Seems Zedda's family isn't the only ones trying to continue their tireless defiance of 'The Evil Gods (Diabo)'. I feel other holes have eyes wanting to see what's going on inside.

An eye, an eye, an eye, an eye that stares at 'Evil God (Diabo)' with a fierce hatred that has no regard whatsoever for its own life. An elusive fanaticism of a species deprived of the King's tomb.

And Kai's ears heard a tall voice, noisy as burning them like that.

"Go ahead. Yep! My warriors!

I could barely see that from Kai's place.

Holes open near the ceiling...... one ash monkey man was riding himself out ahead. The hole is made to hide in the shadow of a drooping stalactite, and you probably haven't seen him at all from "The Evil God (Diabo)".

He wraps his hands and feet together in a scarlet coat adorned with gold thread from the neck to the bottom. Is it a golden necklace that gleams on your chest?

Obviously, he was a different individual in colour than a normal soldier.

Whenever that relatively young rare individual shouts something, the enthusiasm of the other grey monkeys grows like a twist. It was enough that the royal castle section would be filled with their curses.

"... O ancestral spirits, save us"

Words spit as Trude trembled beside him.

Kai's ears were barely picking up that little whine that was going to be scratched out by so much noise.

"... is that the 'king'?

Upon Kai's inquiry, Trude responded briefly "No".

But Trude's shooting manners undoubtedly look at that strangely dressed young individual. I'm not a 'king', but I seem to dress like a 'king'.

Well, I guess that's the one called 'Shame on the Race'. Since it is the Great Leader who bears the curse of the land, the substantial 'king' of the species should undoubtedly be the Great Leader, but for some reason there is someone dressed as the 'king'.

It was a monstrous story.

"... don't you have to stop it?

"Everyone doesn't lend ears. I have no choice."

Trude just looked at Kai and said, "A gap close to 'The Evil God (Diabo),' I can," with a lost voice of emotion. Would you like me to take full advantage of the death of my own dog?

Kai shakes off the clutter that is about to gush and follows the trend of The Evil God (Diabo). Indeed, it was also an unacceptable opportunity to identify the 'way' of the enemy.

Ahead of Kai's gaze... the sleigh and "Diabo" wandered.

Far away, there was a noise with Shushu.

The sound increases as the evil god moves, and thin smoke rises heavily from the alien body. It was found that the blue light in the body of the Evil God increased its radiance as if it were a breathtaking fire.

Shushu, Juju, and the noise filled the darkness.

(... your body... is burning?)

Kai noticed who the sound was.

The skin of "Diabo" is burning. It's as if the meat is made of pinched charcoal, and it's really dull, not metaphorical or anything. Smoke spread out and the rotten odor increased even worse.

"The Evil Gods (Diavo)" slowly began to descend from the king's seat with a roar of intimidation that rubbed iron together. Its plentiful body slips off as it drifts at its own weight. giant, but therefore, every time he steps on the lower steps, the relics of the former living beings that had been left behind are pushed away and fall. Part of the tail fell into the water reservoir, and the white smoke rose in abundance.

The whole body of "The Evil God (Diabo)" was really like a pepperfish (Salamandra).

"Diavo, it's burning."

To Kai's twinkle, Polek, who had refrained, replied.

"That's what 'evil god' is all about. Because of the unworthy deities, they are more neglected than the world."


"It is a departure from the logic of the world."

Everyone there tied a tight mouth to the raw, smelly wind that pushed over.

In doing so, a rubble attack began from those who lurked in the hole. I guess I brought in enough from the outside, stone throwing attempts from most of the holes leading to the royal castle compartment.

And between those harassing attacks, those in the warrior class who blurted and fell through the hole begin to enter the compartment as they circled in.

"... 'The Evil God (Diabo)' is not very horizontal, broad. That round shade of stuff, there's a drain. Hide up, there's a gap."

Trude is right, it seems to be an attempt to poke the blind spot of 'The Evil Gods (Diavo)' in favor of natural shaping within the Royal Castle. If all those warrior classes are 'sheltered', they'll be able to climb up without some scaffolding or anything.

Contrary to The Evil Gods (Diavo), which then descends step by step in frustration with the rubble, the warriors take their respective table rocks. And toward the hole where the nagging attack continued, 'The Evil God (Diabo)' lifted his head.

It was Kai who dreamed something would start because the soldiers who were throwing stones rushed to escape inside... what a 'bait' it started.

A tongue as large as a quickly stretched whip quickly wraps around the soldiers who have missed their escape and pulls them into the mouth of 'The Evil God (Diabo)'. For "The Evil God (Diabo)," such as the Grey Monkey Man, who has no special power whatsoever, is just bait.

In several iterative tasks, more than a dozen ash monkeys were dragged into the mouth of The Evil Gods (Diavo), leaving behind a chewing sound beyond hearing and disappearing into their bellies.

Take in the bait, and there will be a slight change in the body.

"I raga land ni..."

Clearly, my voice sounded.

but that was not the volume to be emitted from the small vocal cord structure of a very creature. Not exactly, it wasn't even via air vibration.

"I, King Raga Tomb!

Hate, Hate, Hate, Hate.

"Clan no grievance mi, sunny rasan!

"The Evil God (Diabo)" was the source of those voices.

As if I'd picked up a radio broadcast across the ocean at unexpected wavelengths, words without context ringing in my head.

The evil god (Diabo), who brought his head, barked in a voice like rubbing iron together. It was a joyous laugh, as if it had even been obtained by some irreplaceable treasure.


There were those who cried out as if they were trying to keep the oddity.

Zedda, the 'guardian' of the Grey Monkey tribe, who had reached the king's seat at some point, had slammed the score he had in his hands on the nearby stone asparagus. It would have been a rare sight for a Grey Monkey to have such a thing... it was an iron axe that the Pork (Aug) tribe was likely to carry in its hands.

The other table rocks below the king's throne revealed how secretly positioned the warriors were. They had a big pot.

With Zedda's hand gestures, those kettles were dropped over 'The Evil God (Diabo)'. Its contents, which had already been removed from the lid...... a thick brown liquid splashed in the air and poured down to 'The Evil Gods (Diavo)'.

Kai came to know what the contents were immediately after that.

Don, and.

The body of Diavo blew up. The moment its liquid on the body touches the constant flame of the skin of the Evil God (Diabo), it flashes one after the other and explodes.

Explosive oil, or liquid gunpowder?

A giant like the mollusk of "The Evil God (Diabo)" upsets me every time I get drunk by an explosion. And the dullness gained momentum at that moment, licking the flesh of the whole body of The Evil God (Diabo) with a blue-white flame.

"Scary, scary!

"Hot, hot, hot!

Every word pops into my ear.

The 'evil god (Diabo)' who struck around seemed to suffer. And that madness really overlaps with the kind of 'pee-play' that kids do a lot.

The burning of the secret medicine soon subsided, and "The Evil Gods (Diavo)", who woke himself up with white smoke raised when he blurted, still sounded like rubbing that iron together.

It was as if the abominable child was at the mercy of his parents and emitted joy by the time it was painful.

The Zeddas, who saw the results, pull out the weapons they had hidden and start to twitch down. I found that expression distorted in despair in the distance as well.

You can't touch it directly.

Something seems to be taken care of. Both Zedda and the other six are defending themselves by wrapping thick furs and the like around their hands and feet. But it was simply a precaution not to touch, not a means of attack.

They were no longer left with only one hand in the escape.