It was a big 'Divine Stone'. First class I've seen so far.

The weight was even more amazing. Wouldn't it weigh enough to hold an iron mass the same size?

Is it because of the 'divine petrification' of the body skin? The range of motion of the joint is narrow. Whenever I move, my knee and hip make a noise of gorilla, but is it okay?

I was kind of terribly tired, and I was about to be able to relax at the front, and then I hurried and threw myself forward and rolled. So I managed to get a distance of about 3 yul from "The Evil God (Diabo)".

That's how he looked up at 'The Evil Gods (Diavo)' in a way that snapped to the ground in a depressing mood. The tremendous body of the soaring 'evil god (Diabo)' seen from it seemed to be slowly shriveling as it was sprinkled with massive amounts of 'black blood' from the belly that Kai had now torn apart.

Even as I watched it, the blue fire that was burning my body skin intensified its fire as it sent the wind, and I began to burn the 'Evil Gods (Diavo)' in abundance. Though the wound instantly blocked, it was thought that that body of Fire Mill would soon burn out and disappear.


While the evil god was burned by the fire, he attacked Kai as if he had recognized him as his main enemy.

It is deformed so that there is no longer even a shadow of the pepperfish. It can end up like an amorphous amoeba that only remembers catching a hateful enemy named Kai. The immovable Kai appeared to have been captured for a moment by the 'Evil Gods (Diavo)', which had been covered like a netting, but at the next moment its indefinite body is burned from within by the 'fire magic' emitted by Kai.

"Hold on, do it! Guardian!

Was the arrogant scolding thrown at that time pronounced by that white 'King Momoki'?

Polek, waving his sword next to Kai, becomes angry again at that attitude as if it were normal for a watchdog to work for his husband. It may be that Polek, of the male, grey monkey (Makak) tribe, who once could not even defy the Hachal clan, who can clearly express his anger so far on what would also be a clan to the 'king', is no longer completely removed from its dominion and can become a member of Kai's family.

But the white "Kingsledding" looks pretty intense. I don't know what kind of collective life the Grey Monkey (Makak) tribe has, but I think maybe the females are the higher up feminine society. The imagination is also supported by the fact that several loyal warriors are still following around the King Moki.

Since he was handled like a shepherd dog on his own, let him go for now... Suddenly his forefinger was stretched out suddenly to those other than Kai for trying to compensate for the loss of his body that kept getting burned hard by the evil god (Diabo), who was just wandering around on the arrow tip of his thought like that.

The other "protectors" made that attack seem easy to avoid with self-help efforts, but Zedda was the only one around Kingsgoki. And Zedda was round hipped earlier when Kai marked him with an axe.

There was no way to stand up to it, and Zedda pushed the warriors, one by one, who were standing on the bar as she identified the attack of 'The Evil God (Diabo)', to escape difficulty, but turned her face over my shoulder that the effort had returned and become an enemy. I got away from the Kingsledding that I needed to protect the most.


Kai struck his tongue briefly and sent Polek an eye-catcher.

I raised my sword to one of the tentacles of "The Evil God (Diavo)", where Polek, who I perceived, was trying to stretch overhead. Based on the strength of every man who cannot tear it apart in that way, he tries to push it from body to body without forcing it.

but even though he was distracted from the track, "The Evil God (Diabo)" targeted "Kingsledding".

Tentacles twist and arc in the air. Understanding that the tentacles of "The Evil Gods (Diavo)" were coming to me with obsession, "King Momoki" showed how he would pull out the tiny sword that seemed to be hanging on his hips and intercept him from the front.

Don't you have protection, 'neighborhood' doesn't show up on that side? Without any physical strengthening, King Momoki made up his mind to face the Evil Gods. To that attempt, which was so reckless, Kai decided to beat him to death later.

Though the spiritual power kept returning little by little, it was quite unscrupulous. Kai jumped directly on his tentacles by applying the special 'resistance' to his body. One hand is an acrobat with one arm while holding the 'Divine Stone' of 'Evil God (Diabo)'.

The 'kamikaze' body skin was stiff and slippery. I slipped out of the place where I grabbed most of what I clinged to in the craziness of death, and finally fell out of my grip when 'The Evil God (Diabo)' rammed my tentacles.

That's how Kai was thrown out was exactly at the foot of 'Kingsledding' as he was aiming.

"'Evil God (Diabo)', touch, don't die... weird"

"... you're angry. I'll stick with you later."


Kai scolded him over his back, standing up as he greeted him, and 'King Momoki' rang his nose to express his dissatisfaction. He wasn't wrong about the view that he had a good personality.

That's how Kai loses what's behind him from his head and focuses his consciousness on dealing with The Evil God (Diabo).

His' Divine Stone 'is in my hands now. Kai, who has actually been stolen from' Divine Stone ', turns his mind to the current situation of' Evil God (Diabo) 'while remembering his senses at that time.

(… now, you must be running out of spiritual power)

Even then, the loss of the 'Divine Stone' cut off the supply of spiritual power.

Even though I managed to handle the least bit of "healing magic," it was like the last fart of the day, gathering leftovers from all over my body.

