"... If you're a guardian, you might be able to beat the Evil God (Diabo)"

The Trude of Guidance is progressing to the 'Grand Hive (Dehousi)' in a much stronger foothold than earlier. Perhaps he had fears about the young appearance of Kai and his small size.

"'Evil God (Diabo),' kills creatures. The Guardian has come back to life. Disagree. So maybe we can win"

Kai thinks that the child-like idea is quite these guys.

Trude, the head of the Nenem family with a large tumor (Kobu) on his forehead, probably shows a divine crest equivalent to about three years of age (Tres).

While itching for what is honestly expected, Kai continues to reflect on something called 'The Evil God (Diabo)'.

The countless caves that were crawled into the walls of "The Great Nest (Dehousi)" are mixed with long, short things in the back, and if you're not familiar with the inside, you can't reach the royal castle compartment where "The Evil God (Diabo)" sits. Well, even without guidance, the main route has a strange luster thanks to years of use, so I could probably guess.

Perhaps not one or two routes lead to the royal castle compartment. You should also see the hole where the earlier explosion was naturally connected to the back.

There are also many horizontal holes in that hole where Kai et al proceed. Whenever those holes are found, the grey monkeys lurking inside glance at their weapons in their hands and tell them that the resistance is still ongoing, citing the total power of the species.

(... There were two or thirty of them just because I saw them already. That's what's in this big rock, and you can't see a winning chance when you say you keep attacking me for a long time? I'd be a bone if 100 pigs came to me at the same time.... Is that weird ability to take the spiritual power of 'sheltered' at its root a nuisance after all? As far as I can tell, I feel like a mad warrior who just barges in...)

Even more of the struggle in the northern limit was cursed and divine, and the Pneumonia clan retreated scattered without being able to clean up the mess, he said. That early 'evil god (Diabo)', which followed its defeating clan as a matter of course, was brought back to the main Yi (Heju) by his fellow countrymen, who could not feel the crisis, because something quite like a conversation was still in place.

Around the time I ate the family I was accompanying and killed the other 'protectors' who showed their faces in sympathy like a deception and took away that 'grace', it finally became the 'evil god (Diabo)' and the crusade began... that's how it seems.

In the atmosphere you are listening to, there are verses in which it seems that intelligence is degenerating more than the 'evil god (Diabo)'. I don't know if there is any magic that takes away spiritual power, but imagining something fictional that doesn't exist there, like the healing magic that Kai uses, requires considerable intellectual ability.

If the ability to absorb the spiritual power of others is some sort of "magical" technique, I think the "evil god" must have just the intellect to do it consciously.

Otherwise, you have to think that its special nature is like the passive skills that 'evil gods (diavos)' have in a productive way, something that really activates just by touching them.

How am I supposed to call such an enemy?

This means you have to defeat the enemy without touching them, and I know that the "flesh-bomb battle" of physical ability that many of the "guardians" tend to choose is the most irrelevant opponent. If you can't kick a punch, the next step will be to fight with a weapon, but if your opponent is good at his or her divinity, his or her body skin tenacity will also increase dramatically, so he or she will need stamina and martial arts skills to endure the long reward until he or she inflicts a fatal injury.

Kai, who, of course, is going through a battle with armored warriors, knows that I only have uncertainty about both of them with me.

Then the only possible means is indirect attacks from a distance, such as bows and arrows, stone throwing, etc.

In such a narrow cave, bow and arrow?

Kai shakes his head at the imagination. Besides, there's no way the Grey Monkeys aren't trying to attack the rubble they're good at. If, for example, a hundred of them surround their enemies and throw any rubble at them, they would get quite a bit of pain just once if it was about half a raw 'protective' rubble released from that powerful monkey arm.

I feel that the evidence that those ash monkeys have completely given up their attack on the rubble is that the attack is labor.

Second, there's something behind Kai's brain.

(Just touching it sucks the power out of you...?)

I feel like I know something, something very similar to that.

Not in this life, of course, but in knowledge from previous life.

At a time when some image was about to spring up, Trude, who was leading the way, stopped. "Be quiet," he waved and Trude preceded only one.

The cave continued to descend from the area as the slope climbed, with more than a dozen stairs and a gate decorated with strange relief on the face not knowing if it was a person or a god.

This seemingly futile structure is probably meant to make it easier to defend such places as the Royal Castle section when attacked by enemies. I guess there was once a rugged iron portal deformed unbroken and left only on one side may also be traces of the onslaught of the 'Evil Gods (Diavo)'.

In front of that gate was built an impromptu base stacked with stone and mud, and there was a figure of a grey monkey soldier in formation as he leaned shoulder to shoulder. Its upside down and exhausting rough glances look at this one... probably looking at Trood, who came close, "What's with the escaped Nenem?" he threw a stabbing word at me.

Among the soldiers lying in the shadow of the base, a large soldier, who stood up accidentally, stood up to let Trood go. Is the soldier also 'sheltered' or 'neighborhood picked'?

