The king of the Grey Monkey tribe, God, gave in.

Only Zendl and Kai, the parties, would have understood for sure that it had been done. This was also the case when I gained a comeback from Polek and Nilun, but there was a feeling that a source of heat similar to 'Level Up' was born in my 'Divine Stone' and twitched from it all over my body.

And because it was that of the powerful "Great God," I felt an extraordinarily large "heat." Kai felt some incomprehensible empathy, grabbing his head hair and lightly releasing the Zendle he was lifting. Zendl still seemed to have something to feel in Zendl, and he kept staring at Kai after he was let go despite being treated badly and buried his face trying to take it away from Kai's wearing dwarf clothes. The runny nose and tears seemed to stain, and Kai silently accepted it as the other one who was able to say it was' something to be forgiven ', although he had a physiological aversion.

I feel more vigorous than the minute I was being sucked away and reduced by The Evil God (Diabo), and God in the Valley tells me that it is not an illusion.

Return is a pact between parents and children.

The feeling that the Grey Monkey Man (Makaku), who is more difficult than himself but many times bigger than himself, is his "son" is not at all pinned, but only the feeling of being a servant that is very close to him was true in Kai. Zendl must feel the same way.

The reactions of the grey monkeys, who had become the subjects of the 'King', varied.

Zendl's sister, Kingdorki, exposes her discomfort as if the pride of the clan had been scorned in front of her. Neither are the warriors around them frustrated and fussy that the kings, whom we do not acknowledge, are showing subordination to others, but Kai did not even find them worthy of hearing.

Zedda is even surprised that the dwarf (Colol) tribe, who would be racially distinctly inferior, has shown the authority to overwhelm the Grey Monkey Man, giving him a peek at the bitterness of the idea that he has no choice if he is weak, as if he were the symbolic king of his species, on his knees and begging for mercy.

And Trude... the head of the Nenem clan of the 'Great Leadership', who was to bring Kai to this occasion, has lined up excuses that just make him pale to unexpected events and don't even know who they're aimed at.

The dwarves who have gathered together have the sunshine of Kai, of whom mine is the Lord. He strikes and trembles at his appearance and stares seriously. Polek advanced from it to Kai and reached for the white back of Zendl, who became 'your companion'.

Zendl, touched by Polek and glanced at you, stretched his left arm to hold Polek's shoulder as if he had gained a needless understanding. It was a fraternity over a hedge of races.

"We, you, etc., obey, do not"

There was a proclamation of "King Momoki".

"'The Oldest Clan', Returning, Not"

The 'oldest clan', the royal family of the Grey Monkeys, refused to return to God in the valley. This was followed by declarations from your warriors.

"Shadow crowd 7 family, obey, not. We, the 'oldest clan', the Sovereign, obey"

You can do it on your own.

Kai didn't even care. If you've decided to follow King Momoki, you can do whatever you want. Let him inherit even one of the many "empty" land gods, and wear it even in the disputed "king".

If there are seven families such as the Shadow Crowd, they can show a lot of power, but the glory of the Grey Monkey (Makak) tribe that has behaved as the Great Clan can disappear.

Zedda, who would be the head of the Ame clan, also expressed his intention, much lost, whether he felt the mission of having to do so.

"Ame... think a little more"

If you're thinking about it, you don't have to.

Apparently, there are more than ten families gathered in the main Yi (Heju) to retrieve the King's tomb. Zedda said she wanted to talk to those survivors.

Zendl rose beside Kai, and the dwarves gathered around Kai as well. The 'evil god (Diabo)' had already been crusaded, so when it was over, we would be on our way home. It was a natural flow.

"... Dear Guardian!

As for Trude, I couldn't seem to leave the Kays as they were.

I would also like to thank the 'Great Leader' for the small, thankful banquet. Because we are the ones who called the guardians, we must thank them. Trude said the "Great Leader" and his 23 families, who will be joined to God, will continue to believe in the Guardian and want to maintain a good relationship for ever.

23 family members? It does seem to be a great faction that could become mainstream in the race. Assuming that a hundred soldiers could be extracted from one clan, as in the village of Rag, they would also have been able to gather the 1,000 troops that attacked the earlier village.

Hearing the magnitude of the forces of the 'Great Leadership', 'King Momoki' stared at Trude with hatred. Of course, the Ash Monkey (Makak) tribe is in the midst of havoc, and it is uncertain whether the 23 families are really just clustered together. I didn't even know if Zedda's ten clans were a completely different group from them, and there was no chance that they were counting overlapping.

