The Grey Monkey (Makak) tribe's hospitality continued over two days and nights.

If there was nothing, we would probably have even entered flat on the third day about the whole wobble thing. The banquet was opened by a group of females who came all the way to the banquet seat, skinning a male who was drunk in a good mood and was busted with momentum, and a word was finally uttered by the Great Leader to the extent that several were given to the Blood Festival.

"... the potatoes were delicious"

"Let me wrap some up. … forgiveness, within, and sorry for the arrests"

I guess a bunch of females who make even the Great Leader afraid were like the Women's Union, to put it in the village of Rag.

Because of the amount of wastage frequented during the short summer harvest and the earlier 'evil god (Diabo)' noise, it seems that stockpiles for overwintering the Grey Monkey (Makak) tribe are considerably poorer.

The weather males did not hesitate to miss the feast of victory, and finally touched the scales of the realist females.

The females, smiling and pressing to "go home soon," were quite powerful. If it's true, they also wanted to offer souvenir potatoes full of luggage, but all they actually gave Kai was one sack of hemp.

"Giving potatoes for the next ten years"

Morning Gong, was the one.

I'm sorry this year is already tough, but in the bright year, I was promised a race-prized taro (taro) full of luggage.

Knowing that the land's familiar food would be supplied, Zendl, who would be taken, revealed his delight. I wonder how much Grey Monkey Man (Makak) loves the ingredients.

There are also many female quitters, so she also asked me if I would take her to the concubine, but I refused all this without any room to get lost. Even though Alue and Nilun alone had no motive to spread their hands. Of course, it goes without saying that Kai's tolerance was also greatly deviated from his preferences. If I can't mate, I've seen a lot of chicks who are going to get beat up.

Kai and Kai left the realm of the Grey Monkey People (Makaku) when they had an affair to pretend to repair each other's hair.

Kai's return to the valley was the seventh day since he left.

Zendl, who took him home, decided to let him live on the edge of the valley, where Polek would be the caretaker and a dwarf in the village of Hachal, who would also prepare his residence. Zendl, who succeeded the 'King God', was quite large in stature, and the 'House on the Tree' he requested was to be built on an ancient tree of Baren Cedar, which was also particularly large on the edge.

Kai also helped just a little, cut the lumber he had carried to the Zendle appropriately and made it into a sheet and stacked it up. The dwarves, who were prepared for heavy work in the Great Mushroom, had their eyes fairly rounded watching Kai slit the great tree as easily as clay. Kai was also surprised by my spiritual power, which increased its output by gaining many comebacks from the Grey Monkey tribe, which would have been wasted if it had cut five or six times, allowing me to take a breath up to seven or eight times.

Simply, it felt like a 50% increase.

This is Kai, who once decides that he needs to look closely at the power he can wield. That's how the 'cohabitants' noticed his husband's return called him to flourish from beneath the valley, where he folded and Kai fell out of the group.

Going down to the bottom of the valley, he received enthusiastic greetings from Aruet and Nilun. Well, I was just stuck full of force from left and right, but I heard a chilling voice from the dwarves watching the thing from the valley, and Kai walked slowly, kind of embarrassed and clutching the two to the central cabin.

When we arrived at the cabin, the dishes were arranged in such a way that they were ready and even prepared tea with hot air.

"Doh, go ahead!

"Come on, I drink a lot!

Even though I was barely pressured by the two who were coming, I was thirsty, so I mouthed the tea. Aruet has a variety of vanilla tea recipes, so he swallowed it without hesitation, although it was usually a slightly smelly tea, wondering if it was another fatigue recovery or some kind of formula.

It was already too late when I noticed the two faint grins that floated at that moment.

I can still afford a few days until the due date for my return to the village. Until then, Kai had decided to enjoy the life of the valley.

The dish prepared by Aruet was very delicious and I put it in my stomach as I thought it would be. And I drank. Tea had turned into alcohol from the middle of nowhere, but Kai, who was not drunk, did not mind the deliberation.

