The size of the soil makes the harshness of the northern winter climate difficult to avoid the arrival of the guests. The early ones go on patrol for a season, and those who lag behind may slip in until the day of the feast.

The waiting period to keep up its footsteps also formed an important part of the sacrifice called "Feast of the Winter Solstice", and it was customary for there to be a flourishing exchange (...) by the First Men.

"Protectors" from all over the soil meet together. There were bloody forefathers out there who said they wanted to dedicate the battle itself (...) in the windy soil of the martial arts, except to say whether it would be comparable.

Those matches are referred to by the Sovereign Lords as the "Dedication Match".

Formal arrangements managed by the organizer, Hiroshi Nishido, are referred to as "this service," and this will be conducted at a designated location after following a determined procedure, but those who dislike the spirituality as such will individually and voluntarily talk about the spitting in the shadows. You are referred to as "Back Dedication," or "Grass Match," etc.

The spectators also said it would be rough. They basically preferred "grass matches," but when the feast was close and the guests from the center and so on began to show up, many more would gather for the "present service" initiative.

Even the day before the feast, the square in front of Ichinomiya, which set the stage for devotion, became quite crowded.

"... the bloody thing this year still sounds like it's going to go wild in the 'Grass Match'"

"... the young one is too healthy to hang out with. We're good enough for this war."

"..." Taurus (Tor), "I thought you'd rolled in at the end, isn't that perhaps popular? Look, the number of those bills."

One of the lords of the sights pointed.

In the square in front of the Onomiya, from the historical history of the people swallowing the limestone with this as the front line, the crusaded land god of more than two hundred pillars of limestone is festived as a "vaulted" stone statue.

More than thirty bodies in a row line three steps on both wings of the entrance to the castle, and they are naturally marked with all the names of the gods. Those who seek battle in this offering express their challenge by hanging on the neck of their opponent, Shizo, who desires a plaque with his name written on it.

The popularity was obvious from the look of it, with several stone statues hung in large quantities with wooden plaques, one of which was also Ragdalatowka, the patron saint of Rag village lord Molok Vezin.

Rumors of the village of Rag, which pushed back the great offensive of a thousand sub-people, spread widely around the periphery as it became the lord's appreciation of martial arts. Originally known as the "Iron Taurus (Tor)," it was Molok Vezin whose strength must have been a major cause of victory that was stepped on by many lord nobles.

Of course, not all of these wooden plaques get the right to match. There is only one person who can compete if the person in question does not particularly want to, and "this service" is not thus a rough match, but the body structure as a formatted divine matter that the VIPs also watch is emphasized.

The opponent's right to choose was on the challenged side as a form, but it is considered a good idea to loose the choice to the Ritualist in the presence of anyone, such as the opponent.

Today is already the day before the feast. Of course, it was the last day of this service to arrange the arrangement in daylight.

"... aside from" Taurus ", what's the big deal number two or three?"

"... by yesterday the first group had already done some work. It would be like that."

"If you want to see a rough one, go to the 'grass match' where the young builder gets in the way. The back of the Sannomiya Palace is still quite exciting."

"... it's depressing to be challenged over there when you look bad. I'm already hungry."

"Don't be young, if you do it a little, you'll be quiet."

"... well, spare me"

"... oh, it's Bahar from 'Neck Cutting'"

"Neck mowing."

"He's here to read Votes, too."

It shall be so honorable that wooden plaques shall be gathered together in my patron god.

Some Lords Nobles of Things would have stood by for this occasion, stepping on the possibility of my "present offering" not least.

"... and there seem to be a few others with a lot of bills (...)"

"… is it that bills are gathered for no reason to God, who does not ask his name or his name? It would be a planted 'foiling' match anyway. On the last day, you might be able to see it for yourself, and you're trying to buy bills for gold and sell them in the name of your child."

"I don't know, it's forbidden to serve Kwarke."

Because "this service" is considered an honor, there are times when a powerful person who tries to give it to my son or his relatives talks about the lord of the relatives and "plants" it.

"Oh, the ritualists are starting to collect the bills."

"Is this confirming the initiative?"

"That number, Lord Moroccan is Tori."

At the same time, this square, where more than two hundred pillars of soil slaughtered and eaten by the ancestors are celebrated, will be the venue for the "present service".

The efforts made by the Rituals to confirm the bills and determine that they are sufficient for service due to the way challengers gather will be finalized. And in the meantime, a few of the Rituals ran out.

To summon the 'Protected Person' who stands challenged.

