The name of the big man in "Three Years of Age Divine Print (Tress)" is Gando Yonna.

He was lord of the village of Gand, close to the western edge of the limestone.

And the young man who punched it in the back fist, Pavarus Mullah. He was the second son of one of the "Holy Crown of the North", the Lordship of the city of Pavarus Serge. The already prominent neighborhood is probably the same "Three Years Old Divine Print (Tress)".

Of course I didn't know that name at this time. After it became a big problem later, I just heard my name being passed on.

Normal people can't keep up with the battle between 'sheltered' people. Other flanking servants, who are slightly savvy, hide themselves in the shadows of nearby objects, early abandoning untrained who have signs of brawl or remain in the line. Fortunately, it is in a robustly built castle. There was as much where I could hide.

It would have been the humans in the kitchen who could neither escape nor hide. You can't waste the ingredients you're cooking right now...... such a cook soul was tying them to the spot.

Kai says he's just a little too used to the training ground around here, and he stands flat physically identifying the killing zone between the two. Sometimes the hard stuff that flies is so soft that you twist your neck to avoid it or slap it off with your hands. When the soft white bread, not suitable for preservation, which is not often seen in the village of Rag, rolled at his feet, he quickly knelt in and took it away, pampering it with ease.

(... because it's easy to feel hungry)

Hi, the older guy seems to be pretty hungry, too, and when he rolls into the kitchen after several beatings, he throws a slice of the round, flat baked goods he wanted to be made around it into his mouth like a stumble.

Oh, that looks delicious.

"That's the egg cake (quiche) our house ordered!

"You know, I already ate"

Eagle the baked goods like an apple and chew them to look delicious.

The big man and the young man, both about the Three Years Old Divine Print (Tress), were obviously the youngsters who seemed to have minutes. Obviously the big guy is bigger, and he looks like he's outnumbered in arm strength.

Even if the divinity is at the same level, differences in basic physical abilities from race to race, or between individuals, will not disappear. Kai has also been slapped into that rule of thumb in the fight against armored warriors. A divine character is like a coefficient, and the underlying ability is multiplied by it roughly determines the "output" that can be produced by that "protective holding".

(... Still, is it the smaller one to win)

Even though I'm smaller, Kai thinks so.

The bread I had in my hand is gone. It is so calm that its eyes do not seem to be in the midst of a brawl noise that it colours the next food that it may secure.

The strength of a young man lies in the expiration of the body surgery he wears. Neither of them are armed because they are in the state castle. If they are both on hand, it is precisely without their physical skill that the advantages and disadvantages are determined.

The hand grabbed the man's chest when he realized that the young man's body approached him like fresh water flowing between the rocks, devouring him like an egg cake (quiche). The body of the young man, small and folded as he jumped into the momentum, is beneath the big man.

Seeing that move that made the big man dance into the universe with my bouncing hips as a fulcrum, Kai had the word 'one carry' in mind. However, the physical technique of this world is often shaken by those who transcend the realm of man, with a stronger impression of power than refinement.

A big man thrown, ten yul must have danced through the universe. He was thrown straight into the hallway and rolled as he was tapped against the stone wall.

The person who threw said that when he stretched his bent hips while correcting his breath, he very naturally put a slice of egg cake (quiche) on his cheek in his mouth. Clear, but I guess I was hungry too. It's something I feel hungry for.

haha, but a young man walks out of the kitchen staring at the big man who is coughing all the time. Instead, Kai entered the kitchen and ordered one of the stood up cooks to bring a dish that he could serve right away, mouthing the egg cake (Kische), which, like the two of them, had only a few left.

(… a sweet egg roll with utensils. Delicious)

The big man is back in the hallway and the brawl is back on again.

Kai hits the white bread and scratches the porridge of wheat with cheese (Caijo), which is rounded. So calmly, a castle-looking woman asked me to stop them.

They're already running to the guards to contact them, but they say that it's going to take a lot of time to respond because it's not going to be that easy to get them to stop even if they're 'protective'.

"You're noble, aren't you?

"...? No"

"Oh, you know what?"

I just brought my stuff from Rag Village.


In a short conversation, the disappointment spread in the kitchen that he was just a country man who didn't know anything about it. The woman was also visibly less respectful, and the breadcage Kai was about to reach out to next was taken away.

In response to Kai, who looked at you properly, a woman said to follow by pointing her finger at the 'upper floor'.

"... then ask you and this' master '!

"... no, I'm already asleep"

"Wake me up."

"Please, this isn't going to be our job either."

"If you ask me, I'll make you something to eat."


Prepared with an understandable 'motive', Kai tempted Russia.

"... if you stop that, you'll make it"

"... I didn't ask you to do anything."

"I'll stop you."

"Hey, stop..."

"... he's gone"

Leaving the grumpy cooks, Kai went out into the corridor, which was a bloody brawl.

He thinks the youth are pushing it more unilaterally, and he's getting some good ones, both with blood marks on his face. There is a battle between 'protective holding' that the speed of recovery leaves only bleeding marks, but the older man seems to have been slipped out of the left arm indirectly, while the younger man seems to be out of strength and has a rough breath.

"Stop it, you guys."

Kai snorted out between the two staring at each other, but the act only gave the two, who were trying to identify the gap between each other, the starting point of the attack.

The big man rolled Kai out his right arm to the shield, and the youngster likewise lowered himself from the opposite side with Kai as his shield and proceeded to walk. The young man was weaving through Kai's side with his elbow to push him through, trying to take a big man's blow and take a small Kai or something.

but Kai returned it by not making it slight to the care of the youth.

And a light-headed shake that relaxed even the stiffness of his neck... bounced sideways with a head poke.

"... Yes."

The head thrust seemed to have a slight snag in it, and Kai roared with his head only slightly. The big man, who had been distracted by a blow all over his head with just a thrust of his head, fell down, trying to put it down and wear it on Kai.

The young man, who could no longer move with his elbows in, and the big man, who was covered in defenselessness, were to be necked up by Kai with both arms at that next moment.

Kai snapped as he drew the two necks forcefully.

"Stop or I'll beat you."



The two of you exposing the neighborhood, and 'untainted' arbitrating it.

What a strange sight it was, but I guess that's what it was because that's where the spot fit in.

Nature and Kai stood at the kitchen entrance and dressed at the beginning of the queue. The youth and the big man follow, and the other servants who were running away and scattered form a subsequent line to fulfill their master's orders.

In a sense, power could have been the unique view of all the soil.

Then I put the prepared dish in the basin wondering if this was it, and dropped Kai off as he went back to his room with a hock-face, and the words leaked without saying who.

"... who is it?

It is the third person (...) who has become a major problem with the name spreading later, which can be the 'luggage holder' from this village of Rug.

Of course, at this time, he was unconscious.