path known only to the Grey Monkeys, and went out to the banks of Lake Somma, where the main yi (Hejj) was. The fog grew thicker and thicker along the way, and it might even have been difficult to reach without a guide through the land.

To a rotten odor that seemed to bend his nose, Kai lifted his cold-proof scroll to the height of his nose. Polek and the others do the same without being ordered to.

"The water in the lake is rotten."

Porek whispered in a whisper not to be heard by the Grey Monkeys.

There was a faint wave sound across the fog, and the lake that eventually came to be seen was floating to solidify the remains of an adrift Grey Monkey tribe on the shore.

By the way, reed plains are shaking in a breeze.

"Dear Trude"

"Master Zedda has been defeated"

"... the Hizel clan is no longer... male"

The wounded Ash Monkey soldiers whimpering along the roadside send a glimpse of the leader of the Nenem clan in the guide… Trood. Apparently, the effort to recapture the main Yi continues among the Grey Monkeys.

Then suddenly, with the roar, the red light spread through the fog.

Some kind of explosion and screaming. And the sound of the cliffs collapsing slightly and the debris that actually flew up set up a little water column with a puppy on the lake surface around Kai.


The phenomenon was uncomfortable in this world where there was unlikely to be anything 'gunpowder'.

The wounded soldiers who can move change their blood phase and rush towards the sound as they pull their bodies together. The trode of guidance also ran out so that it could almost suck, so inevitably Kai and the others would follow.

You must have descended from the stand-up trees. The fallen leaves convey a grubby and disgusting feeling under your shoes. Everything on the land was rotten.

Trude scratches the hedges of the Grey Monkey soldiers, and Kai and the others follow the path they were able to make.

And a large stone cliff I could see...... a rocky mountain full of holes, like a giant 'estate', appeared, and Kai, distracted above, suddenly burst into the back of a stopped Trude thoughtfully.

Though he couldn't just fall unnecessarily and get his butt dirty with rotten juice, a bumped mask punches him in the nose and stands up for a while. Not knowing Kai was in pain, Trude climbed out a pile of piles of rubble as he scratched his ass.

'The Great Nest (Dehousi)', dressed in countless caves in a giant rocky mountain... the debris stripped from its walls became a fundamental mountain, and one Grey Monkey warrior lay buried on its hill.

"Master Zedda!

"Ame's chief's been hit!

"Dear Trude!

"The head of Nenem is here!

Kai saw Trude's back bent over the rubble mountain, and from the hole in the wall all the way up there, black smoke was still rising just as hard. That's where the explosion took place, and if it were to have fallen from there, it would mean that it had fallen from about twenty yul high.

Normally, it doesn't matter how sturdy the subrace is. but it was like the 'sheltered' of the Grey Monkey tribe that fell. Trude with its body descends a pile of rubble.

Did you put that warrior to sleep on the ground so that he could look like Kai, bravely challenging the evil god (Diabo) and trying to illuminate the defeated warrior in the Guardian of Ding?

There are no flashy traumas. The abdomen of the thing is congested and swollen, and the face is stained bright red with massive vomiting. With one eye, he was a mortally wounded man in the gut.

Kai was watching it relatively calmly because he knew the incredible resilience of "Protected," but wait. None of them show signs that the wounds of that warrior will heal.

Surprised, sees Trude.

Trude, too, just stared at Kai.

No, so.

"... why is this guy not healing?

Upon Kai's enquiry, Trude showed a little surprise, then saw Polek, who would be a family member, and opened his mouth at silent prompting.

"... Probably, Warrior Zedda, deprived of his power"

"... take the power, take it?

"'Evil God (Diabo)', God's power to take away... when touched, it sucks away"


This seems to mean that this dying warrior is so depleted that 'evil god (Diabo)' has snatched away his spiritual power that the super healing that would otherwise work automatically is not functional.

I guessed why. So what do you expect me to do?

All Trude or even the soldiers around him are watching Kai's trends. I just wanted to ask for God's advice in the valley, but as always, I just make noise about killing him.

I mean, heal this warrior, do you mean?

Kai didn't want to waste much of his spiritual power before the battle, but he knelt beside a warrior called Zedda, thinking it would be no harm to sell favors to the Grey Monkey (Makak) tribe protectors.