Those who were watching will begin to take their places. It is forbidden to stand because the side of the castle will be the gods' deity standing side by side. The Lords' nobles will be the main viewing place at the base of the walls on both sides of the left and right.

Several people came out onto the upper terrace of the castle entrance and began to line up the chairs. It is a seat for high-ranking aristocrats, including Uncle Bedou, and guests invited from the center to watch the game. Snowflake umbrella flowers opened one after the other.

It was the beginning of the last day of the "Book Dedication Match".

Around that time, in the Moloch family of the Sannomiya Palace, hasty preparations were under way.

Not really, if you think it's ready for Molok Vezin's "This Dedication," which brings together a large number of challengers. There was no sign of Vegin there.

"... brother, your clothes are kind of melting"

"... Mm, right"

"Guys are just so rough... and it's kind of, like, 'sweaty'"

"I've had a little 'grass match'.... smell?

With her sleeves close to her nose, she laughed as if Princess White (Jose) had gently erupted into Orha, who was smelling all odors. A side-servicing woman who was combing her hair raises a small, reprehensible voice telling her not to move.

"... sorry"

"Please be quiet to avoid damaging your precious toys"

Orha shrugs her shoulders at the look of it and evacuates to the costume room where Kai is holding back. In the room where the Moroccans were sleeping now, there was nothing but this small room and Kai's sleeping storage, such as a room that didn't smell like a woman.

The "Banquet" production was withheld tomorrow, and a large number of sidekick women arrived from the Uncle Bedou family this morning. Of course, those are because Dear White Princess (Jose) 's engagement stories are moving under the water, and face-to-face meetings are also scheduled for the evening before the feast with Archena Balter, the sixth child of Uncle Bentu.

The loan of the costume was also examined, but the White Princess refused the invitation, even though the village ladies could only wear hard-worked sunclothes. So what she is being done now is to brush up even her own body...... Back from the bath where she used a cup of water in the morning, the White Princess smelled like an unspeakable flower from all over her body, and now it was a sign that she was sitting in a chair and making her hair mess with her head hair the way she liked it.

It was such a generosity that I was really shocked at how much time I would spend doing that.

"Hey, shelled. Get some water and a wipe cloth."

I guess they pointed out the smell and cared, Orha ordered me to do so, and Kai stretched his back to jump up, motivating him to leave the room.

During his stay in State Castle, Kai really had nothing to do to admit he had luggage.

Because he knew the women who were serving in the village castle, Kai was distracted by the need to serve the Moroccans anyway, and was depressed as he waited in his room.

My lord was summoned early in the morning and has been absent ever since. Parents, I guess there are a lot of difficult stories going on involving engagement.

Kai gently headed to the kitchen for a reason to leave the room.

Of course, the only way to get hot water in the castle was to go to the kitchen, and then Kai was also doing some calculations to get things into his stomach. In Kai, the state castle kitchen is a dream place where you can order whatever you want and eat no matter how much you want.

I would have liked to have tried it with Olha.

There was a fact that I first learned when I came to the state capital.

From Kai's point of view, there were three Moroccans who were the same 'protectors', but there was a clear difference in treatment between Vezin, the owner, and his children.

The more than two hundred pillars of the Land God, once bestowed by the king of the people on ministers who flattened the soil and were faithful to its fold, have a "statue of God" to be fed, called the "Immediate Divine Groups", and the "Paradigmatic Divine Groups" found and depended upon after, like Orha and Princess White, although they are treated as "protectors," the treatment here in the state castle falls more definitively than in the "Immediate".

There seemed to be a lot of so-called "sidelines" gathered together, either in the "grass match" that was taking place behind the Sannomiya Palace in which Orha was a participant, or in the new American lords with no track record of inheritance, or the unusual "protectors" of the unruly...

God of the valley, is this the "sideline" here?

Although Kai had nothing to do with it in the end, he learned the fact that what is "about to" is also broadly included in its "sidelines".

"Grass Match" I didn't actually watch the game, but seeing a lot of people in the building with heavy injuries being transported and a bunch of flattered people drank and wrapped around me like I was soaking alcohol only made me feel complicated at the same time I didn't want to be with them.

And it was Kai, who demanded a wiping cloth, and a hot cup of water in the kitchen, and was wearing it upon a white bread, which he had made to belly until it was ready; but there was a voice on his back.

"... I finally found you"

In Kai's eyes I looked back, I saw a big man who looked familiar.

Gando Yonna.

He was a young lord of the village of Gand, close to the western edge of the limestone.