When she was taken out of the cabin, the girl was blindfolded.

It was a procedure for not being able to remember the position of the valley on the way home, but the girl's full resistance from that moment became so intense that a few dwarves accidentally committed evil.

Kai recalls slightly. In the marginal soil, when crushing livestock, there were things such as having eyes closed so as not to give the fear of 'death'.

I should have said one thing first, but when I realized it was a later festival.

He would have grown up unrelated to manual labor as the princess of the Lordship, but he was powerful enough to jump even if it took him a bunch of strange powers, raw dwarves, etc. Is it easy to understand when it comes to controlling one girl so much that Polek himself had to lay down his hand?

When she tied her hands behind her back and had a tight blindfold, the girl didn't like it, she cried out that she didn't want to die, and when she was strapped up to Kai's shoulder, she even finally had incontinence.

Several dwarves prompted Kai, who was completely spooked and in hot air, to change, but felt it was a hassle, Kai shook his head with a sigh and moved to "get it done first". Kai, who leaped lightly even though he held each person, proceeded like a wind through the dark woods.

I guess he was attacked many times by a strong floating sensation, each time the girl screamed small enough to let her legs ram free. Raw, warm little water quickly became ice cold in the winter breeze.

In the beginning I begged a lot of my life to "help" but "don't eat," but when the trip lasted for about a half an hour, I just got around to noticing, and I started to keep my weight sloppy. If it were true, it would have taken less than half the time to get through the woods, but that was all it took to take a course around the marshes of the Lizards (Lagart) to divert them.

That's how he got out of the woods and came to a place where the village of Bagna, which became one of the clues to the sighting, didn't enter the scenery, and then finally got the girl off her shoulder and took that blindfold.

In the end, the girl who was blindfolded instead of being done, "go home," and called out to her voice in the words of a clear people tribe... was sometimes ignorant about the subrace, and seemed to have naturally 'people' certified just because Kai's outfit was no different from people's.

"Go. You, you're free now"

pointing in the direction of the village, and against Kai urging him to walk away, I've been looking at him for a moment and for the time being.

"You could have helped me."

And he snapped.

Kai, concerned that the costume clothes he cares about have a subtle odor on them, confirms by keeping his nose close around his wet chest. Realizing that the water-wet identity was my little water, the girl...... Rana waved her hands at the bulk and protested with all her might.

He showed bluntness and bumped into Kai who wouldn't stop, let alone round the snow at his feet. Hey, another shot was set in Kai's face.

"Is that what you like about women? Shit!"

"Why does that happen?"

In denial that she was about to be perverted, Kai was hit again with a snowball after uttering "creepy" and extremely thin words of delicacy ingredients.

Larna looks perplexed at Kai, who doesn't try to move as she stops, and learns again that her hand points straight at the snowfield at night.

After looking at the tip of that pointing like some other HR, it seemed that I had finally realized what I was being asked to do by the person in front of me.

"... No, you can't"

The dark, snow-covered, cold earth of this night cannot normally be considered, such as a young daughter walking home by herself indefinitely even as she went... Larna insisted that way and desperately appealed to the love of the mysterious man. And Kai got into trouble with the eye (...) because he started appealing to all of my 'colour tone' that he was overestimating the percentage.

It was a lot of things (...) that made it look too naive to appeal, but that gesture, which usually seems to laugh with my nose, was also very bad right now (...).

Larna seemed to have deepened her odd confidence when she saw Kai looking away as she wandered off, blocking her gaze with her widened hands. I guess this is how the beginner man caught up in the runaway commotion was also day-to-day.

"... what village are you in?"


"I am a village of Rag. Even if she looks like this, she's the daughter of the lord there. The princess."

You helped me get this far from the bad guys because of you, but you're going to lose a lot of money if you can maybe get a woman named yourself to leave me alone here... such a blatant appeal goes on. Well, if you were a poor villager with nothing, you wouldn't have missed an opportunity to sell your favors if that was the kind of deal, because it's rare to have a chance to get close to your noble daughter. but Kai has already decided with her partner, and even two pushy, feminine girls. My stomach is full.

Therefore, things such as being confused by colored incense without knowing very well... must not have happened first.

(... shit. it's creeping me out)

But now Kai, the 'pills' planted by the two admirable girls have worked. It overreacts a lot.

Larna, who sensed the atmosphere, folds into Kai's appearance, busy shaking off the beast greed he brings. "Am I that unattractive?" At last, Kai's mouth slips at her invitation, which she purposely crushes and exalts.

"You, beautiful. I know."


"... oh"

"... hehe, yeah"

Even if you find yourself curled in the palm of your hand and you are a business belly, a man can hardly resist when this happens. That's how Kai finally broke. It was a big deal that I didn't want to be offended any more.

To Rana, "Send me to the village," Kai silently lifted his body and put it on his shoulder like luggage. Even though Larna protests at that abusive treatment, Kai just rushed out.

Larna, who kept screaming in her ear as she ran, also became silent, as she gave up a little, trying to cling from herself to Kai. He was dressed like a cuddle from the middle of nowhere.

Kai felt the plumpness of human skin, the softness of the woman, and the heartbeat of her chest as intense as an early bell. Many times along the way I was sweetbitten by the neck. Even though I couldn't contain the impulse and was confused, I didn't understand why.

That was how he reached a place where he could see the village of Rag, with little time to worry about. Trying to put Larna down, she stuck around and couldn't leave me.

I finally let Larna stand alone and said "go" again.

Rana just takes a glimpse of the village once and keeps pointing her reddish face at Kai. The glance was strong enough to be a little barometric.

"Meet my father."

"Fine. I'm going home."

"I'll even thank you!

"I don't want it. Bye."


Having stuck around, Larna tried to get rid of Kai's mask by hand. Catch it softly and relentlessly push it away.

"Don't you want me!?

"... ugh!

I saw her shaken and followed because my beast was still rolling. Though she immediately turned away, that alone made Larna smile as confused as she was convinced of my victory.

"Come to the village."

"Enough, I'm going home"

"Oh no! If you wait! Ugh!"

He sighs like he's a troubled man, and Kai really doesn't care. They asked me where I tried to ignore it and turn my heel back.

"What village?"

That was listening to the village of the people to whom Kai belonged, but Kai usually replied, "It is the village of Hachal" because he makes me a dwarf warrior.

Where is the village?

"By the valley."

"... Hmm, it is"

Of course, misunderstandings have already arisen between the two.

"You're a Protector, aren't you? Fine, you don't have to go to the banquet. If you can find someone to catch up with, it's the same."


"You're a rat, but that's not a bad idea. I'll talk to your father today."


Losing interest already, to Kai, who turned his back completely, Larna hit a snowball. Still, to Kai, who doesn't look back, he reinforced his voice.

"Look at me!

Just that this is the last time, when Kai looks back at it in a painful way.

"Thanks for your help! See you later!"

The mouthpiece over the mask was sent to Kai.