And when I scanned with the eyes that saw the spiritual light, and confirmed that the spiritual power of the warrior was still infinitely weakened, I often thought of it. Somehow, we knew that the warrior's 'Divine Stone' had considerably weakened its workings.

It is good to cure your guts directly. Although it is not visible until the condition in the abdomen, we know that blood vessels are torn and bleeding leading to the greatest damage, so we can step on it that restoring the major blood vessels would be somewhat possible to perpetuate life.

That's when I think of it.

If the self-healing power of this warrior is diminished because of the "Divine Stone" that is in dysfunction, I thought it would be much more energy-saving and constructive to restore the "Divine Stone" function to him.

What I imagined was a "red box" for emergency use. A defibrillator (AED) that causes electrical shock to the heart of a cardiopulmonary arrest patient. I can't recall the details, but it's a tease that if you pump force into your chest, your stopped heart will also move out.

Kai roughly put his hands around the warrior's 'divine stone' and slammed the high pressure spiritual power there after emitting a much shorter exhalation. At that moment, the body of a loose warrior jumped frighteningly like a fish up on land.

Repeat the task several times, but Zedda never wakes up. I'm still going to rethink this monotonous way and try to reach out to more essential levels, as I did when I tried magic.

The defibrillator (AED) is not simply intended to cause an electrical shock, but rather its function of an electrical shock is carried out for attempts to penetrate the 'enhanced electrical signal' from the outside, according to the principle that the muscles of the heart are moving with fine electrical signals.

This Grey Monkey Warrior in front of us can therefore be assumed to be one whose whole body is in a state of lack of spiritual power due to the dysfunction of the 'Divine Stone'. So, what principle does "divine stone" mean that it creates spiritual power and sends it all over the body? The contents of "Kamikashi" are just good stewed ribs.

("Divine Stone" is like a knot that ties the god who gives you protection to the possession bill...)

It could have been the idea that if not Kai, who had undergone a tragic experience, would be pulled out of my 'Divine Stone' alive.

When "Divine Stone" was stolen, Kai's connection to the God of the Valley was distant. This means that "Divine Stone" and "God" are probably inseparable, and that in accordance with that principle, there is definitely an enclosure of God or his Spirit among the "Divine Stones" of "Protective Holding". Since the isolated difference in ability between 'sheltered' and those who do not is generally only the presence or absence of God's grace, it was reasonable to assume that the root of the great power of 'sheltered' comes from its inner divine origin.

Then can we assume that the situation in which this Grey Monkey Warrior is dying of insufficiency in his protective function right now is that his inner God will sleep or pass out and his grace is lagging behind?

Then why not force that God to awaken by some means?

Kai figured out how to inspire the god in the "Divine Stone" and recreated the feeling that the eating land god was rampant in his stomach.

Kai puts his image on the spiritual force.

"Divine Stone" was enveloped with my spiritual power, making it an "invisible stomach".

I shrunk and screened the dermal membrane of spiritual power with the desire to become a stomach that was tasting the medulla of "Divine Stone," finally capturing the foreign body feeling of something where it shrunk to near the medullary core.

Kai firmly determines that it is a god or spirit in the "Divine Stone". Kai has no idea of the horror of the idea of extracting the possessed God in its' Divine Stone '. Even though he was passing out, he easily grasped the God in the belly of a living "protector" by magic.

That's how I contracted the 'stomach bag' all at once so as to wear the cheek surface of God.

At that moment, the Grey Monkey Warrior called Zedda opened his eyes. The moment he woke up, he roared, and Zedda spit out a chunk of blood that was stuck in his throat.


"Zedda is back!

Soldiers of the clan shouted with excitement.

Some tried to take it away, but they were suddenly jumped off by a jumping Zedda.

Some sent a carefree glance at Zedda, who was coughing, but most of those on the spot stared at Kai, who must have done that 'miracle'.

Trude, who carried Zedda by the way, merely wished to give the great warrior of his own clan, who braved himself by risking his life, the sword of death from his guardian.

The person who did it was completely unconscious, so he stood up with nothing to worry about and urged everyone to "come on".