Apparently, the Grey Monkey Man who appeared in front of him so that he could be replaced with "The Evil God" was a brother and sister who divided his blood, just as "King Momoki" called him "Brother".

As Kai sighed but tried to do an example 'screening' because Polek saw how it was going and slapped him on the cheek but his consciousness didn't recover, someone appeared to stop it. It was "King Momoki".

Standing beside his lying brother, King Momoki remains in possession of the sword he pulled out when he attempted to cross with the evil god (Diabo). And he tried to stick his sword straight to his brother's chest.


Kai, who held it back almost like a conditional reflex, turned his eyes on and tried to protest the other grey monkeys who were bypassing the 'King's Attack'.

Trood is just staring to see what 'Kingsledding' is all about, and Zedda has turned a blind eye.

The warriors who were most likely to have to stop were rather staring at the males lying in awesome shape, and even had an atmosphere in which they were likely to be happy to serve as replacements if "Kings" were not to do so.

However, I do not know the circumstances of the Grey Monkey (Makak) tribe. It had nothing to do with Kai, and now that he had defeated the Evil God (Diabo) instead, he thought I should be most forgiven for being selfish on this occasion.

I'm trying to cure you, but stay out of my way.

Waving Kai's hand. He takes the arm of "King Momoki" and throws it at the warriors with resentment. Seems like a yellow scream rose from "King Momoki" in a grey ape manner, but Kai didn't even shake small out of his racial preferences.

"Why interrupt"

Kai asked why.

I was, as a matter of course, angry at the grey monkeys for not trying to show too much respect for the guardians who defeated the 'evil god (Diabo)' who was driving the race to destruction.

The heat of anger that erupted from Kai's entire body shook up the ash monkeys who were there. A mysterious dwarf warrior who showed the evil god (Diabo), whose survival was so threatened, almost unilaterally annihilated him only a few moments after he appeared, turned that rare martial authority on the Grey Monkeys. He swallowed the voice that the accompanying warriors were about to raise, which took the form of accepting "King Momoki" as a wall of meat.

Kai knelt beside the brother of "Kingdorki", who remained lying, and took the means of resurrection without hesitation.

Kai resurrects the life of this male only to satisfy the curiosity that has gushed in me. That's not what I found out until then.

"... get up"

Exercise the technique and slap your cheeks after it. He is a much bigger grey ape man than Kai. There are no reductions.

After being stretched back and forth on his cheeks, he immediately breathed back, "It's my brother," and suddenly rumbled like he panicked when his eyes were set on Kai's appearance as he looked down. Polek and the other dwarves seize him, and the face he was turning away is also forced to turn around by Kai. When the divine crest began to appear slightly on its frightened face, Kai accidentally laughed out.

The divine mark on its face… The more elaborate "Neighbourhood" than expected was more than "Five Years Old (Sinquesta)" at a glance… When it comes to similar marks, it was the only substitute that came to mind for that much of the Baltarabe Tubu I've seen in the village of Bagna already.

Wang Wei.

If it becomes a 'heavy crest' no less than that of the Great Leader, it can be broken that it is no longer the only one. It was undoubtedly the 'king' of the Grey Monkey (Makak) tribe who was about to wake up scraping his slapped cheek in front of Kai's eyes.

And oddly enough, 'The King' himself is when he has no consciousness at all about the divine crest that is still floating on my face.

"What's your name?"

"...... Ts, Zendl"

"Are you the king of the Grey Monkey Clan?

"... Oh, my God, oh my God"


Kai, with all his curiosity, made an inquiry toward Trude, who was staring at this one.

"... is this your king?"

Trude just said "no," even as he distorted his face to bitterness. Of course, it's an obvious lie, so Kai stirs up the killer as he rises again. The one hand is eagling King Zendle's long hairy legged hair.


God in the valley laughed with his nose. Kai laughed again, too.

By communicating directly with the God of the Valley in the "Divine Stone," what he thinks begins in his brain like a bubble of light, numbing Kai's soul.

Direct stimulation of the cranial nerve brings to life a fragment of the associated memory, though not the words themselves.

"The Evil God (Diabo)".

"Bad Eating"

"The Death of the Predecessor"

Such keywords come to mind like 'puzzle' shards. They are easily reconstructed as meaningful words in Kai.

"... 'Diabo', your king, you ate."


"... so this male, became a 'king'"

I guess that's what this is about.

Then Kai, the protector, appeared as an overwhelming presence of the Evil God (Diabo) and showed a clear advantage in the battle. The ash monkeys who were there imagined "the return of the Spirit" after the fall of "The Evil God (Diabo)". That's why Trude blocked the entrance to the Secret Service and prevented the King from entering the back of it.

"... oh"

Zendl, the new king, began to understand what had happened to me, scratching his head like crazy.


"Take Your Clothes Off"


Temporarily again, the Valley God's idea spreads ripples by bouncing it behind Kai's brain without context.

