"Winter Solstice Feast".

It is a year-round event to ascertain the strength of the ties between the parents and the children of the neighbors, hosted by the Bertu family, which binds the soil.

The vast territory of the North, acquired by the people in their expulsion of other races during that period of expansion, is of such a magnitude that only its size can be called a single nation very no longer. The number is decreasing with each year followed, and the territorial management of the people who are darkening the color of the tide is clearly increasing in severity. The Winter Solstice Feast, which brings together more than two hundred pillars of limestone soil, was also a valuable place to identify collaborators to survive the new year for the small lords of limestone soil, who are making it difficult to snub up the subracial offensive without close collaboration.

From the point of diving through the gates of the trials, the person is measured in his strength as a 'guardian', and there is a gathering of lords around the prospective one who just wants to connect.

A small group of Moroccans focused on the "Iron Taurus (Tor)," a four-year-old divine crest (Qwart), were quickly surrounded by those who started with the small lords who were on their way on the last day, and were persevering in their victory in the village defense about a month ago. Apparently, the rumor has already spread all over the periphery.

Our lord Vegin, who dived the gate of trial without difficulty, originally proved himself to have a broken "power of war" as a single-village lord, with his eldest son Orha also passing the gate on his own while being "young" and even a luggage carrying servant moving the gate.

Moreover, only this year, the Moroccan family had another 'eyeball' that could not help but gather people's ears and eyes.

"... ho, this is high on that rumor"

"White skin as snow is beautiful"

"This is my daughter who looks forward to where she's dressed!

It was the presence of the beautiful princess of silver hair, the white princess (Jose), who was to be regarded as the world's first princess, who had become increasingly rumored in the besieged social world. I haven't solved my traveling costume yet, so I still have a hood on my head, but the white-coverage that still looks shiny seems to be shining to the nasty men who make up the vast majority of invitees.

Many women would be happy to have caught a man's eye, but thank goodness Princess White wasn't, attracting the hood and hiding her face.

Of course, even though he entered the state capital, he is not yet under the roof, but an act in the snowblowing little snow. When I tried Kai, who continues to carry heavy baggage, I just wanted to complain that he would go to the place of destination without worrying about the group.

Unless you're a newcomer, no one knows what to do when you arrive in the state capital. Your lord walks down the prominent streets of the state capital leading from the main entrance as he suits the arrangements he talks to.

Though there were few street people in the snow that descended, there were outdoor shops lined with the festive mood of "Feast of the Winter Solstice," and there were also a few that raised the warm looking hot air. I know it's not a rush drink, but I approached the outdoor store where the owner was raising such hot air and told everyone to serve a cup. Whether it was a daily tool, the cups were placed in the pocket so that each of them could be removed immediately.

"Give me four."

"Can I put butter (manti)"

"Oh, and more ginger."

A warm, light-brown liquid was poured in a medicine can with a long pour, and it was distributed to everyone. Wrapping the copper-beaten cup with both hands, the heat returned to the tip of the finger, which had been chilled.

Smell it and Kai realizes it's 'tea'. When it came to tea on the side soil, it was usually a fried weed, which, apart from that, was a so-called real tea that could only be taken south of the country.

Of course Kai has never spoken of it before.

('Milkti' or...)

You're not supposed to know it in itself, but only words come out hard. The unspeakable sweetness of the molasses is also nourished and stained across the five organs. Butter (manti) seems to mean 'butter'.

My lord put in some clothes, so the other little lords who were gathered somehow bought 'tea' in the same way. What a wonderful sight, but drinking tea in an outdoor shop in this cold weather seems to be a common landscape in the state capital.

The 'invitees' with the small gold stopped their legs, and the outdoors owners around them start selling in full swing. The owner also bought a large bun with a filling of hiccups. Released of it, Kai, who received it, quickly wore it up after losing to hunger.

Its well-seasoned meat buns were unprecedentedly good food.

(comparable to 'Rice Balls')

While chewing, Kai was pleased. Your lord walks out without waiting for the end of the meal. Even though the warmth of "tea", such as Princess Bai, was about to melt away, what a shame.

"That's State Castle."

Although the outlook is so poor in raw and hateful weather, the panorama can barely be seen by the torches that are burning in abundance.

Much older than the outer edge wall protecting the state capital, another wall had cut the city's view there. Behind it lies a small, rocky hill, where several fortifications built along its ridges can be seen connected by corridors. The most gigantic building at its top felt exactly like a 'fortress', surrounded by walls like yet another tower of sight, with a square stone castle crawling through the city.

A large number of gatekeepers stood in front of the gates of the state castle, welcoming visitors.

"It is Molok Vezin, Lord of Rag Village!

The gatekeepers correct their prestige in the name of their lord. A letter taken out of his nostalgia was confirmed to one of the captain-like personalities, "Lord Moloch, it is an audience!" In the form of a proclamation, they are all admitted to the castle. Without saying anything, one of the gatekeepers stood to guide me.

