The princess who was missing returned.

The village couldn't have made a scene because the princess, who everyone was about to give up, made her return in the middle of the night, also on her own feet.

A seasonal tour (semana) had already passed since he was lost. In the winter, when the climate grew harsher, 10,000 people would not have been convinced if they had had had the miraculous fortune to safely return from straying outside for as long as they were unprepared. The return of the princess could not have been possible without the intervention of some will.

He was captured in the woods.

Larna, a party, said she replied that way.

And many knew what treatment would be given to a woman and a child who had been seized every subhuman, but they looked upon the evil that would have happened to the princess of my house, and wept at the magnitude of the price that they had paid.

I didn't think of anyone, such as her return as a maiden. I was just lucky to have a life, so I didn't have to bother to steam back what I wouldn't even want to remember... I thought I was comfortable "I didn't have to be too angry"... Such a raw and warm care around me brought Larna back to the village society in a windless state that touched the swelling.

The princess was immediately hidden under the protection of the Lords and later ceased to appear in contact with the villagers' eyes. And after a while, the matter itself ceased to be a topic of many things as' things to do '.

At the end of the year's harvest, the season in which people dedicate themselves to the god of the land is called the "month of sacrifice".

The winter that should eventually be visited falls into the dry season before the winter, while enjoying the luxury of a modest drink, but unlike the warm centre, it is already in full winter on the northern periphery, and is widely called the Winter Solstice Moon.

The "Feast of the Winter Solstice", held in the state capital Baltavia, was also originally called the "Feast of the Dedication", but none of the people of the marginal soil, completely rooted in the land, looked to their original name or anything. Since I didn't use such an old designation from the Balter Hiroshi family on the inviting side, I couldn't help but be forgotten.

One day there is such a 'moon offering'.

A large number of villagers dropped me off and there was a group traveling from the village of Rag to the state capital.

The figure of Kai, Vezin, the head of the Moloch family, and his firstborn, Orha, and Jose, the first princess, and, at the end of the day, Kai, who was made to take on the load of the journey in one hand.

Orha told me that if I had the bragging power, I would be able to carry it lightly, such as to that extent, and that Kai, who had now carried it lightly, had such a maneuver with Vezin laughing and officially ordering me to "do so, if I may".

The other three are light because they just carry their personal valuables on their backs for sagging, but Kai was put on a large crate filled with lordship sundress on his back, even an oversized backsack, and yet several times as large as himself was a scalloped like an ant carrying a large worm carcass.

Even if it's okay to carry it, Kai's legs will naturally be completely buried in the snow if it weighs that much. It was just hard to walk when I buried it by my knees, even though there wasn't that much snow yet.

but Kai had decided that such a struggle could not even be served for a bite. If you're going to bury him, you can break the snow forcefully. Of course I am equipped not to be buried in snow like 'Kanji'. Because it is sinking with it, I want you to guess.

"Isn't Kai still tired? If it's hard, say it."

Even if it swells in cold proof clothing with a lot of fur, Master White Princess (Jose) will know that she is beautiful only because of her funny and clear voice. I haven't been out of the village that long, so I'm feeling a lot better. The exhaling breath turned into a huge white smoke.

It was two days before this departure that Kai returned to the village. I guess Kai's efforts were just hard work when he returned to the village first by the princess to be searched for, risking his life through the woods. Some of them were obvious in their recent activities, and Kai was stuck without standing, but at this time, he has returned to the appearance of plain vegetarian.

The leading lord laughed and spurred white smoke from his mouth.

"... let's see how long that extra room will last, Jose"


"Follow me without delay. Orha! Watch your back!

"... stop being 'serious'"

Even if my eldest son stabbed me with a nail, I only have a bad feeling about how your lord looks, who just seems to be listening.

The back suddenly bounced big. It unleashed the unique physical ability of the Four Years of Age Divine Print (Kwart) to hold protection.

Snow blew up with a kick leg, and there was powdered snow just like a blizzard. Both Orha and Princess White immediately try to follow the move by highlighting the neighborhood. Kai also has to eat up to it, but the weight of too much sunk in the snow was the problem.

Kai, who had been left while he watched, followed the rest by releasing his power to the extent that the neighborhood could not float (...) while sighing.

It was a slow Kai walk compared to the Lords, but of course it is no faster than that of the ordinary people. There was no snowstorm, and the signs of the three of them treading and vandalism clearly remain, and there was no fine dust in the fear of going the wrong way.

Still, efforts continue to be made to devise ways to be Kai. That of my lord, who is particularly large in his footprints, seemed to be reusable even while avoiding sinking, as the snow has also kicked in quite a bit.

(Take a look at this hole...)

Kai runs through a bright white snowfield with nothing but footprints.