I wonder if "The Evil God (Diabo)" at this time is also like losing a new supply of spiritual power and managing to move with something like "spare fuel" that was stored in the body. I don't know how much more of that remains. Sooner or later the limit will come, but unlike just possessive bills, this guy is also God himself in a way. It was also conceived that the inside alone had enormous leeway.

Its' evil god (Diabo) 'is clearly tormented with every passing hour. The blue flame is burning its entire body hard. I imagine that means that the abominable presence of the' evil god (Diabo) 'from this world is losing something resistive to stay so there. Its burning momentum was also stronger after taking away this' Divine Stone ', and it seemed natural to consider it in association.

Tentacles started the attack hard again. Several of the warriors who had been helped by Zedda's thrust tried inadvertently to return to the 'staging area', which was immediately sacrificed.

"Don't come! If I hadn't ordered," everyone would have disappeared into the belly of "The Evil God (Diabo)".

Good thing Kai has gained resistance to the "Penalties" of "The Evil God (Diabo)," and Kai continues to leave those tentacle attacks uninspired with one hand. Only Kai is perfectly safe, even though a single touch of 'The Evil Gods (Diabo)' could have been fatal to the others. That's right, some like Trude, who admires his guardian, and he says, "You're sloppy!" and some were like Zedda, who raised a screaming voice of condemnation.

Behind you, the white "King Momoki" says, "dwarf, are you sturdy?" He was divulging his thoughts of deviation. I guess that's how it felt because Polek was also struggling beside Kai.

While Kai saw the decay of "The Evil God (Diabo)," he also felt that if he kept going around to receive it, someone would eventually fall again. Besides, the boy who took the "Divine Stone" back then, didn't he get an important war lesson?

(If you're going to kill a "sheltered person," it's not enough to take away the "Divine Stone".... because I was right now)

Kai makes a decision.

I created a small 'Invisible Sword' in my empty hand.

And he constantly tests the "Divine Stone" of the huge "Evil God (Diabo)" he holds, and puts on the "Sword".

They'd come out as overflowing as possible. I didn't even want to waste my juice. Of course I was going to eat you up.

To prevent the juice from spilling, the 'sword' tip was first turned in so as to drill a hole in the top. I haven't seen much of it on hand as I determine the movement of 'The Evil God (Diabo)'.

but the small lid came off and finally a hole was drilled in the 'Divine Stone'. I was still curious, so Kai tried to check the contents first before putting his mouth on.

In that hole, it was dark.

I could imagine how firmly the medulla inside would be packed, given the firm weight I feel in my hands. It is Kai, who is especially of his own for the goodness of his eyes. I gazed into the hole.

And Kai has seen it.

(… eyes)

The hole in the bone that I drilled.

In a hole the size of the person's mouth, 'eyes' looked at this one.

It wasn't a mistake to look at. On the contrary, his eyes were clearly frightened and he moved anxiously to follow Kai's it.

Seeing as he was about to let go of his surprising, Kai flew half a step through the tentacles of the 'Evil God (Diabo)' and flew away, trying to widen the hole just a little bit more with the 'sword' he had made on his right hand.

I saw white teeth.

To such a creep, Kai accidentally turned away. but he didn't have the hair, such as the intention to renounce destroying the 'Divine Stone'. I put my fingers in the hole with both hands. The lukewarm flesh turned the hair of the neck muscle upside down.

With the greatest power Kai could wield now, he turned the "Divine Stone" into two pieces, almost at the mercy of momentum. The creepy creature in there was going to kill him instantly if he let him out.


The bone shell broke.


At that moment, the world flipped (...).

The air ripped.

Kai was even brain-shaken by a shock like a giant hand clapped in his ear, with his cheeks flat. And the screams of examples like rubbing the iron of "The Evil God (Diabo)" echoed, and nightmarish nasty deformities began from that flame-wrapped belly part. It was as if the flesh of the Evil God (Diavo) had begun to flinch from side to side, as if it were a fish that was plucked out of the bowel of the belly.

"Playbu! Mott! '

An eclampsia scream that becomes finer to be screwed.

"Black blood" erupted from the lacerations instead of the organ, and "The Evil God (Diabo)" wandered. Even though it was terribly huge, its gratitude was somewhere overflowing with life.

"Back to Le, no..."

The swirling air gets stronger like a whirlwind.

Something dreadful flooding out of Kai's torn 'Divine Stone' continues to float with such momentum that it is difficult to contain even the 'protective' power.

The body of the 'Evil God (Diavo)' grew smaller and smaller so that it was squeezed into invisible hands, and at one moment its presence really magically disappeared.

The change progressed too rapidly and suddenly came to an end by the abrupt.

The moment the figure of "The Evil God (Diabo)" disappeared, more and more something was thrown before Kai as if it were a souvenir to put down.

"... what?

The only word Kai leaked was that.

"The Evil God" disappeared.

And as in its place, a grey monkey man, who I don't even remember seeing at my feet, lay wet with all his hair on his throat as if he were a newborn baby.

"My brother."

The scream was, "Kingsledding".