The neck of "The Evil God (Diabo)" was beginning to be born (...).

In contrast to the liquefaction of the head, which became stuck disconnected from the body, something black that was bursting on the side of the body increased viscosity, trying to shape something heady when swollen.

"... what is that black thing? You know what I mean?"

To Kai's inquiry, Polek shakes his head small.

Just because you've lived long doesn't mean the old man will be made aware of everything in the world.

"... I don't know because I'm an oligarchy. Sorry..."

"Oh well, you don't even know grandpa"

The newly made head raises white smoke as it was cursed from the moment it was born, spreading the blue flame like a burn. Its rising white smoke scattered a strong odor around it, as if it were the rotten odor itself.

(... I see my neck is no good. Then where's this steeple? Heart or "Divine Stone"... If this guy showed up in this world with "Divine Weird" from the Land God, there must still be one body that was the original Possessory Cost (more so), and the "Divine Stone" that serves as the seat of the Land God, somewhere in that thick body)

Even as Kai conceived it, "The Evil Gods (Diavo)" rapidly revitalized and slightly shivered to make sure that the entire body meridians were connected. In contrast to Kai, who switched consciousness and waited, it was about time that the grey monkeys, distracted by the rubbing in the race, were in a mayhem in exactly the way they had eaten the accidental blow. He looks up at the evil god (Diavo), whose neck a large number of ash monkeys have brought, and he has solidified himself like an idiot.

A slightly irritated Kai screams "run away" and he finally begins to escape from those who were on the outside.

(... Aim where? Is there a steeple?)

"The Evil God (Diabo)" has taken a step forward.

That alone made the narrow "King's Seat" a lot harder to get around. No longer kicked out of his thoughts how the Grey Monkeys would escape, Kai turned to the side of 'The Evil Gods (Diabo)' with a Zula stream of walking, cutting off his weighty left leg.

The evil god (Diavo), who lost his leg from the base, is so disfigured and overthrown. The position of the head is lowered, so the eyeball-like part is then skewered.

The deafening roar rose like rubbing iron together. "Diavo" raised a voice of intimidation when he realized something threatened my existence.

I felt intense heat scorching the air from The Evil Gods (Diavo) falling close. It would have been that blue speckle... the burning heat that keeps twisting and burning the body skin of "The Evil God (Diabo)".

I don't feel any sign that the 'Invisible Sword' will no longer work. In the first place, it is difficult to say the same as the land god. "The evil god (Diabo)" may not have the very idea of adding resistance to protect my body. Although there was no possibility that this' sword magic ', which even that armored warrior could not demonstrate effective endurance to the end, was too special in the first place.

I'm more concerned about this guy's body constantly burning than that. I also wondered if he was a flame-attributed creature that kept burning all the time, but this way up close, the meat burning made me smell the rising rotten odor all over my eyes, and I quickly came to the conclusion that it was not.

It's burned from the world just to be there.

This' foreign object 'by the name of' evil god (Diabo) '.

(... does that mean 'neglected from the world (...)')

Though dragged by the existence of Kai, the man of this world, another intelligence in him, some soul good at logical thinking, then spreads the wings of analogy. Hypothesis takes shape more and more.

Because "Diabo" is a being that is inherently out of reason (proverb) and not a being that can be found in this world, we may have to continue to spend a lot of money just to say "be" there. Suppose that 'cost' is replaced by a state of 'burning', as in the rephrase of the word.

(You're like an antimatter (...)

Pompous, that's what Kai thought.

The deafening roar of "The Evil God (Diabo)" stopped.

Kai felt that the 'sword' pierced deep into his eyeballs did not destroy any of the things that rocked the roots of his life.

(... nothing on this guy's head. No brains either)

It is. There was nothing wrong with cutting off the front neck, so there can't be such a thing as a nucleus of 'evil god' life there.

The chopped forefoot also plays quickly. If it's not even a deterrent to action, it's just useless to hang up. Only the 'Invisible Sword', overburdened with spiritual power, must be avoided in vain.

If the head fails, all that remains is the center of the torso, covered in the thickest and thickest flesh. Kai carefully examines how wide and long it takes to get the Sword to "there," in response to the attack of "The Evil God (Diabo)".

The trick is to get the 'sword' to reach deep into the meat in a slightly heady shape so as not to wear out the cutting-edge spiritual power immediately. To the extent that I could see that, I also practiced the 'sword'.

At the edge of their sight, the grey monkeys possess their weapons.

Kai threw his gaze at you to bake the unwanted Yosuke, even as he almost tongued that there were those who hadn't escaped yet, about ten ash monkey men lined up with stone axes. Behind it was that 'King Momoki' female who still kept confronting Trude.

Could be these guys.

