Kill him!

God is mad.

He can't stand the fact that my possession bill is butted in front of "The Evil God (Diabo)" and can't move.

But what if I pop up without knowing anything and struggle with that 'evil god (Diabo)' opponent? Kai was the one who wanted to complain about the god of the unspoken valley.

The six warrior classes were visibly upset with the head of 'The Evil Gods (Diavo)' rising from the bottom. While learning about the horrors of "The Evil God (Diabo)," the still uncontrollable vengeance draws them to the ground and makes them lay weapons on each of them.

The warrior classes get a well-used stone axe. I guess the axe is the 'optimal solution' for them to strike with superior strength. Even if not as much as the iron hand axe that seems to belong to the pig tribe that Zedda holds, their blackening stone axe is powerful enough to crush the meat and crush the bones.

But this time alone, I couldn't deny the lack of power.

(... that sucks)

Dangerous enough to want to meditate on his eyes by accident... they were the ones who flew in unison with all their spirits, but the flesh of the 'Evil God (Diabo)', contrary to its apparent softness, was still equipped with a defense like an iron mass.

The warriors, who were bounced back by a blow all over their bodies, must have regained their calm when they learned to paralyze in their hands. Some turned to crush their hips. Some turned right, and some threw weapons at their enemies that were in the way of fleeing, trying to create a gap in their escape.

The action taken by the Evil God (Diabo) against such elephants against us was simply to slap his hands and feet and 'slap' the opponent unconstitutionally. Suddenly a number of 'eyes' appeared on its burnt-out body surface, and 'arms', which had not even existed until the beginning, grew lukewarmly from its torso.

"Diavo" didn't have a fixed form in the first place.

The warriors would have looked familiar with the length of that 'monkey arm' shaken unconstitutionally. Everything had been silenced almost one breath after being slapped defenselessly in flames.

It wasn't just knocked down, the warrior classes crashed the moment they touched him like a threaded puppet, and he stopped being picky either. "The Evil God (Diabo)" kills creatures just by touching them… As the Grey Monkeys perceived them, they were only touched by the Evil God (Diabo) to reap their souls.

And finally bringing his neck to the king's seat, 'The Evil God (Diabo)' rang his throat with xixixi as he expected something, as he peered directly into the face of Zedda standing there.

"Dear Sir!

"Dear Zedda!

I guess I was watching that sight. The screams of the Ame clan and others went up. It is the precious land of the clan that God is in danger of utter destiny. It wasn't impossible for them to frenzy either.

"It's Zedda! Enough! Run!

The tall screams of the individual in the example that often pass among them mix. In a hole near the upsetting Ame clan, I saw "Kingdorki" being forced into the hole by the tribes.

Is that possibly a young female?

"... Sono Power (From Chi), Shikikoshi Se"

I could see that the sloppy 'evil god (Diabo)' head, which would be a few times bigger than the Grey Monkey Man just in size, somehow revealed a delightful color. I guess I found the glow of grace in Zedda.

"Sacchi escape sitayat. Omae Food U '

Eating, Zedda finally returned from oblivion.

Did you give up that you can no longer escape the evil god, or "Kumadori" appeared in red and black on Zedda's face?

Zedda, who can only be seen as a two-year-old, was never supposedly depressed with the body skin of Diavo. How far does a barren effort go just to postpone the reality of my death?

Kai saw 'The Evil God (Diabo)' straight after his meantime patrol.

Really, I wanted to see a few more things to think about.

But there was no way to diminish the 'power' of the few remaining Ash Monkey (Makak) tribes. As Kai jumped out of the hole, Polek followed with silent determination on the part of the dwarf soldiers.

Of course, Trude, the guide, chose the path to push along with Kai.

Even if you can't touch the evil god directly, if you were that pig man (org) armored martial artist, you probably could have fought the evil god (diabo) by his superior martial arts and fearsome powers. Even the armored warrior could have defeated the former god of the valley even more easily when the alien was in front of him. Now the god of the valley keeps showing an attitude that would have repeated the 'evil god (diabo)' exorcism so many times.

Of course, neither the armored martial artists nor the earlier generations of God in the valley enter the framework of the 'subrace' because they are not human beings. Since it seems very unlikely that the subordinates who are willing to downplay the magic have magically crusaded the 'evil gods (Diavo)' of the past, etc., the great premise is that even direct strikes can surpass the 'evil gods (Diavo)' … I think we can fully count on the rule of thumb gained in the battle against armored warriors that the body skins strengthened by God's grace can be shouldered by iron but never surpassed it.

(Invisible sword)

His experience as a warrior, which is also accumulating in Kai, tells him that he should not spare his' hands'.

My distance to "Diabo" is about thirty yul. Kai, the full force, was the distance that would arrive instantly. Only Polek reacted a little like he did to the invisible 'sword' that Kai began to form in his rear hand. The blinding eye caught my interest in what the "Invisible Sword" looked like.

At the king's seat, a madness attack had begun on death by Zedda. Does "Diavo" identify it as something that does not lead to fatal injury, and it sounds strange to leave it at the same time as it is appropriately littered?

It leaked from the edge of my mouth. Who touched the fire that burned me and turned it into white smoke.

Kai quickly searched for the right place to wave the 'Invisible Sword'.