The word of God in the valley seems to be inspired, perhaps linked to the closest word, in Kai's head.

This male named Zendl, before he became 'The Evil God (Diabo)', naturally meant he was not a 'king'. Not a 'king', but being able to be divine also means that he was still a 'protector' who lived in the only god.

A "guardian" was changed to "king".

Kai immediately wondered if it was a double shield.

"Abandon God."

In the wake of the word of God in the valley, I see a slight thread to understanding.

Throw away? God?

I've actually always wondered how the Moroccan family inherited the Spirit to their second son. Orha was regarded as a trace of the Moroccan family, but he was wondering how he was going to replace Lagudara, the main village god, when he was put in the land god of the village of Erg first.

Apparently, there's some means to kick God out of the original. Even if we don't know the specifics, if we understand that it is, we can admit that the birth of this' new king 'is also sensible.

While eaten by the Evil God (Diabo), the first of these males was taken from the existing God, and the king of the Grey Monkey (Macak) tribe was eaten after that, and the king God was also to be mixed in the Black Blood.

Then "The Evil Gods (Diavo)" perished, and the medulla of "The Evil Gods (Diavo)" and the body of this male flipped back and forth. Even the king's gods have enclosed this male.

"I won't admit it"

"I won't let this guy."

"I killed my family."

Behind the sound of a curse rising from the warriors, 'King Momoki'... Zeena is about to walk over here again. The white furrows were indeed very similar to the new king Zendl.

"My brother killed me too much."

Zeena was wet with tears overflowing its surface.

"Lots of warriors, lots of females, lots of kids,"

How many carcasses will be rolling, even within the royal castle compartment alone? It is easy to imagine that there would have been many dead in the royal family of the Grey Monkeys, where the place was the only place. And a large number of warriors, driven by fanaticism to retrieve the King's tomb, must have been devoured by the fat 'evil god (Diabo)'.

"I wanted to be a 'king', not my brother. So," Diabo, "Royal Castle, I went for it."

"... Chi, chi..."

"My lord, it was crazy. The royal family, they were all bloody and insane. Same with my brother."

"... oh, oh"

"Royalty, madness, lost 'Return'. Same with my brother."

The unheard expression 'blood starches' replaces the understandable word 'inbred marriage' by the knowledge of the Valley God.

Zendl, the new king, would have been the son of a king who had been redeemed like a support for God, who had taken the land he had taken at the northern limit, where the race was entering. That northern limit changed the situation and the cemetery was cursed by the enemy who allowed it to enter. Zendl, who was transformed into a 'evil god (Diabo)', went for the place of the royals as instincts with the losers, and eventually got his spirit completely swallowed up and rambled away...... is that what it looks like?

The substantive leader of the Grey Monkey Nation is the 'Great Leader' of the sequential second seat, who is taking on the curse of the land. I guess it's the same royal outpouring because of the similarity of the hairs, but the weight of influence over the entire land shifted to "the Great Leader" when the "return" of the "protectors" of the species flowed to one side of the faction feud. Maybe that's the schematic.

Is' king god ', by which the king decides to king, a terribly uncertain thing in fact, determined by the number of his' subjugation '?

I guess there have been times when the wisdom of God in the valley has been mixed. Kai's understanding rapidly took depth.

Then what is this female named Zeena?

This female also seems to have done quite a bit of homicide from Trude's mouth. If the warriors who follow are like royal Kingsguards, the imagination works that she was sacrificed as the next king candidate during the chaos that occurred in the royal mass death. Tough personalities are from the ground, I'm sure the competitors must have taken the initiative to kill and go around.

"Brother, when you become king, return to the royal family, blow away"

Are you wary of what just got hit once, and Zeena is about to walk over to the new king Zendl again, eager to see what Kai looks like?

That's when Kai realized that Zeena's "accusations" were actually directed at me. I'm trying to make sense and get Kai to pull my hand.

"... so you kill"

"Guardian, it doesn't matter. This is the people of the forest, the problem. Don't give me a hand."

"... irrelevant,"

Is it a matter of this female's qualities, or she doesn't even have a need to show courtesy to a guest named Kai who saved the race?

With the birth of the new king, I could see Trude coming this way who no longer needed to protect his secret, but it's too late for such a hurry.

"Then I won't involve you anymore."

"Dear Guardian!

Kai looked at them with cold eyes.

"This guy stole the" Divine Stone "from" The Evil God (Diabo), "which belonged to me. So this guy's life, it's mine."

Grab and lift the hair of your head and gaze at the new king Zendl, who is completely frightened. When I pretended to stare, I shuddered as I shuddered.

"You, choose"

"... is, hiu"

"Do you want to die and become a 'Divine Stone' or do you want to 'surrender' to me? If you want to live, you have to give in to me."

Zeena saw Trude go out of line.

And Zendl, the new king, with his hair sticking up and hurting... he shook his head vertically with momentum.