When I picked up my thoughts, the tongue of "The Evil God (Diabo)" came upon me as I poked Kai's surprise. It was Kai who sent it... but the attack struck those ash monkeys like a stray bullet, and fell bulky like a thread cut despite the defense of a few at the right end.

The fall of my swordy soldier caused 'King Momoki' to yell at me.

"Be the Guardian! Come on, finish it!

Even if he is commanded by power, Kai, who has no in-laws to listen, merely shrugs his shoulders.

It's just that the voices of the survivors have returned to me and put the defenses back in place again, so I can hear that they are showing considerable charisma.

Kai kind of remembered 'White Princess' in the village.

After all, I only glanced at this one, and the audacity of "King Momoki" was quite something that didn't try to break the confrontation with Trude standing in front of me. Well, it was only a matter of seeing if it would continue even after his men were wiped out.

I understood that the only reason I couldn't leave here until I risked my life was because it was in the secret. And then there's nothing else I can do about it.

Only Zedda, the only "protector," among the group that protects "Kingsgoki," stares at Kai's trends to devour them. Only those who did it directly with "The Evil God (Diabo)" will understand the difficulty of what Kai accomplished. Zedda continued to chase the "Guardian" with a half-anticipated glance, showing the flesh of "The Evil God (Diavo)", which I could barely pass the attack of the axe I waved with full force, so vividly broken (?).

Maybe this guy didn't even look at the face of the benefactor who saved my life. Kai, who had to refrain from responding with the Sword to an early attack from the Evil Gods, exclaimed over the mask, tired of continuing to do so, acknowledging the only weapon that would have resisted the rugged body skin of the Evil Gods.

"Give me that!

To Kai's request, Zedda, after a moment of confusion, said, "Oh, my God, you called me!" and has returned a crazy reaction of tune.

Going near it and taking it forcefully is also a hand, but that would pull the 'evil god (diabo)' attack over there. It could have been that if they did badly, the Grey Monkeys would be wiped out in exchange for the axe.

I put my hand forward instead of listening.

Tell Zedda, who has his neck clenched, to urge him.

"Give me that axe"

"... Huh?

At last the meaning was conveyed, though naturally Zedda clearly revealed her dissatisfaction. It is precisely with this iron axe that my life has so far been preserved. There was no way I could let go of an axe that could be called the lifeline.

"Just give it to me."

With the "Bad God (Diabo)" attack gaining in intensity, Kai had a knife in his hand for cutting, a weapon that was no longer available. But with one of those nasty weapons, I couldn't have let the powerful attacks launched from The Evil God (Diabo) go away forever.

Kai, who saw that asking Zedda directly would not reveal a shred, turned to his master and said, "It's white there! Tell him to give me the axe," he yelled.

If it was from Zedda, I was told to be disrespectful to the 'White Princess' of the grey monkey man who would be intoxicated, so he made his face even brighter and angrier than it was originally red once. So you said you didn't have time for that.

"It's white! Order the fool! To defeat it." Get in! "

That's how King Momoki brought a great deal of tongue and ordered Zedda to hand over the axe.

He grabbed the hand axe thrown at him in the air, and Kai wielded it and struck out the attack of "The Evil God (Diabo)". Unlike a cutting knife, a hand axe that combines sturdiness with reach can be a painful blow as it strikes back.

After a five-minute meeting and regaining his spare time, Kai was finally able to get ready for a blow aimed at the torso of 'The Evil God (Diabo)'. As he cleverly stands around, he examines the structure of the body of "The Evil Gods (Diavo)" and grasps that the torso is about three yul wide, two yul thick, and five yul long.

If you care about that, you'll be able to cut the circle twice and three degrees. If you do it three times, you're about to run out of spiritual power later.

(Length is 3 yul. Thicken the blade...)

Spiritual power flows loosely into your hands from all over your body. Set the mood and prepare for a blow.

How many would have noticed Kai waving his hand axe with one left hand at some point?

He slammed an axe on the tongue of the growing 'Evil God (Diabo)'.

I stitched it up on the ground and swept it deeper with my feet. One-handed attacks don't keep meat out, but that's enough for now.

The head of "The Evil God (Diabo)" was fixed. Kai stuffed the time from there all at once. My forelegs approached, but I avoided diving and led him closer to my torso.

(work for me...)

And a blow rolled out.

"The Invisible Sword" sank from the base of the forefoot of "The Evil God (Diabo)" into its torso. I feel the illusion of being drawn behind my body and into my infinite sinking body without too much resistance.

Many times along the way, the 'sword' disappeared, each time knitting a new image.

And the torso, which would be even more than twice the neck, was amputated as intended.

Kai, who had to knit a 'sword' ten times on a machete, got to his knees with a too shaken up stand of weakness and couldn't help but get up soon.

No, even if we do it again, one more time would be the limit.

Kai looked up slowly to see if he had succeeded in the attack.