Even though the three pillars of the Moroccan family are all set to head to the state capital, it is only my feet that carry them.

This is because it is a snowy time when carriages cannot be used, but vice versa, because it is a winter that is so difficult to travel, it also means that the 'sheltered' people can leave their territory without worries of hindsight. The snow begins by closing it, and the soil reaches peace.

In the beginning there was also the purpose of accustoming the White Princess, her first journey, and the progress followed with haste. However, on the second day, considering the white princess, whose footsteps had just become suspicious, the progress was at a certain pace.

The weather got worse and worse. Sometimes, when the snowstorm got too bad along the way and I was in a situation where I couldn't see the front at all, I would overbuild a snowcave.

Roughly 1,000 yurds, from the village of Rag to the state capital Baltavia. If a regular person tries to tread that distance at this time of year, he can do it for a month, and without luck, he'll be shipwrecked and even lose his life. The owner intended to make a seasonal tour (semana) and run through it in about ten days at the latest. It was precisely the force majeure that was only possible for 'having protection'.

The villages of the soil are usually dotted at a distance sufficient for ordinary humans to finally arrive on foot for a day. If you feel comfortable with it, you can decorate such villages a few times a day. When I said it was a road trip to the "Winter Solstice Feast," every village embraced me with pleasure. However, the village of Rag is one of the farthest realms, and no matter which village you stop in, usually the lord there is after you leave for the state capital. This year, I'm even more unfamiliar with the White Princess and Kai accompanying me. Though I only came forward for that amount, the itinerary was getting slightly behind.

(... and far away)

The tireless Kai and I would be tired if the situation were to continue. From about the third day out of the village, the owner often traveled with the White Princess on her back, whose footsteps became suspicious. When I saw Princess White relaxing on her back because of her exhaustion, I finally got so busy that I had to follow her quickly.

The closer you get to the state capital, the bigger the villages there are. Where Kai was the untouched part of this world is buried as a brain map. While running for a small run, your lord often spoke to Kai as well. Some settlements the size of which should no longer be called villages, seen, have been ruled by the involvement of the Balter-bearing Tubor family, especially the seven larger cities, the splendid castle fortification city known as the 'Holy Crown of the North', which they say is all owned by the Balter-bearing Tubor family. Baltarabe said that only those around him would first move to the nearest city of Castle, and fatten up their expedition troops to their destination using the standing guard there as their core force.

With those 'holy crowns of the north', the robust castle city, placed around the state capital Baltavia, the former tribe must have served as a stronghold for the soil offensive.

When we had our last stay in that castle city, we finally saw the small lords of the other villages, and some of them came to tell us to go their way.

Baltavia, the state capital, was located to the south compared to the village of Rag, but still under the influence of the limbic climate zone rather than the centre. The last day was a particularly bad snowstorm, and visitors rolled into the city's castle gates one after the other, distracting themselves from the snow they were spraying, unable to even afford to see the beauty of the huge state capital.

The giant castle gate, which would not be within reach without even multiplying the back length of the giant master, is closed by a thick door with an iron tap in it. Its doors, which are made of Valen cedar, which are only available on the marginal soil, can be opened and closed simply by the rigidity of the 'protective holding'. Lords of the state capital seek to dive through its' main gates' with considerable effort to prove the strength of their protection. There is a general gate filled by gatekeepers right next to me, but the owner also took pleasure in going to the "main gate" and somehow made his way through.

The "main entrance" has a subtle slope on it, and the more you let go of your hand, the more you will return to the closed state with its own weight. Hating to take care of him, Kai tried to dive the gate with the White Princess, who also aimed for that gap, but naturally had priority over the princess of the main house and missed that timing while waiting. Kai couldn't have dived alone, but the luggage he carried was too big.

Kai panicked as he was about to get stuck. I don't have to know about other luggage, and it's impossible to ruin White Princess's sundress, which debuts in the social world.

"Don't push me!

I could see Orha screaming for some reason left behind behind, but the package got pinched in an unpleasant condition and I couldn't go back any longer.

Without a choice, Kai put a little effort into it. That's all the thick doors were pushed open unexpectedly and without much, allowing Kai to break in. When the neighborhood comes out, my face gets hot, so I should have hidden it through.

A moan leaked from those who were setting sights in front of the gate to the "servants" who had lightly pushed through the "front gate" of the state capital. I wonder what happened to Kai, who is made to hold only one person in his luggage, only seemed to carry about the luggage of the Molok family accompanying him.

Before the door closed, I felt like I heard Orha's tongue pounding.

The Lord who waited on the inside is watching Kai as he deserves, and the White Princess is also opening her eyes to him who has come through plainly.

Slightly he was Kai, who saw the "main gate" move out again, and Olha roll in as if barely from that gap, and he realized that I had made a little tease of him.