There was definitely an alarm.

Dumb bastard!

God in the valley shouted.

Then Kai's face, which was raised, was bathed in scorching heat a moment later.

Something black burst from both sides of the body of the two evil gods, hitting each other in the center and splashing the momentum around them.

Kai unconsciously swallowed her whole body with the 'black blood'.


Its' black blood ', which evaporates as white smoke from the side it touches, takes away something like heat from Kai in consideration for disappearing. It wasn't as cold as ice itself. The fact that "heat" was forcefully taken just made me feel "cold."

There is a dangerous feeling of exhaustion, not weakness, caused by the use of the 'Invisible Sword' … the sense of loss of life, as if it were draining the blood of the whole body rapidly, spreading throughout the body as it stains.


I heard Trude scream.

Porek, who noticed the noise in "The King's Seat," is screaming something below the evacuation. While Kai heard those voices, he was already even stuck moving.

God in the valley made me laugh and take for granted.

The 'black blood', which also poured heavily into the gap of the mask, had even broken into the mouth, which had not been closed to rough breathing. The tense tongue of the four or six o'clock faintly picks up the taste information of 'black blood', albeit paralyzed.

(This flavor)

In a bland oblivion where thoughts didn't try to shape anything, Kai was just putting that on his head. I guess that was the only thing that came to mind clearly because it was such a primitive feeling of taste.

It kind of tastes familiar... I thought so.


I want to hold myself and tremble, but I can't even do that.

I don't understand the reason why bathing in the blood of "The Evil God (Diabo)" has left my body so cold out. I couldn't help but feel the twitch of standing up and sitting down.

Where has the vitality that was moving my body so lightly gone?

(... well, is this who the stun is)

Bad status.

A state anomaly that is given equally to those touched by The Evil God (Diabo).

Kai finally realized that the evil curse was coming down on me.

Just lucky or not, Kai didn't even lose consciousness unlike the other Ash Monkeys. I didn't know what worked to make such a difference, but Kai was barely stopping on the verge of fainting.

The sensation of the tongue, which was paralyzed, returns and spits around in his mouth.

Where did you taste that?

Kai found it blurry and "flavorful" when he said it was such an apparent, black liquid. That's how I was reminded of that supreme delicacy, which I don't usually crave.

(It tastes like the medulla of "Divine Stone"...)

What do you think is stupid?

But that's what I felt, so I can't help it.

The sickness of what I had just noticed caught by my throat. Then the word 'antimatter' came to mind, and Kai's thoughts shrugged away as if he had found an exit.

(Is that black fluid the exact opposite of "Myrtle of the Divine Stone"?)

The body of "The Evil God (Diabo)" imagines that all of its whole body is made of the contents, the medulla, of "Divine Stone".

Because it is the marrow of 'evil god (diabo)', when touched, a negative 'penalty' occurs, the opposite of 'level up'. By taking away the 'EXP' that the creature has accumulated over the course of his life, he gains the 'stabilization' that the marrow of 'evil god (Diabo)' is attributed to 'none'.

I can't stop thinking about it, not if I'm thinking about it for a long time.

Then what is' Divine Stone '?

What is the 'medulla' in its contents?

Though I originally want to malign whether the medulla hidden in my body is somehow exposed outside as my body itself, 'evil god (Diabo)' is the kind of thing that gets burned just because it exists in the first place. It's not weird what happened.

In front of Kai, 'The Evil God (Diabo)' is about to be resurrected again. After all, cutting the torso wasn't fatally enough.

Without being able to move, Kai watched.

(... What, he's got 'Kamikaze' too)

"White bone," I guess, had been pushed out along with "Black Blood," half-faced from the cutting surface. Recognize that it is clearly the nucleus of the 'evil god (Diabo)'.

Maybe that 'Divine Stone' is loosely wrapping around his body along with 'Black Blood'.

If I could capture that now, it would all be over.


You must have climbed the steps again, I can see Polek rushing over here.

Yes, let Polek take it. If you go the gap where that 'black blood' is spilling like a waterfall, you can easily reach it...

Spiritual power is interrupted and consciousness is about to turn away. More, spiritualize faster. Turn your consciousness to the 'Divine Stone' in me. God's voice in the valley has gone a long way, but he still hasn't slept... I just know he's awake.

God! Do something, God!

Wrap 'Divine Stone' with the spiritual power of none. And I thought about the suicide of calling God, and I remembered that there was no limit whatsoever to the image in the first place. Make your consciousness look like a hand and break into its medulla, protected by white bones.

Of all the "medulla" that remains wrapped in bones, it's natural but it's black, and I thought it looked just like that one in "The Evil Gods (Diavo)" again. "The Hand of Consciousness" felt the heat as if it grabbed a shard of sun in the palm of his hand.

Turns out that's the 'God of the Valley'.

Give me more protection.

No matter how great God is, possession is essential to wield its power in this world. Since I am the only one of them, what should I fear?

I can see the God of the Valley getting angry. But now I don't know what you're talking about. I'll piss you off as much as I can later, so just try harder now and give me the 'power'.

God in that armored warrior was very diligent. I immediately lowered my resistance to fire magic, and for the first time in my life, I knew that there was a lot of God's protection.

Then you can make up your resistance to that 'black blood', right?!

The principle of resistance to negative medulla? I can think of something like that right away...

(Is it 'bone'?)

The Land God dwells in the 'Divine Stone'.

The "Divine Stone" in the individual creatures is packed with his accumulated experience. There is no god, but it's packed with things like his soul.

If 'medulla' is a heterogeneous thing, far from the organism's body tissue, similar to that of this' evil god (Diabo) ', wouldn't it act like' poison 'to the body just because it was able to do so in the body?

It's not something like that from the beginning, but actually quite acquired, to isolate the 'medulla' that occurs in the body, calcified by the defensive reaction of the flesh...... suppose the 'ossified (...)' thing is' divine stone '.

It is also convincing that the shape of "Divine Stone" varied in size and shape.

(Turn my body skin into 'Divine Stone' (...))

Osteoablation resistance.

An understanding of Kai, the possession, is shared with the Valley God.

Tingling spreads discomfort on the surface of the skin. I decide to believe that ossification of the body skin has begun.

Polek is shaking his shoulder. Okay, I'm gonna wake up now.

When Kai wandered off of his own accord, Polek hurried away. In his ear, he said, "Lord!" I hear voices screaming. He seemed to notice the changes that had taken place in Kai's body skin in an attempt to catch Kai trying to start moving forward in that way.

Trying deliberately to push Porek's little body away, Kai leapt into the wounds of the evil god (Diavo), which is now just closing.

The two pieces of meat cut apart hold their heads together on the adhesive areas that are tight from both sides, scratching them with a sneeze.

That's how the wound blocked while swallowing Kai, 'The Evil God (Diabo)' tried again to bring his neck... failed.

When I wondered if its lifted chest had given birth to a fissured anus, the slice stretched vertically and quickly became unbearable to abdominal pressure and burst.

A bunch of black stuffed chunks popped out of the 'black blood' that erupted. Of course it was Kai who waved the 'Invisible Sword'.

Kai held a white mass in both hands, as much as a baby.

It was undoubtedly the "Divine Stone" of "The Evil God (Diabo)".