Kai was angry, so he was going straight back to the valley. But the valley god said we should get on Trude's suggestion. Apparently, Kai, who doesn't know much about how to deal with sub-races, tells me not to miss a place to gain experience.

At that time, Kai's stomach sounded carelessly. I thought it sounded good in this corrosive odor scattered with the corpses of the Grey Monkeys.

Of course, Trude wanted the feast to be held with a clear political intent… there also seemed to have been an aim within the Grey Monkey Nation to clearly appeal to the place of merit with regard to this' evil god (Diabo) 'crusade. It is also a nasty claim to the proportions that we have found a guardian and that we have called him so far, as we will remember so well there.

Naturally, rumors of the 'evil god (Diabo)' crusade will spread, and it is only natural that its crusaders are 'guardians', that they will pass on every inch of the species. By complaining about his dedication to that invitation, some of the achievements of the 'Evil Gods (Diavo)' crusade will belong to the 'Great Leadership'. The 'old-fashioned', who is losing his temper, shows no noticeable merit either, and will finally be pushed into a painful position.

It seems that 'King Momoki' has finally come to think of the danger, but as he panicked slightly, he will have a feast over here, and the guardian started telling him to come over or something, but, well, if he's normal, he shouldn't go.

"Show me."

When Kai prompts him, Trude finally regains his vitality and walks out towards the exit of the Royal Castle section. I could hear "King Momoki" smashing his tongue small as Kai put him on his sleeve following it.

Kai stopped there and walked over to "King Momoki".

"... you feel bad, don't wake me up"


"Hands on the 'King's Tomb', I won't allow it"

Kai takes Tsendor, the new king.

That would be tantamount to forcing Zendl to leave the land, and the renounced 'King's Tomb' would be exposed indefensibly to the malice of others.

Kai pushes with his fingers dressed like a poke at "Kingdori" and stares up at him. She screamed like a woman when she poked her finger, but I don't know what Kai, who isn't pinning, meant.

Did you even touch her tits? It wasn't very soft.

That's how I turned my arm around to the big stone asparagus that was growing nearby and broke it in one breath. I really threw that giant stone asparagus like "Takenoko" into the little cave that led to "The Secret Service".

He stabbed it. When Kai kicked and screwed it further, he repeated, holding it around his chest and facing 'King Momoki' again, pressing his precautions "on his own, I won't allow it".

After finishing the procedure, Kai finally followed the scene with Trude's lead.

This compartment looks like it would be better to let the 'Great Leader' manage it, and when Kai was putting that thing on his head, 'Kingdorki' stared at its back, but of course he never noticed.

Although only potatoes and beans were "banquets" served in large quantities, Kai, accustomed to crude foods, ate into a full tummy without leaking any particular dissatisfaction, drank alcoholic beverages with aromas of honey and chiti fruit while being served, and also helped with light drunkenness and spoke very well. Because of the physical strengthening caused by the protection, Kai was mostly wobbly.

Ancient history of the oral biography of the Grey Monkey (Makaku) tribe was repeatedly heard by the "protectors" who became close to each other about the heritage of the proud past heroes of the species.

"The Great Leader", who recovered from the defeat of the Evil God (Diabo), also became friends with Kai in sipping alcohol from the same liquor pot, and was taught without concealing the power relations that were inside the species.

Forty-eight families of the Grey Monkeys, numbering 20,000 in total, are said to live in the land. Kai, who doesn't even know how many people live on the marginal soil, was an uninterrupted number. I was honestly impressed with the mountain of Sekiyama as much as I would account for how many Rag villages. It was meaningful just to learn that the village on the edge of the earth was somewhat united and not a force that could be overwhelmed.

There are about a thousand people in the village of Rag, but only about a hundred people still live in the valley of Kai. Without the divine power of the valley, it is only a weak force that is not enough to take truly. If we hadn't made a difference in relative power, we would have misjudged one day.

The god of the valley also got better every time Kai drank, singing lullabies and such that he was unfamiliar with listening in the meantime. I guess that was the song of an ancient people who were now doomed. It was a recurring song, like a drunk mumbling on condition.

Hearing it, Kai mumbled the Valley God's lullaby in a good mood so that he could be caught in the laughter of the Grey Monkeys.