After I occasionally satisfied my appetite, I somehow felt intoxicated (...) and fluttered into the cabin. There was Elsa who kept sleeping there the same way she always did, and its totally extra meat fell... but instead I got a sudden, moribund feeling on my sleeping face that started to feel clear and beautiful.

He rubbed his cheeks against each other and was driven by some bad thoughts. Feeling her plumpness and softness, my heart is shaken by the emotions that somehow soar. Out of place, Kai pulled back like he was in a panic. That's how I got my butt cake like I lost my hips. There, for some reason, a bed of straw was ready.

I didn't have time to be stunned, and Nirn stuck around to tackle me. Rubbing his face around his chest, he turns to a questionable uplift.

Around there, Kai finally realized that I had fitted in with the two measures.

"… we have time"

Until the end of Kai's "leisure time" he was about to spend in the valley, they were out of reckoning. Did you receive that the moving Kai is unable to move?

"Oh, yeah. The Lord should be slow in the valley!

As he wrapped his hair around his fingertips, Aruet boiled it in bright red. If it was embarrassing, I wanted to go in there and tell him not to do it.

Keeping them together, Kai still didn't lose his reason, I guess because there was always Elsa's sleeping appearance in his sight. Kai, who pretended to be drunk with the medicine and stole the time that the effect lasted, managed to keep up with his sleep skills rewards... but his posture leaned to an overwhelming disadvantage around being unbanded and pulled down by his hips.

"... make a child!

"Let it be, it is!

The race was so different that it was not a good word for a maiden to say.

Kai, whose master had always reversed and regretted and couldn't wait, finally struck out into a 'magic' battle, rounding up the much-needed calm.

Magic in this situation? A stranger in Kai was desperately trying to stop him, but Kai, who lost his hesitation, activated the magic on your right hand.

Fire magic? No, no.

This is the magic that slowly calms people down in the moment.

("Cooling magic"... cold hands!)

Aruet's eyes, totally soggy, rolled with Kai's touch... one stroke to the neck muscle. "Shh, yeah," he rattled like a lamb. When Aroue pulled himself back, Nirn just jumped in there.

From neck to back, thinly covered in body hair, she has a little less to blame. I didn't hesitate to make him an eagle because his chest caught my eye appealing to him.

"Tsube, hiccup"

Nirn screamed in too much cold and rolled off the bed.


"My hands are so cold!

"It's winter."

"The valley is warm!

"Lord! I'm definitely doing something!

Kai stepped back and stepped out of the cabin, offering his right hand, which was softly putting white cold air together. That's how the moment I went outside, I turned my heels back at once.

Desperately pushing through the woods and making his escape to the dwarf under construction Zendl's house, Kai realized there was a strange gathering of eyes and said, "I changed my mind. I'll help you to the end," he said.

After that, with Kai's suspicious powers. After the work was completed fairly quickly, Kai somehow did not try to return to the valley, but even followed him to Polek's mansion. As for Kai, I wanted him to guess, but Porek had finally spoken of what was there after coming to the front of the mansion.

"I see the Lord was concerned about the example people"

I totally forgot Kai, but I nodded as though it was obvious and encouraged Polek. Speaking of which, that woman did.

I could have stayed with Kai for a long time, you idiot daughter of a lord.

What Polek showed was the building that was constructed as a 'separate building' of the mansion.

The dwarf houses with the huge trunks of Barren Cedar intact were quite large for them and a bit narrow from a people's point of view.

At the entrance to the "separate building" was a candlestick from the outside, and the tiny window glimpsed into it.

If you're a dwarf, maybe you could have dived through that little window with a face that was surprised to see how this one was doing.

Kai put back on the mask that was slightly rushed off, relative to the girl looking at this one through that window. The daughter-in-law, who stood out for her blushing, looked so mediocre that she was not beautiful enough or would fall into the crowd. Women, of course, if the men of the badly sunlit village would have jumped with or without more than half of them.

In front of him, Kai stood as a dwarf warrior.

"... you are... who?

I heard a crushing voice.

And in Kai's eyes, her colorful daughter looked up to me about 50% more because of the effect of the medicine.