"Sannomiya again this year"

The guided soldier apologized for your inquiry.

"The living room has already been filled with first-come customers. First come, first served."

"You want to at least stay at the Second Palace. The state capital is too far from the lag."

"It's been a long time since the neighbors made Ninomiya their permanent residence."

The invitees of the Winter Solstice Feast appear to be all taken care of by the Horizontal House for the duration of their stay. It was also a testament to the fact that the peripheral territorial lords, whose autonomous independence was the norm, were fundamentally 'reciprocal', as they were taking full precedence rather than changing treatment according to their qualifications.

I guess the biggest castle building at the top is the "One Knob Palace", in the middle belly is the "Two Knob Palace", and beneath it is the "Three Knob Palace". There is indeed a distance to go to the banquet venue and it seems difficult. Most importantly, there will be many arrangements that will stifle self-esteem in the 'Two Palaces' boarding house because they want to rise to high ground somehow and smoke.

Because the village of Rag is far away, 'Sannomiya' seems to be the usual thing.

"... Moroccan Marquis, later!

"I'm going to invite you. Because!

The other little lords who were coming with me call from behind. It is very popular.

The "Sannomiya" room, which was thus guided, was one on the second floor because the third floor had already been filled. That second floor was also about to run out of vacant rooms, so much so that Orha sighed reassuringly, "It's not the first floor, it's above all". The ground floor, which is very basement, is fairly cold with winter air coming up from the floor.

The building in this state castle once seemed to be a "dormitory" inhabited by the "protectors" gathered from all over the country, and was spacious enough to allow families to live normally. Master and Master Orha in the largest room, Princess White in the second room, luggage in the third small room, and places like storage by the entrance became Kai's room.

It wasn't bullying or anything, it was too much baggage to be spread out in the fourth room. Originally, Kai, who sleeps in the barracks as a miscellaneous fish, didn't even care about the area at all, but Princess White took care of her and even called out, "You can sleep in my room if it seems small".

Of course I can't do that.

The "Winter Solstice Feast" began two days later, and the guide turned back when he finally told them that morning and evening meals were ready and would be delivered to each room. Together, they spread the baggage they carried in for now, and the garment stretches wrinkles firmly and wrinkles around the costume hanging. This building called the Sannomiya Palace is not usually used, and it has been swept up to some extent in front of the feast, but it was not well detailed and eventually had to be wiped clean.

Near-field lords would have sidelined, but the Molochs have only Kai at the bottom. Even though Princess White did it with me, it took me more than two minutes to finish wiping it all. My lord and Olha seem to have a prior greeting and are gone right out of the room.

"... it feels weird to come to the state capital and clean up."

Princess White was laughing, but she must have also accumulated considerable fatigue on her long journey. I lay down on my bunk a little bit, and I immediately started to get some sleep.

Kai looked at the bright glass door with a slight view outside as he put a blanket over its body.

It was already completely dark outside and I could tell it was night.

Then my stomach went gooey. I said I'd bring it to the room as soon as I was ready for dinner, but there's no sign of it this way.

Often I waited hungry, and if it was time for children, I would be angry at them for staying up late, and my lord and Master Orha came back. With a slight smell of booze, the two threw themselves into bed and lay down.

I resented it. My lord asked Kai what he cared about.

Didn't you get dinner?

To Kai, who snorts, your lord laughs haha,

"All the lords and nobles are so selfish! Where I say nothing, it is quickly forgotten. Go to the kitchen and let me get you something to eat."


Apparently, meal instructions are flying in from people, and your lords have eaten at those private 'liquor banquets'. Sometimes that happens, so they put up tea and meat buns before entering the state castle.

Is that what that meant...

When Kai stood silently, he followed the room where his sleep began to occur.

The kitchen is usually built on the floor with the ground because of the use of fire and water everywhere. When I went down to the first floor, hearing noisy voices happening in the room here, it was a battlefield for the servants. When those servants walked over for a popping mouth, they hit an unexpected 'traffic jam' there.

Each Lords was sending in sidekicks to place an extra order. Those side servants of the bells are also causing considerable frustration because they are slow to respond.

This was when Kai, who decided not to be late, gently lined up at the end of it.

"... Oops, this way! Pull over first!

When I wondered if a big shadow appeared in front of me, I swept through the line and broke into the lead. Of course, an angry voice rose from a large crowd, but when the man made the neighborhood float back in his face, the majority of his voice quickly disappeared.

Though he was a man who tried to take away what he could as satisfied himself with it.

"Everyone is waiting. Line up."

There was one person who didn't flinch at the man's intimidation.

It's not Kai. Because there was little harm in Kai, who had just lined up at the rear.

The young man, who kept grinning at him, suddenly punched the big man with his back fist, who had kept his face close to intimidate him!