A magical sword with terrible cutting power becomes so much lost when it consumes all the power it contains. If the resilience of 'The Evil God (Diabo)' is not unusual, there is only one way to bet on a spike attack that either completely severs the part of the thickness that can be severed from the body with a single blow, or stabs through a steeple that may be in the body.

but the spike attack gave up early. There is no way that Kai can tell from the current steeple of "The Evil God (Diabo)", where the ecology is too mysterious.


Aim for the neck?

No, no, it's too thick, number one. I don't even have a guarantee if that's really my neck.

Hands, feet or tails?

Even if it feels reasonable, it doesn't. Looks like we're far from being fatally injured.

I remember when I fought with the armored warrior of the pig (Aug). At that time, I already aimed at the other steeple and rolled out the 'sword' over and over again. I didn't give up until it arrived.

I'm not thinking about being selfish with a blow.

The steeple. The steeple is the only one there.

Once the idea was settled, the shape of Kai's 'Invisible Sword' changed again.

(Length is 2 yul. Push it off!)

Zedda reacts for a moment to Kai's appearance as he suddenly pops out from under the steps and jumps back. Dragged back by that retreat, 'The Evil God (Diabo)' also turned a blind eye. I still don't have eyes for Kai.

That's how they actually slashed him, and for the first time, the Evil God (Diabo) must have noticed a serious crisis looming on me. Much more familiar with the magic sword, it has become more powerful than it was before. Completely longer than Kai's height, the 'sword' was also well equipped with meat thickness.

The moment he touched the neck of "The Evil God (Diabo)," "The Sword" merely became a force to break molecules and cut its flesh. Kai instantly reshapes the 'sword', which soon disappeared after completing the reaction. Barren, slice the cedar giant tree. Go through the blade with the procedure.

Around the edge where the blade was buried until half of his neck, 'The Evil God (Diabo)' stopped his movements.

For the fifth time, "The Invisible Sword" finally cut off the thick neck of "The Evil God (Diabo)".

Needless to say, that huge raw head fell in front of me and Zedda lost her hips. Though "protective", I wouldn't have done much if I'd been crushed by a giant chunk of meat from "The Evil God (Diabo)".

A masked dwarf, who cut off the neck of the evil god (Diabo) by a sword, descended to the summit of the steps, to the seat of the king. The evil god (Diavo), who lost his top from his neck behind it, is pouring black mucus from the cross section. When the fallen head bounced on the table, it made a watery noise and rolled only half a turn vertically.

You can if you do it.

Kai gave Zedda a glimpse while he was seriously relieved and then looked up at the torso, which had lost its neck without alarm. "Diavo" hardens like a broken neck without even knowing it's missing.

That's when I cheered so much. When I saw it, the grey monkeys flooded out of a hole called a hole, about to rush over here. I can see that "King Momoki" in it.


I heard Trude scream sharply.

Trood, along with Polec and others, is rushing up to the heights that the high ranks of the Grey Monkey tribe had monopolized as seats.

Kai had honestly unraveled that they had exploded their joy by crusading the 'Evil God (Diabo)', although it was too much of a tabernacle...

"... King God, I will return"

Zedda snapped stunned.

And Kai, who is revealing suspicion, meets Kai and falls behind as he is pressured by the overwhelming martial authority that took 'The Evil God (Diabo)' under one sword.

"Dear Guardian!

Trude, who was in a relatively close place, reached Kai the earliest and rolled in to jump straight into the depths of the seat, "disrespect, forgiveness". Kai, who was following the figure with his eyes, finally guessed why.

It was in front of a small cave behind the seat that Trude formed a stone axe. It was behind it that I intuited that the secrets of the species involved in the King's tomb were spreading.


"Now and then. Fools, prevention is first."

Shortly after that, dozens of grey monkeys climbing glimpses of Kai gathered their blood-running eyes to Trude first. Breaking that gray hair and moving forward was still an example of "Kingsledding".

Nearby, I still thought he was a fairly hairy individual. The scarlet coat, which is to be wrapped around the neck, is embroidered in gold with a unique aesthetic, unlike that of the people, and the heavy gold ornament hanging on the neck also raises the individual's sense of speciality.

Glossy furrows are unusually long and fluffy enough to look different even standing alongside the others, on top of being white.

I still intuited that it was a young female.

"I will be the next king. Orthodox of blood to inherit, just this Zeena"

"The whole royal family, you killed, one, of course"

"You have to admit, no." King God, "the strong child inherits. Old fashions."

It would have been impossible for Kai to be confused by the sudden beginnings of the King God's inheritance noise. Porek and the dwarf soldiers, who rendezvoused slightly late, finally returned to me around angry at the Grey Monkey tribe's rudeness, and Kai saw the sight of the commotion, like the rest of the HR, and the glitchless' Evil Gods (Diavo) '.

(... well I guess so)

Though I cut off my neck.

I was not sure at all about whether I had taken my life or not, Kai.

"Stay away from me because I'm in danger," he tells Polek and the others, and Kai unwinds as he bends and stretches his hands and legs. I'm already done with it.

Aside from the biggest special medal, Kai, were the grey monkeys who began to quarrel in the inner circle, but a few of the outermost men who were surrounded looked back, all voiced "hey" by that person.

"... don't you have to run away"

To Kai, who said strangely, a few of them stared at him as if they were making fun of him, and then turned his eyes slightly upwards as Kai glanced at him.

Thus, they will be exposed to severe agitation.

He's not dead.