"... refrain. Guests, I'm taking them."

"The clan died in large numbers. That hell, are you here to see?"

"Valued Guest, Order of the Great Leader"

"Bocolo family, giving in to old age, stopped. I don't listen to orders."

Trude has also already revealed "Neighborhood Pickup". Even inside the Grey Monkey tribe, it was like a lot of problems were going on, but Kai, the outsider, can see that we shouldn't waste time taking it up right now.

Once Kai walks over to you, he first pulls Troud's hip string and throws it behind him, glancing up at Bokoro's clan's "protective grip", which is solidifying.

Seeing Kai, much smaller than me... Somehow I saw a special neighborhood peek from the gap in that facial mask, and finally it seemed to me what the 'guest' was like.

"... Guardian, I'm here." Bad God (Diabo), Defeat "

Trude, who seems a little upset after being thrown away, says something conclusive if you don't mind. I can't say "I'm sorry if I can't" to them, who innocently believe that Kai will surely defeat the Evil Gods. He was also treated with respect by the Bocolo clan, and Kai was taken to a place where he could see the "royal castle section" inside while weighing his feelings heavily.

"Ahead," Royal Castle. "

In an attempt to look ahead as indicated, the first thing that came was an exceptionally dark, breath-threatening stench. There are screams that don't even speak from Polek and other dwarves on the same road. And when he shook off his abomination and forced himself to see what was going on inside, Kai clearly understood where the odor was coming from.

The bloody battlefield in that village of Bagna was also terrible, but I found that you could still keep the original form. Whether there was a tease that oil would be replenished, or the spaces opened ahead had lights lit at regular intervals. The huge underground cavity lit by its swinging little lights was so scattered that there was no foot stomping ground for what used to be the Grey Monkeys.

There was a fairly large belly cavity that would be about 50 yul handed over and 30 yul high.

The countless stalactites and thorny stone asparagus that hang.

And on a round flat like a table that appears staggered to the left and right, there's a wreckage of furniture conditioning that I guess someone spent on each of them.

I guess the Grey Monkeys discovered it and set it as the place for the king to live. The dripping water is collected in waterways with skillful modifications and dotted in several small springs. I guess they were used as endless drinking water for the inhabitants.

And at the end of the steps of the round table, which left as much natural construction as possible, there was a large table rock at the bottom of the cave.

Needless to say, it shall be the abode of the king.

"There, that Great Leader, you lived there"

Trude responds to Kai's query.

"Great Leader, the greatest, but not the 'King'. Under one over there, the rock on the right, that's the seat of the Great Leader."

"So, the king..."

"... a disgrace to the race. Forgive me."

"... right"

He doesn't mean the king of the race, he feels like a grand aristocrat doing clan summaries under it. That's why I didn't have a powerful land god that much.

So what are you sitting on that heavenly 'throne'?

"... that's the evil god."

At the edge of its large table rock, limbs and feet, known with one eye as the corpses of the grey monkeys, pop out as if they were twigs knitted by bird's nests.

What is the iron rust-colored water dripping from it?

I saw a blue back. My back is shattering like a pepperfish (Salamandra) crawling down the river, glowing like a leopard blue light. Probably devouring the ash monkeys who killed them.

There was a strange noise. When I saw it, Trood was sticking his teeth out to his teeth. The soldiers of the Bokol clan, who were stuck at the gate, roared without anger.

At that time, "Diavo" lifted his sickle.

A snake-like head glances back at me, and a red eye stares at me. Kai thought they'd already found him. You swallowed what you were just chewing, and that saggy throat moved up and down.

"... he got too big. I can't dive this gate anymore. We were evicted. He's trapped."

'The Evil God (Diabo)' sits where the king of the race should be.

And the thick fog that covers the area of the main Yi, the rotten woods and the lake... all sorts of things connect with a pulse in Kai.

"Diavo" sits nesting in the king's seat. So what does the original Lord there do now? The second largest leader in the sequence is fleeing to the neighboring village, and even the king should have fled.

And no matter how much fellow countrymen are lost, the Grey Monkeys will never give up this' great nest '. Those sights were familiar somewhere.

(... Is it in that 'seat'? The "King's Tomb" of the Grey Monkey People.

And the first place in the sequence that was "The King" is already in the belly of "The Evil God (Diabo)"...

The loss of the King God caused these areas of land to become abruptly rough. That's simply what Kai thought.

That's when Kai blinked.

I felt like I had eyes on 'The Evil God (Diabo)', but now that is being distracted. "The Evil God" bent his neck in a different direction.

Kai stepped inside and turned his face in the direction seen by the Evil God (Diabo). There were a number of holes connected to that great cavity called the Royal Castle section. From one of them, the grey monkeys were flooded to the point where they were about to fall zero.

At the head of it was Zedda, an Ame warrior whom Kai had just saved his life.